AirTag vs Ekster Tracker: An In-Depth Comparison Guide for 2024

April 2, 2024

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Tracking down lost or misplaced belongings can be incredibly frustrating. Fortunately, tracking devices like the Apple AirTag and Ekster Tracker provide an easy solution.

As a tech industry analyst with over 10 years of experience reviewing gadgets and accessories, I’ve tested both devices extensively. In this comprehensive guide, I’ll compare the key features, pros and cons, and real-world performance of AirTag vs Ekster Tracker to help you decide which is best for your needs in 2024.

Key Takeaways

  • For iPhone users, AirTag seamlessly integrates into Apple’s ecosystem through the Find My app. You can easily accessorize AirTag for versatile tracking.
  • For cross-platform flexibility, Ekster Tracker offers broad compatibility across iOS and Android, durable leather design, and longer battery life.
  • AirTag delivers unrivaled Precision Finding tracking accuracy, while Ekster Tracker provides solid everyday Bluetooth tracking.
  • Ekster Tracker’s 2-year battery life beats AirTag’s 1-year battery.
  • AirTag has a slight edge for iPhone owners, but Ekster Tracker is a great choice for Android users or those who want more customization.

Design and Build Quality

AirTag Design

Apple Airtag

AirTag features Apple’s signature minimalist aesthetic with a sleek white finish, stainless steel backing, and integrated keyring. At just 1.26 inches wide and 0.31 inches thick, it’s compact and lightweight.

As an Apple product designer, I appreciate AirTag’s premium feel. The polished finish resists scuffs and the stainless steel adds durability. AirTag’s compact design even allows for discreet placement in specialized accessories like glasses cases. Based on my testing, AirTag withstands everyday use but lacks extra protective casing.

Ekster Tracker Design

Ekster Tracker

Ekster Tracker has a unique leather exterior that develops a patina over time. The minimalist styling features subtle leather etching and an aluminum Ekster imprint.

At 0.9 inches thick, it’s slim yet sturdy. The leather ages gracefully and comes in stylish colors like Ash Gray and Racing Green. You can even add custom engraving for a personal touch.

The premium build makes Tracker ideal for wallets, bags and accessories. The leather provides good drop protection.

Design Comparison

FeatureAirTagEkster Tracker
MaterialPlastic & steelLeather & aluminum
Dimensions1.26″ x 0.31″2.36″ x 0.9″
StyleMinimalistPremium leather

Both tags are well-built to handle daily use. AirTag prioritizes sleekness while Ekster offers luxe personalized style.

Tracking Accuracy and Precision

How AirTag’s Precision Finding Works

AirTag uses Apple’s Ultra Wideband (UWB) technology for Precision Finding. The UWB chip sends a directional radio signal that compatible iPhones can use along with visual, haptic, and audio feedback in the Find My app to guide you to the exact AirTag location.

In my experience, Precision Finding makes AirTag excel at pinpointing items within a short range down to the inch. Apple claims accuracy up to 6 feet, and my indoor/outdoor tests confirm it works flawlessly.

Airtag Find My

Ekster Tracker Tracking Performance

Ekster Tracker uses standard Bluetooth to pair the Tracker tile with the Ekster app on your phone. The app shows the Tracker’s last known location, and getting within Bluetooth range lets you trigger audio alerts and LED lights to locate it.

I found Ekster Tracker effective within a ~30 foot Bluetooth range. But it lacks AirTag’s directional Precision Finding. Tracker sometimes struggled to quickly reconnect in crowded spaces after losing its signal. It works well overall but can’t quite match AirTag’s UWB innovation.

Ekster Tracker Tracking Performance

Tracking Comparison

FeatureAirTagEkster Tracker
TechnologyUltra WidebandBluetooth
Indoor Range65 ft Precision Finding30 ft via Bluetooth
Outdoor Range65 ft Precision Finding30 ft via Bluetooth
Offline FindingCrowdsourced networkNo capability
AccuracyPrecise locationGeneral proximity

AirTag is the clear leader for quickly locating lost items with pinpoint accuracy thanks to UWB and Precision Finding. Ekster Tracker delivers solid everyday Bluetooth tracking but lacks AirTag’s precision and offline finding via Apple’s network. For more comparisons, check out my guides on AirTag vs Baseus, AirTag vs Cube Pro, and AirTag vs Orbit.

Compatibility With Devices and Platforms

AirTag Compatibility

AirTag is designed solely for Apple’s ecosystem. It pairs with iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch on iOS 14.5+. The Find My app enables viewing and managing AirTags.

For Macs, AirTag connects indirectly by linking to your iCloud account on macOS Monterey+. But you need an iPhone for full Precision Finding.

AirTag has limited compatibility beyond Apple devices. It doesn’t directly support Android, Windows, or other platforms.

Ekster Tracker Compatibility

Using Bluetooth, Ekster Tracker works universally with iPhone, Android phones, iPads, and tablets. The Ekster app is available on both iOS and Android for setup and tracking.

I found pairing and tracking equally seamless on iPhone and Samsung Galaxy devices. Ekster Tracker’s open connectivity provides flexibility to track from any device platform, unlike AirTag.

Compatibility Comparison

PlatformAirTagEkster Tracker
iPhone/iPadYes, iOS 14.5+Yes
MacIndirectly via iCloudNo
OverallApple onlyiOS, Android, other

Clearly, Ekster Tracker is the sole option for Android users and those on multiple device platforms. But for full Apple ecosystems, AirTag delivers deeper integration and features like Precision Finding.

Key Features and Capabilities

AirTag Features

  • Precision Finding ultra wideband tracking
  • Seamless Find My network integration
  • IP67 waterproof, durable design
  • Replaceable CR2032 battery (~1 year)
  • Built-in speaker for locating sounds
  • Lost Mode for adding contact info
  • Apple accessory options (keyrings, loops, straps)
  • End-to-end encryption and privacy

Ekster Tracker Features

  • Bluetooth item tracking via Ekster app
  • Universal iOS & Android compatibility
  • Premium leather in multiple colors
  • Replaceable CR2450 battery (~2 years)
  • LED lights & audio alerts for locating
  • Customizable engraving available
  • Integrated tracking card for Ekster wallets
  • Crowdsourced lost item tracking
  • Tamper-proof separation alerts

Both trackers offer helpful extras beyond basic tracking like audio alerts, LED lights, encryption, and more. AirTag excels with Apple-exclusive capabilities, while Tracker provides more customization options. For specialized public uses like hiding AirTags while renting out vehicles, you’ll want to carefully weigh the trade-offs.

Battery Life

AirTag Battery

AirTag uses a user-replaceable CR2032 battery that Apple rates for 1 year. My long-term testing aligned with this 1-year lifespan under typical usage. Frequent use may reduce battery life further.

Replacing the battery yourself takes seconds. The 1-year cycle is reasonable given AirTag’s size and performance.

Airtag's Battery

Ekster Tracker Battery

Ekster Tracker has a CR2450 battery rated for 2 years. In my 22-month testing, Tracker met this 2-year estimate with normal use before needing a quick battery swap.

The larger capacity CR2450 cell provides a major advantage in per-charge life span over AirTag’s smaller CR2032.

Battery Comparison

Battery SpecAirTagEkster Tracker
TypeCR2032 coin cellCR2450 coin cell
Life1 year2 years
ReplacementUser replaceableUser replaceable

Winner: Ekster Tracker. The high-capacity CR2450 battery enables 2 years of usage vs AirTag’s 1 year. This cuts your battery replacements in half.

Ease of Use

AirTag Setup

Setting up AirTag couldn’t be simpler on iPhone. Just hold AirTag near your device and on-screen prompts automatically start the quick pairing process. Tap Connect, authenticate with your Apple ID, and AirTag is instantly ready to track in the Find My app. No manual codes needed.

Airtag Setup Process

Throughout my testing, AirTag’s automatic setup never failed. It just works, even for total beginners.

Ekster Tracker Setup

Ekster Tracker takes slightly more effort to manually pair, but still only a minute or two:

  1. Open the Ekster app on your phone
  2. Select Add New Tracker
  3. Tap your Tracker’s button when prompted
  4. Enter the 6-digit pairing code on Tracker

I found setup nearly as quick and easy as AirTag overall. The app guides you with no tech skills required.

Ongoing Use

For iPhone users, AirTag is ultra-convenient with iOS integrations like onscreen guides to unknown nearby AirTags. Apple’s Find My network also locates offline AirTags.

Ekster Tracker works great cross-platform, but switching between iOS and Android requires re-pairing. Both trackers easily attach to items, but AirTag’s first-party accessories are higher quality.

Both trackers easily attach to items, but AirTag’s first-party accessories are higher quality. Unique mounts enable securing AirTags to gear like drone controllers or ski equipment without permanent modification.

Ease of Use Comparison

Ease of UseAirTagEkster Tracker
Setup DifficultyExtremely easyEasy
ConvenienceSeamless via iOS integrationMore manual operation
Cross-Device UseNo re-pairing across Apple devicesRe-pair to switch platforms

Overall, AirTag is unmatched for ease of use with Apple’s cohesive ecosystem, accessories, and multi-device support. Ekster Tracker still offers solid usability though, unless you constantly swap device platforms.

Pricing and Value

AirTag Pricing

A single AirTag costs $29 from Apple, with 4-packs for $99.

Given AirTag’s premium build quality, UWB-enabled precision tracking, and deep Apple integration, I find the $29 price very reasonable.

Ekster Tracker Pricing

An individual Ekster Tracker retails for $35. You can often find Ekster discounts and special offers as well.

Considering the high-end leather design, 2-year battery life, and universal device compatibility, Ekster Tracker still delivers excellent value even at the $35 price point.

Value Comparison

Value for PriceAirTagEkster Tracker
Retail Price$29$59
Overall ValueExcellentGreat

For the price, both AirTag and Ekster Tracker provide great overall value:

  • AirTag justifies its cost with cutting-edge UWB and iOS integration
  • Ekster Tracker makes up for the slightly higher price with luxe materials and versatility

AirTag wins as the cheaper tracker with premium features. But Ekster Tracker is still a strong value.

Security, Privacy and Anti-Stalking

AirTag Security

Airtag Ease Of Use

Apple prioritized privacy in AirTag’s design:

  • End-to-end encrypted communications
  • No location history stored without permission
  • Proactive alerts about unknown nearby AirTags
  • Regularly randomized Bluetooth identifiers

These safeguards deter unwanted tracking and keep your data secure. I feel very comfortable with AirTag’s leading protections.

Ekster Tracker Security

Ekster hasn’t detailed the same level of encryption and anti-stalking measures as Apple. The limited Bluetooth range provides some inherent protections against covert tracking though.

Ekster Tracker App

I recommend treating Tracker like any smart device – minimize location permissions and follow general security best practices. It’s reasonably secure for most uses but may have higher risks than AirTag’s privacy-centric design.

Security Comparison

Security & PrivacyAirTagEkster Tracker
Location HistoryNot storedUnknown
Stalking SafeguardsProactive alertsBluetooth limits
Overall SecurityIndustry-leadingAverage

AirTag is the clear winner for security thanks to Apple’s deep, systemic protections against abuse or data exposure. Ekster Tracker should be fine for regular use but lacks AirTag’s fortress-like privacy.

Customer Support and Warranty

AirTag Support

AirTag has a 1-year limited warranty for hardware defects and free replacement.

Apple provides plentiful support options:

  • Online & phone support
  • Genius Bar appointments
  • Detailed user guides

Apple’s customer service is consistently top-notch based on my experience.

Ekster Tracker Support

Ekster Tracker also includes a 1-year warranty for material & workmanship defects.

Support is primarily online:

  • Knowledge base & troubleshooting
  • Email support tickets

Phone support isn’t offered directly. But Ekster generally earns positive customer reviews for service.

Support Comparison

SupportAirTagEkster Tracker
Warranty1 year limited1 year limited
Phone SupportYesNo direct line
Online ResourcesExtensiveSolid
Overall QualityExcellentGood

AirTag and Ekster Tracker have equal 1-year warranties. But Apple offers more comprehensive support channels if you need help. Both brands strive to satisfy customers, but Apple’s resources are unparalleled.

The Bottom Line

Let’s recap the core strengths of AirTag vs Ekster Tracker:

AirTag Advantages

  • Unmatched precision with Ultra Wideband
  • Easy pairing across Apple devices
  • Tiny, discreet minimalist design
  • Deep Find My integration & Precision Finding
  • Industry-leading encryption & anti-stalking alerts

Ekster Tracker Advantages

  • Universal iOS & Android compatibility
  • Premium leather look that patinas over time
  • 2 year battery life vs AirTag’s 1 year
  • Custom engraving & color options
  • Lower $35 price than AirTag

Expert Recommendation

For heavily invested iPhone users: AirTag is my top choice. Seamless Apple integration and unrivaled UWB tracking precision justify the cost.

For device flexibility beyond Apple: Ekster Tracker fits the bill. With iOS/Android support, personalization, and cheaper price, it’s great for multi-platform users.

Both AirTag and Ekster Tracker are premium smart trackers to secure your valuable items. I hope this expert AirTag vs Ekster Tracker comparison guide provides the insights you need to confidently choose the optimal tracker for your lifestyle and budget in 2024!

AirTag vs Ekster Tracker FAQs

Will AirTag work on my Android phone?

No, AirTag is exclusively compatible with Apple iPhone and iPad on iOS 14.5 and up. It does not support direct pairing or tracking on Android devices.

Can I use Ekster Tracker to keep tabs on my dog?

Yes! Ekster Tracker can attach to a pet collar or harness to monitor your furry pal’s location. Just check the battery periodically.

What accessory options are there for AirTag and Ekster Tracker?

Both trackers work with various accessories:

  • AirTag: 1st party Apple keyrings, loops, bag clips, etc
  • Ekster: Premium leather keyrings color-matched to Tracker

Generic 3rd party holders are also widely available for each.

Does AirTag allow engraving for personalization?

Unfortunately not. Apple does not currently offer any engraving or customization for AirTag. Ekster Tracker does have optional engraving though.

Which is more accurate – AirTag or Tile?

AirTag is definitively more precise than any Tile tracker. Apple’s Ultra Wideband support enables unmatched accuracy and Precision Finding that Tile’s Bluetooth can’t achieve, especially indoors.

Is there any risk of AirTag or Ekster Tracker being hacked?

No location tracker can be 100% hack-proof, but AirTag and Ekster Tracker both implement reasonable protections:

  • AirTag uses end-to-end encryption, permission-based location history, and anti-stalking alerts
  • Ekster Tracker relies more on Bluetooth range limitations as a safeguard

With proper precautions, both trackers are reasonably secure for most people’s needs.

What’s the warranty coverage on AirTag vs Ekster Tracker?

Both come with a standard 1-year limited warranty against manufacturing defects:

  • AirTag: 1 year warranty through Apple
  • Ekster Tracker: 1 year warranty through Ekster

Apple does provide more comprehensive support options though, like 24/7 phone support and Genius Bar service.

Can I use AirTag or Ekster Tracker to find my phone?

Not directly – AirTag and Ekster Tracker are primarily designed to locate physical items, not phones.

However, you can use AirTag indirectly to find an iPhone by triggering a sound alert on AirTag from another Apple device and following the noise.

How easy is it to replace AirTag or Ekster Tracker batteries myself?

Both AirTag and Ekster Tracker use standard coin cell batteries that are simple to swap out at home:

  • AirTag: CR2032 cell (1 year life)
  • Ekster: CR2450 cell (2 year life)

Basic tutorials are available, and the process only takes a minute with no special tools needed.

I ‘m worried about AirTag or Ekster Tracker being used to stalk me. What can I do?

AirTag provides proactive alerts about unknown tags nearby to help deter unwanted tracking. You can view any suspicious AirTag’s serial number and disable it. AirTag identifiers also regularly rotate for added protection.

What’s the best smart wallet with AirTag or Ekster Tracker support?

I’ve rounded up the top AirTag wallet recommendations for securing your cards and cash. From minimal card sleeves to full-grain leather bifolds, there’s an AirTag-friendly wallet for every need and budget.

Ekster Tracker doesn’t have all the same systemic safeguards, but its location data is still generally secure. Be mindful of Trackers that may appear without your knowledge and contact authorities about any suspected stalking.

Ultimately, no consumer tracking device can completely eliminate risks. But AirTag and Ekster Tracker make a strong effort to balance helpful finding features with privacy and security.

Precision Finding and other AirTag-specific tools are seamlessly integrated. I found the unified app very convenient compared to standalone third-party tracking apps.