The Ultimate Guide to the SpaceHawk GPS Tracker in 2024

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Spacehawk Gps Tracker Review

Discover everything you need to know about the SpaceHawk real-time GPS tracker in this comprehensive guide. We’ll cover what it is, how it works, key features, pricing, and more.

What is the SpaceHawk GPS Tracker?

Spacehawk Gps Tracker

The SpaceHawk GPS tracker is a compact, magnet-mount vehicle tracking device that provides real-time location data through a mobile app or web portal. It allows users to secretly track cars, trucks, fleets, teens, spouses and more.

With a completely covert, slim design and weatherproof casing, the SpaceHawk can be covertly attached to any vehicle to track its movements in real-time. It utilizes cellular and GPS technology to transmit location data frequently, providing updates as often as every few seconds.

The SpaceHawk is designed and assembled in the USA. It aims to provide enterprise-level tracking capabilities in a simple, user-friendly consumer device.

How Does the SpaceHawk GPS Tracker Work?

The SpaceHawk uses both GPS and cellular technology to provide real-time tracking capabilities. Here’s an overview of how it works:

  • The device attaches to a vehicle externally using an industrial-strength magnet. No wires or installation needed.
  • An internal rechargeable battery provides power. It offers up to 2 weeks of battery life.
  • Built-in GPS pinpoints the vehicle’s location by communicating with satellites.
  • Cellular connectivity (4G LTE) enables the SpaceHawk to transmit GPS coordinates frequently through the cell network.
  • The location data is sent to the SpaceHawk servers and made available on the mobile app and web portal.
  • Users can view live location, speeds, previous routes, geofences entered/exited, etc.
  • Advanced alerts can be set for speeding, unexpected trips, geofence exits, low battery and more.
How Does the SpaceHawk GPS Tracker Work

So in essence, the SpaceHawk combines GPS tracking with cellular connectivity to provide real-time visibility on any vehicle it’s attached to. An online platform and mobile app enable you to access and analyze the data.

Key Features and Benefits

The SpaceHawk GPS tracker stands out through its robust feature set tailored specifically for consumer and small business usage. Here are some of its top capabilities:

  • Real-time tracking – View live location updates every 10 seconds to 2 minutes depending on plan. Know where your vehicle is at any given moment.
  • Complete history – Access 12 months of historical tracking data to see past locations, trips and details.
  • Affordable – No annual fees. Flexible month-to-month plans starting at $19.95/month with no monthly fees. Significant savings compared to other solutions.
  • Easy magnet mount – Strong built-in magnets allow covert, simple installation on any vehicle exterior. No wires or mechanics needed.
  • Small, covert design – At just 2.2 x 2.2 inches, it’s engineered to stay hidden. Easily concealed on any vehicle.
  • Waterproof – Rated IP67 waterproof. Ideal for wet environments and external mounting.
  • Smart alerts – Get notifications for speeding, geo-fence exits, low battery, start/stop of trips and more.
  • Superior tracking – High-gain antennas provide reliable tracking with no connectivity gaps.
  • 2 week battery life – Powers through multi-day trips with battery management. Recharges in 2 hours.
  • Mobile apps – iOS and Android apps provide control and visibility on the go.
  • Web-based portal – Manage your device and view data from any web browser.
  • Technical support – Based in the US, SpaceHawk provides lifetime support by phone, email and online.

Who is the SpaceHawk GPS Tracker For?

The SpaceHawk appeals to a wide range of consumers, businesses and organizations looking for an affordable real-time tracking system. Here are some of the primary use cases:

  • Parents – Track teen drivers to monitor safety and build trust. Ensure they aren’t speeding or deviating from agreed routes.
  • Spouses – Discreetly monitor a husband, wife or partner if infidelity is suspected. Obtain data and insight on their trips.
  • Private investigators – Affordable tracking for surveillance, asset monitoring, insurance fraud cases and more.
  • Fleet managers – Oversight over drivers and vehicles across a small fleet of 5-50 vehicles. Increased accountability.
  • Equipment rental – Keep tabs on rented equipment. Get alerts if it leaves a job site or authorized area.
  • Auto dealers – Track demos, courtesies, overnights and inventory vehicles cost-effectively.
  • Property owners – Watch locations of contractors, landscapers or maintenance crews that use your vehicles.
  • Individuals – Find lost or stolen valuable assets like vehicles, trailers, pets, equipment, boats and more.

The versatility, small size, strong magnets and smart features make the SpaceHawk one of the most versatile real-time trackers available today. It balances advanced functionality with tremendous ease of use.

How Much Does the SpaceHawk GPS Tracker Cost?

One of the most attractive qualities of the SpaceHawk GPS tracker is its affordable price point. There are two components – the upfront hardware cost and ongoing subscription fees.

Hardware Cost

You pay a one-time cost for each SpaceHawk device purchased. This upfront cost covers the physical device to attach to your vehicle.

The SpaceHawk currently retails for $29 USD.

This covers the SpaceHawk device itself and the first month of service. No annual contracts or cancellation fees apply.

Service Plans

Like all real-time GPS trackers, the SpaceHawk does require an ongoing service plan subscription. This provides cellular data and powers the cloud platform.

However, SpaceHawk stands out by offering flexible month-to-month plans with no annual contract required. You can cancel anytime.

Plan options and pricing:


No activation fees, overages, roaming charges or taxes apply. You simply pay each month for service based on the number of devices and plan selected.

You can change plans at any time, or suspend service if a vehicle will be unused for a length of time.

Total Cost

With the hardware cost and monthly service combined, expect to invest around $110-$130 to get started with the SpaceHawk. This covers the first month.

Ongoing costs are roughly $20-$35 per month depending on the plan chosen.

For the versatility and premium capabilities it unlocks, this provides immense value compared to competitor products.

Getting Started: How To Use the SpaceHawk Tracker

The SpaceHawk is designed for seamless, plug-and-play usage right out of the box. Here is a quick step-by-step overview on using it:

1. Create Account

First, visit the SpaceHawk website and create a user account. Here you’ll manage your devices, billing details and more.

2. Activate Device

Using the SpaceHawk app or through account portal, activate your new device. This links it to your account.

3. Attach to Vehicle

Power on the magnetic SpaceHawk tracker and affix it to any external spot under the vehicle out of plain view.

4. Select Plan

Choose a service plan based on update frequency needed and number of devices. Plans start at just $19.95/month with no monthly fees.

5. Start Tracking!

You’re all set! The SpaceHawk will now update its location at regular intervals based on your plan.

6. View Data

Log in on the web or through the mobile app to see real-time location, previous trips, geofences, alerts and more.

Spacehawk Gps Tracker App

And that’s it – with just those simple steps you’ll be up and running with a powerful real-time GPS tracking system for any vehicle.

Why Choose the SpaceHawk Over Competitors?

With a number of GPS trackers out there, what makes the SpaceHawk stand out? Here are 5 key advantages it holds over competing devices:

  • Cost – At $69.95 with no annual fee, it’s priced 50-80% below most rivals. Ongoing plans start at just $19.95/month.
  • Design – Its slim, 100% covert housing fits anywhere and won’t be noticed. Magnets eliminate need for wires.
  • Tracking – Live updates as frequent as every 10 seconds on the Pro Plan. Detailed data and insights.
  • Support – Based in the US, SpaceHawk provides exceptional customer support and warranties.
  • User-friendly – Simple to install, manage and access. Clear, intuitive web and mobile apps.

For a balance of covert, real-time tracking capabilities at a consumer-friendly price point, the SpaceHawk delivers immense value.

Common Concerns and Questions

For those considering the SpaceHawk, some frequent questions come up. Here are answers to the top concerns.

Does it work if hidden?

Yes, absolutely. The entire device is designed to be concealed externally on a vehicle. Magnets and a slim, waterproof case allow discreet, effective placement without impacting performance.

Can it be detected?

The SpaceHawk uses passive GPS tracking and has no Bluetooth or WiFi signals that can be detected. It’s engineered specifically to avoid detection by drivers or passengers.

How long does the battery last?

The SpaceHawk battery provides 2-3 weeks of runtime per charge, depending on usage. Sleep mode kicks in when the vehicle isn’t moving to conserve power. It charges fully in 2-3 hours.

Is it truly waterproof?

Yes, the SpaceHawk carries an IP67 rating meaning it’s 100% waterproof and dustproof. It can withstand submersion in 1 meter of water for 30 minutes.

What vehicles can it track?

It can track cars, trucks, fleets, powersports vehicles, heavy equipment, powersports vehicles, trailers, assets, teens, spouses and more. The only requirement is sufficient metal surface area for the magnets.

Can I switch between vehicles?

Absolutely. The portability and magnets allow you to remover the SpaceHawk and switch it between multiple vehicles in just seconds. No re-installation needed.

Is there a binding contract?

No, SpaceHawk plans are entirely month-to-month. You can cancel or change your plan at any time without early termination fees.

How accurate is the location data?

The SpaceHawk leverages GPS, cellular data and advanced antennas to provide location accuracy within approximately 16 feet. For consumer-grade tracking, it’s extremely precise.

Can I track internationally?

The current SpaceHawk works throughout the US and Canada. An international model with worldwide connectivity is slated for release in 2024.

Does it require a smartphone?

No – unlike AirTags, the SpaceHawk works completely independently without the need for a smartphone in proximity.

Final Verdict: An Unmatched Bargain for GPS Tracking

In summary, the portable, magnet-mounted SpaceHawk GPS tracker provides an unmatched combination of live tracking, smart alerts, broad compatibility, and tremendous value.

It brings enterprise-caliber location tracking capabilities to consumers in a user-friendly, budget-friendly package.

If you’re looking for real-time oversight of your vehicles, assets, family members, or employees, the SpaceHawk delivers an ideal blend of performance, price and simplicity.

Key Takeaways on the SpaceHawk Real-Time GPS Tracker

  • Uses both GPS and cellular networks to provide live location data
  • Compact, magnet-mounted design for easy concealed exterior attachment
  • Waterproof casing and 2 week battery life rating
  • Flexible month-to-month plans starting at $19.95/month
  • Advanced alerts for speeding, geofences and more
  • Full historical trips available for 12 months
  • Mobile apps and web portal provide control and visibility
  • Designed for consumers, small business and commercial usage
  • $69.95 hardware cost with discounts frequently available
  • Comes from a US company focused on support and service

Frequently Asked Questions about the SpaceHawk

What are the key features of the SpaceHawk GPS tracker?

The SpaceHawk stands out through its real-time tracking on demand, compact magnetic design, waterproof casing, smart alerts, lifetime historical tracking data, flexible no contract plans, and intuitive mobile apps.

What types of vehicles is it designed to track?

It can track cars, trucks, powersports vehicles, construction equipment, trailers, teens, spouses, assets, and more. The magnets allow flexible exterior attachment.

How long does the battery last?

On average, the SpaceHawk battery lasts between 2-3 weeks per charge. A motion-activated sleep mode preserves battery when the vehicle is stopped. It recharges fully in 2-3 hours.

How accurate is the GPS tracking?

SpaceHawk tracking accuracy is approximately 16 feet thanks to high-gain antennas, GPS and cellular network triangulation. For consumer-focused tracking, it provides excellent accuracy.

Can I switch the device between different cars?

Absolutely. The SpaceHawk’s magnetic design lets you detach and move it between any metal-bodied vehicle in seconds without any installation.

What kind of alerts and notifications does it provide?

You can configure custom alerts for speeding, unauthorized usage, geofence exits, start/stop of trips, low battery and more. Alerts can be sent via app, email or text message.

How long does the SpaceHawk store historical data?

Full historical trips and tracking data is stored and accessible in the online portal for 12 months. You can look back through past locations.

This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about the versatile, affordable SpaceHawk real-time GPS tracker. For additional details and usage examples, visit the SpaceHawk website or contact their support team.

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