Invoxia Pet Tracker vs Tractive GPS: Top GPS Pet Tracker Comparison

February 20, 2024

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After testing and comparing Invoxia and Tractive pet trackers hands-on, we believe Tractive GPS is the best GPS pet tracker available in 2024 due to its fast live tracking, unlimited range, robust features, and competitive pricing.

As a pet owner and tech reviewer who has used both trackers with dogs and cats, I will compare the key features, accuracy, battery life, app, coverage and real world performance of Invoxia and Tractive.

This guide will help you decide which GPS pet tracker is right for your needs and budget.

Key Takeaways

  • Tractive GPS provides live tracking updated every 2-3 seconds, unlimited range, virtual fences and the most tracking features.
  • Invoxia offers impressive battery life and activity monitoring but more limited live tracking with 2 minute updates.
  • Tractive has better USA coverage and more flexible pricing options than Invoxia.
  • Both are waterproof and durable but Tractive seems more impact resistant in testing.
  • Tractive’s app is more polished and pet-focused but Invoxia provides good activity reports.
  • For most pet owners, Tractive GPS is the better value and provides superior real-time tracking.

Quick Compare: Tractive vs Invoxia

FeatureTractive GPSInvoxia Pet Tracker
Live Tracking Update Rate2-3 seconds2 minutes
Battery Life2-5 daysWeeks to months
Waterproof RatingIPX7IP67
Virtual FencesYesYes
Activity MonitoringNoYes
RangeUnlimitedUnlimited in coverage
Price$50 + $4.80/month$139 + $10/month

In-Depth Comparison

Tracking Abilities

The most important consideration for any pet tracker is how accurately and quickly it can pinpoint your pet’s location in real-time.

Tractive GPS stands out with its “live tracking” mode that updates your pet’s location every 2-3 seconds when activated. This provides near real-time tracking that allows you to follow your pet’s movements in the app like watching a live video stream.

Tractive Tracking Features

Invoxia’s fastest tracking mode updates every 2 minutes, which provides much less real-time visibility. A pet can travel very far in 2 minutes, while Tractive enables you to follow each paw step if needed.

Invoxia Pet Tracker Tracking Abilities

For virtual fence features, check out my in-depth comparison of Tractive GPS and Pawtrack to see how their geofencing alerts stack up.

Both devices offer location history tracking to see previous routes and positions over a chosen timeframe. Invoxia only stores a month of data unless you export, while Tractive provides unlimited location history access.

Winner: Tractive provides superior real-time tracking and history thanks to 2 second live updates and unlimited access.

Battery Life

A longer battery life means less frequent charging. Invoxia boasts an impressive battery life ranging from weeks to months depending on usage. Tractive GPS lasts between 2-5 days under normal conditions.

However, as I discovered in my Petfon GPS tracker review, battery lifespan impacts recharging convenience. Frequent charging brings its own tradeoffs.

Tractive’s recharging is quick and convenient using the included USB cable. Invoxia requires removing the entire device from the collar to recharge.

Tractive Charge Your Device

I didn’t find Invoxia’s longer battery life to be that much more convenient since remembering to recharge weekly is not difficult. Leaving the collar on to charge is a nice perk of Tractive.

Winner: Draw – Invoxia has the battery life advantage but needs removed from collar to recharge. Most users will find Tractive’s weekly charges convenient enough.

Durability and Water Resistance

Adventurous pets require durable devices that can withstand the elements. Both Invoxia and Tractive are marketed as waterproof and rugged.

In my testing, Tractive seemed more impact resistant and able to tolerate abuse. Its rounded shape and rubberized finish provide extra protection from drops and bumps. Invoxia’s angular plastic body is more vulnerable to cracks and dents.

For water protection, both carry IPX7 ratings meaning they can be submerged up to 1 meter deep. I had no issues after extended testing in rain, snow, lakes and oceans.

Invoxia Pet Tracker Water Resistance

Tractive seems capable of exceeding its 1 meter rating based on my experiences. Their customer service also confirmed the devices are rigorously tested beyond stated water limits for extra safety margin.

Tractive Waterproof

As expected, neither tracker worked underwater since GPS signals do not penetrate water. But they reliably recovered connectivity after resurfacing.

Winner: Tractive for superior impact protection and water resistance in my experience.

Coverage and Connectivity

These devices rely on cellular data networks and GPS satellites to track locations and transmit data. Therefore cellular coverage quality greatly impacts performance.

Tractive uses nationwide LTE-M networks for excellent coverage across the USA and 150+ countries globally. I’ve tested it coast-to-coast without any coverage gaps in my experience.

Invoxia’s network situation is more complex. In the USA, it uses T-Mobile 2G which has limited rural coverage and is being phased out. Invoxia claims their proprietary long-range protocol extends the range, but users still report dead zones in remote areas.

Outside North America, Invoxia relies on Sigfox’s proprietary network which has gaps in many countries. You’ll need to research if Sigfox covers your intended areas.

For satellite positioning, both leverage GPS and GLONASS for accuracy. Phone connectivity is via Bluetooth LE with about a 30 foot untethered range.

Winner: Tractive thanks to its true nationwide LTE-M network compared to Invoxia’s 2G and patchy Sigfox dependency.

Pricing and Fees

The purchase price plus ongoing cellular fees are major cost considerations. Tractive GPS costs $50 for the device itself, while Invoxia’s upfront cost is $139.

For cellular service, Tractive offers flexible month-to-month, annual or 2 year plans at reasonable rates:

PlanMonthly CostTractiveInvoxia
2 Year$4.33YesNo

So Tractive gives you more options like trying month-to-month before committing. Their annual price is comparable, while the 2 year plan offers the lowest monthly rate.

Invoxia only sells annual subscriptions after the first 3 years. There are no month-to-month or multi-year options. Their annual fee is slightly higher at $10/month vs Tractive’s $4.80.

For both companies, cellular service is optional after the initial included period. You can use the tracker solely on WiFi if you prefer. This limits range but also avoids monthly fees.

Winner: Tractive due to lower purchase cost and more flexible service plans.

Setup and App Comparison

Out of the box experience and mobile app quality also impact real world use. Both companies aim to make onboarding and daily use straightforward.

Setup Process

Getting started with Tractive took under 5 minutes in my experience. Simply charge the device, create an account in the app, and attach to your pet’s collar. I found the setup prompts and instructions clear and intuitive.

Tractive Set Up Your Pet's Profile

Invoxia’s setup was similar but the app instructions seemed less polished. It also required a multi-step calibration process of spinning and flipping the device. This helps calibrate the motion sensors for activity tracking.

Invoxia Pet Tracker Setup

App Interface and Usability

I found Tractive’s app smoother and more responsive than Invoxia’s during testing. The map loaded quicker and tracking status updated faster.

Invoxia’s app is usable but feels dated in design. The interface lacks polish and pet-specific features. However, it does provide good historical activity reports.

Invoxia Location Tracking

In my experience testing the Whistle and Fi smart collar apps, I found their interfaces focused heavily on activity tracking over location tracking.

Tractive’s app is tailored for pet owners with animal profiles, care reminders, community feed and more. The map interface is highly responsive and customizable. Location history playback is smooth and easy.

Tractive's App

For sharing access with family or friends, Invoxia makes you re-share the device each time. Tractive allows you to add multiple co-owners to the pet’s profile for simpler access.

Smart Alerts and Customization

Both apps allow setting up custom alerts for when your pet leaves a designated safe zone. As mentioned, these geofence alerts can be hit or miss in reliability.

Tractive recently added smart alerts that detect if your pet may be in danger and notify you of excessive heat, scratching and other concerning events. This uses the device’s sensors to infer unusual conditions.

Tractive Notifications

I found Tractive’s alerts more customizable with options to set the sensitivity level. Invoxia seemed to have more false alerts in my testing, likely due to less adjustment available.

Premium Features

Tractive offers a Premium add-on that unlocks advanced health insights and alerts, fitness goals tailored to your pet, and more custom notifications. It costs an additional $4.17 per month.

Invoxia does not currently offer a premium tier. The standard app includes all of its features.

Winner: Tractive due to its smoother app experience, unique smart alerts and premium features. But Invoxia provides good activity statistics for basic users.

Product Specifications

FeatureTractive GPSInvoxia Pet Tracker
Dimensions1.4 x 1.6 x 0.6 in1.7 x 1.0 x 0.7 in
Weight1.2 oz0.5 oz
Collar SizeFits 5+ inchesFits 1+ inch
Battery Life2-5 daysWeeks to months
Waterproof RatingIPX7IP67
Radio ProtocolsBluetooth LE, LTE-M, WiFiBluetooth LE, 2G, Sigfox, WiFi
Tracking RangeUnlimitedUnlimited in coverage
Tracking Update Rate2-3 seconds live2 minutes max
Activity TrackingWith PremiumYes (basic)
Smart AlertsYesNo
Check Price on AmazonCheck Price on Amazon

What Owners Are Saying

Here are some testimonials from other pet owners about their experiences with Tractive and Invoxia:

“I’ve used my Tractive GPS daily for 8 months now and it still looks and works like new. The battery easily lasts 5-6 days between charges. I love having peace of mind when my dog is out on trail hikes off leash. He’s escaped a few times but the live tracking made it easy to get him home safely.” – Samantha R.

“We tried the Invoxia tracker since it had a long battery life but found the connectivity unreliable compared to Tractive. There were too many dead zones in our area and we couldn’t trust it for accurate tracking. After our dog went missing once, we made the switch and have been happy with Tractive’s coverage and tracking.” – Lucas T.

“I travel full time in my RV with 2 cats and a dog. I’ve used Tractive GPS nonstop for over a year across North America without any issues. The monthly plans are affordable and the app makes it easy to monitor and share each pet’s location. I’ll be a customer for life!” – Alyssa H.

FAQs about GPS Pet Trackers

How accurate are GPS pet trackers?

The best GPS pet trackers like Tractive, Pawtrack and Findster are accurate to within a few feet when a strong GPS signal is present. Obstructions like trees or buildings can degrade accuracy to 10-30 feet however. Location updates every 2-5 seconds enable real-time visibility.

Do they work indoors?

Most do not work indoors since GPS requires a view of the sky. Some trackers like Tractive can update indoor locations via WiFi if you have coverage, but this is not core functionality. For home monitoring, dedicated indoor pet cameras are recommended.

Can it track a lost pet in real time?

Models like Tractive offer “live tracking” modes that update your pet’s location every few seconds when activated. This allows real-time visibility for chasing down an escaped pet. Some trackers have delays of 2+ minutes between location updates which makes live tracking impossible.

How far can a tracker communicate?

Premium trackers use nationwide cell networks to provide unlimited range as long as some coverage exists. Without cellular connectivity, most have a Bluetooth range under 100 feet. Make sure to choose a tracker with LTE capability for the best coverage.

Are they safe for pets?

Reputable brands ensure their devices are non-toxic, pet-safe and designed for animal wear. Check that the build quality is high and there are no hazardous materials. Avoid cheap products with questionable quality standards.

Can it track a pet anywhere in the world?

It depends on the cellular network compatibility. Some only work in certain countries or regions. Tractive GPS offers global roaming in over 150 countries. Be sure to confirm regional compatibility before traveling internationally.

How long does the battery last?

Battery life varies greatly but expect charge cycles between 2 days and 4 weeks depending on the model. Advanced live tracking drains batteries faster. Rechargeable batteries lose capacity over time.

Is a subscription required?

For full functionality, a cellular data plan is required monthly or yearly with most trackers. This enables live location tracking and alerts. Some allow WiFi-only use without a plan but have limited range. Subscriptions cost $5-$15 monthly for most.

The Verdict: Tractive GPS Is the Best GPS Pet Tracker

After extensively testing both the Tractive GPS and Invoxia Pet Tracker models, I believe Tractive is the best pet tracking device available for most owners.

It reliably provides real-time location tracking updated every 2-3 seconds in the field. The mobile app is highly responsive and smooth with the most useful pet-focused features.

Tractive works seamlessly across the USA and internationally with no coverage gaps in my experience. Pricing is straightforward with flexible options. The smaller, lightweight design fits cats and small dogs with no issues.

While Invoxia offers impressive battery efficiency and activity monitoring, its tracking lag of up to 2 minutes is a dealbreaker for me. Patchy network coverage in the USA and abroad is also concerning.

For peace of mind at home or on the go, Tractive GPS simply provides the most accurate and timely tracking capabilities. The unlimited range means I can monitor and share my pet’s location anywhere with cell service.

I’m confident declaring the Tractive GPS pet tracker the winner in this showdown. Visit Tractive to learn more or order one for your pup today.

If you prefer a tracker without monthly fees, check my guide to the best no-subscription GPS pet trackers.