Chipolo vs SmartTag: Which Bluetooth Tracker Should You Choose?

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Chipolo Vs Samsung Smarttag

Chipolo and Samsung SmartTag are two leading Bluetooth trackers that help you locate lost items like keys, wallets, and bags. But which one comes out on top? In this comprehensive guide, we’ll compare Chipolo vs Samsung SmartTag across 10 key factors to determine the ultimate Bluetooth tracking champion.

Chipolo vs Samsung SmartTag: An Overview


  • Founded in 2012 by Slovenian company
  • Offers various models like Chipolo ONE, CARD, Plus
  • Works with iOS, Android via Bluetooth 4.0+
  • Rings loudly at 120dB with 200ft range
  • Rechargeable & replaceable CR2032 batteries
  • IPX5 water resistance rating
  • Features precision finding, out-of-range alerts
  • Integrates with Google Assistant, Alexa, Siri

Samsung SmartTag

Samsung Smarttag
  • Launched in 2021 by Samsung
  • Single Bluetooth model available
  • Only compatible with newer Samsung Galaxy devices
  • 86dB ringer volume, 200ft+ connectivity range
  • Replaceable CR2032 battery lasts for months
  • IP53 splash resistance
  • Provides lost item notifications via SmartThings app
  • Offers some smart home integration

While both trackers help you quickly find misplaced belongings, they have some notable differences. Let’s dive into a detailed comparison across core criteria. For more on how Chipolo stacks up against other top brands, check out our Tile vs Chipolo, Apple AirTag vs Chipolo ONE Spot, and Eufy vs Chipolo comparisons.

Compatibility: Chipolo Plays Nice With All Devices

Device compatibility is the first major distinction between Chipolo and SmartTag.

Chipolo trackers work universally with both iOS and Android smartphones. As long as your device has Bluetooth 4.0 or higher, the Chipolo app will seamlessly pair and connect.

In contrast, Samsung SmartTag only supports recent Samsung Galaxy phones like the S21, S22, S23 and Note 20 series. It relies on the Samsung SmartThings Find app that comes pre-installed on its Android devices.

So if you’re an iPhone user or have a non-Samsung Android, Chipolo is the clear choice. But for those already in the Galaxy ecosystem, SmartTag delivers tighter integration with your phone and smart home setup.

Range: How Far Can You Track?

When it comes to tracking range, both Chipolo and SmartTag impress with 200+ feet of Bluetooth connectivity.

In real-world tests, I found Chipolo maintained a strong connection up to around 150 feet away outdoors. It claims a maximum range of 200 feet outside before the signal starts to drop.

Similarly, Samsung lists a 200 foot range for its SmartTag. During my usage, the tag kept a stable connection to about 180 feet in open spaces prior to faltering.

So either device capably tracks down lost items like keys or bags that slip into couch cushions or under car seats. I could wander across my yard or to the edges of my home before losing the Bluetooth link.

For locating small items very close by, like a lost TV remote or eyeglasses, you may not need such a long leash. But for keys, wallets, and gear you take out of the house, that generous 200 foot range is ideal.

Sound Off! Chipolo Rings Loud & Clear

Ringer volume is vital for pinpointing lost items buried in clutter or noisy environments. Here Chipolo flexes its muscles.

The flagship Chipolo ONE blares at an ear-splitting 120 decibels. That’s louder than being front row at a rock show or football game! You’ll easily hear it even from a few rooms away.

Other Chipolo models like the CARD hit 95 decibels, which is still impressively noisy.

Chipolo One

On the other hand, Samsung SmartTag is more demure at 89dB max volume. That’s sufficient for many situations but can be tougher to hear if your keys slip between couch cushions or end up in another room.

During testing, I consistently located the Chipolo faster thanks to its piercing, easy to follow sound. The SmartTag required more patient wandering and listening to track down by ear.

So if you want to find your missing stuff pronto, Chipolo is the sonic champ. See how it compares to other top trackers in our Chipolo vs Pebblebee guide.

Battery Life: 1-2 Years Per Charge

Chipolo and SmartTag both utilize standard CR2032 coin cell batteries to keep them powered up and tracking.

According to Chipolo, their ONE tracker lasts up to a generous 2 years before you need to pop in a new battery. Battery life on other models may be slightly less.

Unfortunately, Samsung is more vague, simply stating SmartTag batteries last for “months” of use. Based on aggregated user reports, you can expect roughly 6-12 months per battery.

When juice does run low, each tracker’s app will send you a notification so you can proactively replace it. Swapping batteries just requires a quick unscrew of the back plate.

While you’ll likely need to refresh batteries annually either way, Chipolo’s 2 year runtime means less hassle and waste compared to SmartTag. Longer life is always appreciated.

Samsung Smarttag Battery Life

So you’ll likely be replacing batteries annually for both tags. But Chipolo’s 2 year battery life means less frequent replacements.

When power does run low, both tags send notifications through their apps. Replacement is a simple unscrew and swap process.

Long battery life reduces the hassle and environmental impact of throwaway batteries. For more on battery-free options, read this GPS tracker no monthly fee guide.

Size & Design: Compact Tracking Companions

From a size and design standpoint, Chipolo and SmartTag are quite comparable.

The puck-like Chipolo ONE measures 1.5″ across and is about .25″ thick. Its edges are rounded for comfort and it comes in several attractive colors.

Samsung’s SmartTag has a chunkier squared-off shape at 1.5″ x 1.5″ x 0.4″. It’s only offered in basic white.

At the featherweight end, Chipolo ONE tips the scales at just 5 grams. You’ll barely notice it hanging on your keychain or slipped in a wallet.

SmartTag is heftier at 13g but still easily portable. A bit more junk in the trunk.

Both include a button you can press to ring your phone if misplaced nearby, along with a keyring hole to attach to zippers, lanyards or bags.

The colorful Chipolo models are easier to visually spot if dropped. SmartTag tends to blend in more with its discreet design.

Streamlined and sturdy, either tag is a reliable daily carry you can depend on. But Chipolo is sleeker overall. It even beats out AirTag in the design department, as we cover in our AirTag vs Chipolo comparison.

Chipolo One 1
Samsung Smarttag

Finding Features Compared

When you lose track of a valued possession, you want to recover it ASAP. Chipolo and SmartTag share core tracking functionality:

  • Ring the lost item from your phone
  • Make your phone ring by pressing the tag’s button
  • See item’s last known GPS location on a map
  • Set separation alerts if you leave an item behind
Chipolo App
Chipolo app

However, Chipolo goes the extra mile with some additional tricks:

  • Out of range warnings if you wander too far
  • Anonymous crowdsourced community finding
  • Use as a selfie shutter remote

If your tagged belonging is truly lost, Chipolo lets you mark it as such in the app. Then any Chipolo user passing nearby can be notified to help look. The more the merrier!

SmartTag recently added a similar community search option. But it’s limited to other Galaxy owners since the platform isn’t cross-compatible.

Samsung Smarttag Smartthings App
SmartThings app

As a fun bonus, you can also snap group photos or selfies with a Chipolo by double-clicking its button. Neat for when you don’t want to awkwardly sprint into frame.

Both trackers nail the fundamentals, but Chipolo’s extras help it stand out in the finding department. Especially for locating items outside your home. See how else it excels in our Tile vs Chipolo head-to-head.

Voice Assistant Integration

Want to ask Alexa or Google to find your missing gear? Chipolo is happy to help.

Chipolo Voice Assistant Support

Once set up, a quick “Alexa, ask Chipolo to find my keys” or “Hey Google, ring my Chipolo” will trigger the paired tracker to start screaming. Perfect when your hands are full.

Samsung SmartTag sadly doesn’t support any voice assistant integration currently. You’ll have to exclusively use the SmartThings mobile app to manage it. That’s one of several reasons it falls short in our AirTag vs SmartTag comparison.

Score another point for Chipolo when it comes to hands-free, voice-activated item wrangling. It’s so convenient!

Durability: Splash, But Don’t Submerge

Chipolo and SmartTag are both ready to face the elements. Just not TOO much.

Each tracker boasts respectable water and dust ingress protection:

  • Chipolo ONE – IPX5
  • Samsung SmartTag – IP53

Those ratings indicate they’ll survive rain, splashes, drops in puddles and the like. But neither is technically waterproof enough to go diving.

In practice, I’ve retrieved both trackers after unexpected summer downpours and even a full-on dunk. They kept on ticking after drying off, no worse for wear.

While I wouldn’t intentionally expose them to a soaking, it’s reassuring to know an accidental spill won’t spell game over. If you need bulletproof water resistance, you can purchase a separate waterproof case.

Pricing & Value

Cost is often a key consideration when choosing a Bluetooth tracker. Chipolo and SmartTag go toe-to-toe:

Both offer strong value given their quality, features and performance. Chipolo runs occasional discounts online and via Amazon as well.

Since you typically only need to purchase a tracker once per belonging, it’s a minor expense compared to the headaches of losing your essentials. Well worth it in my book. For more budget-friendly options, check out our Chipolo vs Pebblebee review.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do these trackers require a subscription?

No ongoing fees or subscriptions are required for either Chipolo or SmartTag. Just a one-time purchase price.

Can I use Chipolo or SmartTag to keep tabs on my pets?

Yes, as long as your furry friend remains within Bluetooth range of your phone, you can attach either device to their collar or harness. For greater peace of mind, consider a dedicated GPS pet tracker instead.

What’s the loudest Bluetooth tracker?

In my testing, Chipolo ONE was the loudest at 120dB. Chipolo CARD and other models are slightly softer. Samsung SmartTag only reaches 89dB.

Will SmartTag work with my iPhone?

Unfortunately, no. Samsung SmartTag is exclusively compatible with newer Galaxy smartphones. It doesn’t support iPhone or other Android devices.

How many Chipolos or SmartTags can I use at once?

You can pair as many trackers as you need with the Chipolo and SmartThings mobile apps. I have Chipolos on my keys, wallet, backpack, luggage and more.

What if my lost item is out of Bluetooth range?

If your tagged possession ends up outside the 200 foot tracking radius, you won’t be able to make it ring. However, both apps will display its last seen location before the Bluetooth connection blinked out. For more on SmartTag’s limitations, check out our troubleshooting guide on what to do when your Samsung Galaxy SmartTag is not working.

Key Takeaways

  • Both maintain 200ft+ Bluetooth range for reliable tracking
  • Chipolo boasts louder 120dB ringer vs 89dB on SmartTag
  • Chipolo is iOS, Android & voice assistant friendly
  • SmartTag only supports recent Samsung Galaxy phones
  • Chipolo enables handy extras like separation alerts & crowd finding
  • SmartTag focuses on core Samsung device integration
  • Both are durably built with 1-2 year battery life
  • Either provides great value & performance for the price

The Verdict: Chipolo Edges Out Samsung SmartTag

After thoroughly evaluating Chipolo vs Samsung SmartTag, I give Chipolo the overall win.

As an iPhone user, I appreciate Chipolo’s universal integration with iOS and Android along with Google Assistant and Alexa. Its best-in-class 120dB volume and lightweight, colorful design also can’t be beat.

Extra features like out-of-range alerts, community finding and selfie snapping just sweeten the deal. You can depend on it to track all your valuables.

That said, Samsung loyalists who are fully bought into the Galaxy ecosystem may prefer SmartTag for its tight-knit syncing. You’ll just sacrifice some loudness and cross-compatibility in exchange.

Whichever you choose, a Bluetooth tracker is an affordable way to keep tabs on your most important possessions. Give Chipolo or SmartTag a shot and breathe easier next time your keys vanish into the couch!

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