Tile vs Tracki: How To Choose the Best Bluetooth Tracker in 2024

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Tracki Vs Tile

Searching for your lost keys yet again? A Bluetooth tracker makes finding misplaced items easy. But which is better – Tile or Tracki?

This in-depth guide compares every aspect of these popular Bluetooth trackers. After testing both platforms, we’ll reveal the key pros and cons to consider based on your needs.

Overview of Tile and Tracki Bluetooth Trackers

Tile and Tracki both offer small Bluetooth tracking devices to attach to your valuables. Using a mobile app, you can ring your trackers when misplaced nearby or view last seen locations if lost farther away.

Millions rely on Bluetooth trackers to locate essentials like keys, wallets, bags and more in seconds. But Tile and Tracki take slightly different approaches to helping you find lost items.

How Tile Trackers Work

Tile Trackers 1

Founded in 2012, Tile pioneered the Bluetooth tracker category. Their square-shaped trackers attach to keychains, bags and more to help locate items when misplaced.

The Tile app lets you ring your nearby Tiles using crowd-sourced location and Bluetooth connectivity. If lost farther away, the Tile Network leverages other Tile users to update each tracker’s last known location.

With over 40 million devices sold, Tile offers the largest crowd-sourced finding network worldwide.

How Tracki Trackers Work

Tracki Mini Gps Tracker

Tracki launched in 2017 and offers compact GPS tracking devices beyond just Bluetooth connectivity. Their trackers incorporate cellular and GPS technology for real-time location monitoring.

While more expensive, Tracki provides live tracking worldwide without relying on other users being nearby. Instant alerts notify you of movement, speeding and more. See how Tracki compares to AirTag.

So Tile excels at finding commonly misplaced items using Bluetooth crowd-sourcing. Tracki adds proactive security and real-time visibility thanks to live GPS tracking capabilities. Let’s explore the key differences in detail across these categories:

  • Hardware design
  • Platform compatibility
  • Finding technology
  • Location accuracy
  • Alert notifications
  • Water resistance
  • Battery life
  • Tracking range
  • Subscription plans
  • Premium features

We’ll also cover ideal use cases, cost considerations, accessories and provide a final recommendation on which platform fits your needs.

Comparing Tile and Tracki Hardware Designs

The core hardware – the Bluetooth trackers themselves – showcase some clear differences in approach.

Tile Tracker Models

Tile offers 4 distinct tracker models:

  • Tile Pro – Flagship model with 400ft range and loud ringer
  • Tile Mate – Affordable tracker with 250ft range
  • Tile Slim – Slim and versatile tracker for wallets
  • Tile Sticker – Adhesive tracker for sticking to items
Tile Four Distinct Tracker Models

Tile Pro

The Tile Pro delivers the longest Bluetooth range at 400ft and the loudest ringing. With a convenient replaceable battery, it’s the overall best Tile model for most people.

Tile Mate

As Tile’s budget tracker, the Mate sacrifices range and a replaceable battery for a lower $24.99 price. It’s a solid starter option.

Tile Slim

Shaped like 2 stacked credit cards, the Tile Slim conveniently fits into wallets, luggage tags and more. It shares the 250ft range of the Mate and Sticker.

Tile Sticker

Thanks to its versatile adhesive backing, the Sticker can mount to laptops, cameras, outdoor gear and other items without holes for keyrings.

All Tile models are waterproof, dustproof and durable while providing the same crowd-sourced finding capabilities through the app.

Tracki Tracker Models

Tracki offers 5 main tracker models:

  • Tracki 2021 – Affordable real-time GPS tracker
  • Tracki 2020 – Most popular model with 7 day battery
  • Tracki Pro – Extended 14 day battery life
  • Tracki Mini – More compact and discreet
  • Tracki Solar – Perpetual battery thanks to solar charging

Tracki 2021

Tracki’s budget-friendly real-time GPS tracking option with magnetic mounting and water resistance. Provides 2-4 days of battery life.

Tracki 2020

The most popular Tracki model offers the strongest magnets, rugged waterproof case and 5-7 days of battery per charge.

Tracki Pro

With its extended 2 week battery and sleep mode, the Pro is ideal for assets staying in place long-term. Larger size and weight than other models.

Tracki Mini

Just 1.5 x 1.25 inches, the Mini is Tracki’s most low-profile and discreet tracker. But it lacks full waterproofing.

Tracki Solar

Thanks to the built-in solar panel, the Solar provides unlimited battery life as long as it receives a few hours of sunlight per week.

The key upside to Tracki’s designs is the live GPS tracking capabilities not possible with Bluetooth alone. But the hardware is also larger and has more limits on water resistance compared to some Tile models.

Platform Compatibility Comparison

To use Bluetooth trackers, your smartphone OS compatibility matters. Here’s how Tile and Tracki compare.

Tile Tracker Compatibility

Tile trackers are compatible with both iOS and Android devices. You can use all Tile models with:

  • iPhones running iOS 13 or later
  • Android phones running Android 5 or later

Tile also offers integration with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Xfinity and more for voice commands. Multiple family members can install the Tile app to help locate each other’s lost items.

Tile Smart Home Integration

Tracki Tracker Compatibility

Tracki GPS trackers also work with both iOS and Android devices:

  • iPhones running iOS 11 or later
  • Android phones running Android 5 or later

Tracki provides integration with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa as well. You can share access to your Tracki devices with friends and family members as needed through the app.

Both platforms work across iPhone and Android with no limitations. Tile offers broader smart home integration, while Tracki provides more real-time sharing capabilities.

Tracki Tracker Compatibility

Finding Technology Comparison

When it comes to actually finding your lost items, Tile and Tracki take very different approaches with Bluetooth vs GPS.

How Tile Finding Works

Tile uses Bluetooth connectivity in combination with their vast crowd-sourced network to locate lost items.

When your tracked item goes missing, you can view its last known location on a map based on the Tile network detecting its presence.

Tile Trackers Last Known Location

As you move closer into Bluetooth range, you can make your Tile ring to help find it within around 200-400ft depending on the model.

With over 40 million Tiles in circulation globally, chances are good another user’s device will ping your lost Tile eventually as items move around. The larger the Tile network, the better the finding accuracy.

How Tracki Finding Works

Tracki uses cellular data networks plus GPS and Bluetooth for live location tracking instead of crowd-sourced updates.

Tracki Real Time Tracking

A Tracki device provides real-time location data directly to the app from anywhere with cellular connectivity. No reliance on other users being in range.

You’ll receive alerts instantly if a lost item moves outside a configured geographic zone. And can view movement history over time, not just last known locations.

This live tracking provides more immediate and proactive security compared to waiting for crowd-sourced Tile updates. But cellular service and battery usage limits persist.

For finding commonly lost household items, Tile’s network arguably works better by leveraging sheer scale. But for travel, security and higher value items, real-time GPS tracking provides more immediate loss prevention.

Location Accuracy Comparison

Delving deeper into finding capabilities, location accuracy is a key differentiator.

Tile Location Accuracy

Tile provides approximate location updates based on the Bluetooth crowd-sourcing network. The last detected location will display as a 100-300 foot radius on a map.

You won’t get exact coordinates or turn-by-turn directions to lost items like an AirTag provides. Just the general vicinity of where your Tile was last spotted by another user.

As you move closer, Bluetooth connectivity kicks in within 200-400ft depending on the Tile model. This lets you ring your Tile when in range for more pinpointed searching.

Tracki Location Accuracy

Thanks to the integrated GPS + cellular data, Tracki offers live location updates accurate to within around 5-10 meters outdoors.

Indoors, Tracki relies on Bluetooth and WiFi which have more limited range of ~20-100ft. So it can’t pinpoint precise indoor locations like an AirTag.

But Tracki provides specific GPS coordinates and mapping which makes recovering lost items outdoors easier than Tile’s approximate radius. For indoor use, Bluetooth crowd-sourcing still has advantages.

So in summary:

  • Tile: Approximate location rings from crowd-sourced reports
  • Tracki: Live GPS location accurate to 5-10 meters outdoors

Alert Notification Comparison

Both platforms provide alert notifications to enhance security as well.

Tile Alerts

The Tile app can send notifications when:

  • Your lost Tile comes back into Bluetooth range after being marked as lost
  • Another Tile user anonymously detects your lost item
  • The battery is running low on your Tile
  • You leave a pre-defined radius without your tracked item
  • You accidentally leave a Tile behind by separating from your phone
Tile Separation Alerts

With the premium plan, you also get smart alerts if you leave home without a tracked item and expanded 30 day location history.

Overall, alerts act more as reassurance your item will eventually be found rather than immediate theft deterrence. Relying on crowd-sourcing limits real-time notifications.

Tracki Alerts

Tracki offers much more immediate alert notifications thanks to the cellular connectivity:

  • Instant alerts if your item moves or is taken without permission
  • Customizable speeding alerts
  • Geofence alerts when entering or leaving set areas
  • Fall detection alerts during accidents
  • Low battery alerts
  • SOS alerts with a dedicated button
  • Acceleration based crash detection
Tracki Customize Alerts & Settings 2

The real-time data provides more actionable theft deterrence and monitoring versus Tile’s lagging crowd-sourced updates. But maintaining cellular connectivity impacts battery life.

If your priority is Getting notified the instant a lost item moves, Tracki’s real-time alerts are invaluable. For low-cost reassurance, Tile’s crowd-sourced updates get the job done.

Water Resistance Comparison

Since we attach these trackers to valuable items, waterproofing is important. Here’s how Tile and Tracki compare:

Tile Water Resistance

All Tile trackers have an IP67 water resistance rating. This allows them to be submerged in 1 meter of water for 30 minutes.

The Tiles can withstand splashes, rain, and other common exposures without issues. The trackers themselves are protected inside the durable waterproof casing.

So Tiles provide sufficient water protection for typical use cases like bags, keychains and more. But the battery and internals can’t be immersed indefinitely.

Tracki Water Resistance

Tracki’s water resistance varies more across models:

  • Tracki 2020 and Solar: Fully waterproof IP67 rating
  • Tracki 2021: Splash resistant but not fully waterproof
  • Tracki Mini: Avoid getting wet

The fully waterproof Tracki models with the ruggedized cases provide the most robust protection. And they can also be hardwired into vehicles to conceal wiring.

Overall, both brands offer suitable water protection for everyday use. But Tile’s consistency across the model lineup beats Tracki’s variability here.

Battery Life Comparison

Battery replacement frequency makes a big difference in ongoing costs and convenience.

Tile Battery Life

Tile battery life expectancy depends on the model:

  • Tile Pro: 1 year battery life (replaceable)
  • Tile Mate: 3 year battery life (non-replaceable)
  • Tile Slim: 3 year battery life (non-replaceable)
  • Tile Sticker: 3 year battery life (non-replaceable)
Tile Pro 2022 Battery
Tile Pro

The flagship Tile Pro gives you the convenience of replacing batteries yourself. The other models must be replaced entirely when the battery dies after about 3 years.

Enabling the Tile Premium subscription provides free prepaid battery replacement for non-replaceable models.

Tracki Battery Life

Depending on settings and usage, Tracki battery life ranges by model:

  • Tracki Mini: 2-3 days
  • Tracki 2021: 2-4 days
  • Tracki 2020: 5-7 days
  • Tracki Pro: Up to 14 days
  • Tracki Solar: Unlimited battery life
Tracki Usb Charger

Tracki batteries are designed to last 1-2 years, but charge cycles are reduced with heavy usage. Placing them in battery saver mode when idle prolongs lifespan.

Overall, Tracki sacrifices battery convenience for better live tracking capabilities. Tile’s 3 year life is lower maintenance, especially for infrequently lost household items.

Tracking Range Comparison

The maximum Bluetooth range also impacts recovery success.

Tile Tracking Range

Tile Bluetooth range depends on the specific model:

  • Tile Pro: 400ft range
  • Tile Mate: 250ft range
  • Tile Slim: 250ft range
  • Tile Sticker: 250ft range

The Pro manages nearly 2x the range of the lower priced models. But even 250ft covers most homes and offices which is adequate for daily use.

Of course, the Tile network expands finding globally – but it relies on other users coming in proximity rather than pure device range.

Tracki Tracking Range

Tracki has an essentially unlimited tracking range thanks to utilizing cellular networks. As long as the tracker has cellular signal, you can view its location remotely.

Bluetooth range is still important for triggering theft alerts though. Most Tracki devices get around 200ft of Bluetooth connectivity.

So Tracki provides unmatched global visibility, while Tile offers superior Bluetooth range and crowd-sourced proximity detection.

Subscription Plans Compared

Both Tile and Tracki offer optional subscription plans to enhance functionality.

Tile Premium

Tile Premium provides these upgrades starting at $2.99/month:

  • Item reimbursement up to $1,000
  • 30 day location history
  • Free battery replacement
  • Unlimited sharing of Tiles
  • Smart alerts when separated from items

You can try Premium free for 1 year with a new Tile tracker purchase. Discounts are available for annual prepaid plans.

Tile’s premium plan adds value primarily for the extended features versus large functional differences in the core experience. Nice to have perks if you depend on your Tiles.

Tracki Premium

Pricing for Tracki’s “Pro Plan” subscription ranges based on features:

  • Faster live location updates
  • SMS & email alerts
  • Geofences and custom alerts
  • Detailed travel history reports
  • Unlimited sharing
  • Asset management dashboard
  • Premium support access

Plans start at $9.95/month for individual use. Business plans with bulk fleet discounts and asset management tools are also available.

Since Tracki relies on cellular data for real-time tracking, the subscription is more integral to core functionality versus an optional upgrade like Tile’s premium plan.

Premium Features Comparison

Let’s look at some of the top premium features offered by both platforms.

Tile Premium Features

  • Smart Alerts – Get notified when leaving tracked items behind
  • Item Reimbursement – Up to $1,000 per item if lost after enabling Premium
  • 30 Day Location History – See where your Tiles have been for the past month
  • Free Battery Replacement – Batteries shipped for free every 3 years
  • Unlimited Sharing – Share an unlimited number of Tiles with others

Tracki Premium Features

  • Faster Live Updates – Improves tracking update frequency from every 5-10 minutes to 60 seconds
  • SMS & Email Alerts – Get text or email notifications instantly if a tracker moves
  • Geofences – Set custom zones for alerts when a tracker enters or leaves
  • Travel History – Detailed reporting on past location, stops and more
  • Unlimited Sharing – Share an unlimited number of Tracki devices
  • Asset Management – Tools for managing and monitoring large device fleets
  • Premium Support – Priority email, chat and phone support

Both platforms provide useful upgrades like enhanced sharing, history, alerts and support in their premium plans. Tracki’s core functionality depends more heavily on subscribing though.

Ideal Use Cases Compared

Based on their distinct capabilities, Tile and Tracki each excel in different scenarios.

When Tile Works Best

Tile is ideal if you primarily want help locating commonly misplaced household items like:

  • Keys
  • Wallets
  • Laptops
  • TV Remotes
  • AirPods
  • Luggage
Tile Built In

For daily essentials you might lose in the house or office, Tile’s Bluetooth crowd-sourcing provides an affordable and convenient option.

The low maintenance replaceable batteries also make Tile a good set-it-and-forget it choice for items lost sporadically throughout years of ownership.

When Tracki Works Best

Tracki shines for securing valuables against theft and remotely monitoring objects in real-time like:

  • Vehicles
  • Bikes
  • Equipment
  • Pets
  • Luggage
  • Automotive Tools
  • Electronics
  • Firearms
Tracki Gps Tracker

Placing a live tracking Tracki device in a car, purse, bicycle or other asset provides immediate motion alerts and tracking if taken.

Tracki is also useful for keeping tabs on children, seniors or employees depending on applicable laws in your region.

The upfront and ongoing costs are warranted for pricier assets and security use cases. While Tile meets most needs for conveniently finding frequently misplaced items.

For more security-focused GPS options, check out Monimoto.

Cost Comparison: Tile vs. Tracki

With an understanding of the capabilities, how do Tile and Tracki compare based on upfront costs and ongoing fees?

Tile Cost

For Tile, there are two main costs:

1. Buying the Tile trackers

  • Tile Pro: $34.99
  • Tile Mate: $24.99
  • Tile Slim: $29.99
  • Tile Sticker: $39.99

Discounts available for multi-packs.

2. Tile Premium subscription

  • $2.99/month month to month
  • $29.99/year ($2.50/month)

Tracki Cost

For Tracki, you’ll have these expenses:

1. Buying the Tracki tracker

  • Tracki 2021: $29
  • Tracki 2020: $25
  • Tracki Pro: $33
  • Tracki Mini: $27
  • Tracki Solar: $58

2. Cellular data plan

  • Starts at $13.95/month month to month
  • Save 25-50% on annual plans

So while Tile has a lower upfront hardware cost, Tracki’s reliance on cellular data for real-time tracking necessitates an ongoing subscription. This results in higher total lifetime costs despite cheaper hardware.

For maximum value, opt for one of the more affordable Tracki models and pay annually for cellular service. Buying in bulk also reduces per unit pricing for large volume orders.

For a robust model with advanced fleet tracking features, read about how Tracki compares to the LandAirSea 54 commercial model.

Accessories Comparison

Both Tile and Tracki offer accessories and bundles to enhance functionality:

Tile Accessories

  • Tile Mount – Adhesives for sticking Tiles to items
  • Tile Replacement Battery – For the Pro tracker
  • Tile Premium Pack – One year subscription + free batteries
  • Tile Essentials Pack – 4 Tile Stickers + adhesives
  • Slim Waterproof Pouch – For using with wallets
  • Pet TrackR – Attach a Tile to your pet’s collar

Tracki Accessories

  • Magnetic and adhesive cases – For covert mounting
  • Hardwire kit – For permanent vehicle wiring
  • Tracki Luggage Bundle – Tracki + TSA-approved locks
  • Pet collar attachment – Attach Tracki to pet collars
  • Pelican waterproof case – Rugged protection for outdoor use
  • Faraday bag – Blocks signals to conceal Tracki

The Tracki accessories cater more toward security and concealment. While Tile offers convenient mounting and battery replacement options. Pick accessories tailored to your specific intended uses.

Tile vs Tracki: Frequently Asked Questions

How accurate is Tile at finding lost items?

Tile provides approximate location updating within a 100-300ft radius based on Bluetooth crowd-sourcing data. As you move closer, you can make your Tile ring when within 200-400ft.

How accurate is Tracki’s location tracking?

Thanks to built-in GPS, Tracki locations are accurate to within about 5-10 meters outdoors. Indoors it relies on less precise Bluetooth and WiFi tracking.

Can I use Tile or Tracki internationally?

Yes, both Tile and Tracki work in over 195 countries worldwide. As long as your phone has cellular data or WiFi connectivity, the trackers will work globally.

Do I need a subscription for Tile?

No subscription is needed, only the one-time hardware cost. However, Tile Premium offers added features like smart alerts, reimbursement protection and location history.

Does Tracki require a subscription?

Yes, Tracki relies on cellular data for real-time tracking so requires an ongoing connectivity plan starting around $13/month. Annual plans offer 25-50% savings.

What has the longer battery – Tile or Tracki?

On average, Tiles last 2-3 years before needing full replacement, thanks to non-replaceable batteries. Most Tracki batteries last around 1-2 years, with the Pro model reaching 2 weeks per charge.

Which is more waterproof?

All Tile models are fully waterproof with IP67 rating to be submerged. Some Tracki models meet this while others are only splash/dust resistant depending on the version.

Can pets wear Tile and Tracki?

Yes, there are pet collar attachments available from both brands to safely fasten a tracker for locating and monitoring pets.

What items are best to use with Tile vs Tracki?

Tile excels for frequently lost household items like keys and laptops. Tracki’s live tracking features are better for securing valuables like vehicles, equipment and luggage.

Tile vs Tracki: Final Recommendation

After comparing these Bluetooth tracker platforms in depth, here is our final verdict on choosing Tile vs Tracki:

Choose Tile If You Want:

  • Crowd-sourced finding via a large global network
  • Low maintenance non-replaceable batteries
  • To find commonly lost household items
  • An affordable starter Bluetooth tracker
  • A conveniently thin tracker for wallets
  • Top value bundle packs

Choose Tracki If You Want:

  • Real-time GPS tracking without crowdsourcing
  • Instant alerts when items move or are taken
  • To monitor valuables and security risks
  • Long battery standby life with sleep mode
  • Rugged waterproof and concealed installation
  • PET and luggage bundles

Both Tile and Tracki deliver helpful item finding capabilities with differing strengths:

  • Tile excels at locating frequently misplaced household items thanks to crowd power.
  • Tracki provides unparalleled live tracking and theft deterrence for valuables and security.

Review your specific needs to decide if the large crowd-sourced network or real-time notifications are more worthwhile. Most will find Tile the best fit for daily items while Tracki shines for security.

With this comprehensive comparison as your guide, you can confidently choose the best Bluetooth tracker for keeping tabs on your essential belongings whatever they may be. Stop losing things and enjoy peace of mind by leveraging Tile or Tracki item finding technology.

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