5 Best AirTag Alternatives for Android and iPhone in 2024

February 11, 2024

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Apple’s AirTag trackers have become hugely popular for helping you find lost keys, wallets, luggage and more. But AirTags only work with Apple devices. What are the best AirTag alternatives for Android users, or those who want more choice?

In this guide we’ll compare the top 5 AirTag alternatives that work great with both Android and iPhone. Whether you’re an Android user looking for an AirTag equivalent, or an iPhone owner who wants alternative trackers to Apple’s, you’ll find the perfect option here.

Why Consider an AirTag Alternative for Android and iPhone?

Apple’s AirTag trackers leverage the company’s massive Find My network to help you locate misplaced items. If your AirTag goes out of Bluetooth range, any nearby Apple device can detect it and send its location to the cloud. Cleverly, AirTags don’t need their own GPS or cell service.

However, AirTags have some downsides:

  • Only work with Apple devices – AirTags are not compatible with Android phones. You need an iPhone or other Apple device to pair with and locate your AirTags.
  • Limited features – AirTags offer basic location tracking. But some alternatives add useful extras like replaceable batteries, GPS tracking, alerts when you leave items behind, two-way ringing, etc.
  • Privacy concerns – AirTags have been used to secretly track people without consent. Apple has added protections, but alternatives like Tile take privacy more seriously.
  • Not waterproof – AirTags can withstand splashes and brief water exposure, but they are not fully waterproof like some trackers.

So whether you use Android, want more features, or additional privacy safeguards, considering an AirTag alternative makes sense. Next let’s look at the best options…

1. Samsung Galaxy SmartTag – Best AirTag Alternative for Android

Samsung Galaxy Smarttag+

The Samsung Galaxy SmartTag is the obvious AirTag alternative for Android users. It offers a similar experience using Samsung’s Galaxy Find network.

The SmartTag pairs with your Samsung phone using Bluetooth. If your tagged item goes missing, the SmartTag pings any nearby Samsung devices to update its location.

The Galaxy SmartTag lacks its own GPS, relying on Samsung’s Find network. But it’s a robust alternative to AirTag for Android owners.

Key Features:

  • Works seamlessly with Samsung Galaxy phones
  • Leverages Samsung’s Galaxy Find network to locate items
  • Can ring your phone to find misplaced devices too
  • IP53 water and dust resistance rating
  • Replaceable CR2032 battery lasts around 7 months
  • 127ft (39m) Bluetooth range

If you have a recent Samsung Galaxy phone, the affordable SmartTag is the natural AirTag alternative to consider first.

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2. Tile Pro (2022) – Best AirTag Alternative for Bluetooth Range

Tile Pro 2022

While not as advanced as AirTag, the compact Tile Pro tracker has been around longer and works with both iPhone and Android.

The Tile Pro uses Bluetooth to connect to your phone up to 400ft away. If your item goes missing, you can view its most recent location on a map.

But Tile lacks the crowdsourced tracking network of AirTag. To locate your Pro remotely you’ll need to hope another Tile user comes near it.

Still, the 2022 Tile Pro adds useful extras like replaceable battery, water resistance, alerts when you leave items behind, and two-way ringing to help find misplaced devices.

Key Features:

  • Works with both iPhone and Android
  • 400ft Bluetooth range
  • IP67 water and dust resistance
  • Replaceable CR2032 battery lasts 1 year
  • Alerts when you leave item behind
  • Can make your phone ring even when mute

Tile doesn’t have the large tracking network of AirTag. But it’s a solid alternative if you need long Bluetooth range and cross-platform support.

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3. Chipolo ONE Spot – AirTag Alternative That Works With Apple Find My

Chipolo One Spot 2022

Unusually for a third-party tracker, the Chipolo ONE Spot works directly with Apple’s Find My network. So it offers AirTag-like tracking for iPhone users.

After pairing over Bluetooth, the Chipolo ONE Spot appears in Apple’s Find My app. Your iPhone can then ping the location using Apple’s network.

The Chipolo ONE Spot lacks its own GPS. But integration with Apple Find My gives it an advantage over other cross-platform trackers like Tile. It also includes alerts, water resistance, and a 200ft Bluetooth range.

Key Features:

  • Integrates with Apple Find My network
  • Works with both iPhone and Android
  • 200ft Bluetooth range
  • IPX5 water resistance
  • Replaceable CR2032 battery lasts 2 years
  • Alerts for left behind items

If you’re an iPhone user who wants AirTag tracking without buying Apple, the Chipolo ONE Spot is a compelling alternative.

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4. Tracki 2022 Model Mini GPS Tracker – Best AirTag Alternative With GPS

Tracki Mini Gps Tracker

For the ultimate tracking experience, consider a Bluetooth tracker with built-in GPS like the Tracki 2022 Mini. It provides GPS and cellular-based tracking without relying on crowdsourcing.

The Tracki 2022 Mini includes global cellular service to report its real-time location. And the GPS pinpoints its position down to within 5 meters.

The companion apps for iPhone and Android include features like geofencing, breadcrumbing, alerts and more. But the cellular data plan raises the cost.

Key Features:

  • Built-in GPS for independent location tracking
  • Global cellular data connects anywhere
  • Location accuracy within 5 meters
  • iPhone and Android apps with range of features
  • Up to 2 weeks battery life, rechargeable
  • IP67 water and dust resistance
  • Bluetooth connectivity as well

For the most powerful tracking performance, the Tracki 2022 Mini GPS tracker is hard to beat.

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5. Pebblebee Black Card – Minimalist Aluminum Apple AirTags Alternative

Pebblebee Black Card

For a sleek and durable AirTag alternative, check out the metal Pebblebee Black Card tracker. It slips discreetly into a wallet or purse.

Despite its slimline design, the Black Card sticks to the basics well. It pairs via Bluetooth and lets you view its last known location.

Pebblebee lacks a crowdsourced network. But the Black Card’s long 800 day replaceable battery life and tough aluminum body make it ideal for tracking wallets, bags and more.

Key Features:

  • Durable aluminum body, slim 0.08in design
  • 800 day replaceable CR1632 battery
  • IPX7 water resistance rating
  • Works with iOS and Android
  • Integrates with Google Maps timeline
  • Location updates when card comes within 200ft

If you want a simple, long-lasting tracker in a rugged metal body, the elegant Pebblebee Black Card is a good Apple AirTag alternative.

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What To Look For In an AirTag Alternative?

Here are the key factors to consider when choosing an AirTag alternative:

  • Platform support – Check it works with your iPhone, Android or both
  • Network coverage – Crowdsourced network or own GPS? Wider is better.
  • Battery life – Replaceable batteries are convenient
  • Bluetooth range – 100ft+ is ideal; some reach 400ft
  • Size and design – Compact and durable is best
  • Water resistance – Essential in case it gets wet
  • Extra features – Alerts, two-way ring, geofencing etc
  • Price – Typically $25-$50, GPS can cost $100+
  • Monthly fees – Some trackers have data plans, most don’t
  • Noise – Check sound levels if using for pets

Think about the most useful features for your needs to choose the best AirTag alternative.

Key Takeaways

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do AirTag alternatives work as well as Apple AirTag?

A: Most alternatives can’t match the crowdsourced Apple Find My network. But many still provide accurate tracking using Bluetooth, GPS or their own networks.

Q: Can AirTags hear you?

A: No, AirTags don’t record audio or listen to conversations. They only emit Bluetooth signals to be detected by nearby devices.

Q: Do AirTag alternatives need WiFi to work?

A: No, AirTags rely on Bluetooth only. WiFi is not required for any AirTag or AirTag alternative to function. They use Bluetooth and cell/GPS.

Q: How long does the AirTag battery last?

A: The non-replaceable AirTag battery lasts around 1 year on average. Some replaceable alternatives last 1-2 years.

Q: Do I need to charge my AirTag?

A: AirTags don’t need charged, their battery lasts about 1 year. Some alternatives have rechargeable batteries.

Q: Are AirTags magnetic?

A: No, AirTags are not magnetic. But some protective cases and mounts contain magnets to attach the AirTag to objects.

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