Bouncie GPS Vehicle Tracker Review: Features, Pricing, and Usage Tips

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Bouncie Car Tracker Review

The Bouncie GPS vehicle tracker is a popular OBD2 plug-in device that provides real-time location tracking, driving insights, and vehicle health monitoring.

In this comprehensive Bouncie review, we’ll cover everything you need to know, including features, pricing, setup, app interface, usage ideas, competitors, and more.

Whether you’re a concerned parent, fleet manager, or just want to stay on top of your vehicle’s maintenance, read on to see if Bouncie is the right GPS tracker for your needs.



Bouncie is an OBD2 plug-in GPS vehicle tracker created by Plano, Texas-based company Tail Light LLC.

The small device plugs into your car’s OBD2 diagnostic port (usually under the steering wheel) and connects to AT&T and T-Mobile’s 3G networks to transmit location data and driving insights to the Bouncie smartphone app.

Key features include:

  • Real-time GPS location tracking
  • Customizable alerts for speeding, rapid acceleration, hard braking, curfew
  • Crash and accident detection
  • Vehicle diagnostic trouble codes
  • Maintenance reminders
  • Roadside assistance
  • Driver scoring and insights
  • IFTTT, Alexa, Google Assistant integration

Bouncie aims to provide parents and fleet managers an easy way to monitor driving habits and ensure safety. But it also offers many convenience features for personal use like reminders for oil changes, battery alerts, and roadside assistance.

How Much Does Bouncie Cost?

Bouncie costs $77 for the device itself. There is then a $8 per month subscription fee required to use the tracker and access the app.

There are no contracts or cancellation fees. You can pause or cancel anytime.

Bulk discounts are available if purchasing multiple devices. The service drops to $6.70 per month per device when buying 3 or more.

Many competitors have higher monthly fees but offer the first device at a lower cost. Bouncie has a higher one-time device fee but makes up for it with lower ongoing costs.

Pricing Compared to Popular Alternatives:

ProductDevice CostMonthly Fee
Vyncs GPS tracker$29$10
Optimus Tracker$25$20
Spytec’s STI GL300$17$25

When calculating total long term costs, Bouncie comes out very competitively priced compared to most GPS vehicle trackers.

What’s Included in the Box?

Bouncie Box

Inside the Bouncie box, you’ll find:

  • Bouncie device
  • Quick start guide
  • Installation instructions

That’s it – the device comes with a pre-installed SIM card and there are no batteries or wiring required.

How Does Bouncie Work?


Installing Bouncie takes just a few minutes.

First, create an account in the Bouncie app. You’ll need to enter your vehicle details like VIN number and current mileage.

Next, plug the device into your OBD2 port, usually located under the steering wheel.

Bouncie Installation

Bouncie needs to initialize and calibrate after the first drive, so drive for 10+ minutes before expecting to see location updates.

That’s it – Bouncie requires no additional setup or configuration to start tracking basic location and trips.

Real-Time Location Tracking

Bouncie Location Tracking

Once installed and calibrated, Bouncie will display your vehicle’s location on a map in the app. It refreshes every 15 seconds when driving.

You can watch the vehicle move in real-time, with overlayed speed and street names. Useful for monitoring new drivers!

Alerts and Notifications

Bouncie Notifications

Bouncie can send alerts for:

  • Speeding – get notified if your car exceeds a set speed
  • Rapid acceleration – adjustable sensitivity
  • Hard braking – adjustable sensitivity
  • Curfew – get alerted if car moves outside set hours
  • Geofencing – be notified when entering or leaving a designated area
  • Diagnostic trouble codes – know immediately if check engine light comes on

Alerts are customizable so you only get notified about events you care about.

Driving Behavior and Score

Bouncie Speeds

Bouncie uses the built-in accelerometer to monitor driving habits.

It tracks metrics like:

  • Maximum speed
  • Rapid acceleration incidents
  • Hard braking incidents
  • Total miles driven
  • Idle time
  • Driver score

The driving score provides an easy snapshot of overall driving performance. Scores are calculated based on acceleration, braking, speeding, and phone usage.

Crash and Accident Detection

Bouncie Accident Detection

One of Bouncie’s newest features is automatic crash and accident detection.

Using the G-force accelerometer data, it can detect collisions and sudden impacts. You’ll receive an immediate push notification alerting you of the incident.

This can really provide peace of mind knowing you’ll be notified if your teen or elderly driver is in an accident.

Vehicle Health Monitoring

Bouncie Vehicle Health Monitoring

Although limited, Bouncie does provide some basic vehicle health monitoring.

It can read diagnostic trouble codes and alert you to issues like a dead battery or check engine light.

For vehicles that support it, Bouncie may also be able to provide fuel level and battery voltage.

Roadside Assistance

Every Bouncie subscription includes free roadside assistance. If you breakdown, run out of gas, have a flat, etc., Bouncie will send help at no additional cost.

You get 3 service calls per year included. Very handy benefit!

Smart Home Integration

Bouncie Smart Home Integration

Bouncie works with IFTTT, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant for smart home automation.

For example, you could:

  • Get notified if garage door opens when car isn’t home
  • Flash lights when driving up driveway
  • Disarm security system when entering geo-fence

Bouncie doesn’t offer official support for other ecosystems like Apple HomeKit yet. But with IFTTT you can connect it to most major smart home platforms.

Bouncie App and Usage

The Bouncie app provides an easy way to access location histories, alerts, driving scoring, and vehicle health info.

Let’s take a closer look at the key sections and usage examples:

Location Tracking

The location tracking shows your car on a map in real-time when driving. You can track past trips for up to 30 days.

It’s handy to see where your teen driver went after school or where the work van was throughout the day.

Alerts and Notifications

When alerts are triggered by speeding, accidents, geo-fences, etc. you’ll receive instant push notifications.

You can then click to see details like location, speed, and g-force graphs.

Vehicle Health

See diagnostics issues, battery levels, and maintenance reminders. Set custom reminders based on date or mileage intervals.

Really helpful to stay on top of oil changes, registration renewals, and other events.

Driving Score and Insights

Monitor overall driving score trends and see details like maximum speed, hard braking events, and more.

Great for incentivizing safe driving habits and tracking improvements over time.

Roadside Assistance

If you break down, access 24/7 nationwide assistance through the app. Available 3 times per year.

Usage Examples

Here are just some examples of how people are using Bouncie in real-world scenarios:


  • Set speed limit alerts to keep young drivers safe
  • Receive notifications when teens arrive or leave school/work
  • Track driving habits and restrict privileges for unsafe driving
  • Get crash alerts for elderly family members

Small Business Owners:

  • Confirm employees are where they claim to be
  • Optimize routes and scheduling based on vehicle locations
  • Improve driver safety, fuel efficiency, and vehicle maintenance
  • Track mileage reimbursements and expenses

Personal Vehicle Monitoring:

  • Get reminders for oil changes, registration renewments, etc.
  • Be alerted about dead batteries or engine issues
  • Locate a stolen vehicle
  • Access included roadside assistance

Bouncie vs Life360

Life360 is a popular free alternative for family location tracking. But Bouncie provides much more robust vehicle-specific features.

Bouncie Advantages:

  • Real-time driving alerts and insights
  • OBD2 installation – works even if phone is off
  • Vehicle diagnostics and health monitoring
  • Roadside assistance included
  • Web app – accessible without the phone in the car

Life360 relies solely on the phone’s location services. For comprehensive vehicle tracking and alerts, Bouncie is worth the small monthly fee.

Who is Bouncie Best For?

Bouncie excels in a few key usage scenarios:

Parents Monitoring New Teen Drivers

Detailed insights into driving habits combined with real-time alerts provide serious peace of mind. Way better than old-fashioned restrictions and curfews.

Small Business Fleet Management

Affordable way for SMBs to optimize routes, improve safety, and stay on top of maintenance for small commercial fleets.

Drivers Wanting Car Health Insights

OBD2 installation provides engine diagnostics and fuel usage data that generic Bluetooth trackers can’t match.

Families Caring for Elderly Drivers

Crash alerts and real-time tracking provides security for elderly drivers with decreased reaction times and awareness.

Bouncie Support and Reviews

Bouncie customers praise the product for its easy installation, intuitive app, and responsive customer support.

It maintains a 4.3 out of 5 star average rating on Amazon based on over 1,900 reviews. 78% of reviewers give it a full 5 stars.

Support options include:

  • Email and in-app live chat
  • Online knowledge base
  • Instructional videos
  • Active user community on Facebook

Response times are typically fast during business hours. The majority of issues can be resolved through email support or using their online resources.

Bouncie Pros and Cons


  • Easy plug and play installation
  • Real-time GPS location tracking
  • Customizable alerts for speed, geography, etc.
  • Crash detection notifications
  • Vehicle health and diagnostic insights
  • No long-term contracts
  • Price – only $8 month with no activation fees
  • Roadside assistance included
  • Intuitive app and 3rd party integrations


  • Limited to 3G networks
  • No web dashboard – app only
  • Driver scoring could be more advanced
  • No built-in battery backup

Top Bouncie Alternatives and Competitors

Bouncie competes with hundreds of other vehicle GPS trackers and fleet management solutions. Below we’ll compare it to 3 top alternatives.

Vyncs GPS Tracker


Vyncs is the most direct Bouncie competitor in terms of features and pricing.

It offers nearly identical GPS location tracking, custom alerts, vehicle diagnostics, etc.

The key differences are:

  • Vyncs is $10/month instead of $8
  • Offers 4G LTE connectivity
  • Has a more detailed web dashboard
  • Provides battery backup

Overall, Vyncs edges out Bouncie when it comes to advanced fleet management features. But for basic real-time monitoring, Bouncie gets the job done for less.

Optimus Tracker

Optimus 3.0 Gps Tracker

Optimus Tracker is a popular battery-powered GPS tracker.

It provides tracking both indoors and out by combining GPS, cellular networks, and Bluetooth proximity detection.

With a rechargeable battery built-in, it can be placed anywhere – not just OBDII.

Optimus is a versatile choice but lacks the vehicle-specific engine diagnostics and alerts that Bouncie offers.

LandAirSea 54

Landairsea 54 Gps Tracker

The LandAirSea 54 is one of the most affordable OBDII GPS trackers available.

It provides basic real-time location monitoring for only $15 per month.

The major downsides are no mobile app and very minimal alerts or insights into driving behavior.

If you just need simple tracking on a tight budget, LandAirSea gets the job done. But Bouncie adds many useful features for little additional cost.


Family1st Gps Tracker

Family1st is a budget-friendly GPS tracker designed just for parents to monitor teen drivers. It provides location tracking and geo-fencing for only $10 per month. However, it lacks the more advanced alerts and vehicle diagnostics that Bouncie offers.

We compared Bouncie to some top alternatives, but there are many other Bouncie competitors on the market. See our guide to top Bouncie alternatives for more options.

The Verdict: Who Should Buy Bouncie?

At the end of the day, Bouncie delivers on its core promise – easy OBDII GPS vehicle tracking with real-time alerts and insights.

The price point is attractive, the app is well-designed, and support is responsive.

If you’re a parent of a new teen driver or operate a small commercial fleet, Bouncie provides tremendous value.

For larger enterprise needs, the lack of a sophisticated web portal limits Bouncie’s capabilities. Competitors like Vyncs or Fleetio offer more robust fleet optimization features.

But for personal use or monitoring 1-5 vehicles, Bouncie hits the sweet spot of being both affordable and full-featured.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Bouncie work without the phone in the car?

Yes, Bouncie will continue recording trips, alerts, and vehicle diagnostics even if your phone isn’t present. The data syncs to the app next time your phone connects.

Can Bouncie be moved between vehicles?

Yes, you can unplug Bouncie and install it in another supported vehicle in just a few minutes. Useful if you have multiple family cars you want to switch between monitoring.

Is a cellular plan required?

Yes, the $8 monthly fee includes cellular data to transmit tracking information and connect to the app. There is no option to use the device without the paid service.

Does Bouncie offer financing for the device cost?

No, Bouncie does not currently offer any financing programs. You have to pay the full $77 device fee upfront.

Can Bouncie be hacked or jammed?

Bouncie uses industry standard encryption to keep data secure. Like any connected device, it’s not completely immune to hacking but requires significant expertise and effort.

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, Bouncie delivers excellent bang-for-your-buck vehicle tracking with all the essential features an average consumer needs.

The price is affordable, the hardware reliable, and the app polished and easy to use. Support completes the package for an all-around frictionless experience.

In the world of GPS trackers, Bouncie hits the sweet spot of balancing cost and functionality. If you’re looking to monitor your car or small fleet, it earns a strong recommendation.

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