The Ultimate PitPat Dog Activity Tracker Review 2024

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Pitpat Dog Activity Tracker Review

Monitoring your dog’s health and activity levels just got a whole lot easier with PitPat – the innovative dog fitness tracker designed just for your furry friend.

In this comprehensive PitPat review, we’ll cover everything you need to know about this nifty device.

Let’s dig in!

What is PitPat?


PitPat is a fitness tracker designed specifically for dogs. Similar to human activity trackers like Fitbit, PitPat monitors your pup’s daily activity levels, calories burned, distance traveled and more.

The PitPat device is a small, lightweight tracker that attaches to your dog’s collar. It has built-in sensors and an algorithm that can differentiate between various types of movement like walking, running, playing, pottering around, and resting.

There’s a corresponding smartphone app that pairs with the PitPat device via Bluetooth to provide you with all your dog’s activity stats, weight tracking, goal setting and more.

PitPat was created by UK-based PitPat Pet Ltd in 2014. It is designed and manufactured in the UK.

How Does the PitPat Dog Activity Tracker Work?

The PitPat device uses a 3-axis accelerometer to monitor your dog’s movements. This allows it to differentiate between high intensity exercise like running or playing, lower intensity movements like walking, and periods of inactivity or rest.

It logs your dog’s movements in intervals throughout the day. The proprietary algorithm analyzes the data to categorize each interval as one of five activity types:

  • Walking
  • Running
  • Playing
  • Pottering (wandering around)
  • Resting
Pitpat Activity

This data is stored on the device itself. To sync it with the app, you simply press the paw button on the PitPat tracker when your phone is nearby. This initiates a Bluetooth connection to transfer the data.

In the app, you’ll get helpful daily and weekly summaries of your dog’s activity and rest periods. You can also track distance traveled, calories burned, set activity goals, monitor weight and more.

One of the key advantages of PitPat is that it does not rely on GPS or a cell network connection. This helps preserve battery life for up to 1 year before needing to replace the battery.

PitPat Tracker Features and Specs

Here are the key features and specifications for the PitPat dog activity monitor:

  • Compact size: 40mm x 30mm x 15mm
  • Ultralightweight: Only 16 grams
  • Battery: Replaceable CR2032 coin battery lasts 1+ year
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0
  • Waterproof: IP67 rated for rain, splashes and swimming
  • Tracking: Monitors activity time, calories, distance, goals
  • Sleep monitoring: Detects restful and restless periods
  • Multi-dog households: Track multiple dogs with additional PitPat devices

Setting Up the PitPat App

The PitPat app is free to download for iOS and Android devices.

To set it up:

  1. Download the PitPat app
  2. Create an account
  3. Tap “Add Dog” and enter your dog’s details like age, breed, weight
  4. Attach the PitPat tracker to your dog’s collar using the provided velcro straps
  5. Press the tracker’s paw button when your phone is nearby to sync data
Pitpat App Interface

Once synced, you’ll start seeing your dog’s daily activity summaries, distance traveled, calories burned, time asleep vs active and more.

You can set a daily activity goal tailored to your dog’s needs. The app makes it easy to monitor progress and ensure your pup gets adequate exercise.

How Accurate is the PitPat Dog Activity Tracker?

For most dogs, the PitPat provides reasonably accurate activity tracking. However, no device is perfect.

The distance estimates may be off depending on your dog’s gait and stride length. The calorie burn calculations are also estimates based on the proprietary algorithm.

The biggest advantage of PitPat is tracking the duration and intensity of activity rather than hyper-accurate step counts. This allows you to monitor patterns and ensure your dog meets activity goals.

If distance tracking is crucial for your needs, integrating PitPat with a GPS tracker can provide more precision.

Is PitPat Waterproof?

Pitpat Waterproof

Yes, the PitPat device has an IP67 waterproof rating. This means it can be submerged in 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes without damage.

The tracker is designed to withstand splashes, rain and swimming. So no need to worry about taking it off for baths, playing in the sprinkler or romping through puddles!

How Long Does the PitPat Battery Last?

Pitpat Battery Last

One of the best features of PitPat is the long battery life. The replaceable CR2032 coin cell battery lasts a minimum of one year before needing to be switched out.

There’s no charging or remembering to plug it in. Just replace the battery annually and you’re good to go.

This long battery life is thanks to the lack of GPS and reliance on Bluetooth syncing instead of constant connectivity.

Is There a Monthly Fee for the PitPat App?

Pitpat App

Nope! The basic PitPat app and activity tracking features are totally free without any recurring fees.

PitPat does offer an optional “PitPat Life” premium membership priced around £3.99 per month. This membership is currently UK only and gets you access to prizes, discounts, video vet consults and more. But it is not at all required to use the basic functionality.

PitPat Pros and Cons

Let’s summarize the key advantages and potential limitations of the PitPat based on hands-on testing and customer reviews:

PitPat Pros:

  • Long 1+ year battery life
  • Completely waterproof
  • Ultralight and comfortable for dogs
  • Excellent for tracking activity duration and patterns
  • No monthly fees or subscriptions
  • Easy to attach to any collar
  • Detailed activity tracking and goal setting
  • Helps monitor weight and nutrition needs
  • Fun badges and rewards motivate you and your pup

PitPat Cons:

  • No built-in GPS for location tracking
  • Distance estimates may be inaccurate
  • Must manually sync data every few days
  • Limited features outside the UK (no premium plan)
  • Algorithm not suitable for puppies under 12 weeks old

How Much Does PitPat Cost?

Here’s a quick overview of PitPat pricing:

  • PitPat tracker device: $51 on Amazon
  • App and basic features: Free
  • PitPat Life Membership (UK only): £3.99/month

There are no necessary monthly fees or subscriptions unless you opt for the premium PitPat Life membership with extra features. This makes the entry price very affordable compared to most GPS dog trackers.

PitPat vs GPS Dog Trackers

PitPat is an activity and fitness tracker for dogs without live GPS tracking capabilities. This means it cannot pinpoint your dog’s real-time location.

If you need location tracking, a dedicated GPS dog tracker would be required. Some benefits of GPS trackers are:

  • Live location tracking via smartphone app
  • Location history and geofencing
  • Fast real-time tracking if your dog runs off
  • Works anywhere with cellular data coverage

However, GPS trackers have disadvantages like:

  • Shorter battery life
  • Monthly fees for cell service
  • Heavier and more burdensome for dogs
  • Not as detailed for activity tracking

Ultimately, choose a GPS tracker if your main goal is location monitoring. Pick PitPat for detailed fitness stats without the GPS. Or combine both for the full package!

Who is PitPat Best For?

The PitPat dog activity tracker is an excellent choice for pet owners who want to:

  • Monitor activity levels for weight loss or maintenance
  • Track fitness for senior dogs or dogs recovering from injury/surgery
  • Ensure their dog walker or pet sitter provides adequate exercise
  • Keep young high-energy dogs sufficiently active
  • Log exercise to discuss with their veterinarian
  • Motivate their dog and themselves to hit new fitness goals
  • Gain insights into their dog’s sleep and activity patterns

PitPat appeals most to dog owners prioritizing health monitoring over real-time location tracking. The long battery life and rugged design make it great for active dogs. And the stats help provide peace of mind your pup is getting proper activity.

Pitpat Dog

PitPat Customer Reviews

Most customers praise the convenience, accuracy and reliability of PitPat for monitoring their dog’s fitness and activity levels. Here are some glowing reviews from verified purchasers:

“This product is fantastic. The battery lasts forever, it’s small and comfortable for him to wear, it’s completely waterproof, and the app is so easy to navigate. I never worry about him not getting enough exercise ever since getting the PitPat.” – Lauren B.

“I love seeing the data about my dog’s activities and being able to ensure she gets enough exercise. The app is nicely designed and the milestones are fun. Well worth the price for the peace of mind.” – Daniel H.

“PitPat has been a game changer for helping my elderly dog stay active. I can monitor her movements and make sure she is getting adequate low-impact exercise. The data has been incredibly helpful to share with my vet too.” – Amanda R.

Overall, most owners are delighted with the features and functionality of PitPat, especially compared to the very reasonable price. It earns high marks for convenience and helping dogs stay healthy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about the PitPat dog activity tracker:

How do I attach PitPat to my dog’s collar?

PitPat comes with a sturdy Velcro strap that wraps around the collar to hold it in place. Make sure you have the strap tightened enough that it does not slide around on the collar.

How often should I sync the PitPat tracker?

Aim to sync at least every 1-2 days to ensure no data is overwritten before it transfers. The device stores up to 10 days of activity before overwriting.

Can I use PitPat for multiple dogs?

Yes! Simply purchase an additional PitPat for each dog and add them as a new pet in the app. You can seamlessly switch between the dogs to view their stats.

Is PitPat suitable for puppies?

PitPat should not be used on puppies under 12 weeks old. The algorithm is designed for adult dogs. For puppies, just focus on supervised activity and play.

How do I change or replace the PitPat battery?

You can pop out the CR2032 watch battery with your fingernail or a flathead screwdriver. Search “PitPat battery replacement” on Youtube for tutorial videos. Replacement batteries are inexpensive and readily available. Expect to replace annually.

Will PitPat work for cats or other pets?

No, PitPat is calibrated specifically for monitoring dog activity. It would not properly track movement patterns for a cat, bird or other animal. This device is just for dogs.

The Verdict: Should You Buy a PitPat Dog Activity Tracker?

PitPat is one of the most user-friendly and affordable dog activity monitors available today. For under $50, you get detailed insights into your pup’s daily fitness and rest patterns.

The replaceable battery lasts over a year so it’s very low maintenance. And the app makes it simple to track activity trends, set goals, monitor weight and more.

While PitPat lacks built-in GPS, it excels at helping dog owners understand their pet’s health and keeping them adequately active.

Overall, PitPat earns our hearty recommendation as a top dog activity tracker that both pets and their humans will love using. Give your furry friend the gift of better fitness with PitPat!

So there you have it – everything you need to know about the innovative PitPat dog activity and fitness tracker in one place! Let us know if you have any other questions. And share your experiences in the comments if you end up using PitPat yourself. Happy tracking!

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