PitPat vs AirTag: Which Dog Tracker is Best in 2024?

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Pitpat Vs Airtag

Deciding between PitPat and AirTag for your dog? This guide compares the two top dog trackers on features like GPS, battery, price, and more.

Finding your lost dog quickly is every owner’s fear. But dog trackers from PitPat and AirTag offer reassurance if your pup slips away.

So how do PitPat and AirTag compare for tracking your dog? This guide examines the key differences to pick the right fit.

How Do PitPat and AirTag Track Dogs?

First, understanding the tracking technology in PitPat and AirTag is essential:

PitPat Tracker


PitPat uses proprietary radio frequency instead of GPS.

The PitPat device on your dog’s collar emits signals detected by the handheld PitPat Locator. As you move, LED lights guide you to your dog up to 100m away.

PitPat lacks real-time mapping, but provides dog activity tracking. Data syncs when the tracker is nearby.

AirTag Tracker

Apple Airtag

AirTag leverages Bluetooth and Apple’s Find My network for tracking.

AirTags emit Bluetooth signals detected by nearby Apple devices, which update the location on Apple’s servers.

This crowd-sourced network gives AirTag impressive range, especially in populated areas. But rural coverage suffers.

AirTag provides location only – no activity tracking. It must be paired with an iPhone.

Comparing Key Features

Beyond the underlying technology, how do core features of PitPat and AirTag compare?

Tracking Approach

  • PitPat: Guides user to dog via Locator when in 100m range. No mapping.
  • AirTag: Live location on Find My map. Location history available.
Pitpat Tracking
Airtag find My


  • PitPat: Excellent accuracy in Locator’s 100m range. No signal issues.
  • AirTag: Accuracy varies based on nearby Apple devices. Excels in cities, struggles remotely.

Activity Tracking

  • PitPat: Logs sleep, play, steps, rest, calories. Syncs when nearby.
  • AirTag: No activity tracking features. Location only.
Pitpat App

Battery Life

  • PitPat: Up to 1 year from standard CR2032 coin cell battery.
  • AirTag: Up to 1 year from standard CR2032 coin cell battery.
Pitpat Battery Last
Airtag's Battery

Water Resistance

  • PitPat: Fully waterproof and submersible to 10m depth.
  • AirTag: IP67 water resistant only. Not fully submersible.
Pitpat Waterproof


  • PitPat: No subscription required.
  • AirTag: No subscription required.

Phone Compatibility

  • PitPat: Works with iOS and Android.
  • AirTag: Only pairs with iPhones running iOS 14.5+. Not Android compatible.

Size and Weight

  • PitPat: Small 8g tracker. Larger Locator device.
  • AirTag: Extremely compact at 31.9g.

PitPat Tracker Pros and Cons

While the PitPat dog activity tracker has advantages, it also has limitations:

PitPat Pros

  • No monthly fees after initial purchase, unlike some GPS models like Tractive.
  • Fully waterproof and submersible design
  • Useful activity and fitness metrics
  • Battery lasts approximately 1 year

PitPat Cons

  • Short 100m tracking range
  • No real-time mapping capabilities
  • Must be close to Locator to track
  • Only attaches to collars

Overall, PitPat excels for short-range tracking and fitness monitoring if you don’t mind the lack of GPS mapping.

Pitpat Dog

AirTag Tracker Pros and Cons

AirTag benefits and downsides as a dog tracker include:

AirTag Pros

AirTag Cons

  • Apple-device only tracking limits compatibility
  • No fitness or wellness tracking capabilities
  • Not fully waterproof or submersible
  • No live map view of location
  • Unreliable in rural areas without iPhones nearby

AirTag works well for iPhone owners who stick to populated areas but has disadvantages too.

Airtag Dog

Key Factors When Picking a Dog Tracker

Beyond comparing PitPat and AirTag directly, consider factors like:

  • Intended use environment – city vs rural
  • Dog breed size and traits
  • Trainable recall ability
  • Budget constraints

Match tracker range and features to your lifestyle and dog’s needs. Don’t over or under invest.

PitPat and AirTag Alternatives

While PitPat and AirTag lead for popularity, other options like Tile, Findster, and Jiobit may better suit your situation.

Research thoroughly and read product reviews before deciding. Every dog tracker is unique.

Other options like FitBark may better suit your needs if you prioritize activity tracking over live location viewing.

Recommendations: AirTag or PitPat?

Based on all the factors compared, here are my top recommendations on whether PitPat or AirTag fits best for different needs:

For iPhone Users Seeking Affordable Tracking

The AirTag is my top pick for iPhone owners wanting periodic tracking on a budget. Leveraging Find My network provides expansive crowd-sourced range at the lowest total cost.

For Fitness Tracking and Water Play

I recommend the PitPat for activity metrics and swimming dogs. With long battery life, full waterproofing, and no monthly fees, PitPat provides fitness insights affordably despite limited direct tracking range.

For Rural Adventure Tracking Off the Beaten Path

For remote treks beyond the crowd’s reach, neither AirTag nor PitPat is ideal. A dedicated GPS tracker like Jiobit provides the constant access and unlimited range you need in sparse areas, despite higher costs.

Evaluate your unique situation and match the tracker features accordingly. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with keeping tabs on your pup!

PitPat vs AirTag: Frequently Asked Questions

Can AirTag Track Dogs Effectively?

Yes, AirTag can effectively track dogs, especially in populated areas where Apple device density is high. But the limitations around rural tracking and Android compatibility should be considered before choosing AirTag.

Is AirTag or PitPat Better for Dogs?

There is no universally “better” option. AirTag excels for iPhone users frequently in populated areas thanks to crowd tracking. But PitPat’s direct tracking works better in rural areas and water scenarios.

Do PitPat or AirTag Require Subscriptions?

No. A major benefit of both PitPat and AirTag is avoiding the monthly subscription costs of some GPS pet trackers. Just the one-time hardware purchase is required.

Can PitPat Provide Real-Time GPS Tracking?

No, PitPat does not offer real-time GPS mapping and tracking like some pet trackers. The Locator must be within 100m range to detect the PitPat tracker on your dog. Real-time views are not available remotely.

What is the best GPS dog tracker?

The “best” GPS tracker depends on your needs. Whistle GO, Findster Duo+, and other cellular-based GPS trackers provide unlimited range and live mapping. But they are expensive with monthly fees, making AirTag or PitPat better budget options depending on your use case.

Should I get a GPS collar or AirTag for my dog?

For iPhone users who stick primarily to populated areas, AirTag is likely sufficient and cheaper long-term without subscriptions. Only invest in true GPS if you frequently adventure in remote areas with sparse iPhone networks.

Can I track my dog on Android with AirTag or PitPat?

PitPat works with both iOS and Android. But AirTag requires an iPhone to pair, monitor, and track. Android phones cannot currently detect or track AirTag locations. So Android users should choose PitPat or a subscription-based GPS tracker instead.


Finding the right dog tracker takes research to understand the pros and cons of different technologies for your situation. I hope this guide has made the key differences between PitPat and AirTag more clear while also providing additional options to consider.

The most important thing is choosing a tracker that fits your lifestyle and budget so that you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with keeping tabs on your pup.

While trackers are never a substitute for proper obedience training and supervision, they can provide added security when your dog does slip out of sight. Take time to find the right balance of features tailored to your needs.

With smart planning, you’ll be able to leverage the latest technology to improve your dog’s safety, health, and happiness while strengthening your bond through memorable adventures together.

So get out there and start tracking! Just remember to also take time to be fully present with your dog in the moment and engage all their senses. No device can replace pure quality time bonding with your best friend.

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