The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best AirTag Collar for Cats

December 6, 2023

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Finding the purrfect AirTag cat collar can be a challenge with so many options to choose from. As a seasoned cat owner and product reviewer, I’ve tested my fair share of AirTag holders and collars to track my felines on their outdoor adventures.

In this comprehensive guide, you’ll discover:

  • How AirTag tracking technology works for monitoring cat locations
  • Key factors to consider when selecting an AirTag cat collar
  • Safety tips for using AirTags with cats
  • Reviews of the 7 best AirTag collars and holders for cats
  • Frequently asked questions about AirTag collars
  • Professional tips for maximizing AirTags to keep cats safe
Airtags Work For Cat Tracking

Whether your curious kitty is an escape artist or just likes strolling the neighborhood, a reliable AirTag collar can give you peace of mind. Let’s dive in to find the ideal AirTag accessory for your cat!

How Do AirTags Work for Cat Tracking?

Apple’s AirTags leverage Bluetooth technology to connect with nearby iPhones and relay location information. Here’s an overview of how AirTag tracking works:

  • AirTags use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to send out short-range signals up to ~100 ft.
  • When in range, compatible iPhones detect the signal and relay the AirTag’s location back to the owner via Apple’s Find My network.
  • Out of Bluetooth range, AirTags enter “Lost Mode” and can be detected by any Apple device that comes near, allowing tracking across greater distances.
  • The Find My app shows the AirTag location on a map and offers Precision Finding to guide you right to it with signals and haptic feedback.
  • AirTags emit sounds to help locate them when nearby and have built-in speakers to play chimes.
  • An NFC chip allows non-Apple users who find a lost AirTag to scan it and view contact info (if provided by the owner).

So in a nutshell, when attached to your cat’s collar, the AirTag taps into Apple’s vast ecosystem to keep tabs on kitty’s whereabouts even when they wander beyond the backyard.

Key Factors for Choosing an AirTag Cat Collar

Picking the right AirTag accessory for your cat comes down to a few key considerations:


The collar holder must securely contain the AirTag at all times. Look for rugged, tightly fitting holders made of durable silicone or hard plastic. Avoid holders with a loose fit that could allow the AirTag to fall out during play or exploration.


Cat comfort is a top priority. Seek out lightweight holders that won’t add bulk or put pressure on kitty’s neck. Soft silicone holders often provide the best ergonomic fit.

Safety Features

A breakaway cat collar design is critical to prevent choking hazards. The collar should have a quick release clasp that detaches if snagged. Also ensure the AirTag holder won’t interfere with the breakaway mechanism.

Water Resistance

Since cats often enjoy splashing in water, look for an AirTag holder made of waterproof silicone to withstand the elements. Rated IP67 or higher is ideal.

Collar Compatibility

Measure your cat’s collar width and match with an AirTag holder specifically designed to fit that size. Most accommodate 3/8 to 1/2 inch collars. The holder should attach securely while allowing the collar to still be adjustable.


For cats who go outside at night, collars with reflective strips greatly improve visibility and safety. AirTag holders are also available in bright colors for increased daytime visibility.

By keeping these key factors in mind as you shop, you’ll be sure to find the perfect AirTag accessory to suit both you and your cat’s needs.

Airtag Cat Collar

AirTag Collar Safety Tips for Cats

While AirTag collars provide many benefits, they also come with some safety considerations, especially for feline friends:

  • Monitor your cat closely when first introducing an AirTag collar to ensure comfort and no signs of irritation, choking or distress.
  • Never attach an AirTag to your cat’s main collar. Use a separate cat-safe breakaway collar designed for AirTags.
  • Check the collar frequently for proper tightness and to ensure the AirTag holder remains securely fastened.
  • Avoid dangling attachments that could catch on objects and cause choking. Seek sleek holders that hug the collar.
  • Opt for lightweight AirTag collars no more than 1-2% of your cat’s body weight as a safety precaution.
  • Remove your cat’s AirTag collar before crating or confining to prevent snags and entanglements.
  • Consider your cat’s temperament – bold explorers may need closer supervision with an AirTag than timid indoor kitties.
  • Never use an AirTag collar on a cat under 6 months old. Wait until they have reached full adult size.

By taking these simple precautions, AirTag collars can provide effective tracking while keeping cats healthy and injury-free. Always supervise use and ask your vet for guidance. Next, let’s explore some of the top-rated AirTag collars and holders designed with cat safety in mind.

7 Best AirTag Cat Collars and Holders

1. LupinLuck Cat AirTag Collar

The LupinLuck safety cat collar is purpose-built to securely contain an AirTag tracker while prioritizing your cat’s comfort.

Key features:

  • Sturdy TPU plastic housing protects AirTag from damage
  • Designed for cat comfort with rounded edges
  • Bright color and reflective strip for visibility
  • Quick release buckle detaches if snagged
  • Fits 3/8” to 1/2” collars

With its stylish exterior and double security from both a sturdy AirTag holder and quick release buckle, the LupinLuck collar provides peace of mind during your cat’s outdoor adventures.


  • Durable hard plastic AirTag housing
  • Ergonomic curves avoid irritation
  • Built-in safety release buckle
  • Bright color and reflective strip
  • Snug fit avoids AirTag shaking loose


  • Only available in pink; color not ideal for boy cats
  • Buckle clasp can wear over time

2. FOLO AirTag Cat Collar

The FOLO AirTag cat collar features an ingenious hidden AirTag pocket discreetly built right into the collar strap for sleek, low profile tracking.

Key features:

  • AirTag pocket integrated into the collar
  • Sturdy nylon strap with soft padding
  • Heavy duty quick release buckle
  • Fits neck sizes 9-15 inches
  • Available in 3 stylish color patterns

With its covert AirTag tracking technology, padded comfort, and stylish design, the FOLO cat collar is a superb choice for the fashion-forward feline.


  • Clever hidden AirTag pocket integrated into collar
  • Soft padded nylon strap for comfort
  • Industrial strength quick release buckle
  • Fits a wide range of neck sizes
  • Stylish patterns and colors


  • AirTag is not protected by a hard case
  • Buckle clasp can wear over time
  • Only available as full collar (no AirTag holder alone)

3. Beloved Pets AirTag Cat Collar Holder

The Beloved Pets AirTag holder features a secure snap-in design that firmly encases the tracker while attaching easily to your cat’s collar.

Key features:

  • Made of flexible, durable silicone
  • Snug AirTag fit to avoid shaking loose
  • Built-in collar clip for easy attachment
  • Low profile, lightweight, and non-bulky
  • Available in 5 bright fun colors

This clever holder transforms any cat collar into an AirTag compatible tracking collar while providing a pop of color and style.


  • Flexible silicone allows easy AirTag insertion
  • Secure snap-in design won’t come undone
  • Built-in metal collar clip for convenience
  • Fun colors to customize your cat’s look
  • Low profile lightweight design


  • Softer silicone may not protect AirTag as well from damage as hard plastic

4. JunpKey AirTag Cat Collar Holder

The JunpKey silicone AirTag holder features a slot design that clicks securely around your cat’s collar for hassle-free tracking on the go.

Key features:

  • Made of durable, bendable silicone
  • Collar slot snaps tightly to hold firmly
  • Fun assortment of bright color options
  • Slim and lightweight profile
  • Designed to avoid AirTag shaking loose

This cleverly designed holder makes adding AirTag tracking to your cat’s existing collar a breeze.


  • Soft flexible silicone allows easy installation
  • Collar slot snaps firmly onto collar
  • Ultra-slim and lightweight
  • Fun mix-and-match colors
  • Affordable 2-pack


  • Softer silicone may not protect AirTag as well from damage as hard plastic

5. HYZJOY Leather AirTag Cat Collar

For cats with sophisticated tastes, the HYZJOY genuine leather AirTag cat collar adds stylish luxury to daily adventures.

Key features:

  • Crafted from high quality top grain leather
  • Integrated AirTag holder built into collar
  • Classic elegance with engraved bone name tag
  • Heavy duty zinc alloy buckle
  • Fits neck circumferences 18-26cm

This classic leather cat collar conceals its high-tech tracking abilities in a handsome design worthy of the most discerning feline.


  • Luxurious, durable leather
  • Integrated AirTag holder in collar strap
  • Classic style with engraved ID tag
  • Sturdy zinc alloy buckle
  • Extended size range


  • Leather requires more maintenance than nylon collars
  • Only available in black

6. RADIAN Cat AirTag Holder 2-Pack

The RADIAN 2-pack of cat AirTag holders provides maximum tracking power at an affordable price point.

Key features:

  • Set of 2 silicone AirTag holders
  • Designed to avoid AirTag shaking out
  • Fun mix-and-match colors
  • Compatible with collars up to 1/2 inch wide
  • Lightweight, non-bulky profile

With two holders to a pack, you can easily track both your cat’s main collar and a secondary harness or leash.


  • Great value set of 2 holders
  • Snug fit keeps AirTag securely encased
  • Assorted bright color options
  • Built to handle cat adventure
  • Low cost


  • Softer silicone may not protect AirTag as well from damage as hard plastic

7. Mishow AirTag Cat Collar Holder 2-Pack

Similar to the RADIAN holder above, the Mishow 2-pack provides an affordable multi-collar tracking solution.

Key features:

  • Set of 2 collar holders with steel rings
  • Designed for collars up to 1/2 inch wide
  • Military grade silicone construction
  • Snug AirTag fit to avoid shaking out
  • Fun assortment of colors

With tough silicone construction able to withstand daily wear and tear, these holders will securely contain AirTags through all your cat’s exploits.


  • Great value set of 2 holders
  • Steel ring firmly attaches to collar
  • Military grade silicone is rugged and durable
  • Snug AirTag fit avoids slipping out
  • Budget-friendly price point


  • Limited sizing only fits smaller collars

FAQs about AirTag Cat Collars

Are AirTags safe for cats?

AirTags are considered safe for cats if used properly with the right accessories. The AirTag itself is non-toxic and emits only a low level Bluetooth signal. Avoid loose dangling attachments that could be hazardous. Monitor your cat closely and ensure the collar fits properly. Never attach an AirTag to a regular cat collar – use only collars designed for breakaway safety.

Where is the best place to attach an AirTag on a cat?

The collar is the ideal location to attach an AirTag holder securely to your cat. There are many cat collar options designed specifically to integrate AirTags. Just be sure to pick a cat-safe breakaway collar plus a sturdy, non-dangling holder. Avoid attaching AirTags directly to harnesses which cats can more easily wiggle out of.

How accurate are AirTags for tracking cats?

AirTags leverage Apple’s vast Find My network to provide accurate tracking of cats both indoors and outdoors. However, the functionality depends somewhat on proximity to Apple devices that relay signals. AirTags provide accurate tracking within your home and immediate surroundings. Out-of-range accuracy depends on passing proximity to other iPhones. AirTags will at minimum give you your cat’s last known location before the escaped WiFi range.

What range can AirTags track cats in real-time?

AirTags use Bluetooth connectivity which typically provides tracking capability within a range of around 100 feet if there are no obstructions between the cat collar and your monitoring iPhone. If your cat wanders beyond this Bluetooth range, the AirTag will enter Lost Mode which allows it to piggyback on other Apple devices to relay location information back to you, with some delay based on proximity to other iPhone users.

How long does an AirTag battery last?

The standard watch battery in AirTags provides impressive battery life of approximately 1 year before needing replacement. Battery notifications will prompt you when your cat’s AirTag battery needs to be swapped out. Replacement CR2032 coin cell batteries are inexpensive and widely available. Apple provides clear instructions to swap out dead batteries seamlessly yourself.

Can AirTags track cats indoors and outdoors equally well?

AirTags work optimally both indoors and out for tracking cats in real time when within Bluetooth range. Indoors, walls and obstructions can limit the functional Bluetooth range somewhat. Outdoors in rural areas, there may be fewer Apple devices to boost signals when beyond immediate Bluetooth connectivity. But AirTags allow monitoring either environment effectively assuming reasonable proximity to your iPhone tracker.

Professional Tips for Using AirTags to Keep Cats Safe

As an experienced cat owner and animal wellness writer, here are my top pro tips for maximizing AirTags with felines:

  • Consult your vet before use to ensure safety based on your cat’s age, health status, and temperament.
  • Do regular collar inspections checking for irritation and ensuring the AirTag remains securely fastened.
  • Consider adding a secondary AirTag holder on a leash or harness for backup tracking.
  • Utilize Lost Mode alerts to be notified anytime your cat wanders outside a set range.
  • Link the AirTag to your own contact info and cat microchip ID so anyone who finds your pet can reach you.
  • For indoor cats, place a spare AirTag in your cat’s favorite hiding spot to help find them when they’re feeling sneaky.
  • Keep your iPhone charged and Find My app open anytime your tracked cat is roaming freely.
  • Consider upgrading to Apple’s latest iPhone models to leverage Precision Finding capabilities.
  • Take your cat on practice walks allowing you to understand AirTag tracking functionality limits in your specific area.

By combining smart AirTag implementation with responsible cat ownership, this impressive technology gives all cat owners added peace of mind. I hope this guide has helped demystify choosing the purrfect AirTag accessories for your feline’s stylish neck. Stay curious, adventurous and most importantly, safe!