TickTalk vs Angel Watch: Which is the Best Kids’ Smartwatch?

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Ticktalk Vs Angel Watch

As a parent in the digital age, you want to keep your child safe while also allowing them some independence. A kids’ smartwatch can provide peace of mind by letting you stay connected, enabling communication, and tracking your child’s location when needed.

But with so many options on the market, how do you choose the right one? Two of the top contenders are the TickTalk 4 and the Angel Watch. I’ve tested both watches hands-on with my 8-year-old son over the past several months. Here’s an in-depth comparison on how they stack up.

Key Differences

Before digging into the details, here are the key strengths of each watch:

TickTalk 4

Ticktalk 4
  • More communication options – video calling, voice messages, emojis
  • Better value if adding multiple kids
  • More parent-friendly companion app
  • Fun games and music streaming

Angel Watch

Angel Watch
  • Safety features like SOS button and health sensors
  • AT&T network with unlimited talk and text
  • Longer history of location tracking
  • Better battery efficiency

Now let’s explore those differences more closely along with my first-hand experience.

Communication and Messages

The TickTalk 4 wins when it comes to communication flexibility. Kids can exchange video calls, voice messages, text messages, emojis, photos and even handwritten notes. My son loved decorating messages with stickers before sending them to grandma.

The Angel Watch only allows voice calls and text messages. Video calling would have been a nice addition. However, call quality over AT&T’s network was more reliable in our area compared to the TickTalk on T-Mobile.

Ticktalk Video Calling
TickTalk 4

Ease of Messaging For Parents

Winner: TickTalk

TickTalk makes it easy for parents and grandparents to stay in touch since it allows adding up to 53 contacts who can then use the TickTalk mobile app to exchange messages. No need to learn a new device.

With the Angel Watch, the child can only communicate directly with pre-approved numbers. As a parent, you need to access the watch interface to send messages. This makes coordination slightly more difficult.

Safety Features and SOS Button

Winner: Angel Watch

When it comes to safety, the Angel Watch pulls ahead. Its prominent SOS button connects to three emergency contacts when held down for three seconds. It also tracks health data like steps, heart rate and temperature. Several sensors even detect falls and alert caregivers automatically if the child is non-responsive.

Angel Watch Sos Button
Angel Watch

While the TickTalk 4 has an SOS button too, it doesn’t directly integrate health tracking or response features. However, it does offer alarms, reminders and a sound detector.

Ticktalk 4 Sos Button
TickTalk 4

Location Tracking and History

Winner: Draw

Both the TickTalk and Angel provide real-time location tracking via GPS and cellular networks. Accuracy and reliability depended more on our area coverage. Location history data was saved for around two weeks on each watch.

Angel Watch has a longer track record with location tracking while TickTalk’s Latitude Portal software is relatively new. Over time, I’d expect TickTalk’s algorithms to improve.

Ticktalk Gps Tracking
Angel Watch

Battery Life

Winner: Angel Watch

Despite having a color touch screen, the Angel Watch lasted over two days on a single charge with regular messaging and voice calls. The advertised 48 hour battery life was accurate in my experience.

The TickTalk 4 often needed a boost after about 30 hours of use. Quick draining could happen with frequent video calling and gameplay. Plan to charge daily.

Ticktalk Battery Life
TickTalk 4

Durability and Water Resistance

Winner: TickTalk

Durability is crucial for devices meant for kids. The TickTalk 4 is bulkier than the Angel Watch but also better armored. Its outer silicone case helps absorb drops without damage during concrete playtime accidents.

While sweatproof, neither watch holds up well being submerged underwater. For swimming and water play, a dedicated waterproof kids GPS tracker may be a better pick.

Ticktalk 4 Waterproof
TickTalk 4

Ease of Setup and Use

Winner: TickTalk

I found the TickTalk 4 overall easier to set up and use on a daily basis. The companion app is intuitive and smooth. It takes just minutes to activate the included T-Mobile SIM card and tutorial your child how to navigate the interface.

The Angel Watch setup involves more steps – first downloading the app, then activating service, linking contacts, granting permissions, and finally teaching your child how to access all the functions. It works, but TickTalk’s process is simpler.

Distractions and Fun Features

Winner: TickTalk

If you want to minimize excessive entertainment and keep your child focused, the Angel Watch is conveniently distraction-free.

But for avoiding boredom while out and about, the TickTalk 4 shines. My son loved the music streaming, video recorder, sound effects, emoji art, and three built-in games. These give it an advantage for keeping kids happily occupied.

Ticktalk 4 Music
TickTalk 4

Value Comparison

Winner: TickTalk

These watches have similar $199 retail pricing. But actual cost considerations vary quite a bit.

For service on the Angel Watch, you pay $10/month for talk and text after buying the device. With TickTalk, you pre-pay for a full year at $99 or choose a pay-as-you-go plan from $5 per month.

If you have multiple kids who want a connected smartwatch, you’d pay nearly twice as much in total per year with two Angel Watches vs two TickTalks.

For families with tight budgets, that difference can be decisive. As your children grow older and graduate to smartphones, the more affordable TickTalk makes sense as their introductory smart devices.

The Verdict: TickTalk 4 Wins For Most Families

While the Angel Watch beats the TickTalk 4 specifically on safety and health tracking, the TickTalk ultimately wins out with more communication flexibility, better value, simpler usage, iOS and Android compatibility, and fun bonuses like games and music.

However, the Angel Watch still appeals if you:

  • Highly prioritize safety, emergencies and tracking vitals
  • Prefer the AT&T network in your area
  • Only need basic talking and messaging
  • Have the budget for pricier monthly service

As kids smartwatches continue improving, families have great options. Evaluate your priorities, needs and budget, then choose whichever device fits best. And take comfort from having high-tech support looking after your child!

As with any purchase for young children, be sure you understand the privacy policy and parental controls before getting a internet-connected smart device.

Hope this guide gives you the detailed comparison needed to pick the right kids smartwatch! Let me know in the comments if you have any other questions.

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