The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best GPS Trackers for Cats in 2024

February 13, 2024

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Having an adventurous cat that loves exploring the outdoors can be nerve-wracking. As much as you want to give them freedom, there’s always the fear that they could wander too far and get lost. Fortunately, GPS pet trackers have become an invaluable tool for responsible cat owners who want to keep their furry friends safe.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about choosing the best GPS tracker for your feline companion.

After reading this guide, you’ll feel confident picking the ideal cat tracker to suit your needs and budget. So let’s dive in!

How Do GPS Cat Trackers Work?

GPS stands for Global Positioning System. It utilizes a network of satellites orbiting the planet to provide incredibly precise location data to GPS-enabled devices anywhere on Earth.

A cat GPS tracker is a small device, usually attached to your cat’s collar, that communicates with these satellites to determine its coordinates. It then transmits this location data to your smartphone or computer via cellular networks and Wi-Fi.

This allows you to monitor your cat’s location in real-time and track their outdoor adventures right from your device’s GPS cat tracking app.

Key Components of a Cat GPS Tracker

Here are the main components that make up a cat GPS tracking system:

  • GPS module: The brains of the tracker, this receives and processes signals from satellites to calculate your cat’s coordinates.
  • Cellular modem: Sends your cat’s location from the tracker to the app via cellular networks like 4G LTE.
  • Rechargeable battery: Powers the tracker. Battery life varies from 1-10 days between charges depending on model.
  • Bluetooth/Wi-Fi: Enables communication between the tracker and your smartphone app. Mainly used for initial setup.
  • Smartphone app: Displays your cat’s location on a map, enables tracker settings, and sends alerts.
  • Waterproof casing: Protects the electronics so the tracker can withstand the elements and your cat’s adventures.

How Accurate Are Cat GPS Trackers?

The best cat GPS trackers today can pinpoint your cat’s location to within several feet. Accuracy depends on:

  • Strength of GPS signal: Obstructions like trees, buildings, etc can interfere with signal.
  • Proximity to cell towers: Trackers use cell networks to transmit data to your phone. Better service = better accuracy.
  • Surrounding terrain: Rocky areas and dense vegetation may impact signal quality.
  • Update frequency: More frequent location updates yield better accuracy. Most trackers update every 2-5 minutes.

Key Factors To Consider When Choosing a GPS Cat Tracker

With a wide selection of GPS cat trackers available, it’s essential to assess your needs and match them to the right product. Here are the most important factors to keep in mind:

1. Comfort and Safety

Since cats are often wary of collars and accessories, comfort is paramount. Look for a lightweight, streamlined tracker under 1.5 oz that won’t weigh your cat down. Smooth, non-abrasive materials that won’t irritate skin are ideal.

Ensure the tracker attaches securely to your cat’s collar but will detach if snagged to prevent choking hazards. Avoid selecting a bulky tracker that could get caught on branches and terrain.

2. Battery Life

Frequent charging is inconvenient, so opt for a longer-lasting battery. The best cat GPS collars can run for 5-10 days between charges.

Rechargeable batteries are common, but replaceable coin cell batteries like the Findster Duo+ can last over 1 year before needing a replacement.

3. Tracking Range

For adventurous wanderers, an unlimited tracking range is best. This allows you to monitor your cat’s location anywhere, without distance limitations.

Conversely, if your cat sticks close to home, a shorter-range Bluetooth or Wi-Fi tracker like the Tabcat could suffice and save money.

4. Location Updates and Accuracy

Choose a tracker with frequent location updates (every 2-5 minutes) so you have a recent pinpoint on your cat’s whereabouts.

Accuracy within 5-10 feet is ideal. This level of precision can mean the difference between finding your cat or not.

5. Smartphone App and Interface

An intuitive, user-friendly app with maps and tracking features is essential. Look for geofencing capabilities, location history, battery status, and notifications if your cat escapes a designated zone.

Android and iOS support is vital too. Avoid trackers only compatible with one platform.

6. Costs: Initial and Ongoing

Cat GPS trackers range from $40-$200+, with most between $100-$150. Additional costs include:

  • Cellular data plans – Required for real-time GPS tracking. Plans start around $5/month.
  • Repair/replacement – If the tracker breaks or malfunctions after the warranty period.
  • Collar purchases – If you need a designated tracking collar for the device.

Weigh the pros and cons of different trackers to find one that fits your budget long-term. Some subscription-free models like the PetFon Pet GPS Tracker opt for a higher upfront cost but with no ongoing fees.

7. Durability and Water Resistance

Your tracker will be exposed to the elements daily, so durability is a must. Look for waterproof devices like the Whistle Go or Jiobit that can withstand total immersion for worry-free baths and swims.

A robust outer shell and scratch-resistant screen will help it survive years of adventure.

8. Smart Features

Extra smart functionality can optimize your cat’s safety and give you peace of mind.

  • Activity tracking – View daily exercise and rest patterns.
  • Temperature alerts – Notify you if your cat is too hot/cold.
  • Light/sound cues – Remotely activate lights or sounds to help locate your cat.
  • Health monitoring – Capture concerning behavioral changes like increased scratching or lethargy.

The Halo Collar takes it a step further with a unique training vibration whenever your cat approaches the edge of your yard.

Now that you know what features to look for in a cat GPS tracker, let’s review my top picks for 2024.

The 7 Best GPS Cat Trackers of 2024

1. Tractive GPS CAT LTE Tracker – Best Overall

Tractive Gps Tracker For Cats

Key Specs

  • Dimensions: 2.8 x 1.1 x 0.67 inches
  • Weight: 1.23 ounces
  • Battery life: 2-5 days (7 days on new LTE model)
  • Tracking range: Unlimited
  • Water resistance: Waterproof IPX7 rating
Shop Tractive GPS Tracker for Cats on Amazon

The Tractive GPS CAT LTE tracker is my top overall pick for its unbeatable combination of unlimited range, real-time tracking, virtual fences, long battery life, and durable build.

It utilizes advanced LTE cellular technology and GPS satellites to track your cat’s location precisely down to within a few feet. There are no distance limitations – you can monitor your furry friend whether they’re in your backyard or miles away.

The Tractive app enables you to set up custom safe zones. If your cat wanders beyond the boundaries you set, you’ll get instant alerts on your phone telling you exactly where they are so you can go retrieve them safely.

The tracker updates your cat’s coordinates every 2-3 seconds when live tracking mode is enabled for excellent real-time tracking capabilities. You can also view their location history from the past 24 hours.

Weighing just 1.23 ounces, the new LTE model is over 10% lighter while maintaining a IPX7 waterproof rating that can withstand complete immersion in water. It’s designed to attach securely and comfortably onto existing collars.

While it requires a monthly subscription starting around $7/month, Tractive offers premium GPS tracking with unlimited range and advanced features for maximum peace of mind.

See how Tractive compares to the Whistle GO, Findster, and other popular models in our head-to-head comparison reviews.

What Owners Say

Tractive has earned the praise of hundreds of cat owners. Positive reviews highlight the tracker’s lightweight and comfortable design, easy setup, and reliable GPS tracking capabilities. Many owners say it provides “peace of mind” knowing their cat’s location at all times.

Bottom Line

With its unlimited tracking range, virtual fences, and advanced LTE network support, the Tractive GPS CAT LTE tracker is the ultimate device for monitoring adventurous cats and keeping them safe.

2. Whistle Go Explore GPS Pet Tracker – Best for Health Monitoring

Whistle Smartphone App

Key Specs

  • Dimensions: 1.6 x 1.5 x 0.6 inches
  • Weight: 0.74 ounces
  • Battery life: 20 days
  • Tracking range: Unlimited
  • Water resistance: Waterproof
Shop Whistle Go Explore on Amazon

Beyond GPS tracking, the Whistle Go Explore also functions as an activity monitor and health tracker for your cat.

It tracks your cat’s daily steps, distance traveled, playtime, rest patterns, licking/scratching, and more. You can monitor concerning behavioral changes and get notified if activity levels deviate from the baseline.

The Whistle Go provides excellent real-time GPS tracking with locations updated every 60-90 seconds on average when your cat is on the move. For tracking, it utilizes both AT&T’s LTE cellular networks and WiFi positioning to enhance accuracy.

Customizable safe zones alert you when your cat wanders outside of designated boundaries that you set in the app. The tracker itself is waterproof and attaches securely to your cat’s collar.

At less than an ounce, the Whistle Go Explore is on the heavier side for cat trackers but strikes a good balance between battery efficiency and lightweight design. It lasts approximately 20 days between charges.

While it carries a higher upfront cost than some trackers, it provides the unique ability to monitor your cat’s daily habits and health in addition to their location. This gives cat owners extra peace of mind.

What Owners Say

Owners praise the Whistle Go’s advanced activity tracking features. Positive reviews also mention accurate GPS tracking capabilities and good battery life. A few users had app connectivity issues.

Bottom Line

The Whistle Go Explore is the ultimate cat tracker for owners who want a device that monitors both location and health patterns.

3. Jiobit GPS Pet Tracker – Best Real-Time Tracking

Jiobit Smart Tag

Key Specs

  • Dimensions: 1.5 x 1.1 x 0.5 inches
  • Weight: 0.6 ounces
  • Battery life: ~1 week
  • Tracking range: Unlimited
  • Water resistance: Water resistant
Shop Jiobit GPS Pet Tracker on Amazon

Jiobit offers ultra-precise real-time GPS tracking powered by advanced LTE cellular networks. Using Assisted-GPS and Wi-Fi positioning, it can pinpoint your cat’s location down to about 3 feet of accuracy.

The Jiobit tracker updates your cat’s whereabouts every 60 seconds or less when live tracking mode is enabled. You can also view your cat’s location history and create custom geofences with alert notifications.

Weighing less than an ounce, this miniature but mighty tracker attaches easily to your cat’s collar without adding bulk. Despite its compact size, it has an impressive battery life of approximately one week between charges.

The Jiobit app provides a user-friendly interface for tracking and reviewing your cat’s adventures. While the tracker itself is reasonably priced at around $130, you will have to pay an additional monthly fee starting at $9.95 for cellular data connection.

What Owners Say

The Jiobit tracker earns praise for its real-time tracking capabilities, long battery life, and lightweight, durable design. Cat owners say it provides reliable tracking indoors and out. Some have noted occasional app connectivity issues.

Bottom Line

If real-time GPS tracking and location accuracy are your top priorities, the Jiobit Pet Tracker is an excellent choice.

4. Findster Duo+ Pet Tracker – Best No-Subscription Option

Findster Duo+

Key Specs

  • Dimensions: 1.4 x 1.1 x 0.4 inches
  • Weight: 0.95 ounces
  • Battery life: 7 days
  • Tracking range: 0.5 miles
  • Water resistance: Waterproof
Shop Findster Duo+ on Amazon

The Findster Duo+ utilizes innovative radio frequency technology to provide subscription-free tracking.

While it doesn’t offer the unlimited range of satellite GPS models, its 0.5 mile radius suits most cats who stay relatively near home. No cellular plan is required – the handheld receiver communicates directly with the pet tracker module.

The Findster Duo+ collar tracker and receiver constantly exchange radio signals to determine positioning. As you move closer or farther from your cat, the handheld device provides audible alerts and visual indicators to guide you to their location.

The tracker itself is 100% waterproof with an impressive 7-day battery life. Since it relies on radio frequencies instead of GPS, it provides reliable performance indoors and in dense vegetation where satellite signals can’t penetrate.

One downside is that you need to carry the receiver with you to track your cat’s whereabouts, versus more conveniently tracking via smartphone. But for many cat owners, the tradeoff of no subscription fees is worth it.

What Owners Say

Positive reviews highlight the Findster Duo’s affordability and ease of use. Owners say the device provides reliable tracking, especially in locations where GPS struggles. Some wish for a longer tracking range.

Bottom Line

The Findster Duo+ is the best budget-friendly pick for cats who roam close to home and owners who want to avoid subscription fees.

5. Tabcat Bluetooth Tracker – Best for Indoor Cats

Loc8tor Pet Tracker

Key Specs

  • Dimensions: 1.2 x 0.8 x 0.4 inches
  • Weight: 0.17 ounces
  • Battery life: 12 months
  • Tracking range: 400 feet
  • Water resistance: Rainproof
Shop Tabcat Bluetooth Tracker on Amazon

The Tabcat Bluetooth tracker is purpose-built for monitoring indoor cats and kittens. It provides a cost-effective, subscription-free way to keep track of your furball’s whereabouts as they explore your home.

Weighing just 0.17 ounces, this tiny device attaches to your cat’s collar like a tag. It communicates with the included Tabcat handheld locator using Bluetooth technology.

As you carry the handheld device through your home, it provides audible alerts and visual indicators to guide you right to your cat, even if they are hiding under beds or furniture.

The Tabcat tracker has an impressive 400 foot range and excels at providing highly accurate readings both indoors and in your backyard. Its replaceable battery lasts 1 year before needing a quick swap out.

While it lacks advanced smart features and doesn’t provide tracking history, the Tabcat device shines when it comes to finding a lost or hiding cat in and around your home without paying costly subscription fees.

What Owners Say

Owners praise the Tabcat’s budget price and straightforward functionality. The device earns high marks for helping owners locate their cats quickly and easily around the house.

Bottom Line

The Tabcat Bluetooth tracker is the perfect solution for monitoring indoor-only cats or as a supplemental tracker to recover escape-prone kitties.

6. Weenect Cats 2 – Best Cat GPS Tracker for Europe

Weenect Cats 2 Gps Tracker

Key Specs

  • Dimensions: 1.2 x 0.6 x 0.2 inches
  • Weight: 0.88 ounces
  • Battery life: 2-3 days
  • Tracking range: Unlimited
  • Water resistance: Waterproof
Shop Weenect Cats 2 on Amazon

The Weenect Cats 2 is a feature-packed GPS tracker designed specifically with cats in mind. It’s an excellent choice for European cat owners thanks to its multi-network SIM card for reliable coverage across Europe.

This miniature tracker weighs less than an ounce but packs advanced technology like GPS and GLONASS positioning, a 3-axis accelerometer for activity monitoring, and temperature sensors.

The Weenect Cats 2 GPS tracker provides real-time location tracking with no distance limitations, enabling you to view your cat’s movements on a map at any time. Location history and geofencing are also included.

Additional handy features include fitness tracking, temperature alerts if your cat gets too hot or cold, a “find my cat” radar screen, and even a training module with sound/vibration cues to teach your cat to come when called.

With an IP67 waterproof rating plus a silicon shell, this cat tracker can withstand the elements and your pet’s day-to-day activities. Battery life is approximately 2-3 days between charges.

Subscription plans start at £9.99/month. While pricier than some competitors, the Weenect Cats 2 shines with its multifunctionality and cat-centric design.

What Owners Say

This cat tracker receives positive reviews for its lightweight, comfortable design and wide range of useful features. Owners say the training module is particularly helpful for recalling wandering cats.

Bottom Line

The feature-packed Weenect Cats 2 GPS tracker is ideal for European cat owners seeking unlimited range and advanced training capabilities.

7. Cube Real Time GPS Tracker & Cat Collar Bundle

Cube Gps Tracker Collar

Key Specs

  • Dimensions: 2.4 x 1.6 x 1 inches
  • Weight: 1.76 ounces
  • Battery life: 10-60 days
  • Tracking range: Unlimited
  • Water resistance: IP67 waterproof
Shop Cube GPS Tracker Collar on Amazon

The Cube Real Time GPS tracker uses multiple tracking technologies – GPS, cellular networks, Bluetooth and WiFi – to provide flexible tracking indoors and out.

While slightly bulkier than some cat trackers, the Cube device has excellent GPS precision and updates every 10-60 seconds when live tracking mode is on. You can view real-time locations and 120 days of historical tracking data.

The Cube tracker bundle comes with a specially designed breakaway cat collar. The tracker casing easily slides onto the collar and locks in place securely.

Customizable geofences, altitude tracking, temperature alerts, and an audio cue to call your cat complement the robust location tracking.

With an IP67 waterproof rating, the Cube tracker can withstand immersion in water up to 1 meter deep. Battery life ranges from 10-60 days depending on usage.

While it’s at the higher end price-wise for cat GPS trackers, the Cube provides versatile tracking both indoors and out along with useful features like temperature monitoring – making it a smart choice for peace of mind.

What Owners Say

The Cube earns positive reviews for its accurate GPS tracking capabilities and flexibility to work both indoors and outside. Users mention the tracker provides security knowing their cat’s location. Some note occasional app connectivity issues.

Bottom Line

The feature-packed Cube GPS tracker bundled with a specialized cat collar provides comprehensive tracking and useful alerts to monitor your cat’s adventures.

Key Takeaways on Picking the Best GPS Cat Tracker

  • Focus on comfort, safety, battery life, tracking range and smart features tailored for cats.
  • Unlimited range provides flexibility to track wandering cats anywhere.
  • Frequent location updates (every 2-5 minutes) yield best accuracy.
  • Virtual fences and custom safe zones optimize safety.
  • Monitor behavior patterns and health with advanced activity tracking.
  • Waterproof devices withstand the elements and everyday use.
  • Choosing the right match for your budget avoids surprise costs down the road.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cat GPS Trackers

How accurate are cat GPS trackers?

The best GPS cat trackers today can locate your cat within 5-10 feet. Accuracy depends on satellite signal strength, cell tower proximity, terrain, and update frequency.

What is the range of a cat GPS tracker?

Range varies. Unlimited range models can track globally. Shorter-range Bluetooth models work best within 400 feet. Evaluate your cat’s roaming habits.

How long does the battery last?

Battery life is 1-10 days generally. Features like live tracking drain it faster. Pick a long-lasting battery to minimize recharging.

Where is the best place to attach a cat GPS tracker?

Attach the tracker securely to your cat’s collar. Ensure a proper fit that’s snug but not too tight. Check that it detaches if caught to prevent choking hazards.

What if my cat doesn’t wear a collar?

Some trackers can attach to a harness or clip onto a special vest. Just ensure it’s lightweight and comfortable for your cat.

Do I need a subscription?

GPS satellite tracking requires a cellular data plan, typically $5-15 monthly. Some models are subscription-free but have more limited functionality.

How accurate are cat Bluetooth trackers?

Bluetooth trackers pinpoint your cat’s location within several feet, but only work reliably within a 400 foot range. They excel for indoor tracking.

How often do GPS trackers update?

Every 2-5 minutes is standard. Frequent updates of every few seconds provide the most real-time tracking but drain the battery faster.

What smart features should I look for?

Virtual fences, temperature/activity monitoring, health insights, and sound/light cues to help find your cat are useful to optimize their safety.

Final Thoughts

Investing in a cat GPS tracker gives responsible owners peace of mind knowing they can monitor their pet’s location and well-being. With this definitive guide, you now have the key information needed to select the best model for your feline companion.

From lightweight comfort and battery efficiency to unlimited range and advanced health tracking, the cat GPS devices reviewed excel in keeping tabs on your cat’s adventures. Focus on matching the right features to your cat’s personality and your budget.

Whichever tracker you choose, make sure to properly introduce it to your cat and use it responsibly for their health and safety. For the latest on pet tech gadgets, check out our in-depth reviews of the AirTag, Fi Smart Collar and other top-rated accessories to help care for your furry family members.