Invoxia GPS Trackers vs Apple AirTags: Which is Best Lost Item Finder?

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Invoxia Vs Airtag

Losing valuables and important possessions can be stressful and costly. Having your bike or car stolen is even worse. Thankfully, there are now clever Bluetooth and GPS trackers available to help locate misplaced items and deter theft.

Two of the most popular options for finding lost items and preventing theft are Invoxia GPS trackers and Apple AirTags. But how do you choose between them?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll compare Invoxia vs AirTag trackers to help you decide which device is right for your needs.

Key Differences Between Invoxia GPS Trackers and Apple AirTags

Here’s a quick overview of how Invoxia and AirTag trackers compare:

  • Purpose: Invoxia primarily protects vehicles and valuables from theft. AirTags mainly find lost everyday items like keys.
  • Tracking: Invoxia offers real-time GPS tracking from anywhere. AirTags rely on proximity to Apple devices to locate items.
  • Compatibility: Invoxia works with iOS & Android. AirTags only work with Apple devices.
  • Alerts: Invoxia sends motion alerts and geofencing notifications. AirTags lack proactive alerts.
  • Battery: Invoxia batteries last 4-6 months. AirTags last 1 year with replaceable battery.
  • Cost: Invoxia around $130 + subscription fee. AirTags $29 for one or $99 for four pack.

Now let’s dive into the details on how each tracking device works and what it’s best suited for.

How Invoxia GPS Trackers Work

Invoxia Gps Trackers

Invoxia offers a range of cellular-connected GPS trackers designed specifically for locating stolen items and deterring theft.

Their trackers determine location using GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth. This data gets transmitted regularly via the LoRaWAN network to Invoxia’s servers.

You can view your tracker’s real-time location, historical journeys, and get alerts through the Invoxia smartphone app for iOS and Android.

Some key features of Invoxia GPS trackers:

  • Real-time tracking: Receive live location updates with GPS tracking.
  • Theft alerts: Get notifications for unexpected motion or location changes.
  • Geofencing: Set up zones and get alerts when your item leaves or enters them.
  • Journey history: View detailed timelines for past trips and locations.
  • Long battery: Lasts 4-6 months depending on cellular data usage.
  • Water resistant: Rated IP67 so can withstand splashes and rain.

For more on Invoxia’s features, see this Invoxia GPS tracker review.

This combination of location tracking and proactive alerts enables Invoxia trackers to actively deter theft and aid recovery if your item gets stolen.

What Are Invoxia GPS Trackers Used For?

Invoxia GPS trackers are ideal for securing valuables and vehicles that are at higher risk of theft. Some common uses:

  • Cars, trucks, motorbikes
  • Bicycles and scooters
  • Boats, RVs, ATVs
  • Construction equipment
  • Luggage, bags, backpacks
  • Photography gear
  • Wallets, purses, laptops
  • Tools, electronics, appliances

Invoxia even makes a special bike tracker disguised as a reflector.

For smaller assets, Invoxia offers the compact Mini Tracker. And the Pet Tracker monitors your pet’s location and health data.

In summary, Invoxia GPS trackers are ideal for proactively protecting your more valuable portable possessions against theft.

How Apple AirTags Work

Apple Airtag

Apple AirTags take a different approach than Invoxia for finding lost items using proximity detection.

Each AirTag contains Bluetooth technology that connects with nearby Apple devices on the Find My network. These devices then relay the AirTag’s location back to you in the Find My app.

So AirTags piggyback off the network of hundreds of millions of iPhones, iPads and MacBooks to locate lost items.

Here are the key features of Apple AirTags:

  • Find My network: Uses Apple devices to detect lost AirTags.
  • Precision finding: Guides you to exact AirTag location when nearby.
  • Lost mode: Lets others scan found AirTag and contact you.
  • One year battery: User replaceable CR2032 battery lasts about 1 year.
  • Water resistant: Rated IP67 to withstand splashes and submersion.
  • Security alerts: Warns iPhone users if unknown AirTag detected moving with them.

For more on how AirTags leverage proximity, check out this guide on AirTags without WiFi.

AirTags rely on proximity to Apple devices rather than cellular connectivity for tracking. This makes their functionality more limited compared to Invoxia.

What Are Apple AirTags Best For?

Apple designed AirTags for finding frequently misplaced everyday items around your home or workplace. Think keys, backpacks, luggage, wallets, remote controls, etc.

Some example uses where AirTags perform well:

  • Keys – attach to keyring
  • Purse or bag – slip into pocket or bag
  • Luggage – affix to handle or zipper
  • Laptop case or tablet
  • Wallet or phone – slip inside
  • Remote controls and devices
  • Umbrellas, jackets, helmets

See this list of creative uses for AirTags around the home and office.

AirTags are also handy when you frequently misplace items in a particular location like:

  • Around the house
  • In the office
  • At school or the gym

Just keep in mind AirTags rely on proximity to Apple devices to update their location. So they may not provide reliable tracking in more remote areas away from other iPhone users.

Overall, Apple AirTags excel at finding frequently misplaced items in areas with lots of Apple devices like urban settings and workplaces.

Apple AirTags vs Invoxia GPS Trackers Compared

Now that we’ve covered how AirTags and Invoxia trackers work and their best use cases, let’s compare them across some key factors:

Tracking Ability

  • AirTags – Use Apple’s Find My network to detect proximity to nearby Apple devices and determine approximate location. Location updates rely on being near other iPhones, iPads or Macs connected to the internet.
Airtag Ease Of Use
  • Invoxia – Uses GPS plus WiFi and Bluetooth for real-time location anywhere. Cellular connectivity enables live tracking remotely. Doesn’t need proximity to smartphones for updates.
Invoxia Location Tracking

Alerts and Tracking Features

  • AirTags – Can make AirTag play sound to help find when in proximity. Limited alerts beyond “Item Detected” when away from owner’s iPhone.
Airtag Play Sound
  • Invoxia – Provides real-time theft alerts for unexpected motion or location changes. Create geofences for entry/exit alerts.
Invoxia Alerts And Notifications

Anti-Theft Protection

  • AirTags – Lack proactive alerts so limited anti-theft protection. Security alerts warn iPhone users about unknown AirTags nearby.
  • Invoxia – Motion alerts and geofencing actively deter theft. Discreet design hides tracker. GPS history aids recovery.


  • AirTags – Only fully work with Apple devices including iPhone, iPad and Mac running latest iOS/MacOS. Android not supported.
  • Invoxia – Trackers work with iOS and Android devices. Use app on any modern smartphone.


Ideal Use Cases

  • AirTags – Perfect for finding frequently misplaced items like keys, bags, remote controls in homes, offices and urban areas. Rely on proximity to Apple devices.
  • Invoxia – Better for securing valuables and vehicles at risk of theft. Real-time tracking and alerts enable active theft protection.

Which Is Better – Invoxia or AirTag?

So should you get an Invoxia GPS tracker or Apple AirTag based on your needs?

For maximum anti-theft protection and active tracking of valuables, Invoxia is generally the better choice. The combination of real-time GPS, alerts and battery life makes them ideal for securing cars, bikes, bags, and equipment.

On the other hand, if you just want an inexpensive and convenient way to locate frequently misplaced items like keys around your home or office, Apple AirTags get the job done nicely. Their integration with Apple’s Find My network leverages the power of millions of iPhones.

Some final pointers for deciding between the two:

  • If theft protection is critical, choose Invoxia.
  • If budget is very limited, AirTags are far cheaper.
  • If you need precise location anywhere, Invoxia’s live GPS tracking is better.
  • If you only use Apple devices, AirTags are likely the smoother choice.
  • If you value proactive alerts, go with Invoxia.

No tracker is perfect across all situations. Evaluate your personal priorities to pick the best device.

Key Takeaways

  • Invoxia GPS trackers specialize in protecting vehicles and valuables with live tracking and theft alerts.
  • Apple AirTags are designed for finding frequently misplaced everyday items using proximity to Apple devices.
  • Invoxia offers real-time GPS monitoring from anywhere while AirTags rely on nearby iPhones for location updates.
  • AirTags are far cheaper at $29 but lack proactive alerts available on Invoxia trackers.
  • Consider theft likelihood, budget, device ecosystem, needed alerts and tracking area when choosing a tracker.

Read this AirTag review for an in-depth look at features and performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How accurate are AirTags for tracking location?

AirTags can only pinpoint location to within about 33 feet. Accuracy depends on proximity to Apple devices that relay the AirTag’s position. Tracking works best in areas with lots of iPhone users.

Do AirTags work with Android?

No, AirTags only work with Apple devices running iOS 14.5 or later. Android phones cannot track or interact with AirTags in any way.

Can AirTags be hacked or used to stalk someone?

AirTags have some anti-stalking measures like alerting unknown iPhones near them for extended periods. But there have been some reported cases of AirTags being placed surreptitiously in vehicles or bags to track someone without consent.

Do I need a subscription for Invoxia?

Yes, Invoxia trackers require a paid subscription plan to access cellular data connectivity and app features. Plans range from $99 per year up to $299 for three years.

How long does an Invoxia battery last?

Invoxia batteries last around 4-6 months depending on usage. Frequent location updates and motion alerts drain the battery faster. The batteries are rechargeable via micro USB cable.

Can the police track a stolen item with Invoxia?

Yes, Invoxia assists law enforcement if a tracked item is stolen by providing real-time location data and journey history logs if available. This information aids police in recovering stolen property.


Losing your valuables or having them stolen can be disruptive and costly. Modern Bluetooth and GPS trackers like those made by Apple and Invoxia provide useful solutions for item recovery.

When choosing between AirTags vs Invoxia, consider your budget, desired features, and primary tracking needs. AirTags are great for finding lost keys and bags nearby, while Invoxia excels at securing vehicles and assets from theft remotely.

Hopefully this guide has helped provide clarity on the strengths of each platform. Assess the pros and cons, then pick the tracking device that aligns best with your priorities.

Check out this AirTag vs GPS tracker comparison for additional perspective.

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