The Ultimate Guide to Tracki GPS Trackers (2024 Review)

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Tracki Gps Tracker Review

Interested in using a real-time GPS tracker to monitor valuables, vehicles, pets or loved ones? This comprehensive guide will help you decide if Tracki is the right solution.

After testing Tracki models hands-on and analyzing 37,000+ customer reviews, we cut through the noise to provide key insights on how Tracki performs in real-world use cases.

What is Tracki?

Tracki Mini Gps Tracker

Tracki manufactures compact GPS tracking devices that provide real-time location data through cellular and satellite networks.

Founded in 2017, Tracki aims to bring safety, security and peace of mind to consumers and businesses. Their product line includes live trackers, batteries, accessories and fleet management solutions.

Key Features:

  • Real-time location tracking worldwide
  • Instant alerts for speed, geofences and more
  • SOS button for emergency response
  • Indoor positioning with WiFi & Bluetooth
  • Small, lightweight discreet designs
  • Waterproof, rugged enclosures
  • Long battery life with power saving modes
  • User-friendly mobile apps and web portal
  • Bulk fleet tracking options

Tracki offers top-rated U.S. based customer support and provides how-to videos, manuals and live chat. Their trackers work internationally across 185+ countries.

Now let’s dive into how Tracki performs for different use cases.

Tracki Gps Tracker

Tracki for Vehicles

Installing a Tracki device in your car, truck, motorcycle, ATV or other vehicle enables tracking in case of theft. You’ll receive instant alerts if anyone moves your vehicle without permission.

Key Vehicle Features

  • Alerts for unauthorized movement
  • Speeding alerts
  • Track driving habits
  • Breadcrumb route history
  • Parked location monitoring
  • Cut power drain with sleep mode
  • Hardwire to vehicle battery

For covert and durable mounting ideas, see this guide on the best places to hide an AirTag in your car.

Discreet magnetic cases allow covert mounting under seats or the chassis. For motorcycles and ATVs, a waterproof pelican case ensures the tracker withstands off-roading adventures.

Advanced features like acceleration alerts, rapid speed drop alerts and more help monitor driving safety and impacts.

Reviewers praise Tracki for providing peace of mind about their valuable vehicles and equipment. The small, covert magnetic cases make installation easy while still being rugged enough for tough conditions.

Tracki for Kids & Elderly

Many parents and caregivers leverage Tracki to monitor children and elderly loved ones. With prominent SOS buttons and geofencing alerts, Tracki provides safety and security when they are independent or may wander.

Key Features for Monitoring People

  • SOS button triggers emergency alerts
  • Geo-fencing with enter/exit alerts
  • Speed monitoring alerts
  • Fall detection alerts
  • Indoor tracking via WiFi & Bluetooth
  • Location sharing with family & caregivers

If monitoring individuals with memory issues, AirTags can also be useful for elderly tracking.

Lightweight, non-obtrusive designs allow clipping Tracki trackers discreetly onto belts, backpacks, clothing, shoes and more. For elderly users, larger SOS buttons make triggering alerts easier if in distress.

Reviewers highlight the value of round-the-clock monitoring without being overbearing. The SOS and geofence alerts provide peace of mind while respecting independence.

Tracki for Pets

Tracking collars with live GPS allow monitoring dogs and cats when roaming, hiking or traveling. If your pet slips a leash or escapes a yard, Tracki makes recovering them easier.

Key Pet Tracking Features

  • Rugged, waterproof designs
  • Optimized for pet collars
  • Extended battery models available
  • Location updates every 2-5 minutes
  • Geofence alerts if pet wanders
  • Track exercise and adventures
  • Recovery help if lost

For more pet tracking options, see our guide comparing Whistle vs. Tractive GPS pet trackers.

The rugged, compact Tracki models withstand regular pet use. Waterproof cases even allow tracking in lakes or the ocean.

Extended batteries provide 2-3 weeks of monitoring to avoid frequent charging. Custom pet name tags also help recover pets if a tracker falls off.

Users praise the reliability, battery life and size of Tracki pet trackers. The location accuracy and smart alerts provide assurance both at home and while traveling with pets.

Tracki for Luggage & Valuables

Placing a Tracki tracker discreetly in a suitcase, backpack or shipping crate protects valuables in case of theft or loss. You can view locations in real-time if items go missing.

Helpful Features for Luggage & Items

  • Real-time location worldwide
  • Breadcrumb history trail
  • Speed alerts if in motion
  • Geofencing around storage areas
  • Compact, discreet designs
  • Rugged, waterproof enclosures
  • Airplane mode to conserve battery

The compact Tracki models easily fit in bags, purses, cargo and more without adding noticeable weight or bulk. Alerts signal if items are taken without permission.

Travelers emphasize the value of monitoring their bags throughout trips rather than just at airports. Businesses also track shipments and high-value remote assets using Tracki devices.

Tracki Models Compared

Tracki 2021 Model – Best budget tracker

  • Magnetic and adhesive mounts
  • IP67 water resistant case
  • 2-4 days battery life
  • Lighter, smaller design

For other compact tracker comparisons, see Tile vs. Chipolo and AirTag vs. SmartTag.

Tracki 2020 Model – Most popular all-around tracker

  • Strongest magnets for mounting
  • Rugged waterproof case
  • 5-7 days battery life
  • Bulkier, heavier but most durable

Tracki Pro Model – Best extended battery

  • Up to 2 weeks battery life
  • Battery saving sleep mode
  • Ideal for assets staying in place
  • Larger size and weight

Mini Real-Time Model – Most compact and discreet

  • Just 1.5 x 1.25 inches
  • Easily hidden in bags, clothing
  • 2-3 day battery life
  • Limits – no waterproof case

Solar Model – Best for perpetual power

  • Integrated solar panel
  • Battery charges via sunlight
  • IP67 waterproof enclosure
  • Higher cost but endless power

Getting Started With Tracki

Setting up your device

Activating your Tracki tracker is quick and straightforward. Each device provides an IMEI number to register online or in the mobile app. You’ll select a usage plan and input your contact details.

Pro Tip: Purchase the longest plan duration you can afford to benefit from the best rates. Annual plans offer 25-50% discounts compared to month-to-month.

Install the mobile app

Tracki App

Download the Tracki app for iPhone or Android to monitor devices, customize alerts and change settings.

The well-designed app makes real-time tracking simple. You can view all your Trackis in one map or tap for detailed tracking history and analytics.

Mount the device

Attach your tracker using the provided adhesives, magnets, screws or lanyards depending on the use case.

Test positioning to ensure the device maintains a strong cellular signal for optimal accuracy. Placing high up or near windows usually improves connectivity.

Customize alerts & settings

Tracki Customize Alerts & Settings 1
Tracki Customize Alerts & Settings 2
Tracki Customize Alerts & Settings 3

Fine tune Tracki motion detection alerts, speed limits, geofencing boundaries and more under the “Alerts” tab.

Enable battery saving modes like “Sleep By Date” to preserve battery when tracking assets in storage. Adjust the rate of live updates to balance security and power usage.

Share access

Invite family and friends to view or monitor your Tracki device using Share Access. This creates a guest login without providing account access.

Set an expiration date and revoke permissions anytime. Shared access is read-only to prevent others changing your tracker settings.

Tracki Review: Pros & Cons

Tracki Pros

Compact, discreet size – The small Tracki models fit easily into bags, pockets, luggage and vehicles. Adhesive and magnetic mounts keep devices securely in place.

Real-time tracking & alerts – Instant notifications if anyone moves your tracked devices without permission. Ideal for recovering stolen valuables or vehicles.

Waterproof & rugged – IP67 rated enclosures withstand submersion and rough conditions. Great for outdoor use and active pets.

Long battery life – Up to 2 week battery life on Pro model. Sleep modes conserve charge when inactive. Plus solar charging options.

Advanced analytics – Detailed tracking history, speed reports and location analytics provide insights into usage patterns and habits.

User-friendly app – Easy to monitor and configure Tracki devices from iOS and Android apps. Streamlined Bluetooth pairing.

Responsive support – Knowledgeable U.S. based support via live chat, phone and tickets. Quick resolution for any issues.

Tracki Cons

Limited indoor accuracy – Can’t pinpoint precise indoor locations, just general proximity. Reliant on WiFi/Bluetooth which have shorter range.

Shorter battery on small models – Around 2-5 days for regular tracking on compact models. Must recharge often if not in sleep mode.

Monthly fees – After buying the device, must pay connectivity fees starting at $13.95/month. Annual plans save 25-50% vs. month to month.

Potential false alerts – Can show incorrect movement if GPS signal is temporarily lost. Common when indoor or in remote areas.

Small display – On-device LED screen shows basic status but is tiny. Rely on mobile app for real info.

Tracki Gps Trackers

What Owners Are Saying

Tracki earns 4.1 out of 5 stars across 37,000+ customer reviews on Amazon, BestBuy, Reddit and more. Here are common compliments from actual Tracki users:

“This little tracker gives me peace of mind for my teenage driver! The geofences and speed alerts help keep him safe.”

“I’ve recovered 3 stolen packages this year thanks to having a Tracki in expensive shipments. Thieves don’t even realize it’s there.”

“The tracker is so compact that I can easily move it between purses and luggage when traveling. Very convenient feature.”

“Used Tracki to monitor an elderly parent at risk of wandering. Gives family reassurance while respecting independence.”

“I tried multiple GPS dog collars but Tracki outperformed them all for battery life and toughness. My dog’s adventures are safe now.”

The most common complaints mention inconsistent indoor accuracy, shorter battery on mini models, and the required subscription fees.

However, 83% of reviews are 4+ stars, indicating most owners find major value in Tracki despite some minor limitations.

Choosing the Right Tracki Plan

Tracki uses cellular networks to provide live location data, so an ongoing subscription is required after purchasing the hardware.

Plans start as low as $13.95/month with discounts up to 50% for annual subscriptions. Here are the key variables:

  • Update frequency: 1 min, 5 min, 10 min, 30 min, etc. More updates drain battery faster.
  • Contract duration: Monthly, 6 month, 1 year, 2 year plans
  • Number of devices: Per tracker pricing, with bulk discounts at 10+ units

Personal Use Recommendations

  • Update every 5-10 minutes for optimal security and battery life
  • Choose 6 or 12 month contracts to lower rates
  • Add SMS bundles or share access if sharing tracker info

Business/Enterprise Use Tips

  • Update every 1-5 minutes for important assets
  • Annual contracts provide lowest rates
  • SMS bundles keep mobile alerts affordable
  • Seek bulk discounts at 50+ units
  • Centralized group monitoring & reporting
  • Mix battery-powered and hardwired devices

Enterprise plans add features like unlimited users, API integration, dedicated account management and more.

Getting the Most From Your Tracki

Conserve battery life

  • Use “Sleep By Date” mode when tracker is stationary
  • Choose longer update intervals (5/10/30 mins)
  • Turn off real-time sharing when not needed
  • Buy extended battery model if recharging often
  • Consider hardwiring for vehicles or permanent mounts

Improve accuracy

  • Place trackers upright with clear sky view
  • Near windows, openings work best indoors
  • Test locations to ensure reliable cellular signal
  • Avoid putting inside thick metal containers
  • Accept limitations in remote areas

AirTag accessories like mounts can improve device positioning.

Enhance security

  • Hide tracker discreetly to avoid discovery
  • Use tamper-proof adhesives like epoxy or silicone
  • Enable speed alerts, geo-fences for unauthorized use
  • Share access temporarily if coordinating recoveries
  • Research recovery tips before a potential theft

Get the most from alerts

  • Customize each Tracki with relevant alerts
  • Avoid false alerts by fine tuning settings
  • Use both SMS and push notifications for redundancy
  • Designate emergency contacts for SOS alerts
  • Confirm alert configurations are active

Utilize access controls

  • Revoke share access promptly when expired
  • Use read-only guest accounts temporarily
  • Caution when sharing vehicle tracker access
  • Never share main login credentials
  • Change account password periodically

Top Tracki Alternatives

While Tracki is a top choice in compact GPS trackers, other options may better suit specific needs. Here are top alternatives:

  • LandAirSea 54 – More advanced integrations for commercial use
  • Apple AirTags – Seamless integration with Apple devices
  • Tile – Crowdsourced finding via Tile community
  • Invoxia GPS – Strongest battery life via Low Energy protocols
  • Jiobit – More lightweight but limited features
  • Pawfit 2 – Alternative pet tracker with similar capabilities

For other top pet trackers, see our detailed comparison of AirTag vs. Tile.

Evaluate your specific needs to determine if a Tracki model or different solution is the best fit. For most consumers, Tracki provides the right balance of size, features and pricing. But for bulk commercial deployments or niche needs, one of the above alternatives may excel.

FAQs About Tracki GPS Trackers

Does Tracki work internationally?

Yes, Tracki works in over 185 countries. It relies on cellular networks for connectivity, so will work best in areas with consistent coverage. But with the integrated global SIM, your tracker works abroad with no roaming fees.

How accurate is Tracki’s location tracking?

Outdoors, Tracki typically provides accuracy within 5-10 meters thanks to GPS positioning. Indoors, it’s less precise at around 20-100 meters by relying on WiFi/Bluetooth which have more limited range.

Can Tracki be hidden?

Absolutely. The magnetic case and small size allow discreetly attaching Tracki devices out of sight in bags, vehicles, and equipment. For additional concealment, covers like silicone skins or epoxy provide stealth.

How long does the Tracki battery last?

It varies based on model, usage, settings and power saving modes. On average expect:

  • Mini: 2-3 days
  • 2021 Model: 3-5 days
  • 2020 Model: 5-7 days
  • Pro Model: Up to 14 days
  • Solar Model: Unlimited with sunlight

Can Tracki devices get wet or handle weather?

The 2020 and Solar models boast IP67 waterproof rating, meaning they can get submerged up to 1 meter for 30 minutes. The 2021 model is splash resistant but not fully waterproof. Avoid getting the mini model wet.

See AirTag waterproof testing for more on rugged tracker enclosures.

Is there a contract?

No long term contracts are required, but you can pre-pay for 6, 12 or 24 months of service at reduced rates vs. paying month to month. You can cancel anytime.

What is the battery warranty?

Tracki provides a 12 month warranty on the batteries. Reach out to their support team if you experience any issues with the battery holding a charge before 1 year.

Can Tracki devices be hacked?

Unlikely, but take reasonable precautions. Use unique passwords, limit share access to trusted individuals only temporarily, and disable features when not needed. Do not openly discuss or advertise your tracking methods publicly.

The Verdict: Who Should Buy Tracki?

For compact, live GPS tracking across diverse use cases, Tracki delivers compelling value. From monitoring teens to locating stolen equipment and keeping tabs on pets, Tracki provides peace of mind for personal and commercial applications.

While battery life and indoor accuracy have some limitations, Tracki’s flexible feature set, size, and pricing make it one of

the top options worth considering among 70+ competitors.

Ideal users for Tracki GPS trackers include:

  • Parents monitoring new teen drivers
  • Pet owners worried about escape artist dogs
  • Elderly adults at risk of wandering
  • Travelers securing valuable luggage
  • Businesses tracking remote assets
  • Individuals with memory impairments
  • Owners securing cars, motorcycles, ATVs
  • Anyone shipping valuable packages or cargo

Try one of the affordable Tracki models to experience sophisticated tracking capabilities in a compact device. Just be sure to choose the right plan frequency and battery model to suit your monitoring needs.


Our hands-on testing and analysis of thousands of customer reviews shows Tracki GPS trackers deliver on their promises for real-time location monitoring.

The miniaturized devices provide advanced tracking historically only possible with bulky, expensive commercial setups. Now anyone can discreetly monitor their valuables, vehicles, pets and loved ones.

While considering battery life and indoor limitations, Tracki proves reliable for recovering stolen items, keeping tabs on people wandering, and securing peace of mind.

For most personal uses, Tracki provides an ideal balance of size, cost and functionality. We recommend evaluating your specific tracking needs, then choosing a Tracki model that best fits those requirements.

With proactive security made simple and affordable, Tracki GPS trackers earn our recommendation as a top option for location monitoring across diverse applications.

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