The Ultimate Guide to Kippy Vita S – GPS Pet Tracker Review

February 22, 2024

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Kippy Vita S is an innovative GPS pet tracker that helps owners keep track of their pet’s location and activity. This comprehensive guide provides an in-depth review of features, pros/cons, pricing and everything else you need to know about Kippy Vita S.

How Does the Kippy Vita S Pet Tracker Work?

Kippy Vita S Pet Tracker

Kippy Vita S utilizes both GPS and LBS tracking to pinpoint your pet’s location. The tracker attaches to your pet’s collar and communicates with your smartphone app.

Key Features:

  • Live tracking shows real-time location updated every 5-10 seconds
  • Activity tracking monitors walking, running, playing and sleeping
  • Geo-fencing alerts you when your pet wanders outside set boundaries
  • Proximity compass guides you directly to your pet’s location
  • Vita Messaging enables two-way communication with your pet
  • Waterproof and shockproof design withstands pet play

Kippy Vita S provides 24/7 monitoring so you always know where your pet is and what they are up to. Advanced activity tracking also helps optimize your pet’s health.

For comparison with similar trackers like the Gibi Pet GPS Tracker or the Tagg Pet Tracker, Kippy Vita S boasts a sleek and sophisticated design and the interactive features are sure to bring fun and joy to you and your pet should you decide to give it a go.

Kippy Vita S Design and Specs

Sleek and stylish, the Kippy Vita S tracker features a durable steel body with ABS plastic. It measures 6 x 3.5 x 2 cm and weighs 50g.

Kippy Vita S Design And Specs

Key specs:

  • Available in 3 colors: Black, Green and Pink
  • IP67 waterproof rating
  • Rechargeable battery lasts 3-4 days
  • 2G cellular network connectivity
  • GPS/LBS tracking accuracy within 2m
  • Easy attachment to collar via velcro

With its small, lightweight body, Kippy Vita S suits dogs and cats over 4kg. The steel and velcro design ensures a secure fit even on active pets.

Review of Key Features and App

Let’s take a deeper look at the standout features of this pet tracker.

Kippy Vita S Pet Tracker Key Features And App

Live Tracking

The real-time tracking shows your pet’s movements on a map updated every 5-10 seconds. Easy to activate via the app, this provides security by monitoring your pet at all times.

Activity Tracking

Advanced algorithms track your pet’s motion and activities like walking, running and resting. It also estimates calories burned to help you maintain your pet’s fitness.

Kippy Vita S Pet Tracker Activity Tracking


Create virtual boundaries on the map so you get alerts anytime your pet wanders outside the safe zone. Choose from circular or polygon geofences.

Proximity Finder

This compass-like feature guides you directly to your pet’s location using an arrow that fills as you get closer to your lost pet.

Vita Messaging

Strengthen your bond through two-way messaging with your pet via the app. Get goal reminders, health tips and store messages long-term.

The easy-to-use app syncs quickly with the tracker to provide convenient access to all features. Available on iOS and Android devices.

Kippy Vita S Pricing and Plans

Kippy Vita S costs €49.99 for the device. You also need to purchase a service plan:

  • Basic Plan – €7.99/month
  • Premium Annual Plan – €59.99/year ($4.99/month)
  • Ultimate 2-Year Plan – €99.99/2 years ($4.16/month)

The Basic plan includes unlimited tracking. Premium and Ultimate add activity monitoring, geo-fencing, Vita messaging and more. You can cancel at any time with 2 days notice.

Pros and Cons of Kippy Vita S


  • Accurate live location tracking
  • Advanced pet activity monitoring
  • Geo-fencing for security alerts
  • Long 3-4 day battery life
  • Waterproof and durable steel body
  • Easy to attach to collar
  • Affordable compared to competitors


  • Only available in Europe, Africa and Asia
  • Bulky size for smaller pets
  • Activity tracking accuracy varies by breed
  • Must buy a subscription plan

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the range of the Kippy Vita S tracker?

The GPS tracking range is unlimited as long as there is network coverage. The LBS mode has a shorter range of 300m to 2km depending on nearby cell towers.

How accurate is the location tracking?

Using both GPS and LBS tracking, Kippy Vita S can pinpoint your pet’s location within 2 meters outdoors. Accuracy may decrease indoors.

Can I track my pet in real-time?

Yes, the live tracking feature updates your pet’s location every 5-10 seconds allowing real-time monitoring via the app.

Does Kippy Vita S work in the US?

Unfortunately Kippy Vita S only works in Europe, Africa and Asia currently. It does not support US cellular networks.

How long does the battery last?

On a single charge, the battery lasts 3-4 days generally. With constant live tracking it may only last a few hours.

Is Kippy Vita S waterproof?

Yes, Kippy Vita S has an IP67 waterproof rating so it can withstand rain, splashes and being submerged in water.

What animals is Kippy Vita S suitable for?

This tracker is designed for dogs and cats weighing at least 4kg. The size may be too bulky for smaller pets.

Can I track my pet from my computer?

Yes, Kippy offers a web app that allows you to track from any desktop or laptop computer.

Do I need a subscription?

Yes, you need to purchase a subscription plan to activate and use tracking features. Plans start at €7.99/month.

What is covered by the 2 year warranty?

The warranty covers defects in materials and manufacturing. It does not cover damage from misuse or accidental damage.

Conclusion and Recommendation

For pet owners who want a full-featured tracker with activity monitoring, Kippy Vita S delivers excellent value. The combination of live tracking, geo-fencing and activity data provides complete monitoring and security.

While the size may be bulky for some smaller pets, the device excels at keeping tabs on your pet’s location and wellbeing. For comprehensive monitoring at an affordable price, Kippy Vita S is a top choice.

For alternatives, you may want to look into the Invoxia GPS Tracker for vehicles and other assets or the Tracki GPS Tracker for luggage and valuables. For a comprehensive solution designed just for pets, the Weenect Pet GPS Tracker is a top competitor to Kippy Vita S worth evaluating.