15 Creative Ways to Use AirTags to Their Full Potential

December 15, 2023

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You just got your hands on one or more Apple AirTags, but aren’t sure how to make the most of these useful little trackers. Look no further! This comprehensive guide will walk you through 15 unique and creative ways to use AirTags to organize your life and keep track of everything important.


AirTags are small, circular tracking devices developed by Apple that can be attached to keys, wallets, luggage and more. Using Bluetooth and ultra-wideband technology, AirTags leverage Apple’s vast Find My network to help users locate lost items.

While AirTags are commonly used to find lost keys or wallets, their usefulness extends far beyond just tracking everyday essentials. With over 1 billion active devices in the Find My network, AirTags offer unparalleled item tracking capabilities.

In this guide, you’ll discover 15 practical and creative applications for AirTags that take full advantage of their tracking capabilities. From keeping tabs on pets to hiding secret messages, read on to transform the way you use AirTags.

Track Your Vehicle’s Location

One of the most useful applications of AirTags is tracking your vehicle’s location, whether in a large parking lot or to monitor teens.

Track Your Vehicle's Location With Airtag

How to Use

  • Place an AirTag in a hidden location inside your car, like the glove compartment.
  • When trying to locate your vehicle, open the Find My app and select the AirTag associated with your car.
  • The app will display a map with the AirTag’s current location, and can provide walking directions back to your car.


  • Never lose your car in a crowded parking lot again.
  • Keep tabs on teen drivers by monitoring vehicle location.
  • Aid police in recovering a stolen vehicle. AirTags continue transmitting location even when offline.

Using an AirTag to track your car provides peace of mind and ensures you’ll never lose your vehicle again.

Monitor Your Luggage When Traveling

AirTags are extremely useful for keeping track of your bags when traveling by air. Never lose your luggage again with this clever application.

Monitor Your Luggage When Traveling With Airtag

How to Use

  • Place an AirTag in the inner pocket or lining of your checked bag and carry-on.
  • Check the Find My app to pinpoint your luggage as it moves through the airport.
  • If the airline loses your bag, you can inform them of its location via the AirTag.


  • Know your luggage’s location at all times when traveling.
  • Quickly locate bags when waiting at the carousel.
  • Help airline staff swiftly recover lost or delayed bags.

AirTags eliminate luggage tracking guesswork and the frustration of waiting around baggage claim.

Locate Lost Household Items

Constantly misplacing household items like remote controls, books or umbrellas? AirTags help you locate misplaced belongings with ease.

Locate Lost Household Items With Airtag

How to Use

  • Attach AirTags to any frequently misplaced household items using a keychain or adhesive case.
  • When the item goes missing, open Find My app to pinpoint its location.


  • Never lose the TV remote in the couch cushions again.
  • Effortlessly locate misplaced sunglasses, books or other small items.
  • Find missing umbrellas or coats when heading out the door in a rush.

Stop wasting time tearing your house apart looking for lost items. Let AirTags find them for you.

Keep Tabs on Your Pet

Pets can slip fences or collars and wander off unexpectedly. With AirTags, you can monitor wayward pets.

Keep Tabs On Your Pet With Airtag

How to Use

  • Obtain a pet collar or harness with a built-in slot for an AirTag.
  • Insert the tracker and ensure it is securely fastened.
  • Check the Find My app to monitor your pet’s location.


  • Locate escaped pets quickly before they roam too far.
  • Peace of mind knowing your pet’s location at dog parks or walks.
  • Recover lost or stolen pets promptly.

Protect your furry friend and give yourself peace of mind by tracking them with AirTags. For the best dog collars and harnesses designed for AirTags, check out this review of the best AirTag dog collars.

Find Misplaced Toys

Kids tend to spread their toys far and wide. AirTags let you quickly find beloved plushies and action figures around the house.

Find Misplaced Toys With Airtag

How to Use

  • Sew an AirTag into a small plush toy or affix one with a keychain to larger toys.
  • When your kid can’t find a toy, open Find My and locate it around the house.


  • Find beloved teddy bears and plushies instantly when misplaced.
  • Locate action figures, dolls and other toys kids leave everywhere.
  • Avoid “lost” toy drama and tears at bedtime.

Say goodbye to frantically searching under furniture and in closets for lost toys. Let AirTags find beloved playthings in seconds.

Stick One on Your Bike

Bikes are unfortunately easy targets for thieves. AirTags provide added security if your bike goes missing.

Stick Airtag On Your Bike

How to Use

  • Affix an AirTag securely under the bike seat using a waterproof case.
  • If your bike is stolen, check Find My and contact the police with the tracker’s location.


  • Significantly increase chances of recovering a stolen bike.
  • Monitor kids’ bikes when venturing around the neighborhood.
  • Discourage theft by alerting thieves they are being tracked.

Don’t just rely on a lock to secure your bike. Add an AirTag for tracking capabilities that help recover stolen bikes.

Attach to Your Laptop

Laptops are costly and filled with sensitive data. Adding an AirTag provides security in case it’s lost or stolen.

Attach Airtag To Your Laptop

How to Use

  • Adhere an AirTag inside the laptop’s case or bag using a slim sticky mount.
  • Track the location via Find My if misplaced at work or school.


  • Locate a lost or stolen laptop promptly before data is compromised.
  • Recover an accidentally left-behind laptop in the car or at the airport.
  • Keep continual tabs on your laptop’s location when traveling.

Protect your valuable data and expensive device by pairing your laptop with an AirTag for enhanced security.

Use with Your Musical Instrument

For musicians, losing or breaking an instrument can be devastating. AirTags offer protection.

Use Airtag With Your Musical Instrument

How to Use

  • Place an AirTag in the case lining or safely attach one directly to the instrument.
  • Monitor the tracker’s location if the instrument is lost or stolen.


  • Quickly locate a lost instrument before it comes to harm.
  • Increase chances of recovering a stolen instrument.
  • Avoid instrument damage or loss when traveling.

Safeguard your musical investment and peace of mind by using an AirTag to protect your instrument.

Place in Your Child’s Backpack

Keep track of where your kids are while walking home from school with an AirTag.

Place Airtag In Your Child's Backpack

How to Use

  • Secure an AirTag to the inside of your child’s backpack.
  • Monitor their route home in real time for added security.


  • Ensure your child makes it home safely from school.
  • Locate forgotten backpacks left behind on the bus or at school.
  • Provide peace of mind when your kids are out and about in the neighborhood.

See how to properly track a backpack with AirTags for safety and security.

Hide One in Your Lawn Mower

Lawn mowers and other outdoor power equipment are commonly targeted by thieves. AirTags provide security.

Hide Airtag In Your Lawn Mower

How to Use

  • Conceal an AirTag using a waterproof case on your mower, tractor or ATV.
  • If your equipment is stolen, check Find My to access the tracker’s location.


  • Significant increase in chances of recovering stolen outdoor power equipment.
  • Place tracker out of sight to avoid tampering by thieves.
  • Aid police in locating stolen property whereabouts.

Protect your expensive outdoor power equipment from theft using covert tracking with AirTags.

Track Tools and Equipment

Tools and electronics needed for work are expensive to replace if lost or stolen. AirTags keep them secure.

Track Tools And Equipment With Airtag

How to Use

  • Adhere AirTags to toolboxes, drills, generators or other equipment.
  • If an item goes missing from a job site, use Find My to identify its location.


  • Quickly locate misplaced tools and equipment.
  • Greater likelihood of locating stolen job site items.
  • Avoid unnecessary replacement costs.

Safeguard your livelihood by tracking work tools and equipment with AirTags.

Monitor Packages and Mail

Don’t rely on just a tracking number. Use an AirTag to follow your package’s journey.

Monitor Packages And Mail With Airtag

How to Use

  • Place an AirTag inside packages or tape one to the exterior.
  • Follow your package’s shipping progresses in real time with Find My.


  • Closely track movement and delivery of critical packages or mail.
  • Recover stolen packages that deviate from their route.
  • Avoid package theft by monitoring the delivery right to your door.

Go beyond standard package tracking and enable precise monitoring with AirTags.

Play Games and Scavenger Hunts

In addition to serious uses, AirTags enable fun games of hide-and-seek and scavenger hunts.

Play Games And Scavenger Hunts With Airtag

How to Use

  • One player hides an AirTag, while others search for it using Find My.
  • For scavenger hunts, hide AirTags containing location clues for participants to find.


  • Play hide-and-seek and scavenger hunts anywhere, including remote locations.
  • Enable creative, interactive games for kids.
  • Organize fun group activities or team building exercises.

Use AirTags to add a tech-centric twist to classic hiding games and scavenger hunts.

Send Hidden Messages

When put into Lost Mode, AirTags allow you to set a message to display when scanned. Get creative with this feature!

Send Hidden Messages With Airtag

How to Use

  • Enable Lost Mode on an AirTag and set a hidden message you want to covertly communicate.
  • Place the AirTag where it will intentionally be found and scanned.


  • Leave secret notes, clues or inside jokes for friends or family members to discover.
  • Enable clever reveals like pregnancy announcements or proposals!
  • Facilitate creative games, conversations and connections.

Have fun hiding secret messages in plain sight that only scanner users can uncover.

Organize Home Items

Tagging home organization tools like moving boxes makes it easy to locate them later.

Organize Home Items With Airtag

How to Use

  • Adhere AirTags to moving boxes, safety deposit boxes, luggage, emergency kits, etc.
  • Use Find My when needing to locate these items months or years later.


  • Instantly identify specific boxes without opening when retrieving items from storage.
  • Rapidly locate emergency supplies or travel bags when needed on short notice.
  • Avoid “lost” home inventory through perpetual tracking.

Cut down on clutter and wasted time by organizing and tracking boxes, supplies and home goods with AirTags.

Key Takeaways

  • Place an AirTag in your car to always locate it in big parking lots.
  • Keep track of checked bags when traveling to avoid lost luggage.
  • Find constantly misplaced items like remote controls and umbrellas.
  • Monitor wandering pets or track lost dogs and cats.
  • Locate “lost” toys and favorite stuffed animals for kids.
  • Secure bikes against theft and aid in recovery if stolen.
  • Safeguard laptops from loss or theft when traveling.
  • Use AirTags to protect valuable musical instruments.
  • Give kids AirTag backpack tags to follow their location.
  • Hide AirTags on mowers, tractors and ATVs to discourage theft.
  • Track tools and equipment to keep job sites secure.
  • Monitor in-transit packages and mail beyond standard tracking.
  • Facilitate fun hide-and-seek games and creative scavenger hunts.
  • Covertly communicate via custom Lost Mode messages.
  • Organize home goods in storage with AirTag tracking.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does an AirTag’s battery last?

AirTags are designed to provide over a year of battery life before needing to be replaced. The CR2032 battery can be accessed by twisting off the stainless steel cover.

Can an AirTag be used to track people without consent?

Using AirTags to track people without their consent is unethical and illegal in many places. Apple has also implemented features like alert notifications to protect against unwanted tracking.

What should I do if I get an alert that an AirTag is tracking me?

If you receive an unexpected AirTag tracking alert, tap the message to attempt to play a sound on the AirTag to locate it. If you are unable to find it or feel unsafe, contact local law enforcement for assistance.

Can AirTags be scanned by Android devices?

Currently, only Apple devices can actively scan and read info from AirTags using NFC. However, Android users can view AirTags in Lost Mode when they come within Bluetooth range.

How precise is AirTag tracking?

AirTags leverage ultra-wideband for Precision Finding which can guide users directly to an AirTag within inches. Without ultra-wideband, accuracy depends on proximity to the AirTag.


AirTags provide a versatile platform for tracking all of your most prized possessions. Whether deterring theft, locating lost items, monitoring kids or organizing household items, AirTags can simplify your life. Use this guide to discover new ways to leverage the power of Apple’s Find My network.

Let us know your most creative uses for AirTags in the comments below!