AirTag vs Fi Collar: The Ultimate Dog Tracker Comparison Guide

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Airtag Vs Fi Collar

Losing a beloved furry friend is every pet owner’s worst nightmare. That’s why many are turning to tech solutions like AirTags and GPS dog collars to keep tabs on their canine companions. But with various options available, it can be tricky to determine which tracker best fits your needs.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll compare the key features, benefits, and drawbacks of using an Apple AirTag versus a dedicated GPS dog collar like the Fi Series 2/3. Our in-depth analysis covers critical factors such as:

  • Tracking accuracy & reliability
  • Battery life & charging
  • Durability & waterproofing
  • Dog safety & comfort
  • Pricing & ongoing costs

By the end, you’ll have all the information needed to confidently pick the ideal tracking solution for your pup’s safety and your peace of mind. Let’s dive in!

Tracking Accuracy & Coverage

One of the most important considerations when choosing a dog tracker is its ability to reliably locate your dog in various scenarios. After all, the main purpose is recovering your pet quickly if they go missing.

How AirTags Track

Apple AirTags leverage Bluetooth in conjunction with the vast Find My network. When your AirTag comes within range of any iPhone, iPad or Mac in this network, its location gets anonymously reported back to you.

Apple Airtag

Some key things to know about AirTag tracking:

  • Relies on proximity to other Apple devices, ideally within 800ft Bluetooth range
  • Excellent coverage in urban areas with many iPhone users
  • Less reliable in rural, low population or wilderness areas
  • Location only updates when AirTag connects to another device
  • May experience delayed or inaccurate tracking

The bottom line is that AirTags work best for finding lost items in towns and cities. But they’re less than ideal for consistently tracking escaped dogs, especially in the countryside. No nearby iPhones means you’re out of luck.

How Fi Collars Track

Fi Smart Dog Collar

Fi Series 2 and 3 smart collars take a more robust approach by combining true GPS accuracy with cellular data connectivity. Some standout features:

  • Uses GPS satellites to pinpoint your dog’s precise coordinates
  • Transmits location over 4G LTE cellular networks
  • Enables live location tracking anywhere with cell coverage
  • Provides real-time escape notifications and location updates
  • Includes special Lost Dog Mode for high frequency tracking

Essentially, the Fi collar acts as a long-distance beacon, letting you see exactly where your dog is at all times as long as there are cell towers within range. This encompasses the vast majority of areas, even fairly remote locales.

From my experience, the dedicated GPS tracking in the Fi provides substantially better reliability and accuracy for active dogs compared to the AirTag. It’s purpose-built to keep your pup found.

Battery Life & Charging

Another factor to weigh is how long the tracker’s battery lasts and what’s involved in recharging it. You don’t want the device dying right when you need it most.

AirTag Battery

Airtag's Battery

The Apple AirTag uses a standard CR2032 watch battery, which they claim lasts over a year before needing replacement. Other key details:

  • CR2032 batteries cost around $5-10 each
  • Can be replaced by user when needed
  • Easy to accidentally dislodge or damage battery compartment
  • No notifications when battery is running low

While the long lifespan is certainly handy, there is a risk of the battery dying unexpectedly without warning. And curious pups might be able to access the battery.

Fi Collar Battery

Fi Series 2 Collar Charging

Fi smart collars feature built-in rechargeable batteries that are fully sealed from access. Here’s what to expect:

  • 2-4 week battery life on Series 2
  • 3-6 week battery life on Series 3
  • Recharge by placing on included charging base
  • Takes about 2 hours to fully charge
  • Dedicated battery status notifications in app
  • Enters power saving mode when your dog is at home

I’ve found that charging the Fi collar roughly once a month in exchange for constant GPS tracking is well worth the small effort. And the peace of mind of never having to buy or swap batteries is invaluable.

Durability & Waterproofing

Dogs will be dogs, which means their tracking collar needs to withstand the elements and the roughest play without falling off or failing.

AirTag Durability

Airtag Dog

Out of the box, the AirTag really isn’t suited for attaching to a collar or surviving dog adventures. The main issues are:

  • Requires separate collar holder or attachment (not included)
  • Can easily fall off or be pulled out of holders
  • Only rated IP67 water resistant (1m for 30 min)
  • Not intended to withstand dog chewing or clawing

In my experience, even with a sturdy holder, the AirTag is still prone to loss and damage in the outdoors. Its small size and smooth plastic shell don’t inspire confidence.

Fi Collar Durability

Fi Size And Weight

The Fi collars are engineered from the ground up for maximum durability in all environments. Notable attributes include:

  • Armored, waterproof tracker built into collar itself
  • Rated IP68 waterproof to 1.5m depth
  • Extensively tested against bites, scratches, impact
  • Buckle certified up to 300lbs pull force
  • Reinforced metal D-ring and secure adjustment system

I can attest that the Fi is built like a tank. We’ve sent our pups swimming, crashing through brush, and rolling in mud without any issues whatsoever. These collars are made for the toughest conditions.

Dog Comfort & Safety

Above all, a tracking device shouldn’t jeopardize your dog’s comfort or safety in any way. Its physical characteristics are important to evaluate.

AirTag Dog Safety

The AirTag’s design presents some safety hazards when used for tracking dogs:

  • Choking risk if the small round tag is ingested
  • Potential battery compartment access and leak/burn risks
  • Exposed edges can gouge or irritate skin
  • Awkward collar weight distribution from clip-on holders

There have unfortunately been cases reported of emergency vet visits from dogs swallowing AirTags. It’s simply too easy for determined chewers to get access.

Fi Collar Dog Safety

In contrast, the Fi collar’s all-in-one design prioritizes your pup’s safety and comfort at every level:

  • Tracker fully encapsulated and inaccessible within collar
  • No risk of ingestion or contact with internal components
  • Flexible collar material with soft rounded edges
  • Even weight distribution for maximum comfort
  • Multiple sizes for perfect fit on any dog
  • Breathable, non-abrasive strap material

In my experience, dogs hardly notice they’re wearing the sleek Fi collar. The tracker unit is unobtrusive and thoughtfully integrated. I have full confidence that my pup is cozy and secure.

Apps & Social Features

While the core purpose of a dog tracker is locating your pet, some devices include bonus features in their companion mobile apps for added fun and utility.

Find My App

Airtag Ease Of Use

Apple’s Find My app, which is used for AirTags, is fairly barebones when it comes to tracking pets. The main capabilities are:

  • Tracking your AirTag’s last seen location on a map
  • Viewing direction and distance when in Bluetooth range
  • Triggering the AirTag to play a sound for locating
  • Setting up basic separation alerts

There are no dog-specific features, health/fitness tracking, or social connectivity options. It’s a strictly utilitarian experience designed for finding misplaced items.

Fi Collar App

Fi App

The Fi mobile app goes above and beyond simple tracking to give you a feature-packed hub for all things dog. Top functionality includes:

  • Real-time GPS location tracking and history
  • Detailed daily, weekly, monthly activity logging
  • Health & wellness insights like sleep quality
  • Adventure mapping for walks and hikes
  • Public & private leaderboards and badges
  • Social feed for posting pup pics and pupdates
  • Follower system to add pup pals
  • Lost dog mode & recovery toolkit

I really love the extra “dog-cial” elements the Fi app delivers. Being able to share photos, comment on other dogs, and compare activity stats with the community adds a whole other dimension to the experience beyond the core tracking.

Pricing & Value

Finally, cost is always a factor when investing in any pet tech. Let’s break down the numbers for both AirTags and Fi collars.

AirTag Pricing

AirTags have a low upfront cost but require additional accessories:

There are no monthly fees or data plans required to use AirTags with the Find My network. However, their limited tracking capabilities for dogs may reduce the overall value.

Fi Collar Pricing

Fi offers straightforward pricing and multiple collar options:

  • Fi Series 2 collar: $129
  • Fi Series 3 collar: $149
  • Requires Fi subscription service: $99/year
    • Includes 24/7 GPS tracking on LTE network
    • 30-day free trial included
    • Cancel anytime

While the upfront and ongoing costs are higher than AirTags, you’re getting a complete GPS dog tracking system with cellular data connectivity and premium features designed specifically for pups.

From my perspective, the Fi collar pays for itself many times over in the unparalleled tracking reliability, robust safety measures, and bonus health and social features. When it comes to your dog’s wellbeing, it’s well worth the investment.

Key Takeaways

If you’re debating whether an AirTag or Fi smart collar is the best dog tracker for your needs, here are the essential points to remember:

  • AirTags provide general proximity tracking but have major accuracy limitations away from urban centers and iPhone users
  • Fi collars deliver pinpoint GPS accuracy and real-time location updates anywhere with cell service
  • AirTags aren’t designed for pet use and pose some significant safety hazards if ingested or damaged
  • Fi collars are purpose-built for dogs with armored, waterproof construction and a secure integrated design
  • AirTags have a lower price tag but lack critical features like health monitoring, activity tracking and social sharing
  • Fi collars require an ongoing subscription but offer unmatched peace of mind and a feature-rich app experience

For most dog owners, the superior tracking accuracy, reliability and safety of the Fi GPS smart collar makes it the clear winner over AirTags and other basic Bluetooth trackers. Your pup’s wellbeing is worth the premium.


Can you use an AirTag to track your dog? While you technically can attach an AirTag to a dog’s collar, it’s not recommended. AirTags aren’t built for pet tracking and have significant safety and accuracy drawbacks.

Is the Fi collar waterproof? Yes, Fi Series 2 and 3 collars are rated IP68 water-resistant up to 1.5 meters depth. They’ll continue tracking even if your dog decides to go for a swim.

How accurate is the Fi collar’s GPS? The Fi collar uses advanced GPS and cellular technology to pinpoint your dog’s location within just a few feet in real-time. Far more precise than Bluetooth alone.

Does the AirTag require cell service? No, AirTags do not have cellular connectivity. They rely solely on Bluetooth and proximity to other Apple devices to report location.

What is the battery life on Fi collars? Fi collars last 3-4 weeks on average between charges, with the latest Series 3 pushing 4-6 weeks. Much longer than most GPS trackers.

Can you use the Fi collar without a subscription? Fi collars require an active subscription to enable the GPS tracking via cellular networks. However, new collars come with a 30-day free trial to test the service risk-free.

What happens if my dog gets lost with an AirTag? If your AirTagged dog goes missing, you can view its last known location in the Find My app and optionally trigger the tag to play a sound if you’re within Bluetooth range. However, you’re dependent on someone with an iPhone coming close enough to pick up the signal.

How do I set up the Fi collar? Setting up your Fi is easy. Just download the Fi app, make an account, charge up the collar, and pair it to your phone. The app will guide you through the rest of the customization.

Is there a monthly fee for AirTags? No, AirTags do not have any monthly fees or subscriptions. The purchase price includes the Find My network tracking. You will need to periodically replace the battery though.

Does the Fi app work on both iPhone and Android? Yes, the Fi app is fully compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Unlike AirTags, the Fi tracking system works independently of phone platforms.

Ultimately, the choice between an AirTag and Fi smart collar comes down to your specific needs and budget. But if you’re looking for the most comprehensive, reliable and safe way to track your dog’s location and adventures, the Fi collar consistently outperforms on all fronts. Protect your pup and enjoy greater peace of mind with the most advanced GPS dog tracker available.

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