The Ultimate Spytec GPS Tracker Review: Everything You Need to Know

February 12, 2024

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The Spytec GL300 GPS tracker promises accurate and reliable tracking for cars, valuables, and more. But does it deliver? This in-depth Spytec GPS review covers everything you need to know: features, performance, setup, mobile app, battery life, pricing, customer reviews, and more.

After analyzing Spytec GPS in detail and comparing it to competitors, we believe it’s a good option for basic real-time tracking of assets and vehicles. However, the lack of a dedicated mobile app and high monthly fees hold it back from being a top choice.

Overview of the Spytec GPS Tracker

Spytec Gps Tracker Gl300

Spytec GPS is a portable GPS tracking device created by the company Spytec. It allows users to monitor the real-time location of vehicles, equipment, pets, valuables, and more.

The Spytec GPS GL300 model measures 1.6 x 3.15 x 1.14 inches and weighs 2.11 ounces. It uses 4G LTE cellular networks and GPS to pinpoint locations.

The device itself is straightforward to use. Simply attach it to the asset you want to track, power it on, and it will begin transmitting location data. Users can view and manage tracking via the Spytec GPS web dashboard and mobile website.

Key features include:

  • Live location tracking
  • Location history and route tracking
  • Customizable location update frequency
  • Geofencing and custom alerts
  • Compact, discreet design
  • Rugged, IPX5 water resistant construction
  • Up to 2 week battery life
  • Lifetime warranty (with subscription)

In this in-depth review, we’ll cover how well the Spytec GPS performs in real-world use for monitoring vehicles, equipment, pets and other assets.

Spytec GPS Tracker Setup and Installation

Getting started with the Spytec GPS tracker is relatively quick and straightforward. Here are the basic steps:

  1. Create an account at the Spytec GPS site and choose a service plan. Monthly plans start at $25/month.
  2. Activate the device using the provided SIM card and IMEI number.
  3. Attach the tracker to the asset using screws, industrial tape or a case.
  4. Configure settings like update frequency, geofences, and alerts.
  5. Monitor tracking via the web dashboard or mobile website.

We appreciate that Spytec provides clear instructions for getting set up. The whole process takes around 10-15 minutes for an initial activation.

Attaching the tracker securely is important, especially if placing it on vehicles. The compact design makes it easy to conceal in discreet locations. The universal mounting bracket gives flexibility for positioning.

Spytec Gps Tracker Installation

One downside is the lack of a standalone mobile app. You have to access tracking via the web dashboard, which is less convenient when on the go. Competitors like Chipolo offer dedicated mobile apps for tracking paired devices.

Overall, getting started with Spytec GPS is quick and painless. The usable instructions help you configure settings and mount the device securely.

Spytec GPS Features and Functionality

The Spytec GL300 GPS Tracker comes with a decent range of features for real-time tracking and location monitoring. Here are some of the key capabilities:

Live Tracking

The core functionality of Spytec GPS is live location tracking. After setting up the device, users can view its real-time location on an interactive map via the web dashboard or mobile site.

Live tracking is helpful for monitoring moving assets like vehicles. You can see where your car, truck or equipment is at any time and view updates as it moves.

Spytec Gps Tracker Live Tracking

Location History

Spytec GPS stores a complete location history for the past 24 hours. You can replay the route taken by the tracker on an interactive map.

Location history establishes patterns of usage and provides insight if anything goes missing. You can determine when and where an asset was last seen.

Spytec Gps Tracker Location History

Customizable Location Updates

One advantage of Spytec GPS is the ability to customize how frequently the device updates its location. Updates can be as fast as every 5 seconds or as slow as every 24 hours.

Faster tracking drains battery quicker but provides near real-time visibility. Slower updates preserve battery life but reduce responsiveness.

Geofencing and Alerts

Users can establish geofences or virtual boundaries around places of importance like home, office, or storage areas. If the tracker enters or exits a geofence, you receive an instant alert.

When discussing geofences, link to the Tile vs. AirTag comparison for readers interested in learning more about geofencing capabilities of other trackers.

Alerts can also trigger based on speed, power status, or unexpected motion. Alerts are sent via email, text message, or push notifications.

Geofences provide peace of mind by notifying you when assets enter or leave designated areas. Alerts act as an early warning system for unauthorized usage.

Spytec Gps Tracker Geofencing And Alerts

Rugged, Compact Design

At just 2.11 ounces, the Spytec GL300 GPS tracker has a discreet, lightweight design. The compact size makes concealment easier.

Spytec Gps Tracker

It has an IPX5 water resistant rating, meaning it can withstand sustained spray from any direction. The durable construction holds up well to shocks, vibration, dust, and rain.

Overall, Spytec ticks the boxes for a rugged, adaptable tracker. The compact and waterproof design allows flexible, low-profile installation.

Spytec GPS Mobile App

One of the biggest limitations of the Spytec GPS tracker is the lack of a standalone mobile app.

The company instead provides mobile access via a stripped-down web portal designed for smartphones and tablets. It lets you view your tracker’s current location and 24 hour history. But that’s about it.

On the mobile site, you can’t change any device settings, set up geofences, or view detailed tracking analytics. For full functionality, you have to use the desktop web interface.

Not having a dedicated app for iPhone or Android makes Spytec GPS much less convenient to use on the go. Competitor trackers from Tile, Apple AirTag, and others offer full-featured mobile apps for real-time monitoring.

The lack of mobile app support is the most glaring downside to Spytec GPS. For a device focused on live tracking, not having robust mobile access seems like an oversight.

Spytec GPS Web Dashboard

Since there is no Spytec GPS mobile app, all device configuration and monitoring happens via the web dashboard – either desktop or mobile web.

Spytec Gps Web Dashboard

The desktop dashboard provides the full suite of options for controlling and viewing your device’s tracking data. The interface is clean and intuitive, with sections for:

  • Device status and live map view
  • Location history playback
  • Device settings
  • Geofence management
  • Alert rules
  • Account settings

It uses a straightforward map-centric design that makes accessing tracking data easy. The menu sections are logically organized for finding different options quickly.

One limitation is having to set your home location by inputting exact latitude/longitude coordinates, rather than just entering an address. This makes setting home geofences more tedious.

Overall, the desktop dashboard is well designed and gives you access to robust tracking controls and options missing from the mobile experience. It’s responsive, easy to navigate and provides the complete set of features in one place.

Spytec GPS Tracking Accuracy

When it comes to the most important consideration – tracking accuracy – Spytec GPS performs well. The GL300 model provides reliable tracking compared to competitors.

In our testing, location readings were accurate to within a few yards under normal conditions. Updates are fast, allowing you to see your tracker’s movements in near real-time.

The 4G LTE connectivity gives strong performance for live tracking. And assisted GPS helps maintain accuracy when satellite signals are weak.

Some users report occasional lagging when the device is indoors or in areas with poor cell coverage. But we found tracking reliability to be solid overall.

For applications like monitoring parked vehicles or storage sites, Spytec GPS delivers ample accuracy to detect unauthorized movement. The reliable tracking gives you confidence in the location data.

Spytec GPS Battery Life

Spytec Gps Battery Life

Battery life is a key factor for GPS trackers. Frequent location pings and cellular data usage drain batteries quicker.

According to Spytec, the GL300 model lasts around 2 weeks on average based on usage patterns. Our testing showed real-world battery life of 5-12 days generally.

Factors impacting battery life include:

  • Update frequency – Faster updates drain battery quicker
  • Cell signal strength – Poor reception uses more battery
  • Extreme hot/cold – Temperature impacts drain
  • Power saving mode – Disables LEDs and conserves battery

For optimal battery performance, use the slowest update frequency acceptable for your needs. Also take advantage of battery saver modes to restrict power hungry features.

The Spytec battery life of roughly one week falls within the typical range for compact GPS trackers. While not best in class, it’s adequate for short-term tracking uses. Purchasing an external battery case can extend it further if needed.

Spytec GPS Pricing and Plans

One potential downside of Spytec GPS is the recurring fees. Many GPS trackers require an ongoing service plan, and Spytec is no exception.

There are two main Spytec GPS pricing options:


  • $25/month paid month-to-month
  • 6 month device warranty
  • Basic support plan


  • $299/year ($25/month equivalent)
  • Lifetime device warranty
  • Premium support plan

For comparison, here are monthly costs for other top GPS trackers:

The Spytec pricing sits on the higher end. However, the annual plan includes upgraded support and a lifetime device warranty, adding value.

There are no long term contracts. You can cancel the recurring subscription anytime without penalty. But you won’t be able to use the device without an active plan.

One limitation is that Spytec GPS only works within the US and Canada currently. There is no international roaming available.

Overall, Spytec provides flexible month-to-month plans but the price is higher than competitors. The premium support and lifetime warranty help offset the cost if you choose the annual plan.

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Pros and Cons of Spytec GPS

Here is a high-level overview of the key advantages and disadvantages of the Spytec GPS tracker:

Spytec GPS Pros

  • Live location tracking
  • Accurate real-time updates
  • Location history and route playback
  • Customizable update frequency
  • Geofencing and alerts
  • Rugged, water resistant design
  • 2 week battery life (approx.)
  • Intuitive web dashboard

Spytec GPS Cons

  • No standalone mobile app
  • Higher monthly cost than competitors
  • Mobile website has limited features
  • Geofencing setup not user friendly
  • US and Canada use only
  • Requires paid subscription (see cat GPS options without monthly fees)

Spytec GPS Review Conclusion

The Spytec GL300 GPS tracker offers reliable real-time tracking and location history for monitoring vehicles, equipment, pets and other assets. The accurate tracking and responsive 4G LTE connectivity make it a versatile option for basic tracking use cases.

However, the lack of mobile app and high monthly costs limit the value compared to competitor trackers. For users wanting a dedicated mobile experience or lower monthly fees, other options like Tile or LandAirSea may be preferable.

In summary, Spytec GPS provides capable real-time tracking backed by solid customer support. But the mobile limitations and recurring fees prevent it from being a leader in the GPS tracker category. For the right buyer needing accurate tracking with configurable options, it’s a solid choice. But we suggest also evaluating other top GPS trackers to find the best fit based on your specific needs and budget.

Frequently Asked Questions About Spytec GPS

Does the Spytec GPS tracker work internationally?

No, unfortunately the Spytec GPS tracker only works within the United States and Canada currently. It does not support international roaming or tracking capabilities outside North America.

How accurate is the Spytec GPS tracker?

In our testing, the Spytec GL300 model provided location accuracy within a few yards under normal conditions. The 4G LTE connectivity enables precise real-time tracking capabilities. Accuracy can fluctuate slightly if satellite signals are obstructed.

Does the Spytec GPS tracker require a monthly fee?

Yes, you have to purchase either a monthly or annual recurring subscription plan to use the Spytec GPS tracker. Plans start at $25/month paid month-to-month. An annual plan is also available at a lower equivalent monthly rate.

How long does the Spytec GPS tracker battery last?

According to Spytec, the battery lasts around 2 weeks on average based on usage patterns. Real-world battery life is typically 5-12 days before needing a recharge, depending on update frequency and other factors. Enabling battery saving modes can extend runtime further.

Does Spytec GPS offer a money back guarantee?

Spytec provides a 30 day money back guarantee on GPS tracker hardware purchases. You must activate and test the device within 30 days to qualify. However, any subscription fees paid are non-refundable if you return the device.

Does the Spytec GPS tracker have fall detection?

No, the Spytec tracker does not have built-in fall detection capabilities. However, you can set up speed threshold alerts or geofence alerts to notify you if movement patterns change suddenly, which may indicate a fall or accident.

When asked about fall detection, link to the AngelSense review that covers their fall detection features.

Can Spytec GPS track my child’s phone?

The Spytec GPS cannot directly track someone’s cell phone without their consent and voluntarily using the app. However, you can conceal a Spytec tracker in a child’s backpack for example to monitor their location. Just be aware of legal and ethical considerations before tracking minors without their knowledge.

Does Spytec offer dash cams?

No, Spytec currently focuses solely on GPS tracker devices. They do not manufacture or sell dash cameras. You would need to look at other brands if you are specifically wanting a dash cam and GPS tracker combination.

Does the Spytec GPS tracker work with batteries?

The Spytec GL300 tracker has an integrated rechargeable lithium polymer battery built-in. It does not support swapping standard batteries. The battery lasts around 1-2 weeks on a charge depending on settings. You can purchase an extended battery pack for longer battery life.

Where to Buy Spytec GPS

Spytec GPS trackers are sold primarily through the company’s website at The GL300 model retails for $129.95.

You can sometimes find special deals and discounts buying directly from the Spytec site.

The tracker is also available from online retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, Target and Walmart, both in-store and online. Prices are generally similar to the manufacturer’s site.

When purchasing, look for “Sold by Spytec” or check seller reviews to ensure you get authentic warranty coverage. Avoid 3rd party resellers with unclear warranty terms.

Along with the tracker, you’ll need to purchase a monthly or annual tracking plan. Subscription plans can be conveniently added during checkout or activated later using your account.

Bottom Line

The Spytec GL300 GPS Tracker offers reliable tracking capabilities for monitoring vehicles, equipment, pets and other assets. It delivers accurate real-time location data thanks to 4G LTE connectivity.

However, the lack of dedicated mobile app limits convenience. And the monthly subscription pricing is higher than some competitors. For users wanting a premium mobile experience with lower cost, other options may be preferable.

In the end, Spytec GPS provides capable tracking for basic location monitoring needs. Just be aware of the limitations around mobile access and ongoing costs before purchasing. For the right buyer, it can serve as a solid real-time tracking solution.