The Ultimate Guide to Invoxia GPS Trackers

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Invoxia Gps Tracker Review

GPS trackers from Invoxia provide a discreet and effective way to monitor and secure your valuables. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore everything you need to know about Invoxia GPS trackers – from how they work to real world applications.

Overview of Invoxia GPS Trackers

Invoxia Gps Trackers

Invoxia is a French company that manufactures a range of GPS tracking devices for vehicles, pets, luggage and other possessions. Their trackers utilize cellular and IoT networks to provide real-time location monitoring without relying on Bluetooth connections like Apple AirTags.

The key benefits of Invoxia GPS trackers include:

  • Reliable tracking anywhere with cellular or IoT network coverage
  • Ultra long battery life – up to 4 months on a single charge
  • Small, lightweight and easily concealable
  • Accurate location tracking from anywhere in the world via mobile app
  • Alerts for unauthorized movement or location exit
  • Low cost compared to traditional GPS trackers

Invoxia currently offers three GPS tracker models for the US market:

Invoxia Cellular GPS Tracker

  • Uses 4G LTE-M cellular network
  • 1.05 oz, 4 x 1 x 0.4 inches
  • Up to 4 months battery life
  • Purchase includes 1 or 2 year data plan

Invoxia LongFi GPS Tracker

  • Uses Helium LongFi network
  • 0.8 oz, 4.1 x 1.1 x 0.4 inches
  • Up to 4 months battery life
  • No monthly fees for 3 years

Invoxia Pet Tracker

  • Cellular and Bluetooth tracking
  • Activity and health tracking
  • Virtual fence alerts
  • 5 days battery life

Next, let’s take a deeper look at how Invoxia’s cellular GPS trackers work and what makes them different than other GPS trackers.

How Do Invoxia GPS Trackers Work?

Invoxia’s cellular GPS trackers connect to 4G LTE-M networks to transmit location data. 4G LTE-M is a low power wide area (LPWA) cellular network designed for IoT devices. The key advantages of LTE-M are:

  • Low energy use for long battery life
  • Excellent coverage across urban, suburban and rural areas
  • Consistent connectivity indoors and underground
  • Low cost data plans
  • Enhanced security

Unlike Bluetooth trackers which rely on proximity to other devices, cellular trackers work anywhere there is cellular service. And LTE-M networks are designed to penetrate buildings and reach challenging locations other networks can’t.

The Invoxia GPS tracker contains cellular modem to connect to LTE-M networks, a GPS receiver to acquire location coordinates, sensors to detect motion, and a battery to power the device.

When powered on, the tracker will:

  • Connect to LTE-M network
  • Obtain GPS location fix
  • Transmit encrypted data containing location coordinates
  • Listen for sensor triggers like motion and relay alerts
  • Receive configuration changes from owner via LTE-M

By leveraging LTE-M networks, Invoxia trackers provide reliable tracking without the need for subscriptions or reliance on other devices. The user simply purchases the hardware and selects a 1 or 2 year data plan included with the device.

Next let’s look at how the Invoxia GPS mobile app works.

Using the Invoxia GPS App

To use your Invoxia GPS tracker, you’ll need to install the Invoxia GPS app for iOS or Android. The app provides an interface to:

  • Pair with your tracker via Bluetooth
  • View real-time location on map
  • Set tracking frequency and battery saving modes
  • Create geofences and alerts
  • Activate tracking if stolen
  • Locate tracker when nearby using radar

Initial Setup

Getting started with your Invoxia tracker only takes a few minutes. You’ll need to:

  1. Charge your tracker via micro USB cable
  2. Download the Invoxia GPS app
  3. Open app and tap “Add New Tracker”
  4. Put tracker in pairing mode and connect via Bluetooth
  5. Name your tracker
  6. Select tracking frequency based on use case

Once paired, your tracker will be visible on the map so you can monitor its location in real-time.

Location Tracking

Invoxia Location Tracking

The key purpose of the app is to view your tracker’s location on an interactive map. You’ll see:

  • Current location displayed as a dot
  • Recent motion trail showing past movement
  • Accuracy circle displaying estimated precision

You can zoom and pan the map to see arbitrary locations. Common views include:

  • Entire region to see big picture
  • City level to see neighborhood
  • Street level for precise locations
  • Satellite/hybrid modes for detailed visuals

For stolen items, switch to “Real Time Boost” mode to enable active tracking with location updates every 30 seconds so you can pursue and recover your valuables.

Alerts and Notifications

Invoxia Alerts And Notifications

The Invoxia app allows you to configure a variety of smart alerts:

  • Geofencing – Receive notification when tracker enters or leaves a defined geographical zone. Perfect for home, office, etc.
  • Motion – Get alerted if tracker detects motion after period of inactivity. Signals potential theft.
  • Tilt – Sense if tracker is tilted, as would occur if equipment falls over.
  • Journey – Be notified if tracker leaves vicinity after extended stop. Indicates theft.

You can even integrate with IFTTT to send alerts via email, text message, phone call or other channels.

Proximity Radar

Invoxia Proximity Radar

If your tracker goes missing nearby, you can use Proximity Radar in the app to locate it precisely using Bluetooth and audio cues. As you get closer, it will:

  • Display radial distance on screen
  • Provide directional arrow towards tracker
  • Activate sound on tracker for homing

The radar makes finding a lost or stolen item in close vicinity fast and easy.

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s look at real world applications of Invoxia’s innovative GPS trackers.

Applications and Use Cases

Thanks to their cellular connectivity, long battery life and smart features, Invoxia GPS trackers are versatile devices that can provide enhanced security and peace of mind across many scenarios:

Vehicle and Asset Tracking

Attaching an Invoxia GPS tracker to your car, motorcycle, bicycle, boat, RV, trailer or other valuable assets provides a reliable way to track and recover your property if stolen:

  • Small size allows discreet mounting in hidden area
  • Receive instant alerts if vehicle moved or location exited
  • Extended battery lasts entire vehicle ownership
  • View location history to verify use
  • Aid law enforcement in recovery

Pet Monitoring

The Invoxia Pet Tracker allows you to monitor the location and activity levels of your dogs, cats and other pets:

  • Locate your pet if they escape or get lost like WhistleFindster or Fi.
  • Receive notifications if they leave your property like SpotOn.
  • The Invoxia Pet Tracker competes with trackers like Tractive but offers nationwide connectivity.

Luggage and Gear Security

Protecting valuables like luggage, backpacks, photography gear, musical instruments and electronics is made easy with an Invoxia tracker:

  • Slip discreetly into bag, case or pocket
  • Secure gear left in vehicles, tour buses, etc
  • Alerts if suspicious motion detected
  • Quickly locate if misplaced or forgotten
  • Provides insurance and proof if items damaged or stolen

Children and Elderly Safety

Gain peace of mind by tracking loved ones discretely:

  • Place tracker in child’s backpack or pocket
  • Monitor elderly parents’ location and safety
  • Make sure teens are where they say they’ll be
  • Alerts if they don’t arrive as expected
  • Locate if lost or in distress
  • Extra protection for Alzheimer’s patients

Company Asset Monitoring

Businesses can optimize operations and security by deploying Invoxia trackers:

  • Track location of fleet vehicles
  • Recover stolen equipment and merchandise
  • Monitor location of remote employees
  • Verify usage and prevent unauthorized access
  • Protect high value inventory and assets
  • Gain business intelligence from location analytics

So in essence, anywhere an extra layer of monitoring and theft prevention would provide value, Invoxia’s cost-effective GPS trackers can likely help secure your property or provide added safety and security.

Next let’s dig into some of the key features and technical specs.

Features and Specifications

Invoxia Features And Specifications


  • Small black plastic housing (4 x 1 x 0.4 in)
  • Lightweight – 1 to 1.5 ounces
  • Recessed power button prevents accidental activation
  • Subtle appearance – easily concealed


  • 4G LTE-M cellular network provides reliable tracking across urban, suburban and rural regions
  • Bluetooth for initial setup and short range connections
  • Wifi positioning supplements GPS when indoors


  • GPS and cellular data for outdoor location tracking
  • WiFi positioning for indoor tracking
  • Motion processing unit detects activity and orientation
  • Accelerometer detects vibration, shocks and motion

Battery Life

  • Up to 4 months from single charge depending on use case
  • Optimized tracking logic minimizes power consumption
  • Fast 1.5 hour charging via micro USB
  • Large capacity lithium polymer battery

Weather Resistance

  • Good splash resistance allows outdoor use
  • Recommend exterior mounting or storage in plastic bag
  • Avoid submersion or direct high pressure washing


  • AES 128 data encryption
  • Secure cellular network connection
  • No unsecured Bluetooth tracking

App Features

  • Real-time location tracking
  • Location history and trails
  • Geofencing and proximity alerts
  • Motion detection triggers
  • Proximity radar homing
  • Third party app integration options

Subscription Plans

  • LTE-M data plan included for 1 or 2 years
  • Renewal rates around $39.99 per year
  • No mandatory long term contract

By understanding these features and capabilities, you can assess if an Invoxia GPS tracker is right for your specific use case.

Next we’ll go over some frequently asked questions.


Here are answers to some common questions about Invoxia GPS trackers:

How accurate is the location tracking?

Invoxia trackers provide accuracy ranging from 30 – 150 feet depending on environment. This allows pinpointing the street address in most cases.

How is the battery life so long?

Optimized tracking logic and LTE-M’s low energy use allow 4+ months operation on a charge. The less frequent the tracking updates, the longer the battery lasts.

What happens if the tracker goes somewhere without cell service?

The tracker will store location data until it reconnects. You may miss real-time alerts but can view the travel history.

Can I use an Invoxia tracker internationally?

Invoxia trackers work in over 100 countries globally. LTE-M networks are rapidly expanding worldwide. But functionality may be limited in some rural or remote regions.

Is a paid subscription required?

No, the LTE-M data plan is included with the device hardware for 1-2 years. You only pay to renew the data plan after that period.

Can the Invoxia tracker be traced if the battery dies?

No. The internal battery powers all location tracking. If the battery depletes, the tracker will cease operation until recharged.

What size SIM card does the device use?

It doesn’t use a SIM card. The tracker has an integrated cellular modem and connects to the LTE-M network directly without a SIM.

What objects or vehicles can you use the tracker on?

The tracker can be mounted on cars, motorcycles, bicycles, bags, equipment, valuables, pets, trailers, boats, aircraft, livestock, containers, shipments, laptops and more.

Can I track my pet anywhere?

The Pet Tracker provides nationwide tracking in the US. But very rural areas with poor cellular coverage may have intermittent connectivity.

How is Invoxia customer support?

Customer support is excellent. You can reach support via phone, email or online chat. Representatives are knowledgable and quick to resolve issues.

Professional Installation

While Invoxia’s trackers are designed for easy DIY installation, professional assistance is recommended under certain circumstances:


For permanent covert installation in cars, trucks, RVs and motorcycles, professional wiring and mounting by an experienced mechanic, dealer or audio shop is best to avoid any potential issues down the road. This may carry an additional labor fee but provides peace of mind.


Companies tracking multiple assets or vehicles may want to employ a business technology provider to handle procurement, activation, documentation and support. This simplifies deployment and management at scale.

Technical Challenges

If you don’t feel comfortable with the mobile app setup process or mounting the device yourself, local phone repair shops should be able to assist for a nominal fee. For maximum reliability, it’s best to have an expert handle the initial configuration.

While convenient, Invoxia trackers are advanced electronics so professional assistance can be worthwhile for some customers.

Tips for Effective Usage

To employ your Invoxia GPS tracker effectively:

  • Conceal carefully inside vehicles and valuable items using adhesives, tape or screws
  • Hide wires and secure connections if permanently wiring into vehicles
  • Test tracking functionality regularly and recharge battery monthly
  • Switch to real-time tracking mode quickly if theft occurs to enable active monitoring
  • File a police report referencing the tracking data if property is stolen
  • Pair with a dash cam or security camera to further reinforce evidence
  • Save location history as evidence and documentation if damage or loss occurs
  • Register the device ID and your contact info with Invoxia in case it is found
  • Consider marking items with contact info in case tracker is discovered and disabled

With proper usage, you’ll get the most security and value out of your Invoxia tracker investment.

Comparable Alternatives

While Invoxia GPS trackers provide unique advantages, other options exist in the tracking space:

  • Bluetooth Trackers – TileChipoloAirTags. Range limited to ~100 feet. Rely on crowdfinding networks.
  • LandAirSea 54 GPS – Affordable GPS tracker. Short battery life. Lacks cellular connectivity.
  • Optimus Tracker – Crowdfunded cellular tracker. Annual fees required. App needs polish.
  • Apple AirTags – Seamless integration with iPhone. But limited functionality compared to dedicated trackers.
  • Pozyx – enterprise asset tracking solution focused on indoor positioning.
  • GPS Integrated Vehicles – Cars with onboard telematics like GM OnStar. Requires car equipped with hardware.
  • Logistics Monitoring – dedicated fleet tracking providers offer integrated logistics platforms but can have high costs.
  • Monimoto – cellular GPS tracker popular in Europe. Lacks some smart features but has crash detection. See Invoxia vs Monimoto.

Make sure to evaluate your needs and the pros and cons of each approach for your specific application.

Getting Started With Invoxia

Ready to secure your valuables with an Invoxia GPS Tracker? Here’s a quick guide to getting started:

  1. Select model – Choose Cellular, LongFi or Pet based on your usage and needs.
  2. Purchase online – Buy directly from Invoxia or via Amazon. Retail availability limited.
  3. Activate & configure – Charge device, install app and connect to tracker via Bluetooth.
  4. Mount – Attach securely and discretely to asset using adhesive, screws or casing.
  5. Monitor – View location remotely and set up desired alerts.
  6. Recover if stolen – Switch to real-time tracking and coordinate with law enforcement.
  7. Renew annually – Pay data renewal fee to maintain cellular connectivity after initial term.

If you don’t want monthly fees, consider GPS pet collars like Pawtrack or Tabcat.

For low-cost, app-based tracking, Bluetooth trackers like Tile and AirTags are easy to set up.

With an Invoxia GPS tracker properly set up, you’ll gain peace of mind knowing you can monitor and protect your valuables anywhere life takes you.

Key Takeaways

  • Invoxia offers cellular based GPS trackers for discreet tracking of vehicles, pets, luggage and equipment.
  • Long battery life of up to 4 months allows flexible continuous operation.
  • LTE-M cellular network provides wide area monitoring beyond just Bluetooth range.
  • App gives real-time location views and alerts for unauthorized movement.
  • Small and easily concealable design allows covert mounting.
  • No monthly subscription required, cellular plan included with purchase.
  • Provides cost-effective security and asset monitoring for consumers and businesses.


With their cellular connectivity, long battery life, and versatile tracking app, Invoxia GPS trackers provide effective monitoring for valuables, pets, vehicles and more. By understanding their capabilities and limitations, you can determine if an Invoxia tracker fits your needs.

For many purposes, the peace of mind they offer is well worth the investment. Just be sure to test coverage in your usage regions, properly conceal the device, and take advantage of available location history and alerts.

With proper usage, an Invoxia tracker gives you fearless confidence your prized possessions are protected.

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