Samsung SmartTag Reviews: Everything You Need to Know

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Samsung Smarttag Review

Are you considering purchasing a Samsung SmartTag to keep track of your keys, wallet, backpack and other valuables? This comprehensive guide will provide you with an in-depth look at Samsung SmartTags based on expert reviews and hands-on testing.

After analyzing numerous SmartTag reviews across leading technology sites, I’ve compiled the key factors you should consider before buying: performance, features, battery life, compatibility, price and more. Read on for the ultimate insider’s perspective on how Samsung’s trackers stack up against competitors like Tile and Apple AirTag.

Overview of Samsung SmartTags

Samsung Galaxy Smarttag+

Samsung SmartTags are small Bluetooth trackers that can be attached to easily lost items like keys, bags, pet collars and more. They allow you to locate misplaced belongings using your compatible Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

There are two models:

  • Samsung SmartTag ($29.99) – relies on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) for tracking
  • Samsung SmartTag+ ($39.99) – adds ultra-wideband (UWB) technology for more precise tracking. Only works with select newer Galaxy models.

Read a full comparison between the Samsung SmartTag vs SmartTag Plus to understand the key differences.

Both tags partner with Samsung’s SmartThings Find app to view locations, make the SmartTag ring, utilize AR finding and set up automations. They have user-replaceable batteries rated to last about 1 year.

Key Benefits of Samsung SmartTags

Based on multiple in-depth reviews, Samsung SmartTags offer the following notable benefits:

  • Extended Bluetooth range – Up to 390 ft range for finding lost items in your home or yard (exceeds Tile’s 200-250 ft).
  • Compact, lightweight design – Small and easy to attach to keys, bags, collars. Won’t add bulk.
  • Long battery life – Lasts about 1 year on CR2032 coin cell battery. Easy to replace. Saves charging hassle.
  • Loud ringer – Helps you find misplaced items under piles or in another room. Volume goes up to 89 dB.
  • Smart home integration – Set SmartTag button to control lights, appliances, routines in SmartThings app.
  • Samsung device ecosystem – Tap into network of Samsung users to help track lost SmartTags. More useful than Tile’s crowd GPS.
  • Ultra-wideband on Plus – Offers more precise tracking by providing directions on compatible Galaxy phones.

Key Drawbacks to Consider

Samsung SmartTags do have some limitations compared to competitors:

  • Only works with Galaxy devices – Not compatible with other Android or iOS devices like Tile and AirTag.
  • No real-time location tracking – Can’t provide updated location when SmartTag is out of Bluetooth range.
  • Lower water resistance – IP53 can handle splashes but not submersion. Tile and AirTag are fully waterproof.
  • Smart home limited to SmartThings – Automations won’t work with Google Home, Alexa, or other platforms.
  • No anti-stalking features – Apple AirTag offers more robust privacy protections against unwanted tracking.

In-Depth Review of Key Factors

Performance and Features

Multiple expert reviewers found the Samsung SmartTags perform very reliably for tracking items when in Bluetooth range. The onboard speaker sounds a loud alarm up to 89 dB that can be heard easily in another room. The UWB tracking on the SmartTag+ model also worked well to provide directional assistance.

Setup only takes a few minutes through the SmartThings Find app. You can view locations on a map, see signal strength when searching nearby, make your phone ring if you misplace it, and set the SmartTag button to control your smart home devices and scenes.

Reviewers did note a few small drawbacks – the signal strength meter is not always fully accurate when getting close, and the stated 390 ft range was more like 250-300 ft in real-world testing. But overall, the SmartTags worked great for retrieving misplaced items in and around the home.

Samsung Smarttag Smartthings App

Battery Life

With an expected 1 year battery life from the replaceable CR2032 coin cell, most reviewers found battery life excellent. Samsung claims up to 300 days of mixed everyday use. The battery status shows in the SmartThings Find app so you know when it’s time for a fresh battery.

Tom’s Guide noted the battery is on par with competitors, saying “Samsung says the SmartTag’s CR2032 battery will last users about a year before it needs replacing. This is similar to the Tile Pro’s 200-plus-foot range.”

Smarttag Battery Life


The major caveat emphasized across reviews is that Samsung SmartTags only work with Samsung Galaxy smartphones running Android 8.0 or newer. They will NOT work with other Android phones or iPhones.

Android Authority highlighted the ecosystem lock-in as a con, stating “The Galaxy SmartTag will only work with Galaxy smartphones. Even if you happen to use Samsung right now, who is to say you won’t like a different phone in the future?”

So while Samsung owners will appreciate the seamless integration, potential switchers may want to look at cross-platform options from Tile, Apple and others.


At $29.99 for the standard SmartTag and $39.99 for the SmartTag+, most reviewers found the Samsung trackers to be competitively priced against rivals. The pricing falls right in line with entry-level Tile Mate ($24.99) up to premium Tile Pro ($34.99) and Apple AirTag ($29).

Tom’s Guide summed up the value proposition well: “The $30 Samsung charges is a small price to pay for the extra piece of mind, and if you already have a variety of smart devices connected to your phone, the ability to trigger home routines at the touch of a button is an extremely practical touch.”

Water and Dust Resistance

The SmartTags have an IP53 rating for moderate water and dust resistance. This means they can withstand water splashes and some dust, but cannot be fully submerged.

By comparison, the Tile Pro and Apple AirTag are both IP67 or IP68 rated and can be immersed in 1+ meters of water for 30+ minutes. So Samsung’s offerings fall a bit short on ruggedness and waterproofing.

Android Central noted this limitation in their review: “Samsung Galaxy SmartTag has an IP53 rating for water resistance, so it can handle the occasional splash if you get caught in the rain. In my testing, such drippage never affected the tracker’s performance.”

Smarttag Programmable Smart Button

Privacy Protections

With any tracking device, privacy is a concern. Samsung does allow location encryption and added an optional tracking prevention feature. However, reviewers found Apple AirTag’s robust anti-stalking protections far superior in alerting unknown AirTag detections.

Tom’s Guide highlighted the differences: “For an additional layer of security (and privacy), you have the option of encrypting your phone’s offline location when it’s sent to Find My Mobile by other devices, and only you can decrypt it.”

Expert & User Reviews

Across major technology publications, expert reviewers gave high marks to the Samsung SmartTag and SmartTag+ for their performance, battery life, smart home integration and value.

The limited compatibility and lack of real-time tracking were the main downsides preventing even higher review scores. Still, Samsung phone owners looking for an affordable Bluetooth tracker would be well served by the SmartTags based on the expert testing and evaluations.

On Amazon, the Samsung SmartTags earn a solid 4 out of 5 stars across hundreds of customer reviews. Users praise their help locating lost keys and wallets, ease of setup, and loud ringing tone. Negative feedback focuses on the Samsung-only compatibility.

Smarttag Keys

Key Takeaways and Recommendations

After compiling numerous in-depth expert and user reviews, my top takeaways on the Samsung SmartTags are:

  • Provide accurate tracking of valuables when in Bluetooth range around your home
  • Long-lasting battery saves hassle of frequent charging
  • Integration with SmartThings app enables handy automations
  • Excellent value at $29.99-$39.99 price point
  • Biggest limitation is Samsung-only compatibility
  • SmartTag+ offers UWB tracking but requires newer Galaxy phone
  • Not as rugged and waterproof as Tile Pro (SmartTag vs Tile) or AirTag (SmartTag vs AirTag)
  • Useful for Samsung Galaxy owners who want a simple tracker

Overall, the Samsung SmartTags earn positive recommendations from reviewers as an affordable, full-featured tracking option – if you own a compatible Galaxy device. For Samsung ecosystem users seeking an AirTag alternative, the convenience and smart home integration make the SmartTags a compelling choice.

But potential switchers or owners of other Android/iOS devices are better served by cross-platform trackers like Tile Pro or AirTag that will work with any phone.


Are Samsung SmartTags worth it?

For Samsung Galaxy users, yes, SmartTags offer great value and features for the price. But they are not recommended for non-Samsung owners due to compatibility limitations.

How accurate are Samsung SmartTags?

When in Bluetooth range, SmartTags provide accurate tracking of misplaced items to around 250-300 feet. The SmartTag+ model with UWB allows more precise directional tracking.

How long does the Samsung SmartTag battery last?

The replaceable CR2032 coin cell battery in Samsung SmartTags lasts around 1 year on a single charge with typical daily use.

Can Samsung SmartTag be tracked remotely?

No, Samsung SmartTags can only be tracked when they are within Bluetooth range of your compatible Galaxy phone. They do not provide live location tracking remotely.

Is Samsung SmartTag waterproof?

The Samsung SmartTags have IP53 water resistance, meaning they can handle rain and splashes but cannot be fully submerged like the Tile Pro or Apple AirTag.

Can Samsung SmartTag work with iPhone?

No, Samsung SmartTags only work with Samsung Galaxy smartphones. They are not compatible with any iOS devices.

Why is my Samsung SmartTag not working?

Some common reasons a Samsung SmartTag may not be working include connectivity issues, battery drain, device incompatibility, or needing to reset the SmartTag.

The Bottom Line

Based on expert testing and reviews, Samsung’s SmartTag and SmartTag+ are excellent Bluetooth trackers for keeping tabs on your valuables around your home – provided you own a compatible Samsung Galaxy device.

Before buying, weigh their Samsung-only compatibility against cross-platform options from Tile and Apple. But for Galaxy owners seeking an affordable AirTag alternative with smart home integration, the Samsung SmartTags deliver great value and performance.

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