Jiobit vs Tractive: Which is the Best GPS Pet Tracker in 2024?

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Jiobit Vs Tractive

Pet owners want to keep their furry friends safe and secure. But even the most loyal dogs and cleverest cats can slip away on an impromptu adventure.

That’s where pet GPS trackers come in. These nifty devices attach to your pet’s collar to broadcast their location, no matter where they roam.

But with so many models on the market, how do you choose the right one?

In this in-depth guide, we’ll compare the top two contenders – Jiobit and Tractive – to identify the best GPS pet tracker for your needs.

Overview of Jiobit and Tractive Pet Trackers

Jiobit and Tractive are two industry-leading pet GPS tracker brands. Both offer compact, lightweight devices to discreetly attach to your pet’s collar.

With Jiobit and Tractive, you can:

  • Pinpoint your pet’s location in real-time via a mobile app
  • Receive alerts when your pet wanders outside designated safe zones
  • Track your pet’s daily activities and adventures
  • Monitor older or disabled pets closely
  • Share access with family and friends

But while the two trackers share similar functionality, there are some key differences that make one better suited for certain needs.

In this review, we’ll break down how Jiobit and Tractive compare across critical tracking performance metrics:

Key Feature Comparison

Tracking Accuracy

Jiobit Smart Tag

Jiobit uses a blend of GPS, Cellular and Bluetooth tracking to deliver location accuracy within several feet. This hybrid tracking enables solid performance for both outdoor and indoor locating.

For indoor locating, Jiobit’s Bluetooth tracking provides superior accuracy comparable to Bluetooth trackers like Tabcat and Loc8tor.


Tractive relies primarily on GPS and cellular networks. As a result, it excels at outdoor tracking over long distances but has more limited indoor positioning capabilities. Expect accuracy within 5-10 meters outside.

Winner: Jiobit for its combination of GPS and Bluetooth that locates pets accurately both indoors and out.


With both devices relying on cellular connectivity, factors like network coverage and obstructions can impact range, especially in rural areas as we cover in GPS vs. Bluetooth trackers.

But both Jiobit and Tractive offer unlimited range for tracking pets in the continental U.S and Europe. The cellular and GPS networks they tap into provide coverage across huge distances.

So you can monitor wanderings from your backyard to several towns over. Rural areas may have spotty coverage, however.

Winner: Draw – Jiobit and Tractive match in terms of extended range capabilities.

Battery Life

On a single charge, Jiobit runs for around 5-10 days depending on usage. Tractive lasts 5-7 days typically. Both require regular recharging.

Jiobit’s battery saves power by intelligently switching between GPS and Bluetooth tracking modes. Tractive lacks smart power management by comparison.

Jiobit Charging Cradle

Winner: Jiobit ekes out a slight battery life advantage with its efficient power saving modes.

Waterproof Rating

Jiobit has an IPX7 waterproof rating, meaning it can be fully submerged in 1 meter of water for 30 minutes.

Jiobit Waterproof

Tractive is also rated IPX7 waterproof. Both devices can withstand exposure to rain, splashes and being accidentally dropped in water or mud puddles.

Tractive Waterproof

Winner: Draw – Jiobit and Tractive deliver equivalent waterproofing and ruggedness.

Alerts and Monitoring

Jiobit and Tractive allow setting customizable safe zones and receiving alerts when your pet exits the boundaries. Jiobit’s alerts trigger within 1-3 minutes typically.

Jiobit Safe Zones

Tractive allows creating custom safe zones similar to Whistle and provides alerts when a pet exits the boundaries.

Tractive Geofencing

Both trackers monitor daily activity levels to identify changes that may reflect pet health issues. Tractive has the edge in surfacing actionable health insights.

Winner: Tractive provides more meaningful activity data to inform pet health and wellness.

Ease of Use

Jiobit and Tractive work through intuitive, user-friendly mobile apps for iOS and Android. Both make real-time location tracking and alerts easy to access.

Jiobit has a simpler app interface, while Tractive packs in more advanced analytics and customizations. Jiobit also supports multiple user profiles.

Jiobit App

For sharing access, Tractive only allows guest accounts with limited permissions.

Tractive's App

Winner: Jiobit thanks to its straightforward app and multi-user profile support.


Jiobit costs $129.99 for the tracker plus $8.99-$14.99/month for service.

Tractive’s tracker costs $49.99 plus subscription fees from $4.99-$9.99/month.

Both require 2-year minimum contracts to get the lowest monthly rates. There are cancellation fees for early termination.

Winner: Tractive is more affordable upfront and has lower monthly costs.

Core Usage Scenarios

Beyond basic features, there are some scenarios where Jiobit or Tractive excel and are worth the splurge:

Outdoor Cats

For cat owners who allow outdoor roaming, Jiobit is worth the investment. Its location alerts and history help monitor their wandering habits and identify danger zones.

Jiobit Cats

Adventurous Dogs

Escapade-prone pups benefit from Tractive’s advanced tracking range and durability for keeping tabs during hikes, camping and field adventures.

Tractive Size & Weight Ranges

Senior or Disabled Pets

Jiobit’s fast alerts and compact size make it easier to attach discreetly and monitor elderly or less mobile pets closely both indoors and out.

Multi-Pet Homes

Jiobit allows creating separate user profiles for each family member and pet. This makes it easier to monitor multiple pets from a single account.

Our Recommendation

For most users, Jiobit is the best overall pet GPS tracker thanks to its blend of tracking technology, alert responsiveness, compact profile and multi-user support.

However, Tractive makes sense for owners specifically wanting long-range outdoor tracking and robust fitness monitoring for adventuresome pets.

Both deliver an immense sense of security and peace of mind for under $200 per year.

FAQs About Pet GPS Trackers

Do I need a pet GPS tracker if my pet is microchipped?

Yes, a GPS tracker still provides value even if your pet has a registered microchip. A microchip is passive – it stores your contact info in case your pet gets lost. But a GPS tracker actively tracks your pet’s location and alerts you when they wander too far. The two complement each other.

What happens if my tracker falls off my pet?

Like AirTags, Jiobit and Tractive both have good collar attachment mechanisms to prevent detachment. But if a tracker does fall off, its location history can help you retrace your pet’s steps to locate it based on where it fell off.

Can I add multiple pets to my account?

Jiobit allows creating separate user profiles for individual pets. With Tractive, you can only add one pet per account, unlike Pawtrack which allows monitoring multiple pets.

Are subscriptions required?

Yes, Jiobit and Tractive require paid subscription plans to access real-time GPS tracking capabilities, typically starting around $9/month. Discounts are available for annual contracts.

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