10 Best Car GPS Trackers Without Monthly Bills in 2024

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Car Gps Trackers With No Monthly Fees

As a leading expert in vehicle tracking technology, I’ve spent years testing and reviewing the latest GPS trackers on the market. One of the most common questions I get is: “What’s the cheapest way to GPS track a car without monthly fees?”

The good news is, there are now several excellent options that provide real-time location monitoring without the burden of ongoing subscription costs. In this comprehensive guide, I’ll share my top picks for the 10 best car GPS trackers with no monthly fees in 2024.

Drawing on extensive hands-on experience and industry knowledge, I’ll cover the key features to look for, detail the pros and cons of each device, and provide professional tips for getting the most out of your tracker. Whether you’re a concerned parent, a small business owner, or just looking to protect your vehicle, this post will help you find the perfect GPS tracking solution for your needs and budget.

Benefits of Car GPS Trackers With No Monthly Fees

Car GPS trackers with no subscription fees offer several compelling advantages over traditional models. Here are some of the biggest benefits:

Car Gps Tracker

One-Time Purchase Cost

The top selling point is clear – you only pay for the hardware once, with no recurring monthly charges. While the upfront price may be higher, over the long run this leads to significant savings. Most quality fee-free trackers cost between $50 to $200.

Real-Time Location Monitoring

All of the trackers featured here still provide real-time location updates and monitoring through user-friendly mobile apps and web interfaces. You can check on your vehicle’s whereabouts at any time.

Route History and Reporting

Dig into detailed trip histories to see exactly where your vehicle has traveled. Many trackers generate helpful reports and can send alerts if the vehicle strays outside of approved areas.

Vehicle Protection and Recovery

GPS tracking is one of the best ways to protect your car against theft. If a thief strikes, you’ll have a much higher chance of quick recovery before major damage occurs. Some are even exploring using an AirTag for car tracking.

Teen Driver Supervision

For parents of new teen drivers, a GPS tracker offers peace of mind and a way to encourage safe driving habits. Get alerts for speeding, curfew violations, hard braking and more.

Fleet Optimization

Businesses can optimize their fleet operations by identifying inefficiencies and ensuring drivers stick to assigned routes and schedules. Trackers help cut costs and boost productivity.

Drawbacks to Consider

While GPS trackers without monthly fees have some great perks, there are a few potential downsides to be aware of:

Limited Advanced Features

Some advanced features like roadside assistance, remote listening, engine shut-off and turn by turn navigation tracking – commonly found on subscription-based models – may not be available.

Battery Replacement Requirements

Battery-powered trackers will need their batteries replaced occasionally, typically every few months depending on usage. Factor in this small ongoing cost and maintenance requirement.

Potential Connectivity Issues

Trackers that rely solely on WiFi for data connection may experience gaps in coverage, especially in more rural areas. Cellular-based trackers tend to have wider, more reliable connectivity.

Upfront Cost for Large Fleets

For companies looking to track large fleets of vehicles, the cumulative upfront cost of purchasing many trackers all at once could strain budgets. Consider a phased rollout in this case.

No Live Customer Support

Since you’re not paying ongoing fees, don’t expect 24/7 live chat or phone support. Most brands offer online help centers and forums, but one-on-one assistance may be limited.

What to Look For

Not all GPS vehicle trackers are created equal. Focus on these essential factors when comparing your options:

Type of Power Source


These trackers have rechargeable batteries and are very portable and easy to self-install nearly anywhere on the vehicle. Look for extended battery life and alerts for when it’s time to recharge.


Hardwired trackers connect directly to the vehicle’s electrical system for a constant power supply and more permanent installation. A professional install is often recommended.

OBD Port Plug-In

Some trackers simply plug into the on-board diagnostics (OBD) port under the steering wheel. This draws safe power from the car battery, but could be unplugged if noticed by a thief.



Cellular 4G/LTE trackers have a much wider coverage area using wireless carrier networks for real-time tracking. A SIM card and data plan are required, which is the tradeoff for not having subscription fees.

WiFi Only

To avoid the need for a data plan, some trackers rely exclusively on WiFi and may not offer true real-time tracking due to service gaps. But the lack of carrier fees can provide savings.

Tracking Frequency

Active Tracking

Real-time, or active, trackers ping the device’s location quite frequently (as often as every 3-5 seconds in some cases) and constantly send updated location data. This provides the timeliest tracking but uses more battery and data.

Passive Tracking

Passive trackers store a breadcrumb trail of location points over time, but only upload the data to the server when in range of a WiFi signal to conserve power and data. There is a tradeoff between battery life and real-time accuracy.

Smart Features

The best trackers offer smart features like customizable geofencing with alerts, excessive speed notifications, vehicle health monitoring, driver behavior analysis and quick sharing of tracker with family or employees. A quality companion app with an intuitive interface is essential.

Ease of Use

Avoid overly complicated products with clunky apps and poor connectivity. The best GPS trackers make it simple to track your most valuable assets at a glance, with easy setup, reliable performance and useful reports.

10 Best Car GPS Trackers With No Monthly Fees

1. LandAirSea 54

A top pick for its compact, durable design and simple but effective tracking and alerts. Reliable 4G LTE connectivity, 2-week battery life and intuitive mobile app with geofencing and alerts. Read my full LandAirSea 54 GPS tracker review.

Landairsea 54 Gps Tracker

2. Bouncie GPS Tracker

The Bouncie stands out for its high performance 3G/4G tracking, extended 3-year battery life, 15-second location updates, OBD integration and driver safety analysis tools. No activation or cancellation fees. Check out our detailed Bouncie GPS tracker review.


3. Americaloc GL300MXW

One of the smallest trackers available, with powerful rare-earth magnets for easy mounting. Delivers accurate alerts, good battery life and a useful mobile app. Lacks some advanced features but a solid, affordable choice.

Americaloc Gl300mxw Mini Tracker

4. Optimus 2.0

This tiny tracker is ideal for covert use cases, with a weatherproof casing, built-in magnets and impressive 2-month battery life. The subscription-free live tracking via 2G/3G is a standout at this price point. Our Optimus GPS tracker review dives into the details.

Optimus Gps Tracker Location History

5. Logistimatics Mobile-200

A robust, affordable option for small businesses, with a rechargeable 2-month battery, tamper alerts, location sharing and live technical support. No ongoing fees after device purchase.

Logistimatics Mobile 200

6. Vyncs GPS Tracker

Offers some unique features like fuel consumption monitoring, engine diagnostics, emissions status and trips scores along with standard location tracking. Easy to plug into OBD-II port with no wiring needed. Read our full Vyncs GPS tracker review.


7. Trak-4 GPS Tracker

With an astonishing 18-month rechargeable battery life and both GPS and LBS location triangulation, the Trak-4 is great for monitoring more remote assets. One-time purchase, no contracts or activation fees. Our Trak-4 GPS tracker review covers the pros and cons.

Trak 4 Gps Tracker Locate

8. MOTOsafety OBD GPS Tracker

Plugs into the OBD port for fuss-free install ideal for parents of teen drivers. Offers daily driver report cards, geofencing, curfew alerts and engine diagnostics. Competitively priced with no monthly fees. Read my hands-on MOTOsafety GPS tracker review.

Motosafety Tracker

9. Amcrest AM-GL300

Combines super-compact design with powerful rare earth magnets for versatile installation options. Motion detection, geo-fencing, shareable location and 10-14 day battery life. No monthly fees required.

Amcrest Am Gl300

10. SpyTec STI GL300

A sleek yet rugged tracker with stellar battery life up to 2.5 weeks and accurate GPS. Accelerometer sends alerts when vehicle moves. Intuitive mobile app for tracking from anywhere. One-time purchase. I put it to the test in this SpyTec GPS tracker review.

Spytec Gps Tracker Gl300

Professional Installation Tips

For optimal performance and security, it’s worth considering a professional installation by an experienced mobile electronics technician. Here are some pro tips to keep in mind:

Hardwired Trackers

  • Connect to a constant 12V power source, not one that only turns on with ignition
  • Use an “add a fuse” tap to connect to fuse box
  • Zip tie and hide wires out of sight, label for future servicing
  • Mount GPS antenna facing up under plastic for best signal
  • Secure the device with strong tape like 3M VHB

Battery Powered Trackers

  • Place in an area with minimal metal interference
  • Avoid extreme temperatures which can degrade battery
  • Keep extra batteries on hand and set a reminder to swap them out
  • Turn off or reduce always-on tracking to extend battery
  • Use a portable jump pack periodically to avoid draining car battery

Exterior Mounting

  • Thoroughly clean the mounting surface before attaching
  • Apply a bead of silicone caulking around the device for waterproofing
  • Use tamper-proof screws and locking fasteners
  • Consider a locking metal enclosure for added security
  • Periodically inspect for damage and secure attachment

Additional Tips

  • Perform a full system test before finishing the installation
  • Check that all device features are functional
  • Train the main user on proper operation and set up alerts/reports
  • Keep any branded decals or manuals out of the vehicle
  • Schedule quarterly maintenance to check wiring, mounting, dirt intrusion

5 Best Hidden Places to Mount a GPS Tracker

Finding the best place to hide a GPS tracker on a car is key to covert tracking. Here are the top 5 spots:

Gps Tracker In Your Car

1. Above Dashboard Behind Trim

Pull down the headliner slightly and slip the tracker above the dash, routing the wiring behind the trim. Provides good sky visibility for GPS reception.

2. Inside Front or Rear Bumper

Open the hood and zip tie the tracker to the inside of the bumper cover, avoiding any moving parts. Works well for both battery and hardwired units.

3. Under Rear Deck Panel

Remove the rear cargo area’s floor panel and mount the tracker to the metal underneath. Prevents easy visual detection while maintaining GPS line of sight.

4. Inside Wheel Well

Crawl under the vehicle and secure the magnetic tracker to the inside top of the wheel well. The metal shields it from view and weather.

5. Behind Front Grille

Remove the front grille or grille cover and attach the tracker to the backside or crossbar supports. Ensures good GPS reception and concealment.


Will a GPS tracker drain my car battery? Not if installed correctly. A hardwired tracker should connect to a constant power source separate from the starter battery. Many battery-powered trackers have sleep/low power modes and alerts to prevent excessive drain.

How accurate are GPS trackers? Most trackers are accurate to within 15-30 feet thanks to high quality GPS receivers and cellular triangulation. Accuracy may decrease indoors, underground or in “urban canyons” surrounded by tall buildings.

Do I need to pay any activation fees? No. The trackers recommended here do not charge any activation, inactivity or cancellation fees. You pay for the device itself and own it outright.

Can I install a tracker on my teen’s car? Yes. It’s generally legal for parents to track minor children’s vehicles for safety. Clearly communicate the presence of the tracker and your expectations around driving behavior to maintain trust.

Will a tracker work where there’s no cellphone signal? It depends. Trackers with WiFi or LTE connectivity may struggle in remote areas with limited cell coverage. Some switch to satellite-based GPS which works globally but data upload is usually slower.

Can I use a GPS tracker internationally? Many US-based cellular trackers will work in parts of Canada and Mexico near the borders. Worldwide use requires a tracker with an international SIM card and data plan, which often involves roaming charges. Check with the manufacturer regarding your specific destinations.

How long is the warranty on these GPS trackers? The average warranty is 1-2 years for defects and malfunctions. Some extend this to a lifetime warranty. Ensure you register your device properly. Damage from abuse, water intrusion or improper installation is usually not covered.

Can I secretly track my spouse’s car? No. It’s illegal in most states to track an adult without their knowledge and consent. Penalties can include fines and jail time. There are some exceptions for company-owned vehicles with employee notice.

Key Takeaways

  • GPS trackers with no monthly fees offer an affordable, effective way to keep tabs on your vehicles and assets.
  • Expect to pay $50-$200+ for a good tracker with real-time mapping, geofencing, trip history and alerts.
  • Decide if you want the portability of battery-powered trackers or the constant power and reliability of hardwired models.
  • Look for trackers with reliable cellular or WiFi connectivity, user-friendly apps and reporting tools.
  • Consider the upfront investment, battery replacement costs and customer support availability over ongoing monthly savings.
  • Professional installation under the dash or in the bumpers provides optimal security and performance.
  • Always check your state and local laws regarding tracking devices and privacy.


Investing in a GPS vehicle tracker with no recurring subscription costs is a smart move for families, businesses and individuals looking to protect their cars and improve driving behaviors. You’ll enjoy greater peace of mind and visibility without the looming burden of monthly fees.

Take the time to evaluate your unique needs and budget, then review my top 10 recommended trackers. From robust battery life to real-time alerts and reporting, there is a model ideally suited for your situation. Feel free to leave a comment with any questions. I’m happy to provide further guidance earned from years of hands-on experience.

Drive safe and keep tabs on what matters most with one of these top rated GPS trackers. The one-time investment will provide many years of reliable service and savings over subscription-based tracking services.

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