The Complete Guide to Using AirTags with Turo in 2024

March 6, 2024

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AirTags are becoming an increasingly popular way for hosts to keep track of their Turo rental cars. These small Bluetooth trackers can be attached to keys, bags, and other items to help locate them when lost.

But can AirTags specifically be used with Turo vehicles? What are the benefits and downsides? And does Turo allow hosts to track rental cars with AirTags?

This complete guide will explore everything you need to know about using AirTags with Turo in 2024.

Whether you’re a Turo host considering AirTags or a guest renting a car, this guide will provide key information and insights.

What Are AirTags and How Do They Work?

Apple Airtag

AirTags are small, round tracking devices developed by Apple. They work by using Bluetooth technology to connect with nearby Apple devices.

Specifically, AirTags tap into Apple’s massive “Find My” network. The Find My network includes hundreds of millions of iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices that can detect Bluetooth signals from lost AirTags.

When an AirTag is placed into “Lost Mode”, any nearby Apple device will pick up its signal and relay the location back to its owner. The owner can then locate the lost AirTag on a map in the Find My app.

AirTags have a range of around 100 feet. Their compact design allows you to attach them to keys, purses, luggage, and more using accessories like keychainsnecklacesloops and shoe inserts. You can even stick them inconspicuously into items like wallet card slots or glasses cases.

Airtag Ease Of Use

An Apple iPhone, iPad, or Mac is required to pair with and locate AirTags. Android devices can also detect AirTags but cannot pair with them directly.

Overall, AirTags provide an affordable and convenient tracking option for Apple users. Their integration with Find My gives them an advantage over third-party Bluetooth trackers.

The Pros and Cons of Using AirTags with Turo

Let’s explore some of the potential benefits and downsides of using AirTags to track Turo rental vehicles:


  • Precise location tracking – AirTags allow hosts to pinpoint the exact location of a Turo rental car at any time using the Find My app. This can provide peace of mind.
  • Compact and discreet – AirTags are small and can be hidden in discreet locations in the vehicle. Guests may not even realize a tracker is being used.
  • Affordable – At just $29 per AirTag, they provide an affordable tracking option compared to professional GPS trackers.
  • Battery lasts over a year – AirTags have user-replaceable batteries that last for over 12 months. There’s no need to frequently recharge them.
  • Helps recover lost or stolen vehicles – If a Turo vehicle is lost or stolen, AirTags can help hosts quickly track it down and recover it.


  • Only works with Apple devices – AirTags require an iPhone, iPad, or Mac to locate them. This limits their usefulness if renters don’t have Apple devices.
  • Can be detected by non-Apple devices – Android phones can detect an AirTag is present and notify users. This could raise privacy concerns.
  • Risk of removal – Guests could notice the AirTag and remove it from the vehicle during a trip.
  • Upfront cost – There’s an upfront cost of $29 per AirTag. Lost AirTags will need replacing.
  • Shorter range than GPS – AirTags rely on Bluetooth and have a shorter 100 foot tracking range versus GPS trackers.

Overall, AirTags offer affordable and precise tracking for Turo hosts and vehicles. But the Apple device limitation and potential privacy concerns are worth considering.

Tips for Using AirTags to Track Turo Vehicles

Tips For Using Airtags To Track Turo Vehicles

If you decide to use AirTags with your Turo vehicles, follow these tips for success:

  • Inform guests before trips that an AirTag is present and get their consent. Transparency builds trust.
  • Attach AirTags securely in hidden, discreet locations to avoid tampering and removal.
  • Avoid placing AirTags on keychains. Attach to the chassis or other fixed, out-of-sight locations.
  • Pair the AirTags to your own Apple device so you can monitor their location.
  • Replace the AirTag battery annually to maintain optimal performance.
  • Have guests acknowledge the AirTag presence in writing before each trip.
  • Remove the AirTag when vehicles are out of Turo service to avoid tracking non-renters.

By following best practices around disclosure, consent, and placement, AirTags can be used effectively with Turo vehicles.

AirTags provide affordable, long-lasting peace of mind that you can locate misplaced essentials. For iPhone users, they deliver more robust tracking than most Bluetooth item finders.

Turo’s Official Policy on Tracking Devices

Turo has an official policy that permits hosts to use tracking devices like AirTags on their vehicles. However, certain rules and disclosure requirements apply.

Here are the key aspects of Turo’s vehicle tracking and technology policy:

  • AirTags Disclosure Required – Hosts must inform guests via Turo messaging before trips that an AirTag is present in the vehicle. This allows guests to consent or book other vehicles.
  • Camera Disclosure and Consent – Interior cameras require explicit written consent from guests before use during a trip.
  • AirTags Banned on Keychains – AirTags cannot be placed on rental car keychains or key fobs.
  • Turo Can Use Data in Certain Scenarios – Turo may access device data to recover lost vehicles or investigate incidents.
  • Guests Can Report Violations – Guests can report any potential violations of the tracking policy to Turo’s customer support team.

The main takeaway is that hosts must be transparent about using AirTags and gain consent from guests. Overall, Turo’s policy aims to balance protecting vehicles while also respecting guest privacy.

Frequently Asked Questions About AirTags and Turo

Can I get in trouble with Turo for using an AirTag?

No, Turo allows hosts to use AirTags and other tracking devices. However, you must inform guests beforehand and place AirTags appropriately. Violating Turo’s tracking policy could potentially result in account suspension.

Do I have to tell Turo I’m using an AirTag?

No, you don’t have to inform Turo. But you do need to disclose the presence of any AirTags to your guests before their rental trip.

Can guests remove an AirTag during a rental?

Yes, technically guests could find and remove AirTags during their trip. This is why discreet, hidden placement is important. You may also want guests to acknowledge the AirTag in writing.

What if my guest doesn’t have an iPhone?

AirTags still work if the renter has an Android phone. They will receive a notification that an “Unknown AirTag” is traveling with them. The AirTag can then be scanned to display its serial number so you can identify it as yours.

Can AirTags be used to track guests without consent?

No. Tracking any individuals without consent is unethical and likely illegal in most jurisdictions. Turo prohibits non-consensual surveillance of guests via tracking devices.

Are there any alternatives to AirTags?

Yes, there are dedicated GPS trackers and fleet management platforms designed for vehicle tracking. But AirTags provide a more affordable and Apple-integrated option.


AirTags provide Turo hosts with an affordable way to keep track of their rental vehicles. With features like precise tracking, long battery life, and durable design, they are well-suited for rental car use.

However, hosts should carefully follow Turo’s vehicle tracking policy. This includes informing guests of any AirTags, avoiding placing them on keychains, and obtaining consent for interior cameras.

By using AirTags ethically and appropriately, Turo hosts can gain valuable peace of mind knowing their vehicles can be tracked if lost or stolen. Just be sure to communicate transparently with your guests to maintain trust and privacy.

For guests, understanding the potential use of tracking devices can help you make informed rental decisions. If you have any other questions about AirTags and Turo, the Turo support team is available to help.