The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Samsung SmartTag Wallet in 2024

February 11, 2024

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Looking for the perfect wallet to hold your Samsung SmartTag or SmartTag Plus? You’ve come to the right place.

As Samsung’s answer to Apple’s AirTag and Tile, the Samsung SmartTag and SmartTag Plus help you easily locate lost items using your Samsung Galaxy smartphone. But to get the most out of these Bluetooth trackers, you need a wallet designed specifically to hold them.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know to find the ideal Samsung SmartTag wallet.

Let’s dive in!

How Do Samsung SmartTags Work?

Samsung SmartTags are small, battery-powered Bluetooth devices that you attach to valuables like wallets, backpacks, keys, etc. Once paired to your Samsung account, you can use the SmartThings Find app on your Galaxy smartphone to locate lost SmartTagged items.

Samsung Smarttag Smartthings App

Here’s an overview of how SmartTags work:

  • You attach a SmartTag to an important item using a keyring, adhesive, or by placing it in a holder within a bag or wallet.
  • Using your Galaxy phone, you pair the SmartTag to your Samsung account via Bluetooth.
  • When the item is lost, you open SmartThings Find and select the SmartTag.
  • The app shows the SmartTag’s most recent location on a map.
  • If the item is nearby, an AR finder shows direction and distance. The closer you get, the fuller the gauge becomes.
  • Even if the item is far away, any nearby Galaxy devices will anonymously help locate it.

So in a nutshell, SmartTags leverage your Samsung account, Bluetooth connectivity, and a crowd-sourced network of Galaxy users to help you quickly find lost items. Pretty handy!

SmartTag vs SmartTag Plus: Key Differences

Smarttag Vs Smarttag Plus

Samsung makes two versions of its trackers – the standard SmartTag and the SmartTag Plus. While they look almost identical, there are some important distinctions:

Connection Type:

  • SmartTag uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
  • SmartTag Plus uses Bluetooth Low Energy and Ultra-Wideband (UWB)

Location Tracking Precision:

  • With BLE, location tracking shows approximate distance.
  • With UWB, tracking can pinpoint an item’s location down to several inches.

Galaxy Phone Compatibility:

  • SmartTag works with any Galaxy smartphone.
  • SmartTag Plus only works with newer Galaxy models like S21 Plus, S21 Ultra, Note 20 Ultra due to UWB requirements.


So in summary, the SmartTag Plus offers more advanced tracking capabilities through UWB connectivity, but only works with select newer Samsung phones. The standard SmartTag offers approximate tracking that works with any Galaxy device for a lower price point.

Benefits of a Samsung SmartTag Wallet

While you can attach a SmartTag to just about anything, keeping it in a wallet designed for it offers some nice perks:

  • Convenience – Wallets have a dedicated slot or pouch to securely hold the SmartTag. No need for separate keyrings, adhesive dots, makeshift DIY mounting, etc. Just drop it in the holder and go!
  • Protection – Keeps your SmartTag shielded from drops, moisture, and other hazards that could damage the device. No need to worry about it falling off your keys and getting lost itself.
  • Organization – Stores your essential cards, cash, IDs neatly together in one place along with your SmartTag for easy access. Reduces bulk in your pockets.
  • Style – A quality leather or fabric wallet looks much nicer than carrying a tech gadget loose in your pocket. Goes with any outfit for work, formal occasions, or weekends.
  • Tracking – With your SmartTag safely inside your wallet, you can track the wallet if lost or stolen. No need to dig it out and mount somewhere on the outside.

So in a nutshell, a purpose-built wallet combines fashion, function, and Findable technology in one convenient package.

What to Look for in a Samsung SmartTag Wallet

With the benefits clear, what specs and features should you look for when picking out a wallet for your SmartTag or SmartTag Plus? Here are the key factors to consider:


  • Confirm the wallet is specifically made to hold your model – SmartTag or SmartTag Plus.
  • Measure the SmartTag dimensions to avoid compatibility issues, like those reviewed in this Samsung SmartTag review.
  • Avoid generic or “universal” tracker wallets as the cutouts may be too large or small.

Size Capacity

  • Choose a capacity that fits your daily carry needs – 6, 8, 10+ card slots and cash pocket.
  • Pick a slim, minimalist design unless you need higher capacity.
  • Ensure there is still room for the SmartTag without sacrificing card slots.

Security Features

  • Seek out RFID-blocking material in the wallet lining to protect your cards’ chip technology from wireless skimming theft.
  • Choose a reputable brand that offers tested, proven RFID protection of 13.56 MHz cards.

Material & Durability

  • Look for soft, durable leather or ripstop nylon fabric exteriors that hold up through daily wear and tear without coming apart at the seams.
  • Metal money clips and reinforced stitching add extra structural integrity over years of use.

Style & Design

  • Pick classic colors like black, brown, or navy that pair well with business attire, casualwear, etc.
  • Sleek bi-fold or tri-fold wallets are slim, professional options for front or back pockets.
  • Consider distressed leather or textured fabrics for a more rugged, outdoorsy aesthetic.
  • Match leathers like crocodile grain to your dress shoes or boots.


  • Expect to pay $25-$50+ USD for a quality leather SmartTag wallet, depending on features and materials.
  • You can find basic nylon, polyester, or PU leather wallets on the cheaper end around $15-$25.
  • Splurge for premium full-grain leather or customizable engraved wallets up to $100+.

Brand Reputation

  • Stick to established, reputable wallet brands known for quality craftsmanship and functionality.
  • Read reviews and confirm excellent customer service support in case of defects.
  • Avoid no-name manufacturers selling on marketplaces like Amazon or Wish.

Leather vs Fabric SmartTag Wallets Compared

Leather Vs Fabric Smarttag Wallets Compared

The two most common materials used for SmartTag wallets are leather and fabric:



  • Classic, stylish, professional aesthetic
  • Softens and molds over time for comfortable fit
  • Develops unique patina character with age
  • Very durable and long-lasting (10+ years with care)


  • Requires periodic conditioning to prevent drying out
  • Prone to scratches and scuffs which some may consider defects
  • Generally more expensive than fabric options
  • Not vegan – contains animal products

Best For

Business professionals, formal occasions, want aging/character



  • Usually more affordable than leather
  • Wider range of colors and prints available
  • Vegan – no animal products used
  • Water resistant and stain proof properties
  • Lightweight, flexible, and low maintenance


  • Less luxurious look and feel than leather
  • Durability varies greatly by material type
  • Can look dirty, frayed over time without care
  • Limited style/formality versatility

Best For

Cost-conscious buyers, casual/outdoors lifestyle, vegans

So in summary, leather wallets like the Bellroy leather case are ideal for those who prioritize classic styling, long term durability, and patina development. Fabric wallets offer greater affordability, flexibility, and vegan construction. Choose the material that best fits your preferences, style, budget, and daily usage needs.

Top 5 Recommended Samsung SmartTag Wallets

Now that you know how to select the ideal wallet, here are my top picks for the best Samsung SmartTag wallets currently available in 2024:

1. Phelinta Leather Bifold Wallet

Phelinta Leather Bifold Wallet

My top overall choice is the Phelinta Leather Bifold Wallet, an affordable RFID-blocking wallet with dedicated SmartTag holder.

  • Genuine leather exterior with professional bifold closure
  • Customized slot fits SmartTag or SmartTag Plus perfectly
  • 9 card slots, cash pocket
  • Tested RFID protection from wireless skimming
  • Under $40 with gift box included

With its simple, functional design and quality construction, the Phelinta wallet is a fantastic option for securing both your valuables and your SmartTag tracker.

Shop Phelinta Leather Bifold Wallet on Amazon

2. Distil Union Wally Bifold SmartTag Wallet

Distil Union Wally Bifold Smarttag Wallet

For a more stylish, modern leather wallet, the Distil Union Wally Bifold is a fantastic choice.

  • Handmade premium tumbled leather
  • Sleek & slim front pocket design
  • Flexible integrated SmartTag holder
  • 10 card slots, 2 cash pockets
  • Under $75 with FREE laser engraving

With its silky-smooth full grain leather, customizable engraving, and expert craftsmanship, the Wally Bifold oozes sophistication.

Shop Distil Union Wally Bifold on Amazon

3. Moft Snap On SmartTag Wallet

Moft Snap On

If you prefer a fabric wallet, the Moft Snap On wallet is a superb option made of durable ripstop polyester.

  • Ultra-slim modular snap-on design
  • Fits SmartTags and smartphones
  • Reinforced elastic band holder
  • 4 card slots, cash strap
  • Under $20 available in multiple colorways

For a minimalist front pocket-friendly wallet, the cleverly designed Moft Snap On is hard to beat.

Shop Moft Snap On SmartTag Wallet on Amazon

4. Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro SmartTag Wallet Case

Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro Case

Those wanting ultimate protection for their Galaxy phone and SmartTag should consider the rugged Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro SmartTag Wallet Case.

  • Heavy duty 5 layer construction
  • Built-in rotating holder for SmartTag Plus
  • Card storage for IDs and cards
  • Kickstand and belt holster included
  • Under $25 for Samsung S21 Series

When your lifestyle demands durability, Supcase delivers.

Shop SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro Case on Amazon

5. Bellroy Leather Case for SmartTag Plus

Bellroy Leather Case

For a sleek leather phone case wallet 2-in-1, the Bellroy Leather Case securely holds the SmartTag Plus while storing cards in its slim rear shell.

  • Environmentally certified leather
  • Discreet magnetic flip holding slot
  • 2 quick access card pockets
  • Wireless charging and NFC compatible
  • $89 for Galaxy S21 models

This stylish, functional case wallet elegantly combines phone protection and tracking in a premium leather build.

Shop Bellroy Leather Case on Amazon

And there you have it – 5 of the best Samsung SmartTag wallets representing various styles and budgets. Any of these excellent options will serve you well. The right choice comes down to your personal preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the most common questions regarding Samsung SmartTag wallets:

Q: Does the wallet need NFC compatibility?

A: No, the wallet does not require NFC. The SmartTag communicates via Bluetooth. RFID-blocking wallets will not interfere with SmartTag tracking functionality.

Q: Can you track a SmartTag while it’s inside a wallet?

A: Yes, SmartTags can be tracked while inside a wallet, unlike some other trackers like the Tile tracker which may have connectivity issues.

Q: How long does the SmartTag’s battery last inside a wallet?

A: SmartTags last several months to a year on average depending on usage. Storing it inside a wallet does not significantly impact battery life.

Q: Do SmartTag wallets also work with other trackers like Tile or Apple AirTag?

A: No. Samsung SmartTag wallets are specifically designed for SmartTags. The shape and dimensions likely will not align correctly for other trackers. Always confirm wallet compatibility.

Q: Can the SmartTag fall out of the holder slot when carrying the wallet?

A: Quality SmartTag wallets have a correctly sized holder that secures the SmartTag firmly in place. It should not fall out under normal usage. Test the snugness when you first put it in.

Q: Can you still tap the SmartTag button when it’s inside the wallet?

A: It depends on the wallet design, but most either have an open area over the SmartTag’s button or very thin material covering it allowing the button press to register. Test this when first setting up the wallet.


I hope this guide has given you all the tools you need to select the perfect Samsung SmartTag wallet for keeping your valuables Findable, organized, and protected.

The right SmartTag wallet comes down to your personal style, carrying needs, and budget. But with the knowledge of how to assess quality, materials, compatibility, and features, you can feel confident your choice will safely secure your SmartTag for years to come.

If you found this guide helpful, please share it on social media and check back on our site for more in-depth tech product reviews and recommendations!