Halo Collar vs SpotOn Collar: The Ultimate 2024 Guide

December 14, 2023

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Choosing between Halo Collar and SpotOn Collar for your dog? As a professional dog trainer and rescue volunteer, I’ve tested both GPS virtual fences extensively. This comprehensive guide compares all key features, pros and cons, and differences to help you decide which smart collar is the best fit.

Key Differences at a Glance

  • Price: Halo Collar is roughly half the cost of SpotOn Collar
  • Fences: SpotOn allows up to 1,500 overlapping fences, Halo maxes out at 20 non-overlapping fences
  • Tracking: SpotOn uses more advanced GPS technology and dedicated satellites for superior accuracy
  • Training: Halo Collar includes more robust training content and support
  • Battery Life: Halo Collar lasts slightly longer (24 hours vs 22 hours for SpotOn)

How They Work: Virtual Fence Technology

Both Halo Collar and SpotOn Collar are virtual fences that use a combination of GPS and cellular signals to set geographic boundaries without any need for burial wires or professional installation.

This offers major advantages over traditional in-ground fences like this SportDog vs PetSafe comparison:

  • Portable, works anywhere with cell service
  • Flexible, boundaries can be changed instantly
  • Larger areas covered, up to thousands of acres
  • No trenches dug or wires buried
  • No additional equipment like base stations required

Halo Collar Fence Technology

Halo Dog Collar

Halo Collar connects to 50+ GPS satellites as well as leveraging cellular signals for tracking. It uses an omnidirectional antenna and Precision GPS algorithm engineered by NASA atomic clock scientists.

The collar updates its location every 5 seconds while also using AI and machine learning to increase accuracy. Halo boasts their system works without any delay in nearly all environments regardless of weather, terrain or obstacles.

SpotOn Collar Fence Technology

Spoton Collar

SpotOn Collar connects to over 128 satellites across 4 constellations – GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and Beidou. This provides improved fence reliability compared to single GPS systems.

It also uses a directional antenna and filtering that reduces interference from cell signals, trees and structures. SpotOn claims location updates every 2.5 seconds for the fastest response time.

Their True Location technology auto-corrects for GPS drift caused by signal reflections. Overall, SpotOn’s enhanced GPS capabilities result in more accurate fence boundaries.

Key Features and Capabilities

Let’s dive into the standout features and functionality of both systems.

Fence Customization

One major difference is the level of customization for the virtual boundaries.

Halo limits you to creating only 20 fence posts that must be manually placed and cannot overlap. The fences are either all on or all off.

Halo Dog Collar Geofencing Capabilities

SpotOn enables up to 1,500 overlapping fence posts that can be mapped by walking or drawn via the mobile app. You can also selectively toggle individual fences on/off.

Spoton Gps Fence Customization

For properties with complex boundaries or multiple blocked off areas, SpotOn provides superior mapping flexibility. But Halo may be sufficient for wide open spaces.

Home & Boundary Zones

Both systems allow you to designate “no-go” exclusion zones like gardens. However, the approaches differ:

  • Halo uses Bluetooth beacons placed to mark the keep out area
  • SpotOn lets you draw custom shapes directly in the app without any extras

For more on setting up an exclusion zone, see how to find a hidden AirTag in your car.

SpotOn also enables correction-free home zones to be mapped out. Halo lacks native home zone functionality but this can be achieved by toggling the fence on/off.

Tracking Features

If your dog escapes the boundaries, the GPS tracking can locate their position. Both systems provide real-time location tracking, but implementation varies:

  • Halo Collar tracking is included at no extra cost using cellular networks
Halo Dog Collar Gps
  • SpotOn Collar tracking requires an add-on subscription of $9.95/month
Spoton Collar Tracking

For more on GPS and Tile vs AirTag, see this tracking accuracy comparison.

Halo’s use of multiple carriers may provide more consistent tracking worldwide. But SpotOn seems to have a slight edge in GPS accuracy based on comparative customer reviews.

Stimulation Correction

A key aspect is the ability to correct your pet when they ignore warnings and cross the boundary. Both Halo Collar and SpotOn Collar provide multiple stimulation levels:

  • Halo Collar offers 15 static correction levels
  • SpotOn Collar provides 30 correction levels

While the extra settings provide more fine-tuning, we always recommend using the lowest effective stimulation. Higher levels should be reserved only for the most stubborn dogs.

Training Features

Proper introduction and training is crucial for your dog to understand the virtual fencing system. Here’s how the collars compare:

  • Halo Collar – Video courses provided through their mobile app (with a paid subscription). Also offers personalized coaching.
  • SpotOn Collar – Videos accessible for free on YouTube along with a 30 minute session with a pro trainer included.

Both are adequate to teach dogs the key concepts. But Halo provides more customized ongoing training while SpotOn focuses on initial setup training.

Pros and Cons Comparison

Halo CollarSpotOn Collar
👍 Lower price point👍 Superior GPS accuracy and reliability
👍 Battery lasts a bit longer👍 More flexible, customizable fences
👍 Includes full training package👍 Wider correction level range
👍 Collar more comfortable fit👍 Seems more durable and weatherproof
👎 Limited to only 20 fences👎 Twice the cost of Halo Collar
👎 Fences cannot overlap👎 Tracking requires subscription upgrade
👎 Less advanced GPS tech👎 Collar sizing not as wide

Cost and Payment Comparison

When it comes to price and payment options, there are major differences between the two brands:

Halo CollarSpotOn Collar
Collar Price$699$1,295
Monthly SubscriptionStarts at $9.99/monthStarts at $5.95/month
Money Back Guarantee60 days90 days
Payment Plans3, 6 or 12 months12, 18 or 24 months
Shop on AmazonShop on Amazon

The lower upfront cost of the Halo Collar is certainly appealing. But keep in mind:

  • Halo requires the ongoing subscription fee for full functionality
  • SpotOn gives you longer 0% financing terms over 2 years
  • Over the lifespan, SpotOn may be cheaper in the long run

For more on monthly fees, see AirTag subscription costs.

Make sure to factor in total lifetime and cashflow costs, not just the upfront price.

Performance and Reliability

No virtual fence system is 100% foolproof when it comes to reliability. Both Halo Collar and SpotOn Collar have mixed customer reviews reporting issues with:

  • Inaccurate fence boundaries
  • Delayed corrections and alerts
  • False alarms or lack of correction
  • App and software problems

For help with false alarms, see troubleshooting when an AirTag is not connecting.

However, SpotOn’s more advanced GPS technology does seem to provide noticeably better overall performance and reliability based on comparative data.

Halo Collar releases regular software updates aimed at addressing bugs and improving the user experience. So they may close the gap over time.

Support and Customer Service

Responsive customer service is important for troubleshooting any technical problems with the systems. Here’s how the two brands compare:

Halo Collar

  • Phone, email, live chat support
  • Zoom video sessions for real-time troubleshooting
  • Support 7 days per week

For more on live video support, see how to find an AirTag owner.

SpotOn Collar

  • Email, phone, chat support
  • Support Monday through Friday
  • Optional paid sessions with experts

Both offer adequate support channels. Halo Collar has the edge for providing direct video sessions as needed for complex issues. But phone wait times can be long.

Which Is the Right Smart Collar For You?

Halo Collar is ideal if you:

  • Want the lowest cost virtual fence
  • Have a smaller, simpler property
  • Like access to live video troubleshooting
  • Prioritize training features
Halo Collar App

SpotOn Collar is the best choice if you:

  • Need maximum GPS accuracy and reliability
  • Have a complex layout needing overlapping fences
  • Want the most correction level customization
  • Have an especially stubborn escape artist dog
Spoton Gps Fence

Key Takeaways and Recommendation

  • For most users, SpotOn Collar beats out Halo Collar thanks to better GPS performance, unlimited fences, and superior reliability.
  • Halo Collar is a decent budget alternative for smaller spaces without complex boundaries.
  • Make sure to factor in total lifetime costs, not just upfront pricing.
  • Proper training is extremely important for either system to be effective.
  • With the right preparations and training, both can provide peace of mind with flexible, no-wire containment.

My recommendation is to invest in the SpotOn Collar if it fits your budget. The technology and capabilities make it the top choice for nearly any situation. But evaluate the pros and cons carefully based on your specific needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do dogs get used to the collar stimulation?

With proper training, dogs learn to turn around when they hear the audible alerts from the collar, before any stimulation is needed. The stimulation levels can be adjusted as needed over time.

How accurate are the GPS fence boundaries?

Both systems have reported some issues with delayed alerts or inaccurate borders. However, SpotOn’s additional GPS satellites provide more consistent boundary reliability overall.

Can the collars be used for small dogs?

No, neither collar is recommended for dogs under 10 lbs. The size is too large for smaller dogs and can cause neck injuries. Make sure you thoroughly check fit and comfort.

Is professional installation required?

No, a benefit of these systems is that no professional installation or buried wires are required. You simply use the mobile app to define the fence boundaries and begin training the dog.

What happens if the collar battery dies?

As long as cellular service is available, the collar will still work for containment even if the battery depletes. However, the tracking functionality will be disabled without battery power.

The Bottom Line

While the Halo Collar costs significantly less than the SpotOn Collar, the adage “you get what you pay for” largely rings true in this case.

For nearly any situation, the SpotOn Collar’s combination of superiority in GPS accuracy and signal reliability, unlimited customizable boundaries, and battery performance makes it the best investment for maximum containment security and peace of mind.

But pet owners with smaller spaces and simplified needs can still benefit from the Halo Collar as a lower-priced alternative. As long as you set proper expectations and train diligently, both systems can work very well.