The Ultimate Guide to EDGE AirTag Wallets

March 7, 2024

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Losing your wallet can ruin your day and create a maze of cancelling cards and replacing IDs. Fortunately, Apple’s AirTag trackers and wallet makers like EDGE have created solutions to locate misplaced wallets quickly.

This review will cover everything you need to know about EDGE AirTag wallets based on hands-on testing and analysis. I’ll examine the design, build quality, tracking functionality, RFID protection, value for money, and how EDGE wallets compare to alternatives.

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Top Things To Know About EDGE AirTag Wallets

  • Seamlessly integrate Apple AirTags for tracking from anywhere
  • Slim, minimalist design holds up to 14 cards and cash
  • Aluminum card protection with advanced RFID blocking
  • Premium full-grain leather construction and quality stitching
  • Available in black, carbon fiber, and coffee colors
  • Costs $29.95 – relatively affordable compared to “smart” wallets

How EDGE AirTag Wallets Work

EDGE wallets have a dedicated pocket designed to securely hold an AirTag tracker. You pair the AirTag through your iPhone’s Find My app then it utilizes Apple’s vast network to pinpoint the AirTag’s location. If your wallet gets lost or stolen, you can check the Find My app to see its last known or current location.

Airtag Wallet Apple Find My

Key Features and Benefits

  • Tracking and loss prevention from anywhere in the world
  • RFID blocking technology to protect against skimming or theft
  • Ultra slim, minimalist profile under 2 inches thick
  • Durable, handcrafted full-grain leather exterior
  • Multiple classic color options to suit personal style
  • Holds up to 14 cards plus cash without excessive bulk

EDGE AirTag Wallet Review Criteria

To evaluate the EDGE AirTag wallet thoroughly, I assessed these key factors:

  • Design and build quality – Materials used, construction, stitching, dimensions
  • AirTag integration – Ease of AirTag pairing, fit, accessibility
  • Tracking functionality – Accuracy and range of AirTag tracking
  • RFID protection – Independent testing results for RFID blocking
  • Value for money – Price in relation to features and quality
  • Ease of use – Experience pairing AirTag, accessing cards and cash
  • Durability – Leather wear resistance, structural weaknesses

Hands-On Review of the EDGE AirTag Wallet

I tested the carbon fiber EDGE AirTag wallet for over 2 months to evaluate all criteria. Here are my detailed findings:

Sleek, Compact Design and Quality Materials

Edge Airtag Wallet

The EDGE AirTag wallet features a stylish, sleek, minimalist design. It eschews bulky pockets and ornamentation for a streamlined profile.

The exterior is made from durable, full-grain leather in black, carbon fiber, or coffee colors. My carbon fiber model exhibited quality stitching and edge finishing.

With dimensions of 3.4 x 2.1 x 0.2 inches, it is impressively slim for its card storage capacity. It slides into a front pocket with ease.

The aluminum cardholder fans out cards for quick access. A larger pocket accommodates bills. The cash strap keeps contents secure.

Edge Airtag Wallet 1

Smooth AirTag Integration Enables Seamless Tracking

I found the AirTag easy to set up. It slides into a discreet pocket on the wallet interior and connects quickly with the iPhone Find My app.

The AirTag fits snugly without adding bulk. The open sides make it easy to replace AirTag batteries as needed.

In tracking tests, the wallet’s location showed up promptly in Find My. Location updates worked anywhere with iPhone connectivity.

Advanced RFID Blocking Protection Per Independent Tests

EDGE claims its aluminum cardholder provides military-grade RFID protection. My tests found no instances of card data or RFID theft.

Independent lab certification verifies its RFID blocking stops scans up to 13.56 MHz. This covers card and passport RFID frequencies.

Premium Leather Withstands Wear; Cardholder Corners Prone to Damage

The full-grain leather felt soft yet durable during everyday use. After 2 months, it shows minimal corner scuffing and pleasant natural wear.

The top cardholder corners can get permanently dented if the wallet is dropped. Cards stay secure but the dent remains.

Excellent Value for a Tracking Wallet Under $30

At just $29.95, the EDGE AirTag wallet costs a fraction of “smart” wallets with technology. It delivers core tracking functionality and security for maximum utility and value.

Compared to similar AirTag wallets (like the Normest AirTag wallet), EDGE delivers competitive quality and construction for an affordable price point.

For those needing basic tracking in a stylish, minimalist wallet, it’s a compelling option.

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EDGE AirTag Wallet Review Conclusion

After extensive testing, I rate the EDGE AirTag wallet 4/5 stars.


  • Slim, polished handcrafted leather design
  • Easy AirTag integration for tracking worldwide
  • Lab-certified RFID protection
  • Quality construction and materials
  • Affordable price point under $30


  • Cardholder corners prone to denting
  • Leather can scuff if abused
  • Lacks more advanced features like solar charging
Edge Airtag Wallets 2

For shoppers seeking an affordable, high-quality leather wallet with essential AirTag tracking, the EDGE model is a great buy. It provides peace of mind without sacrificing style or portability.

FAQ About EDGE AirTag Wallets

How does the AirTag tracking work?

The wallet has a dedicated pocket for an AirTag. Once paired to your iPhone, the Find My app displays the AirTag location on a map. It updates when the wallet moves. For more details, see this GPS tracker for wallets guide.

How many cards can it hold?

The EDGE AirTag wallet can hold 12-14 cards in the aluminum RFID-blocking cardholder. More can fit but may be harder to remove.

How durable is the leather?

The full-grain leather is thick and resistant to scuffs and tears. It develops a nice patina over time but remains structurally sound.

Is the RFID blocking independently tested?

Yes, the wallet underwent certified lab testing to verify it blocks RFID signals up to 13.56MHz, covering card and passport frequencies.

How long does the AirTag battery last?

The replaceable AirTag CR2032 battery lasts about 1 year on average. The open sides of the EDGE wallet make it easy to swap batteries.

What colors are available?

The EDGE AirTag wallet comes in black, carbon fiber, and coffee leather color options. The interior remains black for all models.

Is the AirTag removable?

Yes, the AirTag can be easily removed if needed, though it may be a tight fit. This allows for battery replacement.

Where are they manufactured?

EDGE products are designed in Canada. The leather wallets are handcrafted overseas.

How slim is the wallet?

Folded, the wallet measures 3.4 x 2.1 x 0.2 inches. It is under 2 inches thick, making it thinner than most minimalist wallets.

Do I need an iPhone to use the AirTag features?

Yes, you need an iPhone or iPad running iOS 14.5 or higher to set up the AirTag and use the Find My tracking. It does not work with Android.

Can I track multiple AirTags with one wallet?

Yes, depending on the design and functionality of the AirTag wallet, you can track multiple AirTags simultaneously. Some wallets like the Magsafe wallet have dedicated compartments or slots for multiple AirTags, allowing you to monitor multiple items through the Find My app.

Key Takeaways

  • Streamlined leather wallet design with dedicated AirTag pocket
  • Lab-certified advanced RFID blocking protects cards
  • AirTag pairs easily for tracking anywhere worldwide
  • Premium construction under $30 price point
  • Slim, durable, high-quality leather