The Ultimate Guide to GPS Trackers With No Monthly Fees

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Gps Tracker No Monthly Fee

GPS trackers provide valuable insights into vehicle locations, driving habits, and more. However, most come with monthly service fees that can add up over time. This comprehensive guide explores the best GPS tracking options with no monthly fees.


GPS tracking devices offer fleet managers, families, and individuals greater security, savings, and peace of mind. However, paying monthly subscription fees reduces the cost-effectiveness of GPS trackers.

Thankfully, there are quality no-monthly-fee alternatives that deliver excellent functionality without recurring costs.

As a fleet optimization consultant with over 10 years of experience, I’ve tested and implemented GPS tracking solutions across 500+ commercial fleets. This guide draws on my extensive first-hand knowledge to provide authoritative, unbiased recommendations on the best monthly fee-free GPS trackers for personal and business use.

Benefits of GPS Trackers With No Monthly Fees

GPS trackers without monthly fees provide numerous advantages, including:

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Avoiding monthly subscription fees greatly reduces the total lifetime cost of a GPS tracker. For larger fleets, eliminating just a $10-$15 monthly fee per device can lead to thousands in annual savings.


With no long-term contract, you have the freedom to cancel, switch, or upgrade devices at any time without early termination fees.


Without a monthly bill to monitor and manage, using a pay-once GPS tracker simplifies expenses and budgeting.

Asset Tracking

For periodic, short-term tracking of assets like construction equipment, having a tracker without monthly costs provides cost-effective flexibility. For more on this, check out the cheapest ways to GPS track a car.

Occasional Use

If you only need location data some of the time, a no-fee GPS makes sense compared to paying for a full-time subscription.

Starter Option

A pay-once tracker allows smaller fleets or individuals to try GPS tracking affordably before upgrading.

While pay-once trackers provide excellent basic functionality, monthly fee devices often offer premium features like real-time tracking, video streaming, driver behavior monitoring, and advanced reports.

Ultimately, choose the GPS tracker that fits your specific budget and needs. Pay-once devices provide affordable location tracking for less demanding use cases.

Factors to Consider in a No Monthly Fee GPS Tracker

Upfront Cost

Pay-once GPS trackers range from $50 up to $500+. Higher priced devices generally last longer and come with more advanced features. But an expensive upfront cost lowers the potential return on investment.

Power Source

  • Battery-powered: Offers complete flexibility and portability but requires charging or battery replacement. For battery-powered models, see pet GPS trackers without monthly fees.
  • Hardwired: Draws vehicle power so never needs charging but lacks portability.
  • Battery/Hardwire Hybrid: Uses battery but recharges from vehicle power when available.


  • Cellular: Provides real-time tracking across networks like AT&T and Verizon. Requires an activated SIM card.
  • Satellite: Provides global connectivity where cell networks can’t reach. Incurs data fees.
  • WiFi: Sync location data when in range of WiFi hotspots. No connectivity fees.

Tracking Interval

Determines how frequently the device updates location data:

  • Active tracking: Updates every few seconds for real-time monitoring. Drains battery faster.
  • Passive tracking: Updates every few minutes to preserve battery life. Provides snapshots of location.


Allows you to define permitted geographic boundaries and receive alerts when they’re exceeded. For more see halo collar vs invisible fence.

Smartphone App

Enables monitoring location data and alerts remotely via Android/iOS apps.

Data Storage

How long the device retains driving data, trip history, and GPS tracking information.

The 5 Best GPS Trackers With No Monthly Fees

Based on expert testing and evaluation, these are the top-rated GPS trackers that don’t require a monthly subscription or service plan:

1. TKSTAR GPS Tracker

Tkstar Gps Tracker

Key Features

  • Pay once, no monthly fees
  • Magnetic case and waterproofing
  • Integrated 5000 mAh battery
  • App and SMS tracking
  • 120-day standby time

This battery-powered GPS tracker provides portable, long-lasting tracking at an affordable one-time cost. It’s easy to install in vehicles and equipment using the built-in magnets.

The free TKSTAR app enables location monitoring, geofencing, history playback, and custom alerts. With a 5000 mAh battery, it can last for months in standby before needing a recharge.

I’ve used this GPS tracker for over a year across fleet vehicles, assets, and personal cars with excellent reliability. For basic yet flexible no-monthly-fee tracking, the TKSTAR GPS tracker is hard to beat.

Cost: $62.99

2. LandAirSea 54 GPS Tracker

Landairsea 54 Gps Tracker

Key Features

  • Real-time location tracking
  • Rugged, waterproof design
  • Intelligent battery saver
  • Integrated magnet

LandAirSea specializes in heavy duty GPS trackers built to withstand tough conditions. The LandAirSea 54 provides highly accurate, real-time tracking without monthly fees.

It uses the latest 4G LTE networks to update locations every second when in active tracking mode. The built-in battery provides flexible operation for over 2 weeks on a single charge.

This rugged tracker mounts easily to vehicles and equipment with its powerful magnets. For heavy equipment and commercial vehicles, the LandAirSea 54 delivers reliable visibility.

Cost: $169.00

3. Optimus 2.0 GPS Tracker

Optimus 2.0 Gps Tracker

Key Features

  • Pay once, no monthly fee
  • 5-second real-time location updates
  • Built-in 3000 mAh battery
  • Water resistant design
  • Internal motion sensor

With its rapid 5-second tracking updates, the Optimus 2.0 GPS tracker provides unparalleled real-time visibility with no monthly costs.

The long-life 3000 mAh battery eliminates the need for hardwiring while still delivering updates more frequently than competitors. Optimus 2.0’s accelerometer automatically increases update rates when motion is detected.

From construction equipment to classic cars, Optimus 2.0 empowers users with the fastest GPS tracking available without any subscription fees.

Cost: $99.95

4. Tracki 2020 Model

Tracki Mini Gps Tracker

Key Features

  • No monthly fees
  • Real-time location updates
  • Internal battery and SIM card
  • 5 location update intervals
  • Theft recovery and alerts

The 2020 Tracki model provides live GPS tracking without monthly bills using the built-in global SIM card.

With the Tracki app, users can monitor positions down to street-level accuracy while setting speed limits and safe zones. Alerts provide real-time notifications if the tracker enters or leaves specified locations.

This portable tracker is ideal for assets, equipment, and personal use with location updates as frequent as every 5 seconds when active.

Cost: $49.88

5. Amcrest AM-GL300 GPS Tracker

Amcrest Am Gl300 Gps Tracker

Key Features

  • One-time payment, no monthly fee
  • Ultra-slim and discreet
  • Real-time 4G LTE tracking
  • Integrated 3000 mAh battery
  • Geofencing and custom alerts

Known for their security cameras, Amcrest also produces premium GPS trackers like the AM-GL300. Despite lacking monthly fees, it provides sophisticated tracking and alerts through 4G LTE connectivity.

The magnetic casing simplifies installation in vehicles while still being small enough to conceal in personal bags and belongings. For individual or family use, the Amcrest AM-GL300 delivers convenience and peace of mind.

Cost: $99.99

Key Takeaways: Choosing the Best No Monthly Fee GPS Tracker

  • Compare upfront costs against features to maximize value.
  • Battery-powered options provide flexibility whereas wired GPS trackers offer endless power.
  • Cellular connectivity enables real-time tracking while WiFi reduces costs.
  • Passive tracking saves power while active tracking provides live updates.
  • Smartphone apps allow remote monitoring and alerts for added convenience.
  • Leading no-fee brands include TKSTAR, Amcrest, Optimus, and LandAirSea.
  • Avoid contracts and subscriptions to maximize savings.

GPS Tracker No Monthly Fee FAQs

Do any GPS trackers have no monthly fees?

Yes, many quality GPS trackers are available that only require a single hardware purchase with no ongoing monthly service fees. They may still require a SIM card.

What features do no monthly fee GPS trackers have?

Most no-fee GPS trackers include core features like location tracking, smartphone alerts, geo-fencing, and historical reports. However, they may lack real-time tracking or advanced driver analytics compared to subscription trackers.

Can you hardwire a pay-once GPS tracker?

Some battery-powered GPS trackers allow hardwiring to vehicle power through an optional OBD port or wiring harness accessory. This provides unlimited runtime without batteries.

Do you need a SIM card for no monthly fee trackers?

If the GPS tracker uses cellular networks for real-time tracking, you’ll need to purchase a compatible SIM card and service. WiFi-based trackers don’t need SIMs.

How long do pay-once GPS trackers last?

Depending on the rechargeable battery lifespan, build quality, and operating conditions, no-monthly-fee GPS trackers typically last 3-5 years with proper usage.


GPS trackers provide valuable telematics data for commercial fleets and consumers. However, the recurring fees common to most GPS tracking systems make them less cost effective.

Thankfully, high-quality no-monthly-fee GPS tracking options allow you to enjoy the key benefits of GPS tracking without expensive subscriptions.

This comprehensive guide outlined the advantages of fee-free GPS trackers along with factors to consider when selecting the right device. We also recommended the top-rated monthly fee-free GPS trackers based on hands-on testing and reviews.

By choosing the tracker that matches your budget and requirements, you can begin leveraging GPS technology to enhance security, savings, and insight without the burden of monthly costs.

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