Can AirTags Really Prevent Motorcycle Theft? An In-Depth Look

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Apple’s AirTags have received a lot of attention as a potential anti-theft device for motorcycles. But how well do they actually work for preventing motorcycle theft compared to dedicated GPS trackers? This comprehensive guide examines the pros, cons, and key factors to consider.

How AirTags Function for Theft Prevention

How Airtags Function For Theft Prevention
  • AirTags use Apple’s Find My network to broadcast Bluetooth signals that relay location. They don’t have built-in GPS, unlike dedicated GPS trackers like Tractive.
  • AirTags rely on nearby iPhones and other Apple devices to update locations. No Apple devices means no location data. This is different from GPS trackers like Jiobit that use cellular and satellite networks.
  • Owners must manually enable Lost Mode in Find My app to track a stolen AirTagged item. No automatic theft alerts like Monimoto 7 provides.
  • Locations only update when an Apple device comes within Bluetooth range. Tracking a moving stolen motorcycle is inconsistent compared to GPS motorcycle trackers.

Comparing AirTags to GPS Motorcycle Trackers

Theft Alerts

  • AirTags don’t notify if motorcycle is stolen. Owner must realize it’s missing and activate Lost Mode.
  • GPS trackers like Monimoto 7 automatically detect unauthorized movement and alert owners.
  • Immediate alerts via calls and notifications enable quicker recovery.

Location Tracking

  • AirTags dependent on Apple device density. No devices means no tracking.
  • GPS trackers use cellular and satellite networks for consistent global coverage.
  • AirTags only update when Apple device is in Bluetooth range. Inconsistent for tracking moving vehicles.
  • GPS trackers update every few minutes regardless of speed or location. More reliable tracking.


  • AirTag accuracy depends on location precision of nearby Apple devices.
  • GPS trackers pull locations directly from satellites. Consistently accurate within a few meters.


  • AirTags are tiny and easily hidden. But anti-stalking sound and notifications can reveal its presence.
  • Larger GPS trackers have more limited hiding spots but are completely silent.

Key Factors When Using AirTags

  • AirTags excel in urban areas with high Apple device density. Coverage sparse in rural areas where dedicated trackers like Fi Collar work better.
  • Clear line of sight to Apple devices improves location accuracy. This is different from GPS trackers like Tile that pull data from satellites.
  • Store contact info to enable someone who finds it to call you. Helpful in case your AirTagged luggage gets lost.
  • Avoid theft prone parking areas. AirTags won’t deter thieves from stealing like steering wheel locks and other security devices can.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can AirTags be used to track a stolen motorcycle in real time?

AirTags rely on proximity to Apple devices to update locations, so real-time tracking of a moving stolen motorcycle is inconsistent. A dedicated GPS tracker is better for live tracking.

How accurate are AirTag locations?

AirTag accuracy depends on the accuracy of nearby Apple devices. In optimal conditions with multiple device connections, accuracy can be within 25-50 feet. But accuracy is reduced if fewer devices are available.

What kind of notification does an AirTag send if a motorcycle is stolen?

AirTags don’t automatically notify if a motorcycle is stolen. The owner must realize it is missing first and manually enable Lost Mode. A GPS tracker sends immediate notifications.

Can thieves detect a hidden AirTag?

AirTags have anti-stalking features that can reveal its presence to thieves after 8-24 hours via sounds and notifications. A GPS tracker is fully silent.

Do AirTags require a monthly fee?

No, AirTags rely on Apple’s Find My network so there is no ongoing monthly fee like some GPS trackers require. But reduced functionality compared to GPS trackers.

What is the battery life of an AirTag?

AirTags use a standard CR2032 coin cell battery that lasts around 1 year before needing replacement. Similar to GPS trackers that get about a year of battery life.


For under $30, AirTags provide affordable supplemental tracking to aid motorcycle recovery in case of theft. But limitations in automatic alerts, location tracking, and concealability prevent them from replacing full-featured GPS motorcycle trackers like Invoxia. Combining an AirTag with comprehensive security layers like chains gives owners valuable peace of mind.

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