SpotOn GPS Fence Review: Everything Pet Owners Need to Know

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Spoton Gps Fence Review

Are you looking for a wireless, customizable fence system to safely contain your dog in your yard? Want the freedom of an invisible boundary without the hassle of burying wires?

With advanced GPS technology, real-time tracking, and easy-to-use smartphone apps, SpotOn aims to provide pet owners with an advanced virtual containment system.

But how well does it actually work? And is it worth the price tag?

I’ve tested SpotOn’s system firsthand and talked to owners to provide an in-depth review covering everything you need to know:

How SpotOn GPS Fencing Works

How Spoton Gps Fencing Works

SpotOn’s system relies on a GPS-enabled collar and mobile app to create customizable virtual boundaries for your property.

Here’s an overview of how it works:

  • The waterproof SpotOn collar connects via Bluetooth to the SpotOn mobile app.
  • Using the app, pet owners can draw fences on a map or walk the perimeter of their yard while the app tracks their path via GPS. This maps the wireless boundary.
  • The app allows you to create multiple overlapping boundaries and customize names, ranges, and alerts.
  • When the dog approaches the virtual boundary, the collar first emits an audible tone as a warning.
  • If they continue, a second tone sounds, followed by vibration, and then an optional static correction.
  • Owners can customize vibration intensity and static levels (or avoid static altogether).
  • If the dog crosses the boundary, the app sends real-time alerts so you can take action.
  • The app also includes excellent training content to reinforce boundary obedience.

Overall, it’s an intuitive system that leverages GPS and smartphone technology to provide customizable wireless fencing. But how well does it work in practice?

SpotOn Fence Reviews: Does it Actually Keep Dogs Contained?

The big question – will SpotOn reliably contain your dog? Overall, it offers robust virtual boundary capabilities, but reliability depends on two key factors:

1. Proper Training

Like any containment system, SpotOn requires training dogs to respond to the collar’s cues. The alerts mean nothing without reinforcing obedience.

SpotOn provides training guidelines and videos, but it still takes time and consistency – especially for stubborn dogs. Reviewers say well-trained dogs respond reliably to the signals.

2. Individual Dog’s Temperament

While most dogs can be trained to respect the boundaries, high prey drive dogs or those highly motivated to roam may be tempted to “challenge” the fence.

Several owners mention their dogs will test and run through the initial warning tones until corrected. Know your dog’s personality when considering SpotOn.

For many owners willing to put in training time, SpotOn successfully contains their dogs within the virtual fences. But there are no guarantees with any system. Regular supervision is still recommended.

Key Features of the SpotOn GPS Virtual Fencing

SpotOn packs great features into their GPS collar and app:

  • Multiple boundary capabilities – Create as many overlapping wireless fences as you want.
  • Easy setup – Draw boundaries on a map or by walking the perimeter.
  • Real-time alerts – Instant notifications if your dog breaches the boundary.
  • Accurate GPS tracking – Uses multiple satellite systems for precision tracking.
  • Waterproof rating – SpotOn collar is waterproof up to 1 meter for 30 minutes.
  • Smartphone app – User-friendly app to control settings and track dogs.
  • 1 year warranty – Warranty covers any defects in materials/workmanship.
  • 90 day money-back guarantee – Returns accepted within 90 days.
  • Volume discounts – 10% off for additional collars.
  • Portability – Use anywhere, perfect for trips and vacations.
  • U.S.-based support – Get assistance via phone, email, or live chat.
Spoton Gps Fence

For most owners, the ability to create customizable wireless boundaries combined with real-time tracking are the main selling points.

Unboxing the SpotOn GPS Fence System

When you order SpotOn, here’s what arrives in the package:

  • The SpotOn collar in your selected size (Small, Medium, or Large)
  • Charging base and USB charging cable
  • Short and long contact points
  • Contact point tester
  • Quick start guide with QR code for app access
Unboxing The Spoton Gps Fence System

The SpotOn collar itself is thick and wide – similar in bulk to high-end Garmin collars. It’s not designed for small dogs. The minimum neck size is 10 inches.

Materials feel durable and waterproof with thick rubber and sturdy buckles. It’s rechargeable with a stated battery life around 12-22 hours depending on usage.

Overall, the collars seem built to withstand active dogs and outdoor use. Replacement collars are also available for $200 if needed.

Setting Up Your Virtual Fence with SpotOn GPS

Getting started with SpotOn is a straightforward process:

  1. Download the app – Create an account and install the SpotOn app on your compatible iOS or Android device.
  2. Sync device – Charge collar fully. Turn on Bluetooth and sync with collar through the app.
  3. Adjust fit – Make sure collar size is snug but not constricting. Attach contact points.
  4. Map fences – Use app to map boundaries by drawing on map or walking property.
  5. Customize settings – Adjust range, warnings, notifications to your preferences.
  6. Introduction training – Take time acclimating your dog to wearing the collar.
  7. Reinforce training – Use tones and corrections to reinforce respecting boundaries.
Spoton Gps Fence Marking Boundaries

Mapping the wireless fences using your phone’s GPS is quick and intuitive. The app automatically smooths your walking path into clean boundary lines.

Most owners seem happy with both the app experience and simplicity of initial setup. Just take time training your pup properly once fences are mapped.

What Owners Like About SpotOn GPS Fencing

Reading through customer reviews, there are clear positives that keep coming up:

  • Easy customization – Ability to make unlimited boundaries and customizable alerts.
  • No digging or construction – Virtual system is perfect for rentals or HOAs.
  • Portability – Take it camping, on trips, or visiting friends easily.
  • Tracking capability – Knowing your dog’s location provides peace of mind if they escape.
  • Rechargeable collar – No disposable batteries to constantly replace.
  • Waterproof collar – Durable for outdoor use.
  • Steep volume discounts – 10% off additional collars and subscriptions.
  • U.S.-based support – Quick access to customer service technicians.
  • Avoiding static – Some owners like the option to only use tone and vibration for sensitive dogs.

Overall, the flexibility to create wireless fences anywhere combined with real-time tracking are the standout features owners positively highlight.

Potential Downsides to Consider

While feedback is generally positive, there are some downsides owners mention:

  • Significant investment – SpotOn is very expensive, especially for multi-dog homes.
  • Ongoing costs – Tracking features require a subscription after free trial.
  • Large collar – May be too bulky for some dogs under 20 pounds.
  • Needs training – Doesn’t work “out of the box” like a physical fence. Requires an investment of training time.
  • Battery life – Recharging daily is a necessity for active dogs. Carry backup like Tile vs AirTag.
  • Can be “challenged” – Persistent dogs may push boundaries until corrected.
  • No long-term physical barrier – Doesn’t keep other animals out of your yard.

For many owners, the convenience and flexibility outweigh the costs. But be realistic about your dog’s temperament and your ability to train them.

SpotOn GPS Subscription Plans

To receive mobile alerts or track your dog’s location if they escape the yard, SpotOn requires a cellular subscription plan:

  • Monthly – $9.95/month
  • 1 Year Prepaid – $7.95/month
  • 2 Year Prepaid – $5.95/month

Discounted prepaid plans allow you to save a little money. Tracking capabilities significantly boost effectiveness but come at an added cost.

During initial setup, you’ll choose either AT&T or Verizon as the carrier – no need to match your existing cell provider.

SpotOn Pricing and Purchase Options

As a premium system, SpotOn commands a premium price. Here are the current costs:

  • SpotOn GPS collar – $1,295
  • Additional collars – 10% off
  • Basic repair – $200
  • Replacements – $400
  • Subscription plans – Start at $5.95/month

There are often seasonal sales around holidays that discount the upfront collar price $100-200. Look for active deals and coupons before ordering.

You can purchase directly from SpotOn’s website or sometimes find bundled packages on Amazon. Just ensure any resellers are authorized SpotOn retailers.

For many owners, the initial investment pays for itself over time compared to constructing physical fencing. But make sure to budget in subscription fees.

SpotOn Competitors and Alternatives

SpotOn isn’t the only player in the wireless dog fence space. Here are a few top alternatives to consider:

Halo Collar (review) – Uses similar GPS technology as SpotOn. A top competitor at around half the price. We compared SpotOn vs Halo in detail in our side-by-side review.

PetSafe Wireless Fence (review) – In-ground system with buried boundary wire is more affordable DIY option.

Perimeter Technologies – Lower-cost in-ground boundary system good for smaller yards.

Fi Smart Dog Collar (review) – Excellent smart collar without fence capabilities. Great for just tracking.

AirTags (review) – Affordable tracking tags from Apple work well with dog collars.

Physical fence – Old-fashioned fences still provide the most security if installed properly.

For strong roamers, combining a physical barrier with a wireless collar may provide backup coverage. Weigh your needs against convenience and costs.

Considerations Before Purchasing SpotOn

SpotOn can be a game-changer for containing dogs safely at home. Before deciding, factor in these considerations:

  • Your dog’s size – The bulky collar may not suit small dogs. Measure neck circumference.
  • Your dog’s temperament – High prey drive escape artists can be tough to contain.
  • Your training ability – Reinforcing obedience is required. Dedicate the time.
  • Your yard size and layout – Better suited for larger, wide open spaces. Not small, crowded yards.
  • Your technology comfort – Apps and new devices aren’t for everyone. Older owners may resist.
  • Multi-dog homes – Costs multiply quickly. Budget accordingly.
  • Physical limitations – Evaluate yard hazards a collar won’t deter like lakes, roads, etc.
  • Your neighbors – No system is foolproof. Don’t let technology replace supervision.
  • Adding a GPS tag as backup (like AirTags) provides extra security.

If those factors line up favorably, SpotOn can provide peace of mind. But weigh tradeoffs vs. your specific situation.

Spoton Gps Fence 1

SpotOn Fence Review: Final Verdict

At the end of the day, SpotOn delivers an excellent customizable wireless containment system for dogs – if you can afford the investment.

The GPS collar and app combo provide complete flexibility to create boundaries anywhere without installation hassles. Real-time tracking and alerts offer confidence when letting dogs roam your property.

However, reliability depends heavily on investing the time into proper obedience training. SpotOn alone won’t magically contain stubborn or high prey drive dogs.

While cheaper systems exist, few match SpotOn’s combination of easy-to-use technology and comprehensive features. Just be realistic about your dog’s behavior and your ability to reinforce training.

For owners seeking the freedom of wireless fences, SpotOn is a top-tier (if pricey) option to consider. Bring realistic expectations about your dog’s behavior, invest in training, and take advantage of their 90 day money back guarantee to give it a try.

Frequently Asked Questions About SpotOn GPS Virtual Fences

Here are answers to some common questions about SpotOn containment systems:

Does SpotOn work for small dogs?

The minimum neck size is 10 inches, so very small dogs are not suited for the bulky collar. Owners of dogs under 15 pounds may want to consider different options.

What happens if my dog ignores the warnings?

You can increase the intensity of the vibration or use the static correction to reinforce boundaries. But stubborn dogs may still push through if not properly trained.

Can the collar be used indoors?

Yes, you can create “Home Zones” with no warnings to allow your dog off-leash indoors without activating the collar.

What if my dog loses the collar?

The collar won’t stop a dog that manages to slip it off. Regularly check for proper fit. Adding a GPS tag as backup provides extra security.

Can the collar get wet?

SpotOn collars are waterproof and can be submerged up to 9 feet for 30 minutes. Exposure to heavy rain is not a problem.

How long does the battery last?

Around 12-22 hours depending on activity level. The more your dog tests the boundaries, the faster battery drains. Have the charger handy.

Can I travel with SpotOn?

Absolutely. Its portability is a major advantage. Just map a new fence at your destination using the app.

Will SpotOn work without cellular service?

Yes, it leverages GPS satellites to map boundaries and provide correction alerts without cellular connectivity. But you’ll lose tracking capabilities and mobile alerts.

Is the collar humane for dogs?

When used properly following training guidelines, the correction levels are harmless but annoying enough to deter most dogs from challenging boundaries.

Key Takeaways from Our SpotOn GPS Review

Here are the core lessons from our hands-on testing and research on SpotOn virtual fences:

  • SpotOn offers robust wireless customization and tracking with excellent mobile apps.
  • Reliability depends greatly on investing real training time with your individual dog.
  • Stubborn or high prey drive dogs can be tough fits for any wireless system.
  • Upfront and ongoing subscription costs are expensive, especially for multi-dog homes.
  • Portability and avoidance of installation are major benefits for many owners.
  • Physical fences still provide maximum security if feasible in your situation, but AirTags can provide tracking backup.
  • Proper training combined with reasonable expectations provide the best results.
  • Take advantage of the 90 day money back guarantee if unsure about committing.

Hopefully this comprehensive review provides pet owners the details needed to decide if SpotOn is the right wireless containment system for their canine companion!

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