15 Surprising Ways to Use Apple AirTags to Organize Your Life

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Best Uses For Airtag


As an Apple technology expert, I’m always excited to discover new applications for devices that simplify and organize our lives. One of the most versatile Apple accessories released in recent years is the AirTag – a small, circular tracking device that leverages Bluetooth, ultra-wideband technology, and Apple’s vast Find My network to help users locate lost items.

What are AirTags?

AirTags are quarter-sized trackers developed by Apple that can be attached to or placed in objects like keys, wallets, backpacks, and luggage. The tags connect to Apple’s Find My app, allowing you to see the item’s current or last known location on a map.

AirTag Capabilities

  • Precision Finding: Guides you to within inches of your AirTag using ultra-wideband
  • Find My network: Leverages over 1 billion Apple devices worldwide to locate tags
  • Lost Mode: Allows AirTags to be scanned if lost to display your contact info
  • Water & Dust Resistant: Rated IP67, fully dust & water resistant up to 1m (Can AirTags get wet?)
  • Replaceable Battery: CR2032 battery provides over a year of battery life

While AirTags are commonly used to find lost keys or wallets, their potential uses go far beyond tracking down everyday essentials. In this comprehensive guide, I’ll share 15 unique and practical ways to use AirTags to organize your life, keep track of your belongings, and even have some fun!

15 Creative Uses for AirTags

1. Track Your Vehicle’s Location

One of the most useful applications of AirTags is tracking your vehicle’s location, whether you’re in a crowded parking lot or want to check on your teen driver. Here’s a guide on the best place to hide an AirTag in your car.

Track Your Vehicle's Location With Airtag

How to Use

  1. Place an AirTag in a hidden location inside your car, such as the glove compartment or center console.
  2. When trying to locate your vehicle, open the Find My app and select the AirTag associated with your car.
  3. The app will display a map with the AirTag’s current or last known location and can provide directions back to your car.


  • Never lose your car in a crowded parking lot again
  • Keep tabs on your teen driver by monitoring your vehicle’s location
  • Potentially help police recover your vehicle if stolen

2. Monitor Your Luggage When Traveling

AirTags are extremely useful for keeping track of your bags when traveling by air, train, or bus. Never lose your luggage again with this smart application. Learn more about using an AirTag in checked luggage.

Monitor Your Luggage When Traveling With Airtag

How to Use

  1. Place an AirTag inside an inner pocket or the lining of your checked bag and carry-on.
  2. Open the Find My app to pinpoint your luggage location as it moves through airports or train stations.
  3. If the airline or rail line loses your bag, you can easily locate it yourself or provide detailed location info to aid in recovery.


  • Know your luggage’s exact location throughout your journey
  • Quickly spot your suitcase on a busy baggage carousel
  • Recover lost or delayed bags faster by knowing their precise location

3. Locate Lost Household Items

Constantly misplacing household essentials like remote controls, umbrellas, or your favorite book? Attach an AirTag to easily locate them.

Locate Lost Household Items With Airtag

How to Use

  1. Use an AirTag holder, keychain, or adhesive to attach the tracker to frequently misplaced items.
  2. Next time the item goes missing, simply open the Find My app to see its current location in your home.


  • Quickly locate the remote lost in the couch cushions
  • Easily find your keys, wallet, or sunglasses as you rush out the door
  • Save time spent frantically searching the house for misplaced items

Check out our roundup of the best AirTag holders and accessories for keeping track of your stuff.

4. Keep Tabs on Your Pet

Our furry friends can be escape artists, slipping out of the yard or bolting out the door. AirTags let you keep track of them.

Keep Tabs On Your Pet With Airtag

How to Use

  1. Attach an AirTag to your pet’s collar using a keychain holder or specially designed AirTag pet collar.
  2. Ensure the holder is securely closed around the AirTag.
  3. Use Find My to locate your pet if they wander beyond the yard.


  • Quickly locate your pet if they slip out of the yard
  • Find a lost pet that’s wandered away from home
  • Get notified if your pet is taken out of a designated safe area

For the best AirTag pet collars and holders, check out this roundup of our top picks.

5. Find Misplaced Toys

Any parent knows that kids’ favorite toys seem to constantly disappear just when it’s time for bed. AirTags to the rescue!

Find Misplaced Toys With Airtag

How to Use

  1. Sew, glue, or attach an AirTag holder to your child’s favorite stuffed animals or toys.
  2. The next time that special toy goes missing, use Find My to quickly locate it anywhere in the house.


  • Easily find beloved stuffed animals or blankets at bedtime
  • Locate missing toys lost in the car or left at grandma’s house
  • Save money by finding misplaced toys instead of buying replacements

6. Stick One on Your Bike

Bicycles are a common target for thieves. Hide an AirTag on your bike for added security if it’s stolen. Learn more about using AirTags to prevent bike theft.

Stick Airtag On Your Bike

How to Use

  1. Use an under-seat AirTag bike mount or water bottle holder to conceal a tag on your bicycle.
  2. Enable Lost Mode in Find My with a custom message with your contact info.
  3. If your bike is stolen, use the Find My app to track its location and provide details to the police.


  • Recover stolen bikes that may otherwise never be found
  • Potentially deter thieves who know they can be tracked
  • Gain peace of mind when locking your bike in high-theft areas

7. Attach to Your Laptop

Your laptop is one of your most valuable possessions in terms of both cost and data. Secure it with an AirTag.

Attach Airtag To Your Laptop

How to Use

  1. Place an AirTag inside your laptop case or in a slim holder adhesively attached to the bottom.
  2. If your laptop bag is lost or stolen, immediately check Find My for its current location.
  3. Put the AirTag in Lost Mode with your contact info in case a good samaritan finds it.


  • React quickly to a lost or stolen laptop before data is compromised
  • Recover a forgotten laptop left in a coffee shop or airport
  • Know your laptop bag’s location when traveling or commuting

8. Use with Your Musical Instrument

Musical instruments like guitars are often precious and pricey. An AirTag provides loss and theft protection.

Use Airtag With Your Musical Instrument

How to Use

  1. Place an AirTag inside your instrument’s hardshell case, gigbag, or a crevice on the instrument itself.
  2. If your instrument goes missing after a gig or flight, use Find My to pinpoint its location.


  • Locate instruments lost when traveling to gigs or jam sessions
  • Recover stolen instruments by providing police with location data
  • Avoid checked instrument issues by monitoring baggage locations

9. Place in Your Child’s Backpack

Ensure your kids make it to and from school safely by placing an AirTag in their backpack. Here’s a detailed guide on tracking a backpack with AirTags.

Place Airtag In Your Child's Backpack

How to Use

  1. Clip an AirTag keychain or holder inside your child’s backpack, jacket, or other school gear.
  2. Check Find My for real-time location info as they travel between home and school.


  • See that your child made it to school or home safely
  • Quickly locate a backpack left on the bus, in class, or at a friend’s house
  • Allow your child independence while still ensuring their safety

10. Hide One on Your Lawn Mower

Lawn mowers, ATVs, and other outdoor equipment are common targets for thieves. Protect yours with a hidden AirTag.

Hide Airtag In Your Lawn Mower

How to Use

  1. Use a weatherproof AirTag holder to attach a tag in an inconspicuous location.
  2. If your mower or ATV is stolen, check Find My for its precise location data to aid in recovery.


  • Higher likelihood of recovering stolen equipment
  • Track equipment lent out to neighbors or landscapers
  • Discourage theft by enabling precise location tracking

11. Track Tools and Equipment

Expensive tools, instruments, or camera gear are an investment that’s painful to lose. AirTags help keep them secure.

Track Tools And Equipment With Airtag

How to Use

  1. Attach AirTags to all of your costly work tools, gear bags, or equipment cases.
  2. Monitor the location of equipment left on job sites or loaned out to others.
  3. React quickly if items are lost or stolen by getting pinpoint location data.


  • Decrease job site tool and equipment theft
  • Find misplaced items forgotten at client locations
  • Save money by avoiding tool and equipment replacement costs

12. Monitor Packages and Mail

Worried about porch pirates swiping your packages? Keep track of them throughout delivery with an AirTag.

Monitor Packages And Mail With Airtag

How to Use

  1. Include an AirTag inside or taped to high-value packages you mail.
  2. Follow your package’s journey from your house to its destination in Find My.
  3. See if packages are opened or removed from the delivery location.


  • Monitor high-value packages for safe arrival
  • See if a delivered package is moved or opened unexpectedly
  • Locate a package that seems lost in transit

13. Play Games and Scavenger Hunts

Beyond practical applications, AirTags can also be used for fun games like scavenger hunts and hide and seek!

Play Games And Scavenger Hunts With Airtag

How to Use

  1. Hide an AirTag in a creative location and challenge players to find it using Find My.
  2. Place AirTags as waypoints within a larger scavenger hunt, providing clues to each location.
  3. Track down other players in an AirTag-powered game of hide and seek.


  • Add a high-tech twist to classic games like scavenger hunts
  • Play GPS-based games and hunts virtually anywhere
  • Make finding hidden objects easier for younger players

14. Send Hidden Messages

Did you know AirTags can display custom messages when in Lost Mode? Get clever with it!

Send Hidden Messages With Airtag

How to Use

  1. Enable Lost Mode for an AirTag and set a custom message that will display when scanned.
  2. Hide the AirTag in a location where your recipient will find it.
  3. Wait for them to discover the AirTag and scan it to reveal your message.


  • Surprise loved ones with creative secret messages
  • Announce special news to friends and family in a unique way
  • Leave clever clues as part of a game or prank

15. Organize Home & Garage Items

Always keep track of where you’ve stored items, even months later, by securing an AirTag to them.

Organize Home Items With Airtag

How to Use

  1. Attach adhesive AirTag mounts to storage bins, tool boxes, holiday decor, etc.
  2. When you need to find them again, use Find My for their current or last known location.


  • Easily locate seasonal items stored away in the attic or garage
  • Track down specific moving boxes in a storage unit
  • Save time spent rifling through closets and bins looking for your stuff

Key Takeaways

  • Keep track of luggage, tools, instruments and valuables
  • Find your parked car or track your kids to school
  • Play high-tech games like scavenger hunts
  • Send secret messages via AirTag Lost Mode
  • Locate lost pets or bikes if they wander off
  • Organize and track storage boxes and bins

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does an AirTag battery last?

According to Apple, AirTag batteries last about a year before needing replacement. You’ll get an alert on your iPhone when it’s time to replace an AirTag battery.

Can AirTags be used to track people?

Technically yes, but doing so without consent is unethical and likely illegal. Apple has built in anti-stalking measures to alert people if an unknown AirTag is detected moving with them.

Do AirTags work with Android phones?

AirTags only work with Apple iPhones and iPads, not Android devices. However, any NFC-capable smartphone can scan a lost AirTag to view its owner’s contact information.

Can AirTags get wet?

Yes, AirTags are water resistant with an IP67 rating, meaning they can be submerged in up to 1 meter of water for 30 minutes. However, the AirTag’s speaker may be temporarily muffled after exposure to liquid. Learn more about AirTags and water resistance.

How much do AirTags cost?

A single AirTag costs $29, while a pack of four sells for $99. AirTag holders, loops, and other accessories are sold separately by both Apple and third parties. Check out our guide to the best AirTag holders and accessories.


Apple AirTags may be small, but they pack a big punch in terms of utility for organizing your life and keeping track of the things that matter most. I hope this guide has opened your eyes to some of the many practical and creative ways you can put AirTags to use.

From keeping tabs on pets and luggage, to locating misplaced items, to even playing games, the possible applications for AirTags are nearly endless. As Apple continues to expand the Find My network and improve AirTag technology, I’m excited to discover even more unique and useful ways to leverage these mighty tracking devices.

Tell us how you’re using AirTags to simplify your life in the comments below!

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