AirTag vs. Eufy SmartTrack Link: Best Bluetooth Tracker?

December 14, 2023

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Bluetooth trackers like AirTag and Eufy SmartTrack Link are handy devices that can help you keep track of your belongings. But with two big players in the market, how do you choose which one is right for you?

This comprehensive guide compares AirTag and Eufy SmartTrack Link across all the key factors, so you can make an informed decision when buying a Bluetooth tracker.

Overview of AirTag and Eufy SmartTrack Link

AirTag is Apple’s tracker that integrates into the Find My network. It has Precision Finding which uses visual, haptic and directional cues to lead you right to your AirTag.

Eufy SmartTrack Link is a cheaper AirTag alternative made by Anker. It works with both Find My and Eufy’s own app. The Link doesn’t have Precision Finding but offers features like left-behind alerts.


  • Made by Apple
  • $29 for one, $99 for four
  • Integrates with Find My network
  • Precision Finding feature
  • iOS only

Eufy SmartTrack Link

  • Made by Anker (Eufy brand)
  • $19.99 for one, $39.98 for two
  • Works with Find My and Eufy app
  • No Precision Finding
  • Works with both iOS and Android


In terms of design, both trackers are small, lightweight and easy to attach to your belongings.

AirTag has a stainless steel body and comes in white only. There are no holes for attachment so you need to buy an accessory like a keyring to attach it. You can engrave it with text or emojis.

Apple Airtag

Eufy SmartTrack Link is made of plastic with a black finish. The unique selling point is the hole in the corner so you can easily attach it to bags, keychains etc without an extra accessory. There is no customization or engraving option.

Eufy Smarttrack Link

For durability, AirTag may have a slight edge with its stainless steel build. But both trackers have water resistance so can withstand the elements to some degree.

Tracking and Finding Technology

When it comes to tracking capabilities, there are some key differences:

AirTag uses Apple’s proprietary UWB technology for Precision Finding. This leads you directly to the AirTag using a combination of visual, haptic and directional cues. It’s very accurate at guiding you to the precise location. AirTag also has a built-in speaker that beeps to help you find it when in range, which can sometimes start beeping unexpectedly.

Eufy SmartTrack Link relies on Bluetooth connectivity alone. You can see the tracker’s last known location on a map, but there is no Precision Finding feature. The Link has a built-in speaker to play a sound which helps you find it within Bluetooth range.

AirTag definitely has the most advanced finding capabilities. But if you mainly need room-level accuracy, Eufy SmartTrack Link will also get the job done.

Network Coverage

Both AirTag and Eufy SmartTrack Link work with Apple’s Find My network. This vast network of hundreds of millions of Apple devices helps detect lost items and relay the location back to you.

Eufy Smarttrack Link Apple Find My

So even if your own iPhone is not nearby, any device on the Find My network like someone else’s iPhone can detect your tracker and update its location. This wider network is key for finding lost items over a greater distance.

In terms of network coverage, AirTag and SmartTrack Link are on par by integrating with Find My.


The biggest difference is in compatibility:

AirTag only works with iOS devices and requires an iPhone or iPad running iOS 14.5 or later. There is no Android compatibility.

Eufy SmartTrack Link works with both iOS and Android devices, as long as they are running iOS 13/Android 8 or above and have Bluetooth 4.0.

So if you have an Android phone, the Eufy SmartTrack Link is compatible, while the AirTag will not work for you. Even many modern iPads are not supported by AirTag.

Additional Features

AirTag offers a few useful exclusive features:

  • Separation alerts to notify you if you leave your AirTag behind
  • Precision Finding to accurately lead you to the exact location
  • Lost Mode to be notified when a lost AirTag is found, like finding one hidden in your car
  • Siri integration to find your AirTag with voice commands
Airtag Additional Features

Eufy SmartTrack Link also has some handy extra functionality:

  • Share location with friends and family to collaborate on finding items
  • Ring your phone even if silenced by double tapping the tracker
  • Left-behind alerts similar to AirTag separation alerts
  • Scannable QR code to display owner info if found
Qr Code For Lost Mode

While AirTag has more premium features, the Eufy SmartTrack Link still offers practical options for retrieving lost items. Consider which extras would benefit you most.

Battery Life

AirTag and Eufy SmartTrack Link both use replaceable CR2032 coin cell batteries. The expected battery life is around 1 year before needing replacement.

Airtag's Battery
Eufy Smarttrack Link Battery
Eufy SmartTrack Link

So there is no real difference in typical battery performance. Just note that excessive speaker use will drain the Eufy Link’s battery faster. But in normal usage, their battery life is very similar. You can check out how long AirTag battery typically lasts.

Security and Privacy

Apple has implemented various security measures in AirTag to prevent unwanted tracking:

  • Alerts if an unknown AirTag is traveling with you
  • Automatic audio alerts from an unfamiliar AirTag after a period of time
  • Precision Finding allows you to easily locate an unknown AirTag
  • AirTag’s microphone is only used for playing sounds – it does not record audio

Eufy has also stated that user data is encrypted and locations are anonymous. But we don’t know the full extent of anti-stalking measures at this point.

Early indications suggest AirTag offers better anti-tracking protection than competitors like Eufy SmartTrack Link. But Anker could improve security and privacy safeguards in future.


In terms of price, Eufy SmartTrack Link is the more affordable option:

The Eufy Link is around $10 cheaper for an individual tracker. It can add up if you want multiple trackers for different items.

Key Differences Summary

AirTagEufy SmartTrack Link
Precision Finding technologyNo Precision Finding
iOS onlyiOS + Android compatible
More premium features like Lost ModeMore budget-friendly price
Leading privacy protectionsBasic security measures so far

Which Should You Choose?

For iOS users who want the most advanced tracking and don’t mind paying more, AirTag is the best choice. Precision Finding, seamless Find My integration and robust anti-stalking measures make AirTag stand out.

For Android users or those on a budget, Eufy SmartTrack Link makes more sense. You still get Find My network integration for around $10-20 less. Just don’t expect the same premium features and privacy protections as AirTag.

If you prefer an Android-compatible tracker with Apple Find My integration, Eufy SmartTrack Link fills that niche at an affordable price point. But serious Apple fans will probably still favor the genuine AirTag experience.

FAQs About AirTag and Eufy SmartTrack Link

Does Eufy SmartTrack Link work with Android?

Yes, the Eufy SmartTrack Link is compatible with both iOS and Android devices running iOS 13/Android 8 and above. This gives it an advantage over AirTag which is iOS-only.

Is Eufy Link as accurate as AirTag for finding items?

No. AirTag uses Precision Finding which provides very accurate directions to lead you to the exact location. Eufy SmartTrack Link relies on Bluetooth and sound alerts, which only gets you in the vicinity.

Can you track Eufy Link and AirTag if they are far away?

Yes, both work with Apple’s Find My network so even if your phone isn’t nearby, other devices can detect the tracker and relay the location back to you. This allows them to be tracked over larger distances.

Does Eufy SmartTrack Link have anti-stalking features like AirTag?

AirTag offers more robust anti-tracking capabilities like alerts about unknown AirTags moving with you. Eufy Link’s security measures aren’t fully known yet but are likely more basic.

How long does the Eufy Link battery last compared to AirTag?

Both Eufy SmartTrack Link and AirTag use CR2032 batteries that last around 1 year on average. Excessive audio use may drain Eufy’s battery faster. But in normal usage, their battery life is very similar.

Can you engrave the Eufy SmartTrack Link?

No, there is no custom engraving option for Eufy SmartTrack Link like there is for AirTag. Eufy’s tracker has a scannable QR code on the back to display owner info which serves a similar purpose.

Does the Eufy Link work instantly out of the box?

No, you need to install the Eufy app and set up the tracker first. After pairing it with your phone via Bluetooth, it will then work with the Eufy app and Find My network to locate items.

Can you attach Eufy Link to keys without an accessory?

Yes, the corner hole in Eufy SmartTrack Link allows you to easily attach it to keyrings, bags and more without buying a separate accessory. AirTag lacks any built-in attachment point. You need a case or keyring to attach it, like finding the best AirTag wallet.

Is the Eufy Link fully waterproof?

No, the Eufy SmartTrack Link has water-resistant construction that can withstand rain and spills. But it is not designed for full water submersion which could damage the tracker. See how waterproof AirTags are for comparison.

Can the Eufy Link be shared?

Yes, you can share the location of the Eufy SmartTrack Link with friends and family through the Eufy Security app. Similarly, AirTag can also be shared with close contacts through the Find My app.

The Bottom Line

While the Eufy SmartTrack Link is cheaper and offers Android support, the Apple AirTag is the more full-featured tracker for iOS users who use Find My.

Consider compatibility needs, budget, features, and aesthetics when choosing between these two Find My-enabled trackers. For most Apple device owners who can afford it, AirTag makes sense. But Eufy SmartTrack Link fills the low-cost Android-friendly niche.

Whichever tracker you pick, they beat relying on tradition methods like retracing steps to find lost items! Leveraging Bluetooth and Apple’s vast Find My network improves the chances of recovering your valuables.