Eufy vs Chipolo: Which Bluetooth Tracker Should You Choose?

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Eufy Vs Chipolo

Bluetooth trackers are handy devices that help you locate lost items like keys, wallets and more. But with so many options on the market, how do you choose the right one?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll compare two top contenders – Eufy and Chipolo Bluetooth trackers. We’ll examine their features, compatibility, price and more to determine the best pick for different needs.

Overview of Eufy and Chipolo Trackers

Eufy and Chipolo both offer popular Bluetooth tracking devices to help you keep tabs on your valuables.

Eufy makes the SmartTrack series of trackers that are designed to work seamlessly with Apple’s Find My network. They offer credit card-shaped devices like the Eufy Security SmartTrack Card as well as small round trackers like the SmartTrack Link.

Chipolo offers Bluetooth trackers in a variety of shapes like the card-style Chipolo Card Spot, the slim Chipolo ONE Spot and the classic Chipolo ONE tracker with a hole for attaching to keys.

Both Eufy and Chipolo make quality devices equipped with Bluetooth tracking, alarm features and integration with wider networks. But there are some key differences that can help you determine which brand is right for your needs.

Eufy vs Chipolo: Key Differences

Let’s compare Eufy and Chipolo across some of the most important factors when choosing a Bluetooth tracker.


Eufy trackers only work with iOS devices and integrate with Apple’s Find My network. There is no official Android app support.

Eufy Smarttrack Link Apple Find My

Chipolo trackers work with both iOS and Android devices. They connect via the Chipolo app on either operating system.

Chipolo App

For Android users looking for the most versatile tracker, the Tile Pro is a top pick as discussed in our Tile Pro review.

Winner: Chipolo offers greater compatibility across platforms.


Eufy trackers like the SmartTrack Card have a slim, minimalist design shaped like a credit card to easily slip into a wallet. The circular SmartTrack Link is roughly the size of an AirTag.

Eufy Smarttrack

Chipolo offers more versatility in designs. The Card Spot is shaped like a credit card to fit wallets. The ONE Spot is a small, round tracker similar in form to the SmartTrack Link. And the classic Chipolo ONE has a hole for attaching to keys and bags.


Winner: Chipolo provides more choice in tracker shapes and sizes.


Let’s break down how Eufy and Chipolo compare across some of the most useful features:


Both Eufy and Chipolo trackers can ring loudly to help you find them when nearby. The Chipolo ONE Spot boasts an impressive 120 dB ring as we found in our Chipolo One Spot review.

Tie – Both provide loud ringtone features.

Location Tracking

Eufy SmartTrack devices leverage Apple’s Find My network to view locations on a map and get updates if your tracker moves or is found by another device.

Eufy Location Tracking

Chipolo relies on its own network powered by over 10 million users. You can view the last known location of your Chipolo tracker on a map in the app.

Chipolo App

Slight edge to Eufy for tapping into Apple’s broader network.

Anti-Loss Alerts

Eufy trackers send notifications if you move too far from your devices. You can enable the “Notify When Left Behind” feature in Find My.

Airtag Notify When Left Behind

Chipolo also alerts you if you leave trackers behind. This function is enabled by default in the Chipolo app.

Users report mixed results on the usefulness of these left-behind alerts for both brands as noted in our Eufy review and Chipolo review.

Tie – Both Eufy and Chipolo effectively alert against leaving items.

Battery Life

The Eufy SmartTrack Card battery lasts around 2 years while the SmartTrack Link and other circular Eufy trackers last about 1 year on average. They use CR2032 coin cell batteries.

Eufy Smarttrack Link Battery
Eufy SmartTrack Link

Most Chipolo trackers have a battery life of about 2-3 years. The Chipolo ONE Spot uses a CR2032 replacement battery like Eufy.

Chipolo One Spot Battery
Chipolo One Spot

Slight edge to Chipolo for marginally longer average battery life.

Network Support

As mentioned, Eufy devices connect with Apple’s Find My network to track locations using hundreds of millions of active Apple devices.

Chipolo relies on its own network of users running the Chipolo app. It has over 10 million devices connected globally.

See how Tile’s network compares in our Tile Pro vs Chipolo One Spot comparison.

Winner: Eufy for tapping into Apple’s vastly larger, more powerful network.


Individual Eufy trackers range from $19.99 to $35 depending on the model. You can also find bundles with multiple trackers for a discounted price.

Chipolo trackers cost between $24.99 and $35 individually. Bundled multi-packs are available with savings off the individual prices.

Our budget pick is the Eufy Security SmartTrack Link which starts under $25.

Tie – Both offer similar price points and discounts on multi-packs.

Ease of Use

Eufy trackers setup directly within Apple’s Find My app making the process straightforward and seamless for iOS users.

Chipolo trackers must be set up and managed through the Chipolo app. The app itself is user-friendly but you have an extra step compared to Eufy’s Apple integration.

In our experience setting up and managing the Chipolo Card Spot, having a separate app adds some steps compared to Eufy’s Apple integration.

Slight edge to Eufy for simplicity of activating through Find My.

Bottom Line: Which Is Better for You?

For iPhone users, Eufy SmartTrack trackers beat out Chipolo for their tight integration with iOS and Apple’s powerful, extensive Find My network. Eufy makes it incredibly easy to start tracking devices right from the Find My app.

Android users are better off choosing Chipolo since Eufy lacks official Android support. Chipolo gives you the same tracking capabilities through its own app on both Android and iOS.

If you need a variety of designs like a keychain tracker or sticker tracker, Chipolo is the way to go thanks to its versatile lineup. Eufy trackers are limited to card and small puck shapes.

For the longest battery life, Chipolo maintain a slight edge over Eufy though both last around 1-2 years on average. Chipolo’s replaceable CR2032 coin cell batteries help you quickly swap them out yourself.

Budget shoppers should look at Eufy’s lineup which includes some models like the Eufy Security SmartTrack Link which starts under $25.

Both brands offer excellent Bluetooth trackers suited for different needs. Evaluate whether Apple integration, Android support, design choices or budget are most important to making your decision between them.


  • Can Eufy trackers work with Android phones? No, Eufy does not officially support Android. The trackers are made exclusively for Apple Find My.
  • Do I need a subscription for Eufy or Chipolo? No subscriptions are required. All the key tracking features work without any recurring fees.
  • Which network is better – Find My or Chipolo? Apple’s Find My network leverages hundreds of millions more devices giving it an advantage in location accuracy and updates. But Chipolo’s own network has still proven effective for over 10 million users.
  • How accurate are Eufy and Chipolo trackers? Test results show both brands can pinpoint tracker locations within approximately 50 feet which is standard for Bluetooth trackers. Eufy trackers may have slightly better accuracy when using Apple’s precise finding feature.
  • Can you track an item in real-time? Not precisely. Updates come in as the tracker connects with your phone’s Bluetooth signal or other devices on the Find My or Chipolo network. But you cannot actively stream a tracker’s location.
  • How long does Eufy’s SmartTrack Card battery last? Eufy claims about 2 years for the SmartTrack Card model before needing to be replaced. Performance varies based on usage.
  • Can I replace the battery in Chipolo trackers? Most Chipolo models like the Chipolo ONE Spot use a standard CR2032 replaceable coin cell battery that you can swap out yourself just like with Eufy’s circular trackers.

The Bottom Line

Eufy and Chipolo both provide useful, affordable Bluetooth trackers. Eufy is the best choice if you’re an iPhone user while Chipolo gives you greater flexibility. Evaluate your top priorities around platform support, design, battery and ease of use to decide which brand fits your needs.

With either option, you’ll get peace of mind knowing you have an easy way to track down misplaced items. No more losing keys or wallets and getting stuck in a frantic search. Just tap into the tracker app and quickly locate your valuables.

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