The Ultimate Guide to the Best AirTag Holders and Accessories in 2024

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Best Airtag Holders And Accessories

Apple’s AirTags have become incredibly popular for tracking everything from keys and wallets to luggage and even pets. But the small trackers need a holder or accessory to easily attach them to your stuff.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know to pick the perfect AirTag accessories and holders for your needs.

Why You Need an AirTag Holder or Accessory

While AirTags are ingeniously designed, they lack any type of built-in keychain hole or attachment method. This means you need to purchase a separate holder or accessory for each AirTag if you want to attach it to keys, bags, etc.

Some of the benefits of a good AirTag holder include:

  • Securely attaches the AirTag to keys, bags, collars, and more
  • Protects the AirTag from scratches and damage
  • Lets you customize with colors, designs, shapes
  • Makes AirTags accessible and easy to use
  • Allows easy removal to replace battery

6 Factors to Consider When Choosing an AirTag Holder

With hundreds of AirTag holders and accessories available, it can be tricky to decide which one is right for your needs. Here are the key factors to keep in mind:

1. Usage and Placement

How and where do you want to use your AirTag? Attaching to keys, a bag, luggage, a pet collar? This will determine the type of holder or accessory you’ll need. Consider the best uses for AirTag and how to track a backpack with AirTags.

2. Durability

Consider materials and construction. You want an AirTag holder that’s durable enough to protect the tracker in your intended use case.

3. Design and Looks

Do you want something simple and minimalist or a holder with a fun, unique design? This choice is subjective to your personal style.

4. Security

The holder should securely encase your AirTag so it doesn’t fall out accidentally. Look for quality materials with a good snap, clasp or grip.

5. Accessibility

It should be easy to remove and replace your AirTag when needed for battery swaps or switching holders. Avoid options that are too tricky or tight.

6. Price

AirTag holders range from $5 to $50+. Consider how much you want to invest per tracker. Sales packages with 2 or 4 accessories are a cost-effective option.

The Best AirTag Holders and Accessories for 2024

With the key decision factors covered, let’s look at the top AirTag accessory picks across different usage categories:

For Keys: Spigen Valentinus AirTag Case

Spigen Valentinus Airtag Case
  • Made of premium leather and metal
  • Keychain loop attaches securely to keys or bags
  • Snap enclosure protects AirTag
  • Slim, sleek, and durable
  • Available under $10

This is one of the classiest leather AirTag cases and one of the best alternatives to Apple’s pricy keyring. It has a polished design that looks great with keys or a bag yet keeps the tracker protected.

For Pets: Elevation Lab TagVault Pet AirTag Holder

Elevation Lab Tagvault Pet Airtag Holder
  • Made specifically for pet collars
  • Durable composite and stainless steel construction
  • 100% waterproof silicone gasket
  • Flush fit doesn’t jostle on collars
  • Super strong 3M adhesive backing

We love the TagVault for pampered pets who need a bit of extra tracking. It mounts nearly flush with the collar so it doesn’t jostle or irritate your pet. The waterproof seal gives added peace of mind. Check out the best AirTag dog collar and best AirTag collar for cats.

For Kids: elago Pencil Case AirTag Holder

Elago Pencil Case Airtag Holder
  • Adorable retro pencil case design
  • Made from flexible, non-toxic silicone
  • Keychain loop for backpacks and bags
  • Helps protect AirTag from drops
  • Fun colors like Charmander Red and Squirtle Blue

This case from elago keeps the AirTag protected while showing off some old school flair. Kids will love the colors and cool design on their backpack. It’s affordable, fun and functional.

See how it compares to the Momax Pintag vs AirTag and read a Momax Pintag review.

For Bags and Luggage: Belkin Secure Holder with Strap

Belkin Secure Holder With Strap
  • Twist and lock design is secure
  • Sturdy strap attaches to luggage, gym bags, etc.
  • Raised edges protect AirTag from scratches
  • Available in black, pink, blue and white
  • Bundled 2-packs offer value

The Belkin Secure Holder is a straightforward but sturdy way to attach an AirTag to luggage, bags or sporting equipment comfortably. The adjustable strap is handy and it holds up well with daily use.

For Adhesive Mounting: Pelican Protector Case Sticker Mount

Pelican Protector Case Sticker Mount
  • Sturdy 2-piece hardshell case
  • Industrial grade 3M adhesive backing
  • Great for bikes, coolers, cameras, etc.
  • Provides impact protection for AirTag
  • Water resistant seals
  • Made in USA

This case securely encloses the AirTag and sticks strongly to any hard, flat surface. If you want to discreetly mount your AirTag to sporting equipment, electronics, vehicles and more, the Pelican Protector is the most secure adhesive case we’ve found. Check out this AirTag bike mount tutorial.

Most Unique Design: CAISONI Strap/Belt Holder

  • Handmade genuine leather
  • Attaches as a strap or belt holder
  • Super unique, artisanal look
  • Makes a great gift for AirTag users
  • Premium quality and craftsmanship

This stylish leather holder from CAISONI on Etsy is ideal for anyone who wants a truly custom, artisanal look for their AirTag holder. The designs are beautiful and attach securely as a strap or belt loop. A neat gift idea!

Key Takeaways

  • AirTag accessories are a must for attaching the trackers to keys, bags, collars and more.
  • Consider your intended usage, durability needs, design preference and budget when picking.
  • Top brands include Spigen, elago, Belkin, Pelican and CAISONI on Etsy.
  • Prices range from $5 basic plastic holders to premium $50 leather and metal accessories.
  • Sales packages with 2 or 4 accessories provide cost savings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can AirTags get wet?

AirTags themselves are splash- and water-resistant but not fully waterproof. Some AirTag holders are designed to be waterproof for use with pets and outdoor activities. Learn more about AirTags and water.

Do AirTags need to be charged?

No, the user-replaceable battery in each AirTag lasts about one year before it needs to be replaced. AirTags do not need to be plugged in or charged.

Are AirTags waterproof?

AirTags have water resistance but are not fully waterproof. For swimming, showering or prolonged water exposure, choose a waterproof AirTag holder or accessory. Check if AirTags are waterproof.

Can you use an AirTag in checked luggage?

Yes, AirTags can be placed in checked luggage to help track the location. Just be sure it is in a secure holder and concealed for privacy. Learn more about using AirTags in luggage.

Final Thoughts

Tracking important items just got easier with AirTags and a good holder or accessory. We hope this guide gave you all the information needed to find your perfect AirTag case, keyring, mount or strap. Just take a minute to consider the usage and your preferences to pick the best and most stylish option for your needs and budget.

Happy AirTagging! Let us know if you have any other questions.

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