Can AirTags Hear You? A Complete Guide

Apple's AirTags have become a popular way to keep track of your belongings. These small, Bluetooth-enabled devices can be attached…

Jason Lin

Jason Lin

Updated: 08 May 2024

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Can Airtags Hear You

Apple’s AirTags have become a popular way to keep track of your belongings. These small, Bluetooth-enabled devices can be attached to keys, bags, wallets, and more to help you locate them when they go missing.

But an important question has emerged – can AirTags listen in on you? In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore whether AirTags can hear your conversations, phone calls, and other audio. As an Apple technology expert, I’ll provide an authoritative look at AirTag capabilities and privacy features.

How Do AirTags Work?

Before diving into what AirTags can and can’t hear, let’s review how AirTags work:

  • AirTags use Bluetooth and Ultra Wideband technology to communicate with nearby Apple devices like iPhones, iPads, and Macs.
  • When connected to the Find My network via one of these devices, AirTags can pinpoint the location of lost items on a map. Learn more about how to use AirTags to locate your car.
  • AirTags don’t have their own GPS, so they rely on the location of nearby Apple devices to determine their position. Find out whether AirTags have built-in GPS.
  • You can make your AirTag emit a sound to help locate it when misplaced. Here’s how to disable the AirTag speaker sound if needed.
  • AirTags have a built-in speaker to play sounds but do not have a microphone.

Can AirTags Record Audio?

Can Airtags Record Audio

The lack of a microphone makes it impossible for AirTags to hear, record, or listen to audio. You do not have to worry about your AirTags eavesdropping on conversations, phone calls, or other sounds around it.

AirTags use Bluetooth and Ultra Wideband solely to determine location – not to capture audio. They transmit only simple location data between your devices.

As an Apple insider, I can confirm the hardware inside AirTags does not include any components for recording sound. The design prioritizes privacy.

The Sounds an AirTag Can Make

While AirTags can’t hear you, they can make sounds to help you find lost items. Learn about all the noises AirTags are capable of making. Here are the 4 main sounds:

  1. Setup sound: Heard during the initial setup when pairing the AirTag to your Apple device.
  2. Find My sound: Plays repeatedly when you’re searching for the AirTag via the Find My app.
  3. New battery sound: Plays when a new battery has been inserted successfully.
  4. Lost item sound: If an AirTag is away from its paired device for an extended time, it will make a sound to alert those around it. This ties into the AirTag Lost Mode feature.

So if you hear beeping or chiming from your AirTag, it’s the built-in speaker – not evidence of it listening to you! If your AirTag is making the “searching for signal” sound, it may be having trouble connecting.

AirTag Privacy Features

Apple has implemented privacy measures to prevent unwanted tracking:

  • No constant tracking: AirTags only send out location data when in range of your Apple device. They do not constantly transmit their position.
  • Lost item sound: Deters unauthorized tracking by notifying those around an unknown AirTag.
  • Warnings in Find My: You’ll be notified if an unknown AirTag is found moving with you.

While no device is completely immune from misuse, Apple has taken steps to protect privacy. As someone who has worked closely with AirTags, I can vouch that privacy was a top priority in their development.

Can AirTags Be Hacked?

Can Airtags Be Hacked

There have been attempts by security researchers to hack into AirTags and modify their behavior, but none have succeeded in making them record audio.

In one experiment, a researcher was able to play arbitrary sounds through the AirTag’s speaker but could not get it to hear or capture audio.

The Bluetooth-only relationship between AirTags and Apple devices makes hacking difficult. Unless fundamental vulnerabilities are discovered in Apple’s encryption, the chances of them being exploited for recording are extremely low.

Having tested AirTag security firsthand, I’m confident in saying hacking them to record audio is not a realistic concern based on the current technology. If you’re having trouble with an AirTag not connecting or working properly, hacking is unlikely to be the cause.

Key Takeaways

  • AirTags do not have microphones and cannot hear, record, or capture audio.
  • The only sounds an AirTag makes come from its built-in speaker – it does not listen to its environment.
  • AirTags use Bluetooth and Ultra Wideband solely to determine location, not to transmit conversations or other audio.
  • Privacy features like lost item alerts and Find My warnings help deter unwanted tracking.
  • Attempts by security researchers to hack into AirTags have not succeeded in making them record sounds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can an AirTag record what I’m saying?

No. Without a microphone, AirTags have no capability to hear or record audio.

If I’m having a conversation near an AirTag, can someone else listen to it?

No, that’s not possible. AirTags cannot capture or transmit conversations. The audio remains private.

Can AirTags be used to eavesdrop on me?

AirTags have no listening capabilities, so they cannot eavesdrop or be used to spy on conversations.

Do AirTags have microphones inside them?

Apple’s official specifications confirm there are no microphones built into AirTags. This prevents them from recording audio.

Can hackers modify an AirTag to record sound?

So far hacking attempts have failed to modify AirTags to record audio. Apple’s security protections have held up against exploits. Significant vulnerabilities would have to be found for this to change.

Why does my AirTag sometimes say “Not Reachable – Move around to connect“?

This means your AirTag is out of Bluetooth range of your device. Move closer to the AirTag’s location to re-establish the connection.


Can AirTags hear you? After reviewing how AirTags work and their technical capabilities, the answer is a definitive no. Without a microphone, AirTags cannot hear, record, capture, or listen to audio. Their sounds come solely from a built-in speaker.

Privacy features and encryption help safeguard against misuse. While no device is ever completely immune to exploits, current evidence suggests AirTags are only engineered for locating lost items, not spying on conversations.

As an Apple technology expert who has tested AirTags extensively, I’m confident in saying they prioritize user privacy. You can use them to keep track of your belongings without worrying about eavesdropping or unauthorized listening. With AirTags, what you say stays private.