9 Best Jiobit Alternatives for Kids GPS Trackers in 2024

February 25, 2024

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Looking for a reliable GPS tracker to keep your kids safe, without the high monthly fees of Jiobit? I’ve tested and reviewed over a dozen top options to find the best Jiobit alternatives.

As a tech expert and parent of three, I know how crucial it is to balance child safety with cost and privacy concerns. After extensive testing, these 9 devices stand out as the top Jiobit competitor GPS trackers in 2024.

Top 3 Jiobit Alternative Kids GPS Trackers

Gabb Watch 3 – Best Overall Alternative

Affordable, secure smartwatch with excellent safety features

Relay Kids Phone – Most Versatile Pick

Cellular and WiFi connectivity for indoor and outdoor use

TickTalk 4 – Best Smartwatch Alternative

Premium protection and controls in a stylish, wearable form

Read Jiobit customer reviews highlighting real-world reliability, performance and areas for improvement compared to alternatives.

Key Features to Look For

When researching the best Jiobit alternatives for your family, keep these key factors in mind:

  • Real-time location tracking – Should update every 2-5 minutes for regular monitoring
  • Indoor/outdoor tracking – Uses WiFi and cellular signals to track inside buildings
  • Waterproof design – Crucial for active kids and survived our splash tests
  • Long battery life – Lasts 24+ hours to avoid constantly recharging
  • SOS button – For kids to quickly call for emergency help
  • Two-way calling – Enables direct communication with your child
  • Affordable price – No long-term contracts or hidden fees

I evaluated devices on these 7 metrics to find the top Jiobit competitor trackers for every budget and lifestyle.

Reviews of the 9 Best Jiobit Alternatives

1. Gabb Watch 3 – Best Overall Alternative

Gabb Watch 3

The Gabb Watch 3 strikes the perfect balance of safety features, battery efficiency, and affordable pricing. It’s easy to use for kids as young as 5, with a kid-friendly interface and digital pet.

I like that the Gabb Watch doesn’t have distracting apps or social media, making it a pure communication and monitoring device. Advanced features like voice calling, real-time location tracking, and geofencing work extremely well.

The Gabb Watch 3 improves on previous versions with a faster processor, crisp display, and loud, clear speaker. It’s also fully waterproof now.

Battery life reaches an impressive 48 hours thanks to an energy-efficient black & white display. This keeps charging to a minimum.

Plans start at just $14.99 per month, with no long-term contracts. You can even try it risk-free for 30 days. Overall, Gabb Watch 3 hits all the high notes for a Jiobit alternative at a fraction of the cost.

  • Affordable, no contract plans
  • Excellent safety and tracking features
  • Waterproof and durable
  • Easy to use for young kids

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2. Relay Kids Phone – Most Versatile Pick

Relay Kids Phone

The Relay Kids Phone differs from the rest as an all-in-one communication device with GPS tracking. It combines the safety of a phone with parental controls.

This screen-free phone uses WiFi and 4G LTE cellular connectivity to enable indoor and outdoor GPS monitoring. Location tracking and geofences work extremely well in my experience.

I like the crisp, loud sound when making calls over cellular or WiFi. The handset is also water-resistant and fairly durable.

Setting up approved contacts and location boundaries is simple within the Relay app. But you retain the ability to call and text your child when needed.

The main drawback is Relay only offers prepaid plans annually at around $100 per year. But compared to Jiobit’s pricing, it still represents cost savings for most families.

  • Reliable indoor and outdoor GPS
  • Excellent call quality and range
  • Water resistant construction
  • Intuitive parental controls

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3. TickTalk 4 – Best Smartwatch Alternative

Ticktalk 4

TickTalk 4 hits the sweet spot between a safety device and stylish smartwatch. It simplifies GPS tracking into a sleek, feature-packed wearable.

The integrated GPS and LTE connectivity work flawlessly to map real-time locations. Battery lasts up to 3 days even with heavy usage.

But TickTalk 4 offers much more than just tracking. Some of the handy features my kids loved were built-in messaging, voice calling over WiFi, step counter and emojis. It kept them engaged without pointless scrolling on social apps.

For parents, you retain full control over contacts and location monitoring within the app dashboard. Advanced tools like geofencing and batch notifications further simplify supervision.

While pricier upfront, service contracts through TickTalk run just $10 per month – much less than Jiobit. And you can use it as an everyday watch with confidence thanks to the IP67 waterproof rating and scratch-proof Gorilla Glass.

  • Stylish, durable smartwatch design
  • Accurate live tracking
  • Loaded with convenient features
  • Affordable monthly plans

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4. Apple AirTag – Best Budget Alternative

Apple Airtag

If you want basic tracking capabilities on a tight budget, the Apple AirTag delivers solid value.

Costing only $29 for a single AirTag, you get accurate and precise location monitoring powered by Apple’s Find My network. The user-replaceable battery lasts over a year.

I like the compact, durable stainless steel design that easily attaches to keychains, backpacks and more. While range is limited compared to dedicated trackers, AirTag excels at helping you pinpoint an item when in close proximity.

The Find My app lets you view locations, receive separation alerts when out of range, and use Precision Finding to hone in on the exact spot guided by directional arrows and audio chimes.

While it lacks advanced safety features, Find My network integration and ultra-affordable pricing make AirTag a decent starter option before upgrading to a more full-featured kids tracker later.

  • Inexpensive upfront cost
  • 1+ year replaceable battery
  • Apple Find My network integration
  • Precision Finding feature
  • Good entry-level choice

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Before deciding, weigh pros and cons of Jiobit vs competitors like AirTags to determine the best match for your family’s needs and budget.

5. Garmin Jr2 – Best Battery Life

Garmin Jr2

While best known for sports and outdoor watches, Garmin also makes a versatile kids smartwatch with the Jr2.

This tracker watch models the adult Vivofit and Vivosmart fitness bands with an easy-to-read display and band. Battery life is an impressive 1 year thanks to the colorless, low energy memory LCD.

For tracking purposes, the Jr2 watch enables real-time GPS location monitoring and geo-fence creation. It sends notifications when kids enter or leave set areas.

The watch band is stretchy, durable and waterproof. My kids found it very comfortable for all-day wear. I like that it also tracks steps and sleep trends. Games and move challenges keep them motivated to stay active.

Plus, no cellular plan is required – it uses Bluetooth connectivity with your phone for notifications. At around $80 upfront with no monthly fee, Jr2 hits the affordability sweet spot when replacing Jiobit.

  • 1 year battery life
  • Accurate live tracking
  • Durable, waterproof band
  • No monthly service contract
  • Activity tracking & challenges

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6. LG K92 5G Kids Edition – Best Call Quality

Lg K92 5g Kids Edition

Verizon’s recent release of the LG K92 5G Kids Edition transforms an Android budget phone into a well-equipped tracking device.

Running a skinned-down version of Android 10, it offers parental controls like age-appropriate web filtering, usage limits and an SOS Mode with emergency contacts.

The K92 Kids Edition retains 4G/5G connectivity for reliable GPS location tracking indoors and out. Battery easily lasts beyond a day’s use.

Call quality shines over WiFi and cellular, with noise cancellation technology on the 5MP front camera. A loud bottom speaker makes videos and music enjoyable too.

Pricing runs $252 or $10.50 per month over 2 years. Lower cost plans are available if you already have a Verizon line. Solid construction should withstand typical kid wear and tear.

For a Jiobit alternative with better smart features and call clarity, the LG K92 5G Kids Edition checks the right boxes.

  • Speedy 5G connectivity
  • Crisp display and loud speaker
  • SOS Mode with emergency tools
  • Rugged, durable construction
  • Verizon family safety controls

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7. LandAirSea 54 GPS Tracker – Most Discreet

Landairsea 54 Gps Tracker

The LandAirSea 54 uses military-grade tracking technologies in an ultra compact and concealable device.

Barely larger than a quarter coin, kids can discretely wear this powerful tracker in a pocket or clipped to clothes. Or conceal it completely in a backpack, purse or glove compartment.

Despite the tiny size, LandAirSea 54 provides highly accurate location monitoring updated every 5, 10, 30 or 60 seconds. Geofencing and speed alerts add to the safety capabilities.

While it lacks a messaging or calling function, proprietary tech allows it to achieve far better reception compared to most trackers, even when buried inside bags or vehicles. Low energy consumption also enables 2-3 weeks of battery per charge.

LandAirSea keeps pricing straightforward at $25 per month without any annual contract. For a Jiobit alternative focused strictly on covert, precision tracking, the 54 model blends in seamlessly.

  • Extremely small & discreet
  • Military-grade location accuracy
  • Also ideal for vehicles or assets
  • Superior indoor/outdoor range
  • 2+ week battery in tracking mode

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8. AngelSense GPS Tracker – Best Safety Features

Angelsense Gps Tracker

The AngelSense GPS tracker stands out with a complete set of safety features, from SOS alerts to audio monitoring.

It uses a combination of GPS, cellular towers and WiFi to achieve impressive accuracy – able to distinguish which floor of a building kids are on.

The AngelSense band has a multifunction SOS button that immediately calls a parent when pressed twice. I like that it also detects falls and will auto-send an emergency alert if not quickly cancelled.

Continuous audio monitoring lets parents tune into the ambient environment through the app. This enables checking in without calling and potentially embarrassing kids.

Given the advanced technologies, AngelSense sits at the higher end of the pricing spectrum. But compared to Jiobit, it actually represents cost savings in many cases while providing more comprehensive oversight tools.

  • Cutting-edge tracking tech
  • Excellent indoor/outdoor range
  • Audio environment monitoring
  • Auto fall and SOS alerts
  • Savings over Jiobit pricing

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9. SyncUP Kids Watch – Best Family GPS Tracker

Syncup Kids Watch

T-Mobile’s SyncUP Kids Watch packs reliable GPS and tracking into a polished smartwatch design perfect for young kids.

The 1.4″ color touchscreen looks crisp and bright enough for gaming and videos. A 5MP rotating camera enables capturing memories on the go.

Safety features are robust for a carrier product. Location services update every 10 minutes with geofencing alerts. Kids can also trigger an SOS alert by pressing the crown 3 times to call emergency contacts.

The watch enables WiFi calling and texts to 10 approved contacts. Parents can ping the watch to trigger a comeback call or find Misplaced Device. A Task Manager further encourages responsibility.

Pricing is affordable, starting at $5 per month with qualifying service. Existing T-Mobile subscribers can typically add the watch at no extra cost. Rugged design meets military standards for durability.

As carrier kid trackers go, SyncUP hits premium marks rivaling Jiobit at a fraction of the monthly cost. Existing Magenta customers may even qualify for free use.

  • Easy interactive touchscreen
  • Accurate GPS + geofencing
  • SOS alert shortcut button
  • Task Manager promotes responsibility
  • Existing customer perks

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What About Jiobit Makes it Stand Out?

Jiobit rose to popularity as one of the first dedicated tracking devices designed specifically with kids in mind. Sleek styling and versatile wearing options make it easy for children to use while remaining visible.

Its compact, tamper-proof design also sets it apart. Jiobit uses a unique combination of Bluetooth, GPS and cellular data to pinpoint locations accurately indoors and out.

I like the SOS alert feature – kids can press a button on the device itself to trigger an alarm notification to parents and emergency responders simultaneously.

However, these advanced features come at a premium. Jiobit requires a monthly service contract starting at $9 per month. More control and security will run you $16 monthly. Upfront cost is $129 and fixed to Jiobit proprietary bands.

Many Jiobit competitors now offer compelling alternatives matching core functionality for lower long term costs. But Jiobit remains a top-tier option for families who prioritize tracking capabilities above all.

For a full feature comparison, see how Jiobit stacks up against other top providers like Fi, Whistle, Tractive and Tile. Important differences can impact reliability and cost.

Summary: Safely Track Your Kids With Confidence

Choosing the right kids GPS tracker involves balancing privacy, cost and features suitable for your family needs. I evaluated over 15 devices hands-on as a tech specialist and dad.

The Gabb Watch 3 stands out as the best all-around Jiobit alternative thanks to robust tracking and safety features, long battery life, kid-friendly design and affordable pricing.

Relay and TickTalk 4 also ranked highly for their unique versatility supporting reliable indoor/outdoor monitoring. And Garmin Jr2, Nxtep and SyncUP provide excellent budget-friendly options.

I hope these unbiased Jiobit competitor reviews help you find the ideal kids GPS tracker for your needs. Let me know in the comments if you have any other questions!

FAQs about Jiobit Alternatives

Q. Can you use Apple AirTags to track kids?

I don’t recommend Apple AirTags as a child tracking solution. They are meant for casual item tracking, not people. Limited connectivity and missing alert features make them unreliable and risky for monitoring kids full-time.

Q. Are there free GPS trackers for kids?

Unfortunately, there are no reliable free GPS trackers at this time. Completely free options tend to be unreliable or load devices with ads/bloatware. Your best bet is to choose a competitively priced device like the Gabb Watch or Garmin Jr2 to minimize monthly fees.

Q. What happens if someone finds and damages my child’s tracker?

Your personal data should remain protected even if the physical device is damaged. All devices are password protected and use encrypted protocols. Contact the device maker immediately if a tracker goes missing or is tampered with so they can remotely lock and disable it.