The Ultimate Guide to Marco Polo Pet Trackers (2024 Reviews)

February 11, 2024

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Finding your lost pet quickly is every pet owner’s wish. Marco Polo pet trackers may be the solution. This in-depth guide provides 2024 Marco Polo reviews plus a comprehensive look at features, pros & cons, and tips for getting the most from this unique radio frequency pet tracking system.

What is the Marco Polo Pet Tracking System?

Marco Polo

The Marco Polo Pet Tracking System by Eureka Technology Partners is a radio frequency (RF) based system that allows pet owners to locate and track their pets, even when not connected to WiFi or cellular networks.

It consists of two main components:

  • Tracking Tag – A small, lightweight tag that attaches to your pet’s collar. It communicates with the locator using RF signals.
  • Locator Device – A handheld locator that you use to find the tracking tag. It shows direction and signal strength to guide you to your pet.

The Marco Polo system works similarly to the classic swimming pool game it’s named after. The locator “calls out” asking the tag to report its location. When in range, the tag answers back allowing the locator device to pinpoint distance and direction to your pet.

This allows real-time tracking of up to 3 pets simultaneously without relying on GPS or monthly subscriptions.

Top Benefits and Drawbacks of Marco Polo Pet Trackers

Why Pet Owners Choose Marco Polo

  • No monthly fees – Doesn’t rely on cellular networks so there are no costly monthly plans.
  • Worldwide use – Works globally without WiFi or cell service. Great for travel and rural areas.
  • Waterproof – Can withstand submersion and is good for water-loving pets.
  • Extended battery life – Collar tag lasts up to 6 weeks on one charge.
  • Robust design – Durable against elements and rough play.
  • Accurate tracking – Locator guides you right to your pet’s location when in range.

Potential Downsides to Consider

  • Limited range – Only works within 0.5-2 miles depending on environment. Not as far as GPS.
  • No exact location – Doesn’t pinpoint location on a map like GPS trackers. follows signal strength.
  • No smartphone app – Must carry locator device; can’t track from phone.
  • Slower alerts – Can take up to 80 seconds to notify you pet left a safe zone.
  • Big locator device – Handheld unit is bulky and not pocket-sized.

While the Marco Polo isn’t perfect, it provides accurate, no-fee tracking without cellular service for a reasonable price.

Marco Polo Pet Tracker Review Criteria

Marco Polo Pet Trackers 1

To provide pet owners with the most useful Marco Polo reviews, here are the key factors assessed:

  • Tracking accuracy & range – How precisely and from what distance can it locate pets?
  • Features – Does it provide useful modes like safe zones, lost pet tracking, etc?
  • Battery life – How long does the collar tag last between charges?
  • Water resistance – Can it withstand splashing, rain, and being submerged?
  • Collar design – Is the tag lightweight and comfortable for pets to wear?
  • Ease of use – Is the locator interface user-friendly and straightforward?
  • Durability – Can it withstand normal pet wear and tear?
  • Value – How does pricing compare to competitors?

Using these criteria provides pet owners with the most complete information to make an informed decision. Check out the top Marco Polo reviews below.

Marco Polo Pet Tracker Reviews

Here are some of the most helpful Marco Polo pet tracking system reviews from real-world pet owners:

Positive Marco Polo Reviews

“I tried this tracker on my farm in Montana where there is no cell service at all. The Marco Polo worked great for finding my lost dog who had wandered over a mile away. I’m so glad I didn’t need WiFi or cellular data for it to work.”

“We use the Marco Polo tracker for our rescue organization to help recover lost dogs. The long battery life is a lifesaver since we don’t always know how long a dog has been lost. We’ve tracked dogs from over a mile away with this system.”

“I love that there are no monthly fees. I pay one price and can use this tracker forever without ongoing costs. For the features it offers, the Marco Polo is very fairly priced.”

Critical Marco Polo Reviews

“The Marco Polo tracker works pretty well in open areas, but in my neighborhood with houses nearby it sometimes had trouble finding the direction of my pet. I wish it provided an exact location like GPS.”

“The handheld locator unit is quite large and clunky. Not very portable. I wish there was a smartphone app so I could track from my phone instead.”

“The safe zone alerts work but they aren’t instant. Sometimes it would take over a minute before notifying me my dog left the zone. A bit too slow in my opinion.”

Key Features of Marco Polo Pet Tracking

Now that you’ve seen real customer reviews, let’s dive into the key features and functionality of the Marco Polo Pet Tracking System.

Advanced Location Tracking

Marco Polo Pet Trackers Advanced Location Tracking

The Marco Polo uses radio frequency signals for communication between the tag and locator.

In track mode, the locator pings the tag every 5 seconds requesting a location update. The tag responds with its current location relative to the locator.

As you move with the locator, the directional arrow and signal strength percentage rapidly update allowing you to follow the signals right to your pet’s location.

Monitor Mode with Customizable Safe Zones

Marco Polo Pet Trackers Monitor Mode

Monitor mode is for when you don’t need active tracking but want to be notified if your pet leaves a safe zone.

You can choose from 4 preset safe zone radii – from 50 feet up to the max communication range.

If your pet breaches the zone, the locator will sound an alert within 60-80 seconds so you can switch to track mode.

Weatherproof and Durable Design

Marco Polo Pet Trackers Waterproof

The Marco Polo Pet Tracker is designed to withstand whatever your pet can throw at it.

The tag is weatherproof with an IP67 waterproof rating. It can handle being submerged under 3 feet of water for 30 minutes.

The tag and locator also withstand drops, shocks, and rugged use. The tag is housed in a durable nylon collar holder for extra protection.

Rechargeable Batteries with Long Life

The Marco Polo tracker has excellent battery life compared to competitors.

The collar tag lasts approximately:

  • Standby: Up to 6 weeks
  • Monitor mode: Up to 45 days
  • Active tracking: Up to 3 days

The locator and tag both recharge via USB cable in just a few hours. No replacements needed.

Simple Single-Button Tracking

If your pet goes missing, getting started tracking quickly is essential.

The Marco Polo makes this easy. With one press of the power button on the locator, it enters active track mode.

Just follow the arrow and you’ll be led right to your pet’s location when in communication range.

Tips for Getting the Most From Marco Polo

Follow these tips and advice to maximize performance of your Marco Polo Pet Tracker:

  • Maintain line-of-sight between tag and locator when possible for best results. Avoid having your body or objects like trees block the signal path.
  • Position the locator horizontally like a compass when tracking. This provides the most accurate directional readings.
  • Scan areas methodically if signals seem irregular. Multipath interference from structures can distort readings. Move to find a clearer RF path.
  • Keep the tag properly mounted on your pet’s collar. Check collar tightness regularly so the tag maintains good contact near your pet’s neck.
  • Recharge locator and tag batteries regularly. Don’t allow them to deplete fully as this can shorten battery lifespan over time.
  • Trim the nylon holder straps on the tracking tag so it fits your pet’s collar snugly without excess length.
  • Consider purchasing a backup locator device for your family members to also track your pet if it goes missing.
Marco Polo Pet Trackers 3

Marco Polo vs. GPS Pet Trackers

The Marco Polo Pet Tracker uses radio frequency technology whereas GPS pet trackers use global positioning satellites and cellular networks.

Each technology has pros and cons:

Marco PoloGPS Pet Trackers
Tracking Range0.5 – 2 miles maxUnlimited with cellular data
Locating MethodSignal strength & directionPinpointed location on map
Smartphone MonitoringNo – requires locator deviceYes via mobile app
Monthly FeeNone$5 – $20+ per month
Works Without WiFiYesNo – requires cellular data
Water ResistanceExcellent – IP67 ratingGood, but moisture can impact GPS signal
Tracking FrequencyUpdates every 5 secondsUpdates every 2-5 minutes typically

In summary, GPS pet trackers provide more convenient smartphone tracking and unlimited range, but come at a higher cost. Marco Polo provides short range but no-fee tracking without cellular service.

For an in-depth comparison of GPS pet trackers, see Whistle GPS vs Tractive.

What Owners are Saying About Marco Polo Pet Trackers

When making such an important purchase decision, it helps to hear from fellow pet owners about their real-world experiences.

Here are some of the most common compliments and complaints about the Marco Polo Pet Tracking System owners mention in their reviews:


  • “No monthly fees are awesome. One reasonable payment for a tracker I can use forever.”
  • “It has helped us locate so many lost dogs who have wandered over a mile from home.”
  • “Waterproof rating gives me peace of mind when my lab goes swimming.”
  • “Much longer battery life than I expected. Love that it lasts over a month.”


  • “I wish it worked with a phone app rather than the bulky locator device.”
  • “The safe zone alerts aren’t as quick as I’d hoped. Can take over a minute.”
  • “It gets confused indoors sometimes. Not reliable for indoor-only pets.”
  • “I assumed the 2 mile range was guaranteed, but it’s highly variable by environment.”

Marco Polo Pet Tracker Cost

The Marco Polo Pet Tracking System retails for $274.95 for the 1 pet starter kit on the company’s website and Amazon.

This includes the locator device, one tracking tag, a collar holder, charging cables, and user manuals.

Additional pet tags can be added for $119.95 each. Or you can purchase a 2-pet or 3-pet bundle kit for additional savings.

There are no monthly service fees, so the system can be used indefinitely once purchased. There is free shipping within the US and discounted international rates.

Compared to competitors, this cost is very reasonable for the features and value provided. Marco Polo reviews often praise its affordability.

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Final Verdict: A Unique No-Fee Tracking Option

The Marco Polo Pet Tracking System occupies a niche in the market as a short range, no-fee RF tracking solution. It won’t replace full-featured GPS trackers, but provides an affordable and effective option for many pet owners.


  • No monthly fees
  • Accurate tracking when in range
  • Withstands water and rough conditions
  • Long battery life up to 6 weeks


  • Limited 0.5-2 mile range
  • Requires carrying locator device
  • Zone alerts take up to 80 seconds

The Marco Polo tracker won’t be right for all pets and owners. But for those seeking reliable tracking without ongoing costs, it delivers solid performance. Pet owners wanting unlimited range or smartphone tracking may prefer a GPS tracker. See Halo Collar vs SpotOn Collar for a comparison.

Overall, Marco Polo pet trackers earn high marks for delivering peace of mind without extra fees or cellular service required. For many owners, that provides value you simply can’t put a price on.

Frequently Asked Questions About Marco Polo Pet Trackers

How accurate is the Marco Polo pet tracking system?

The Marco Polo locator device guides you directly to your pet’s location when in range using signal strength and a directional arrow. Accuracy within several inches is common in ideal conditions. In some environments, interference can impact accuracy at very close range.

What is the range of the Marco Polo tracker?

The stated maximum range in ideal conditions is 2 miles. However, typical functional range is 0.5-1 mile and highly dependent on terrain, foliage and structures in the area. Urban environments provide less range.

Can the Marco Polo tag be used while swimming?

Yes, the Marco Polo Pet Tracker tag is waterproof with an IP67 rating. It can be submerged under 3 feet of water for 30 minutes with no issues. Always verify proper collar tightness before swimming.

Does the handheld locator recharge or require replaceable batteries?

The Marco Polo locator device and collar tag both recharge via included USB cables. Rechargeable lithium polymer batteries are built-in so no replacements are needed.

Can I track my pet from my smartphone?

Unfortunately the Marco Polo does not offer smartphone tracking capability currently. You must use the provided handheld locator device within communication range to track your pet.

Key Takeaways: Marco Polo Pet Tracker Guide

  • Marco Polo uses radio frequencies instead of GPS for short range, no-fee pet tracking.
  • Locator and collar tag communicate within 0.5-2 mile range to pinpoint pet location.
  • Provides monitor mode, safe zones, and accurate live tracking to find lost pets.
  • Fully waterproof and durable for active pets and environments.
  • Rechargeable batteries last up to 6 weeks between charges.
  • No smartphone app, but easy to use locator device with intuitive interface.
  • Reasonably priced system with no monthly fees required after purchase.
  • Best suited for rural areas, active pets, and owners seeking a budget-friendly option.
  • Provides reliable tracking for most owners, but has limitations vs GPS trackers.

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