Jiobit vs Tile Trackers: Which Bluetooth Finder is Best for You?

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Jiobit Vs Tile

Finding lost keys and tracking wandering kids or pets is easier than ever with Bluetooth trackers. But with dozens of options from Tile, Jiobit, Apple AirTag and more, how do you choose the right tracker?

In this comprehensive guide, we compare Tile and Jiobit head-to-head across 10 categories to determine which Bluetooth tracker comes out on top.

Overview of Jiobit and Tile Bluetooth Trackers

Jiobit and Tile take different approaches when it comes to helping you keep tabs on your valuables and loved ones:

  • Jiobit – Focused on locating kids, pets and elderly relatives in real-time using cellular and GPS data. Offers premium features like SOS alert and CareTeam sharing. Requires paid subscription.
  • Tile – Designed primarily for finding lost items via crowdsourced Bluetooth tracking. Budget-friendly models with less robust features. No subscription needed.

While both utilize Bluetooth, Jiobit’s always-on cellular connectivity provides more precise, continuous tracking compared to Tile’s proximity alerts.

But Tile’s lower price point and wider compatibility gives it the edge for casual everyday use finding keys and bags.

We’ll compare both brands across 10 factors to determine the right tracker based on your needs.

Hardware Design

  • Jiobit – A compact 1.5 inch tracker that easily clips onto clothing, collars, bags. Rounded shape. IPX7 waterproof.
Jiobit Smart Tag
  • Tile – Square 1.25 inch trackers designed like key fools. The Sticker shape adheres to devices. Also waterproof.
Tile Trackers
Tile Mate

Winner: Draw – Both are small, durable and water-resistant. Jiobit’s softer shape works well for kids while Tile suits keys.

Tracking Technology

  • Jiobit – Uses 4G LTE networks for real-time location monitoring anywhere. Also has GPS and Wi-Fi for accuracy.
  • Tile – Relies on Bluetooth connectivity and crowdsourcing. Signals from other users’ phones update locations.

Winner: Jiobit – Cellular connectivity enables continuous real-time tracking versus Tile’s proximity alerts.

Tracking Range

  • Jiobit – Unlimited range to track location via cellular networks worldwide.
  • Tile – Range limited to 200-400ft via Bluetooth. Out of range tracking depends on other users.

Winner: Jiobit – Cellular data provides unlimited range for live tracking. Tiles only work within Bluetooth proximity.

Location Accuracy

  • Jiobit – Pinpoints locations within a few feet using GPS, cellular data and Wi-Fi. Real-time updates.
  • Tile – Approximate accuracy based on Bluetooth signal strength. Location updates lag.

Winner: Jiobit – More precise real-time location tracking beats Tile’s approximate proximity alerts.

Battery Life

  • Jiobit – Lasts 4-7 days on a charge. User-replaceable. Charging dock included.
Jiobit Charging Cradle
  • Tile – 1 year for replaceable Pro battery. 2-3 years for built-in batteries on other models.
Tile Pro 2022 Battery
Tile Pro

Winner: Tile – No need to recharge for up to 1-3 years. Jiobit requires charging every week.

Alert Types

  • Jiobit – Geofences, departure alerts, speed alerts, SOS/urgent alerts.
Jiobit Get Alerts
Jiobit Customizable Alerts
Jiobit Sos Alert Button
  • Tile – Proximity alerts when away from phone. Out-of-range alerts.
Tile Separation Alerts

Winner: Jiobit – Wider range of smart alerts provides more tracking flexibility.

Tracking Zones

  • Jiobit – Set unlimited geofences with customizable sizes and alerts. Receive entry/exit notifications.
Jiobit Safe Zones
  • Tile – Basic proximity alerts when away from paired phone. No customizable zones.

Winner: Jiobit – Flexible geofencing features make it easy to monitor key locations.

Tracking History

  • Jiobit – Access real-time and historical location data any time.
Jiobit Real Time Tracking
  • Tile – Only shows last known location, no history.
Tile Trackers Last Known Location

Winner: Jiobit – Full location history provides a timelines of your tracker’s movements.

Mobile App

  • Jiobit – Easy intuitive app for Android/iOS. Location sharing and alerts.
Jiobit mobile App
  • Tile – Simple Bluetooth tracking app. Less features than Jiobit but gets the job done.
Tile App

Winner: Draw – Jiobit has more robust features but Tile’s app is very user-friendly.


  • Jiobit – Works with iOS and Android devices.
  • Tile – Compatible with iOS and Android.

Winner: Draw – Both Jiobit and Tile support iPhone and Android.


Winner: Tile – Lower initial cost and no monthly subscription is easier on the wallet.

Which is Better for Finding Lost Items?

Tile Built In

For tracking down missing keys, wallets, luggage and other possessions, Tile is the winner.

The lower price point, long battery life, crowd finding network and wide compatibility with iOS and Android makes Tile excellent basic trackers for your stuff.

While Jiobit offers more advanced features, the subscription fees and shorter battery life make it harder to justify for casual everyday use finding misplaced items.

Which is Better for Tracking Kids and Pets?

Jiobit Cats

When it comes to monitoring the real-time location of children, pets and elderly relatives, Jiobit pulls ahead.

The continuous cellular connectivity provides unlimited range and precision tracking no matter where they roam. Customizable geofencing and smart alerts add an extra layer of protection.

While the monthly fee raises the cost, Jiobit’s enhanced location tracking, history, and alert capabilities justify the expense for safety and security. See how it matches up to Whistle and Fi GPS pet trackers.

Tile simply can’t match the real-time tracking precision and range of Jiobit for pets and kids. But it can be a low-cost alternative if you just need basic proximity alerts.

Key Takeaways: Which Bluetooth Tracker Should You Buy?

  • For real-time location tracking of pets, children or seniors, Jiobit is the top choice. The monthly fee provides enhanced precision, smart alerts and security.
  • If you just want a simple, affordable tracker for wallets, keys and bags, Tile is the better option. No subscription required.
  • Jiobit shines for real-time tracking capability, location history, alerts. Great for safety and security.
  • Tile wins for lower cost, minimalist design, crowdsourced finding, and long battery life. Ideal for everyday items.
  • Both support iPhone and Android devices. Jiobit offers more premium features but requires monthly payments.
  • For more guidance, check out our picks for the best key finder, GPS pet tracker, and luggage tracker.

Bluetooth Tracker FAQs

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about Jiobit and Tile trackers:

How accurate is the location tracking?

Jiobit provides real-time location accurate to within several feet using GPS and cellular data. Tile estimates approximate proximity based on Bluetooth signal strength.

Can they be tracked when offline?

No, you need an active data connection for real-time monitoring. But Jiobit and Tile store last known locations for reference.

What happens if the battery dies?

Rechargeable Jiobit batteries last around 5 days. Tile non-rechargeable batteries work for 1-3 years. Dead batteries disrupt tracking until replaced.

Are there monthly fees?

Jiobit requires a paid cellular data plan starting at $8.99/month. Tile does not have a subscription, only the upfront hardware cost.

How far can they be tracked?

Jiobit offers unlimited range worldwide via cellular networks. Tile is limited to 200-400 feet via Bluetooth signal.

Are they waterproof?

Yes, Jiobit and Tile both have IP67 water resistance and can be submerged for 30 minutes.

Do they work internationally?

Jiobit provides global tracking in over 200 countries. Tile also works internationally if other users have the app installed.

See how the AirTag battery life compares to competitors like Tile.

The Bottom Line

Jiobit and Tile take different approaches to helping you keep track of valued possessions and loved ones.

Jiobit shines when it comes to real-time location tracking of kids, pets and seniors thanks to its cellular data connectivity, GPS precision, smart alerts and security features.

But you pay a premium in terms of subscription fees. Tile is your best low-cost option if you just need a basic tracker to find lost keys, wallets and bags via Bluetooth proximity and crowdfinding.

So weigh your specific needs to choose the right mix of tracking power, features and affordability. With Jiobit and Tile leading the way, never lose track of what matters again.

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