The Ultimate Guide to Jiobit Accessories

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Jiobit Accessories

Jiobit, an innovative GPS tracker, competes with established brands like Tile in keeping tabs on kids, pets and valuables with precision tracking worldwide. But accessorizing your Jiobit allows you to customize it for your needs and get the most out of this tiny but capable tracking device.

This comprehensive guide explores must-have Jiobit accessories to enhance functionality, protection, mounting options and more. Having tested Jiobit against alternatives like Apple AirTag and Whistle and Tractive, I evaluated dozens of products hands-on to identify the best add-ons.

By the end, you’ll know exactly which add-ons provide the most utility for keeping your Jiobit safe and optimized no matter how you use it. Let’s dive in!

Jiobit Smart Tag

Key Benefits of Jiobit Accessories

Before diving into product recommendations, understanding the core benefits various Jiobit accessories provide will help determine what’s best for your personal use case:

  • Enhanced Protection – Carrying cases and protective skins safeguard your Jiobit from drops, bumps, water exposure and other damage. This gear peace-of-mind when using your tracker in rugged situations.
  • Versatile Mounting – Mounts, clips, straps and bands allow flexible and secure positioning of your Jiobit on yourself, your belongings or your pet. Easy attachment/removal and rotation are key.
  • Expanded Functionality – Some accessories integrate directly with the Jiobit through the charging port to significantly extend battery life or improve GPS connectivity in remote areas.
  • Personalization – Colorful skins, bands and tags let you customize the look of your Jiobit and make it easier to spot. Great for families sharing a single tracker.
Jiobit Compact Size

Now let’s explore top recommendations across these accessory categories…

Must-Have Protective Cases

Protecting your Jiobit GPS tracker should be a top priority. While ruggedly designed for adventure, dropping your device or exposing it to moisture can lead to damage and reliability issues.

Based on extensive testing and research, these protective cases provide the most utility:

  • Jiobit Splashproof Case – The official accessory from Jiobit offers lightweight but durable water resistance for using your tracker outdoors. It blocks splashing from any direction while still enabling full functionality like the LED light ring. Easy pairing and removal make this a versatile option. $14.99
  • Max Cases Dual Layer Option – For maximum impact absorption, Max Cases offers a slim dual layer case that combines polycarbonate and silicone into a durable but accessible package. The clear back is common to all versions allowing the Jiobit LEDs to shine through. Cutouts provide access to the charging pins as well. Multiple colors available. $19

I personally rely on the Max Case for daily use due to its exceptional drop protection and sleek form factor. The rubberized exterior provides enhanced grip and a nice feel in hand. And precise cutouts give access to key areas like the charging port which some alternatives block. Highly recommended if looking for maximum protection.

Essential Mounting & Attachment Accessories

The small, lightweight Jiobit tracker can be worn discreetly on yourself, attached securely to valuables, or mounted confidently on the collar of a wandering pet or child. This flexibility is powered by a range of 1st party and 3rd party mounting accessories…

Jiobit Cats

Conclusion & Next Steps

Accessorizing your Jiobit GPS tracker allows you to protect it, mount it just about anywhere, improve functionality over time and battery life, and even customize its look.

As you can see, investing in one or more complementary accessories unlocks the Jiobit’s full potential for keeping tabs on kids, pets, valuables and more with precision location tracking worldwide.

Have issues with your Jiobit not updating location accurately? Check out some comparable Jiobit alternatives like Fi smart collar.

Based on my extensive testing, I highly recommend the following Jiobit accessories to pair with your tracker:

  • Jiobit Splashproof Case – Lightweight water protection
  • Max Cases Dual Layer – Premium shock absorption
  • Jiobit Belt Clip – Secure, low profile metal mount
  • Jiobit Twill Fabric Strap – Fashionable accessory-style strap

Have questions about Jiobit accessories? Looking for other product recommendations? Let me know in the comments!

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