The Best AirTag Bike Mounts to Hide and Track Your Bike

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Airtag Bike Mount

AirTags have become one of the most popular ways to track and secure your valuable belongings. If you own a bike, attaching an AirTag to it is a smart idea to keep tabs on your ride and help recover it if stolen. But how do you mount and conceal an AirTag on a bike discreetly and securely?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover the best AirTag bike mounts to hide and track your bike. You’ll learn how AirTags work on bikes, the different mounting options, and recommended products to install an AirTag covertly while keeping it protected.

Why You Should Use An AirTag on Your Bike

AirTags are Apple’s tracking devices that utilize their Find My network. When attached to your bike, an AirTag lets you view your bike’s last location if stolen. You can also make your AirTag play a sound to help locate your bike if nearby.

Bike theft is hugely prevalent, with over 1.5 million bikes stolen annually just in the US. Many thieves target expensive e-bikes and road bikes, which can cost thousands of dollars. But even cheaper bikes are also at high risk of getting nicked.

An AirTag gives you the best possible chance of recovering your bike if a thief makes off with it. The earlier you can locate your bike after it’s taken, the better the chances of getting it back and apprehending the criminal. For AirTag alternatives, reviews options like Tiles.

Key Criteria For an AirTag Bike Mount

When installing an AirTag to your bike, you’ll want a mount that:

  • Conceals the AirTag discreetly so thieves don’t remove it
  • Keeps the AirTag securely attached even through bumps and falls
  • Allows the AirTag signal to transmit reliably to nearby iPhones
  • Is easy to install and remove with common bike tools
  • Provides adequate protection and water resistance

The ideal mount will hide the AirTag out of sight but in a location it can still connect with iPhones to enable tracking. Handlebar mounts often meet these needs best.

You also want a mount built robustly. A loose AirTag won’t stay on your bike long, rendering it useless when you need it most.

Where To Mount an AirTag on Your Bike

Where To Mount An Airtag On Your Bike

The top three spots to mount an AirTag on a bike are:

1. Inside the Handlebars

This is the most concealed and discreet mounting option. You’ll need handlebars that are hollow inside. Then you can insert the AirTag deep within the frame, blocking the signal least.

Handlebar mounts exist that place the AirTag at the end of the bars or under the grips. But fully internal mounts hide the AirTag best while keeping it well-protected.

2. Under the Seat

Under the saddle is another effective spot if your seat post allows access. You can typically remove the seat with standard bike tools, place the AirTag at the bottom of the post, then reattach.

This keeps the AirTag hidden and guarded. But the signal can get muffled when surrounded by too much metal framing.

3. In Accessories Like Bells, Reflectors, Bottles

If the frame lacks good hiding spots, accessories like bells, reflectors, and water bottles work too.

You can open up the housing, insert the AirTag inside, then reseal it. Just ensure the material doesn’t block too much of the Bluetooth and UWB signals.

5 Best AirTag Bike Mounts

Based on the criteria above, these are our top recommended AirTag bike mounts:

1. AirBell


The AirBell is specially designed as an AirTag bike mount and bell combined. It has a compartment in the underside to conceal an AirTag inconspicuously.

It’s made from durable ABS plastic and has a loud 105 db ringer. The black color blends in discreetly on any bike.

Reviewers praise the smart dual-purpose design and solid build quality. It’s easy to mount using the integrated strap. And the AirTag remains securely encased while allowing signal transmission.

2. WOO Mount

Woo Mount

If you want to stash an AirTag internally within handlebars, the WOO mount is purpose-built for this.

It secures the AirTag at the end of the handlebars using a threaded insert and screws. The AirTag sits in a plastic sleeve that protects it from moisture and debris.

Installing the mount takes about 5-10 minutes with basic bike tools. It’s made from durable aluminum and keeps the AirTag completely hidden while keeping it firmly fixed in place.

3. Air Lock

For external under-seat mounting, the Air Lock provides a smart locking design. It uses a combination of 3 standard torx bike screws and custom security screws to deter tampering.

The plastic housing fully encloses the AirTag while enabling signal transmission. Foam padding isolates it from vibrations.

You do need to provide your own custom security driver bit. But it offers more anti-theft protection than most mounts.

4. Spybike Covert Mount

Spybike Covert Mount

Spybike makes an extremely discreet seat post AirTag case. It’s designed to conceal the AirTag within the seat tube of the frame.

The two-piece case is waterproof and has silicone padding to reduce noise. Installation is easy using basic tools to remove then reinstall the seat post.

This is one of the most covert and secure AirTag bike mounts out there. The AirTag practically disappears inside the frame once installed.

5. Vodrais ST-One

For maximum versatility, the Vodrais ST-One is an adjustable mount that works on any bike tube 10-35mm in diameter. So you can attach it to the frame, handlebars, seat post, etc.

It’s made from durable 6061 aluminum and uses O-rings to prevent any movement or vibration. The AirTag inserts into the cylindrical mount and gets enclosed on both sides.

Reviewers praise the solid build and ease of moving this mount between multiple bikes. It keeps the AirTag discrete but quite secure.

Testing AirTag Signal Transmission

Once you’ve installed your AirTag in the mount, it’s wise to test that it can still transmit a clear signal to nearby iPhones.

Bike frames and accessories can sometimes block too much of the Bluetooth and UWB frequencies. Nearby brick walls or metal infrastructure may also interfere.

One way to test is enable Lost Mode on the AirTag so you get notified when it’s detected. Then carry your phone around your bike both nearby and at a distance to confirm strong consistent signaling.

If the AirTag has connectivity issues from the mount, you may need to reposition it somewhere with less obstruction. Handlebar mounts tend to be most reliable.

Using an AirTag Bike Mount Correctly

Here are some tips to use your AirTag bike mount properly for optimal security:

  • Secure the mount tightly using torque specifications – a loose mount will soon fail and allow the AirTag to fall off your bike.
  • Check periodically that the AirTag remains in place, especially if traveling over bumpy terrain.
  • Ensure your iPhone has Bluetooth enabled to connect with the AirTag at all times.
  • Consider adding a second AirTag in a different location as a backup if one gets discovered and removed.
  • Register the AirTag to your Apple ID so it can utilize the encrypted Find My network.
  • Update your AirTags whenever Apple releases new firmware versions to get the latest security fixes.

Accessories and Tools to Install Your AirTag Mount

Accessories And Tools To Install Your Airtag Mount

Most AirTag bike mounts include the necessary hardware in the package. But you often need to supply standard bike tools like hex wrenches.

It’s also handy to have a good bike light to illuminate the small spaces you’re working in. A pair of bike tire levers can help remove grips and tires when fitting internal mounts.

For security screws, you’ll need the special driver bit, often sold separately. Just ensure it’s adequately sized for the torx or other custom screws.

It’s also worth getting extras of the custom screws or other proprietary parts. That way you can easily reinstall the mount if ever removing it like when traveling. A secure AirTag wallet can help carry spares.

Reduce Your Risk of Bike Theft

An AirTag provides important tracking capability if your bike gets stolen. But you also want to deter theft in the first place as much as possible.

Always use the highest quality U-lock you can buy – skimping here is false economy. Lock to immoveable objects in visible well-trafficked areas whenever possible.

Register your bike on databases like Bike Index and Immobilize which police can reference. Add other tracking devices for redundancy like GPS trackers.

Make sure home insurance and/or renters insurance covers your bike theft. And document your bike’s serial number and distinguishing details in case proof of ownership is needed.

The more anti-theft and documentation measures you take, the less likely thieves will target your bike – and the easier it will be to recover if they do.

Key Takeaways on Apple AirTag Bike Mounts

  • AirTags utilize Apple’s encrypted Find My network to help track and locate stolen bikes.
  • Effective mounts conceal the AirTag while keeping it securely attached and allowing reliable signal transmission.
  • Top mounting locations are inside handlebars, under the saddle, or inside accessories like bells and water bottles.
  • Leading bike mount products provide discreet, robust enclosures purpose-designed for AirTags.
  • Test transmission strength from the mounted AirTag and use anti-theft locks, registration, insurance to further protect your bike.

Hopefully this guide gives you all the information needed to pick and install the best AirTag bike mount for your riding needs. With an AirTag secretly attached to your bike, you can have valuable peace of mind in case the worst happens.

Ride safely and make sure you can keep tracking your treasured two-wheeled freedom machine!

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