eufy SmartTrack Review: Features, Setup, and How It Compares

December 23, 2023

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Eufy SmartTrack is a popular Bluetooth tracker that helps you locate lost items using your smartphone. This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about eufy SmartTrack, including key features, setup, usage tips, how it compares to competitors like Apple AirTag and Tile, and more.

Chapter 1: Introduction to eufy SmartTrack

What is eufy SmartTrack?

Eufy Smarttrack

Eufy SmartTrack is a Bluetooth tracker created by Anker’s smart home brand, eufy. It comes in two versions – the SmartTrack Link and the SmartTrack Card.

The SmartTrack Link is a small, square-shaped tracker with a keyring that you can attach to keys, bags, luggage and other items.

The SmartTrack Card is a thin, credit card sized tracker that easily slips into wallets, laptop bags, or sticks onto devices.

Both help you locate lost items using the eufy security app and Apple’s Find My network. If the item goes missing, you can use your smartphone to make the SmartTrack tracker ring loudly so you can find it.

How Does eufy SmartTrack Work?

eufy SmartTrack uses Bluetooth and Apple’s Find My network to locate lost items. Here’s a quick overview:

  • You attach the SmartTrack Link or Card tracker to an item you want to keep track of.
  • The tracker pairs to your smartphone via Bluetooth.
  • If the item goes missing, you can use the eufy Security app on your iPhone or iPad to view the tracker’s last known location and make it ring loudly.
  • For more precise tracking, the SmartTrack works with Apple’s Find My network. So even if the tracker is far away, you can locate it on a map through Apple’s Find My app.
  • The tracker updates its location whenever it comes within Bluetooth range of an Apple device in the Find My network. This allows for accurate worldwide tracking.

Key Benefits of eufy SmartTrack

Here are some of the main benefits of using eufy SmartTrack:

  • Locate lost items instantly – View the tracker’s current or last known location and make it ring to quickly find misplaced items.
  • Worldwide tracking – When linked to Apple Find My, the SmartTrack can be tracked globally, even if it’s in another country.
  • Shareable tracking – Let family and friends view the SmartTrack location through the eufy Security app. Useful if you need help finding a lost item.
  • Wallet & luggage tracking – The slim Card tracker is perfect for keeping tabs on your wallet. The Link attaches securely to bags.
  • Long battery life – The SmartTrack Link lasts up to 1 year on a CR2032 replaceable battery. The Card lasts up to 3 years before needing replacement.
  • Water resistant – SmartTrack withstands splashes and rain with its water resistant coating.
  • Affordable – At $19.99 for a single tracker, SmartTrack delivers excellent value compared to competitors.

Chapter 2: Key Features of eufy SmartTrack

Now let’s take a more in-depth look at the key features and capabilities of eufy SmartTrack.

Works with Apple Find My

Eufy Smarttrack Works With Apple Find My

One of the most useful features is that eufy SmartTrack integrates directly with Apple’s Find My app.

This gives you access to Apple’s vast Find My network comprised of millions of Apple devices that can detect Bluetooth signals from the SmartTrack tracker.

So even if your lost item is far away, you can view its location on a map in the Find My app. The location updates whenever the tracker comes within Bluetooth range of an Apple device.

This makes the SmartTrack one of the only non-Apple trackers that works directly with Find My for accurate long-range tracking.

Location Sharing

Through the eufy Security app, you can share the SmartTrack’s location with friends and family. This is handy if you want help locating a lost item or need to be located in an emergency.

Authorized people can view the tracker’s location on their own smartphones using the eufy Security app (available for iOS and Android).

Find My Phone

SmartTrack helps you locate your phone as well as other items. Double press the button on the SmartTrack tracker to instantly ring your paired iPhone or iPad at full volume – even if it’s set to silent.

This two-way locating is useful if you misplace your phone in the house. No need to scramble; just double press your SmartTrack tracker and follow the ringing.

Anti-Lost Alerts (eufy app only)

The eufy Security app has an anti-lost alert feature that alerts you if you leave the tracker behind.

For instance, if you walk away and leave your keys with the SmartTrack attached, you’ll get a notification that you left the tracker behind so you can quickly retrieve them.

Rechargeable (Link) vs Non-Rechargeable (Card)

The SmartTrack Link uses a replaceable CR2032 coin cell battery that lasts up to 1 year before needing a new battery. It takes standard CR2032 batteries that are inexpensive and easily available.

The SmartTrack Card has a non-rechargeable battery built-in that lasts up to 3 years according to eufy. Once it dies, the Card tracker needs to be replaced entirely.

So the Link is the better choice if you want to minimize waste and keep reusing the same tracker.

Designed for Keys, Bags, Wallets

The compact SmartTrack Link easily attaches to keychains, zippers and bags thanks to the built-in keyring hole. It’s discreet and won’t take up much space.

Smarttrack Link

The Card version is crafted to slip into wallets, pockets or adhere onto laptops and devices. At roughly the size of two stacked credit cards, it tucks away neatly into card slots.

Smarttrack Card

Water Resistant

SmartTrack has a water resistant coating that protects the tracker if it gets wet in the rain or splashed. Just don’t intentionally submerge it.

While not fully waterproof, the water resistance gives you peace of mind that the tracker will survive lighter water exposure.

QR Code for Lost Mode

Qr Code For Lost Mode

Here’s a handy feature if someone else finds your lost SmartTrack tracker. There’s a unique QR code printed on the backside.

The finder can scan this QR code which will reveal your chosen contact details or a message you configured in the eufy app. This way, an honest person can contact you if they stumble upon your lost tracker.

Alert Sounds and Volume

When you make the SmartTrack ring using the Find My or eufy Security app, it emits a loud 85 decibel alarm sound. This helps lead you straight to the tracker if it’s buried under sofa cushions or in another room.

Some users wish there was the ability to customize the ringtone or reduce the volume. But the single loud alarm tone makes the most sense for location tracking purposes.

Small, Discreet Design

SmartTrack uses a minimalist, black color scheme without any logos or buttons on the front. This makes the tracker discreet when attached to your personal items.

The Link is roughly 2 x 2 inches – similar footprint as an AirTag but not as thick. The Card has a slim profile comparable to two stacked credit cards.

Overall, the SmartTrack tracker blends into your items nicely without adding much bulk.

Chapter 3: Setting Up eufy SmartTrack

Setting up your new eufy SmartTrack only takes a minute or two whether you use iOS or Android. Here’s how to get started:

Step 1: Download the eufy Security App

On your iPhone or Android phone, download the free eufy Security app from the App store or Google Play store. This is required for the initial setup.

Step 2: Enable Bluetooth

Ensure Bluetooth is enabled on your smartphone. The SmartTrack tracker connects to your phone via Bluetooth.

Step 3: Press Button to Initiate Pairing

Press and hold the button on your SmartTrack tracker for 2-3 seconds until you hear it emit a tone. This puts it in pairing mode.

Step 4: Open eufy Security App and Add Device

Open the eufy Security app and tap the +” icon to add a new device. Select SmartTrack and it will automatically find your tracker that’s in pairing mode and connect.

Follow the on-screen instructions to finish pairing your tracker to the app. Make sure to enable location permissions so it can pinpoint the tracker.

Setting Up Eufy Smarttrack

Step 5 (Recommended): Add To Apple Find My

For iOS users, take the extra step of adding your SmartTrack to Apple’s Find My app:

  • Open the Find My app and tap the + icon.
  • Select Add Item and choose eufy.
  • Find My will locate your SmartTrack and pair with it.
Eufy Smarttrack Add To Apple Find My

This connects your tracker to Apple’s vast finding network for improved tracking.

And that’s it! Your eufy SmartTrack is now ready to help you locate lost items.

Chapter 4: Using eufy SmartTrack to Find Items

Now that you’ve set up SmartTrack, let’s look at how to use it to locate lost phones, keys, wallets, and other items.

Locating Your SmartTrack Tracker

If your SmartTrack tracker is attached to an item like keys or a purse that you can’t find, use these steps to locate it:

Using eufy Security App:

  1. Open the eufy Security app on your phone.
  2. Select your SmartTrack tracker from the device list.
  3. Tap the Locate button which will cause the tracker to emit a loud ringing sound.
  4. Walk towards the sound and it will lead you to the lost item.
  5. Once found, tap Stop Ringing in the app.
Locating Your Smarttrack Tracker Using Eufy Security App

Using Apple Find My:

  1. Open the Find My app and select the Items tab.
  2. Choose your SmartTrack from the list.
  3. Tap the Play Sound button to make the tracker ring loudly.
  4. Follow the sound to zone in on the lost item.
  5. When found, tap Stop Playing Sound.
Locating Your Smarttrack Tracker Using Apple Find My

The ringing sound can be heard up to 200 feet away or through walls, helping pinpoint the general location. Move closer and the louder rings will lead you right to your SmartTrack tracker.

Making Your iPhone Ring with SmartTrack

SmartTrack also helps find your phone by making it ring loudly when summoned. Just follow these steps:

  1. Double press the button on your SmartTrack tracker.
  2. Your paired iPhone will start ringing at full volume, even if set to silent.
  3. Follow the ringing to locate your phone.
  4. Press any button on your iPhone to stop the ringing.

This “find my phone” functionality is handy if you misplaced your phone somewhere in your home or office and need to quickly locate it. No need to scramble; just double press your SmartTrack and let the ringing reveal the phone’s location.

Tracking Your SmartTrack Remotely

If your lost item attached to the SmartTrack is nowhere nearby, you can track its location remotely using Apple Find My (iOS only):

  1. In the Find My app, select the Items tab.
  2. Choose your SmartTrack in the device list.
  3. View the tracker’s Last Location on the map if it’s been away from your phone for a while.
  4. To refresh the location, tap Notify When Found to get notified when the tracker connects to the Find My network again.
  5. Once another Apple device detects your tracker via Bluetooth, you’ll see the updated location on the map.

The location accuracy depends on the density of Apple devices in the area that can pick up your tracker’s Bluetooth signal. In most urban areas, you can expect fairly accurate tracking within blocks.

Rural areas with fewer iPhones may show the last seen location as it won’t connect frequently. But it still helps narrow down the general area to search.

Chapter 5: eufy SmartTrack Tips and Tricks

Here are some handy tips and tricks for using eufy SmartTrack:

  • Attach the SmartTrack Link to your keychain for easy access when searching for keys. The built-in keyring hole makes attachment seamless.
  • Place the thin SmartTrack Card into a side pocket or card slot in your wallet rather than a main compartment. This prevents accidental button presses.
  • Enable location sharing in the eufy app to let trusted friends or family members help track your keys or wallet if lost.
  • Update your eufy Security app settings so your phone number is visible on the tracker’s QR code in case someone finds it.
  • Check your tracker’s battery level periodically in the eufy app. Replace the Link battery or Card tracker before it dies.
  • Buy multiple SmartTrack devices and attach them to keys, purses, backpacks or any items prone to being lost or stolen.
  • Consider using a magnetic sleeve or silicone case to attach the Card tracker to devices if you don’t want to stick it directly.
  • If using Find My, enable Lost Mode so you get notified when your tracker comes back online after being away from your phone for a while.
  • Use a tile tracker for pets instead, as SmartTrack does not update frequently enough for real-time pet tracking. Look for a dedicated GPS pet tracker.
  • Attach the Link tracker to items that may get wet like bags and gym shoes since it’s water resistant. Avoid submerging.
  • Disable the anti-lost alert in the eufy app if you get too many false alerts when intentionally leaving your tracker behind.

Chapter 6: eufy SmartTrack vs. Competitors

How does eufy SmartTrack compare against other popular item trackers like Apple AirTag and Tile? Here’s a detailed breakdown:

eufy SmartTrack vs. Apple AirTag

Featureeufy SmartTrackApple AirTag
Pricing$19.99 for 1 tracker$29 for 1 tracker
Battery1 year (Link) 3 years (Card)1 year
Water resistanceYesYes
Works with Find MyYesYes
Precision findingNoYes (iPhone 11 or newer)
AttachmentKeyring hole (Link) Adhesive strip (Card)Sold separately
Anti-stalking alertsNoYes
Size2 x 2 in (Link) 86 x 54 x 2.1mm (Card)32 x 32 x 8 mm
QR codeYesNo


  • SmartTrack is $10 cheaper than AirTag for a single tracker.
  • Both have excellent integration with Apple’s Find My app and network.
  • AirTag offers more precise “directional” finding using Precision Finding feature on newer iPhones.
  • AirTag lacks a keyring hole and needs an accessory for attachment. SmartTrack Link has built-in keyring.
  • AirTag has anti-stalking alerts but SmartTrack does not.

Overall, SmartTrack provides competitive tracking features to AirTag at a lower price point. But AirTag edges out in precision finding and anti-stalking protection.

eufy SmartTrack vs. Tile Pro 2022

Featureeufy SmartTrackTile Pro 2022
Pricing$19.99 for 1 tracker$29.99 for 1 tracker
Battery1 year (Link) 3 years (Card)1 year
Water resistanceYesYes
Public tracking networkApple Find My networkTile network
Works with GoogleNoYes
Alert rangeBluetooth only400 ft
QR codeYesNo


  • Tile Pro is $10 more expensive than the SmartTrack for a single device.
  • Both offer 1 year battery life. Water resistant.
  • SmartTrack uses Apple’s larger tracking network. Tile Pro uses its own network.
  • Tile Pro is cross-platform, also works with Android. SmartTrack is iOS only.
  • Tile Pro can ring remotely when in range of another Tile device. SmartTrack requires Bluetooth.
  • SmartTrack has a QR code on back, Tile does not.

The Tile Pro is better for Android users. But SmartTrack takes advantage of Apple’s vast Find My network. For iPhone owners, SmartTrack delivers competitive tracking at lower cost.

Chapter 7: FAQ

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about eufy SmartTrack:

Does eufy SmartTrack need wifi or mobile data to work?

No, the SmartTrack tracker uses Bluetooth to pair with your phone directly without needing an internet connection or mobile data. However, using Apple Find My to track remotely does require mobile data or wifi.

Can I use eufy SmartTrack with Android phones?

The SmartTrack tracker pairs with the eufy Security app for iOS and Android devices via Bluetooth only. However, cross-platform Find My network tracking is not supported on Android. Only iOS users get that extended tracking capability.

What is the maximum range for tracking SmartTrack?

When linked to Apple Find My, the SmartTrack can be tracked globally as long as it comes within Bluetooth range (~30 feet) of an Apple device that then updates the tracker’s location. Using just Bluetooth directly, the maximum range is around 200 feet.

How accurate is eufy SmartTrack location tracking?

Connected to Apple’s Find My network, the location accuracy is excellent, pinpointing within around 30 feet in most cases. Using Bluetooth directly, it can locate within about 200 feet. Accuracy depends on the density of Apple devices in the area.

Does the eufy SmartTrack Link have replaceable batteries?

Yes, the SmartTrack Link uses a standard CR2032 coin cell battery that lasts around 1 year. When it needs replacing, you can easily swap it out for a new CR2032 battery, which are inexpensive and readily available.

Can the SmartTrack Card tracker battery be replaced?

No, unfortunately the SmartTrack Card has a non-replaceable battery sealed inside. The battery lasts around 2-3 years according to eufy, and then the entire card needs to be replaced.

Can I use SmartTrack trackers on my pet?

SmartTrack is not ideal for real-time pet tracking since it doesn’t update location frequently enough. For pets, you’ll want a real-time GPS tracker like Whistle or Tractive. SmartTrack is better suited for tracking stationary items and possessions.

Does SmartTrack work for tracking luggage?

Yes, the compact SmartTrack Link can be easily attached to luggage bags and purses to keep track of them when traveling. If your bag goes missing, you can view its last known location and track it down even if it’s in another city or country.

Can SmartTrack track items in real-time?

Not exactly. It updates the location whenever the tracker comes in Bluetooth range of an Apple device in the Find My network. This could be every few minutes in a dense urban area, or less frequently in rural areas. So it provides near real-time tracking rather than true live tracking.

Does SmartTrack work if the item is underground?

No. Since SmartTrack relies on Bluetooth and Apple’s Find My network, it needs to be in Bluetooth range (~30 feet) of an iPhone or other Apple device to update its location. So it will not work if the item is underground or in a shielded faraday bag.

Can SmartTrack be used to track people without consent?

Apple has built in anti-stalking protections into Find My network to prevent unauthorized tracking of people. If an unknown AirTag or third-party tracker like SmartTrack travels with you for an extended time, your iPhone will notify you of its presence.

Chapter 8: Final Thoughts

In conclusion, eufy SmartTrack delivers reliable tracking of your essential items at an affordable price point. With broad compatibility across iOS and Android, plus integration with Apple’s powerful Find My network, it’s a compelling alternative to AirTag and Tile trackers.

The slim Card tracker effortlessly sticks into wallets and laptops to prevent losses. And the portable SmartTrack Link easily attaches to keychains, luggage and more to keep tabs on your valuables.

So if you’re prone to misplacing items and want a straightforward tracking solution, eufy SmartTrack is a great option worth considering.