How to Troubleshoot a Samsung Galaxy SmartTag Not Working

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Samsung Smarttag Not Working

Having trouble with your Samsung Galaxy SmartTag or SmartTag+ not connecting or working properly? This comprehensive troubleshooting guide will walk you through fixes for common SmartTag issues.

The Samsung SmartTag is a popular Bluetooth tracker, but alternatives like Tile, Apple AirTag, and Chipolo also exist. For GPS pet trackers without monthly fees, Whistle and Findster are top options.

What is the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag?

Samsung Galaxy Smarttag+

The Samsung Galaxy SmartTag is a small Bluetooth tracker that helps you locate lost or misplaced items. It can be attached to keys, wallets, bags, or other belongings and then tracked using the SmartThings app on compatible Samsung devices.

Some key features of the SmartTag include:

  • Long battery life up to 1 year
  • Water and dust resistant design (IP53 rated)
  • Ability to make SmartTag ring when lost
  • Offline finding via AR Finder map when out of Bluetooth range
  • Integration with SmartThings ecosystem and Galaxy phones

The SmartTag+ model offers ultra-wideband (UWB) technology for more precise tracking over Bluetooth LE. Learn more about the differences between the SmartTag and SmartTag+ models. Both help keep track of valuables easily.

Common Samsung SmartTag Issues

While the SmartTag is generally reliable, here are some of the most common issues users report:

  • SmartTag not connecting or pairing to phone – The SmartThings app can’t discover or connect to the SmartTag tracker.
  • SmartTag not updating location – The SmartTag location doesn’t update in real-time in the SmartThings app.
  • SmartTag not ringing – The “ring” feature doesn’t make the SmartTag beep when triggered from the app.
  • Intermittent SmartTag connection – The SmartTag stays connected only intermittently, dropping in and out of connection.
  • Incorrect SmartTag location – The SmartTag shows an incorrect or faraway location in the app.
  • SmartTag LED light blinking – The LED light on the SmartTag blinks continuously for no apparent reason.
  • SmartTag battery draining quickly – The SmartTag battery seems to be draining faster than expected.

While frustrating, many of these common SmartTag problems can be fixed with some basic troubleshooting steps.

Troubleshooting a Samsung SmartTag Not Connecting

If your Samsung SmartTag isn’t connecting or pairing to the phone, try these troubleshooting tips:

1. Restart your phone and the SmartTag

Restarting your phone and power cycling the SmartTag can often resolve intermittent connection issues:

  • Press and hold the SmartTag button for 3 seconds to turn it off
  • Wait 30 seconds then press the button again to turn it back on
  • Restart your Samsung Galaxy phone
Smarttag Programmable Smart Button

2. Update the SmartThings app

Ensure you’re running the latest version of the SmartThings app. Bug fixes and improvements can resolve connectivity problems.

  • Open SmartThings app > Tap Menu > Select “Check for updates
Update The Smartthings App

3. Disable battery optimization for SmartThings

Battery optimization can sometimes disrupt connections for SmartThings and the SmartTag.

  • Go to Settings > Apps > Tap the 3-dot menu > Special access > Optimize battery usage > Choose “All apps” > Find “SmartThings” app > Turn off battery optimization
Disable Battery Optimization For Smartthings

4. Forget the SmartTag then repair

Forgetting the SmartTag from your phone’s Bluetooth settings and repairing can resolve persistent connection issues:

  • Go to Settings > Connected devices > Previously connected devices > Tap the settings icon next to your SmartTag > Select Forget
  • Then open SmartThings app and repair with your SmartTag

5. Check location permissions

The SmartThings app requires location access to track the SmartTag. Ensure location is enabled:

  • Go to Settings > Apps > Permission manager > Location > Ensure SmartThings has “Allow all the time” permission
Check Location Permissions

6. Move phone and SmartTag closer

Bluetooth has a limited range. Move your phone and SmartTag closer together and try connecting again.

7. Check for firmware update

Older SmartTag firmware can cause issues. Check in the SmartThings app if a firmware update is available.

Smartthings Firmware Update

8. Factory reset the SmartTag

Resetting the SmartTag to factory settings can clear up persistent connectivity problems:

  • Open the back cover and remove battery
  • Press and hold the button and reinsert the battery without releasing the button
  • Keep holding button for 7-10 seconds until LED flashes blue
  • Release button and wait for vibrate confirmation
Samsung Smarttag Battery Life

9. Contact Samsung support

If all else fails, contact Samsung support for further troubleshooting or a replacement.

Following these tips should help get your Samsung SmartTag connected and back on track!

Troubleshooting Samsung SmartTag Not Updating Location

If your SmartTag’s location isn’t updating properly in the SmartThings app, try these fixes:

1. Check phone’s location settings

Ensure location services and GPS are enabled on your phone for the SmartThings app:

  • Go to Settings > Location > Turn on location services
  • Go to Settings > Apps > SmartThings > Permissions > Ensure location is set to “Allow all the time
Samsung Turn On Location Services

2. Make sure phone has data/WiFi connection

The SmartTag relies on your phone’s internet connection to update locations. Ensure you have an active WiFi or mobile data connection.

3. Restart your SmartTag and phone

Restarting the devices can resolve app glitches causing location issues:

  • Press and hold SmartTag button for 3 seconds to power cycle
  • Restart your Samsung Galaxy phone
Smarttag Programmable Smart Button

4. Check for SmartTag firmware update

An outdated firmware version can lead to location problems. In SmartThings app, check if a new update is available.

5. Enable offline finding

Offline finding uses nearby Galaxy devices to locate your SmartTag when Bluetooth range is exceeded. Enable this in the SmartThings app.

6. Try reconnecting the SmartTag

Unpair the SmartTag, forget it from Bluetooth settings, restart your phone and try repairing it from scratch.

7. Reset the SmartTag

Resetting can clear up buggy firmware causing location issues:

  • Open battery cover and remove battery
  • Press and hold button then reinsert battery
  • Hold button 7-10 secs until LED flashes blue
  • Release then wait for vibration
Smarttag Battery Life

8. Contact Samsung support

If problems persist, contact Samsung support to troubleshoot or replace the faulty SmartTag.

Following these tips should get your SmartTag location updating accurately in the SmartThings app.

How to Fix Samsung SmartTag Not Ringing or Beeping

If your SmartTag isn’t making sounds when triggered from the SmartThings app, here are some fixes:

1. Check SmartTag ringtone settings

Ensure ringtone is enabled and volume turned up for the SmartTag in the SmartThings app.

2. Make sure phone volume is turned up

The beeping sound comes from your connected phone’s speaker. Make sure media volume is set high on your phone.

3. Update the SmartThings app

An app bug could prevent ringing/beeping. Update SmartThings app to latest version.

4. Restart the SmartTag and phone

Power cycling the hardware can resolve software glitches preventing sounds.

5. Move phone closer to SmartTag

Ensure phone is within Bluetooth range of the SmartTag when triggering sounds.

6. Inspect for debris or damage

Make sure the SmartTag speaker hole is clear of debris/dirt. Look for any physical damage.

7. Replace SmartTag battery

A low battery can cause failure of sounds/vibration. Try replacing the SmartTag battery.

8. Factory reset SmartTag

Resetting the SmartTag can clear any firmware bugs related to sounds:

  • Remove battery and press/hold button
  • Reinsert battery while still holding button for 7-10 secs
  • Release once LED flashes blue and wait for vibration

9. Contact Samsung support

If problems continue, contact Samsung for advanced troubleshooting or replacement.

Following these tips should get your SmartTag ringing and beeping properly again.

How to Fix Samsung SmartTag Battery Draining Quickly

If your SmartTag battery is draining faster than expected, try these troubleshooting steps:

1. Update the SmartTag firmware

Old firmware can negatively impact battery life. Install any pending SmartTag firmware updates.

2. Adjust SmartTag settings

Reduce refresh rate, turn off sound alerts and minimize app open time to improve battery efficiency.

3. Replace the battery

Defective batteries or leaks can lead to rapid draining. Insert a new CR2032 battery.

4. Check for debris or water damage

Inspect seal for debris/liquid which could short circuit and drain battery quicker.

5. Reset the SmartTag

Software bugs can cause excess battery drain. Perform a factory reset to clear any issues.

6. Limit extreme temperatures

Avoid leaving SmartTag in very hot/cold environments which can accelerate battery drain.

7. Contact Samsung support

If battery continues draining quickly after trying these fixes, contact Samsung support for troubleshooting or replacement.

Following these tips should extend your Samsung SmartTag’s battery life significantly.

Troubleshooting Samsung SmartTag Connection Dropping

If your SmartTag keeps intermittently dropping its Bluetooth connection, try these fixes:

1. Move SmartTag closer to phone

Ensure the SmartTag stays within Bluetooth range of your phone to maintain a steady connection.

2. Check for signal interference

Nearby devices like WiFi routers, microwaves or baby monitors can interfere with Bluetooth signals. Move the SmartTag away from potential sources of wireless interference.

3. Disable battery optimization

As covered earlier, disabling battery optimization for SmartThings can stabilize connectivity.

4. Update SmartTag firmware

An outdated firmware version could cause intermittent drops. Install new updates.

5. Factory reset SmartTag

Resetting the SmartTag can clear any software bugs disrupting connectivity.

6. Replace SmartTag battery

Low battery power could lead to intermittent connectivity loss. Try installing a new battery.

7. Contact Samsung support

For continued connection drops, contact Samsung support for advanced fixes or replacement.

Following these tips should prevent your SmartTag from losing connection intermittently.

How to Fix Incorrect Samsung SmartTag Location

If your SmartTag shows clearly wrong or faraway locations in the SmartThings app, try these troubleshooting steps:

1. Check GPS and location services

Ensure GPS and location access are enabled on your phone for precise tracking.

2. Restart SmartTag and your phone

Restarting can clear up software glitches causing incorrect locations.

3. Toggle location permissions

Disable/re-enable location permission for SmartThings app to reset the settings.

4. Ensure Bluetooth connection

An inactive Bluetooth connection can lead to old locations showing incorrectly. Confirm SmartTag is connected.

5. Try reconnecting the SmartTag

Forget the device, reboot, repair SmartTag to refresh location tracking.

6. Move to open environment

Thick walls or structures may interfere with GPS signals required for accurate locations. Move outside to open space.

7. Update SmartTag firmware

An outdated version could be reporting wrong coordinates. Install new updates.

8. Reset SmartTag to factory settings

Resetting the SmartTag can clear any glitches giving wrong location data.

9. Contact Samsung support

If inaccurate locations continue, contact Samsung for troubleshooting or replacement.

Following these tips should help resolve inaccurate locations for your Samsung Galaxy SmartTag.

How to Fix Samsung SmartTag LED Light Blinking

A solid blinking LED light on your SmartTag when not in use likely indicates a low battery. But you can try these additional troubleshooting steps:

1. Check battery level in SmartThings app

The app may show battery needing replacement. Install a new CR2032 battery.

2. Inspect for dirt or damage

Debris in the light sensor or physical damage could lead to blinking. Clean and inspect.

3. Restart the SmartTag

Power cycle SmartTag by removing and reinserting the battery.

4. Factory reset SmartTag

Resetting to factory settings may clear any glitches causing blinking LED.

5. Ensure latest firmware

Old firmware could be the issue. Check for SmartTag updates.

6. Contact Samsung support

If blinking persists after troubleshooting, contact Samsung support for further fixes.

Following these tips should resolve any abnormal blinking of the LED light on your Samsung SmartTag.

Key Takeaways and Preventions

To wrap up, here are some key tips:

  • Keep SmartTag within Bluetooth range of your phone for best connectivity
  • Periodically update the SmartThings app and SmartTag firmware
  • Enable location permissions and GPS for accurate tracking
  • Disable battery optimization and reduce unnecessary sounds/vibrations to maximize battery life
  • Restart both devices to clear software glitches
  • Reset SmartTag to factory settings if troubleshooting doesn’t work
  • Contact Samsung support for replacement if hardware issues arise

Following proper setup, maintenance and the troubleshooting steps in this guide should help you get the most out of your Samsung Galaxy SmartTag or SmartTag+!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why is my Samsung SmartTag not connecting at all?

This is likely due to Bluetooth pairing issues, incorrect app settings or low SmartTag battery. Follow the connection troubleshooting tips to resolve it.

Q2. How do I get my SmartTag location updating properly?

Enable location services and GPS on your phone. Also check for firmware updates, restart devices and re-pair if needed.

Q3. Why did my SmartTag stop ringing and beeping?

Causes can include incorrect sound settings, low phone volume, low battery or device software glitches. Try the troubleshooting steps outlined earlier.

Q4. How can I make my SmartTag battery last longer?

Reduce unnecessary sounds, limit refreshes, avoid temperature extremes and install firmware updates to optimize battery efficiency.

Q5. How do I fix intermittent dropping of my SmartTag connection?

Causes can include low battery, signal interference, incorrect settings or buggy software. Follow the connectivity troubleshooting guide.

Q6. Why is my SmartTag LED light blinking when not in use?

This typically signals low battery power. Try replacing the battery and factory resetting the SmartTag.

Q7. How do I reset my Samsung SmartTag to factory settings?

Open battery cover, remove battery, hold button and reinsert battery keeping button pressed for 7-10 seconds until LED flashes.

Q8. Can I use SmartTag to track someone without their consent?

No, tracking people without consent is unethical and illegal in many places. SmartTag should only be used to monitor personal belongings.

Q9. What should I do if troubleshooting doesn’t fix my SmartTag?

It likely indicates a hardware defect. You will need to contact Samsung support for assessment and replacement of the faulty device.

Q10. What is the Bluetooth range of the Samsung SmartTag?

It has an approximate range of 120-130 feet for Bluetooth LE connection. The Samsung SmartTag+ has longer range with UWB technology.

Hopefully these answers help summarize the key tips for troubleshooting and fixing various Samsung SmartTag issues! Let me know if you need any clarification or have additional questions.

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