Jiobit vs Fi Dog GPS Tracker: Which Is Better in 2024?

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Jiobit Vs Fi

Finding the right GPS tracker for your dog can provide peace of mind and help keep your pup safe. But with so many options on the market, it’s tough to decide between popular brands like Jiobit and Fi.

This in-depth guide compares Jiobit and Fi dog GPS trackers across 10 key factors including accuracy, range, smart features, apps, battery life and more.

We’ll help you understand the key strengths and limitations of each so you can determine which dog tracker best fits your needs and budget.

Overview of Jiobit and Fi Dog GPS Trackers

Jiobit and Fi are two of the most popular real-time GPS dog trackers available today.

Both use a combination of GPS, cellular and WiFi signals to pinpoint your dog’s location and track their daily activities.

Here’s a quick snapshot of how Jiobit and Fi compare:

Cost$129 + $9-15 monthly$149 + $12-17 monthly
Battery LifeUp to 7 daysUp to 3 months
Waterproof RatingIPX7 – 1 meter for 30 minIP68 – 5 feet indefinitely
Tracking RangeUnlimitedUnlimited
Tracking FrequencyEvery 8-10 secondsEvery 5 minutes
Smart FeaturesStep tracking, geofencingLED collar light, geofencing
AppJiobit appFi app

As you can see, both provide real-time location tracking and activity monitoring via smartphone apps. Key differences lie in specs like battery performance and smart features.

Below we’ll do a deep dive into 10 key factors to compare Jiobit vs Fi for dogs.

Accuracy and Range

The most important feature of any dog GPS tracker is accuracy in pinpointing your pup’s location.

Both Jiobit and Fi leverage multiple location technologies for precise tracking capabilities that work virtually anywhere.

Jiobit Accuracy

Jiobit uses a combination of GPS, cellular networks, WiFi and Bluetooth to maintain a lock on your dog’s coordinates.

This hybrid approach allows for accuracy between 1-50 feet for GPS connections. Cellular and WiFi help fill in the gaps when satellite connectivity gets spotty.

Owners report the Jiobit dog tracker working reliably indoors and out, with minimal loss of signal issues.

Jiobit Location

Fi Accuracy

The Fi dog collar also uses GPS plus nationwide cellular networks to track your dog’s whereabouts.

According to Fi, the collar provides location accuracy within 10 feet which rivals Jiobit for precision tracking.

Like Jiobit, leveraging both GPS and cellular networks ensures strong connectivity in most environments. Fi claims 90% more accurate readings compared to GPS alone.

Fi Collar Location

Tracking Range

When it comes to range, both Jiobit and Fi offer virtually unlimited tracking thanks to cellular network access.

As long as there is cellular service in the area, you can monitor your dog’s location from anywhere. Rural zones with spotty coverage may present challenges.

But for everyday use around town, city hikes and road trips, Jiobit and Fi provide max range you can count on both in the U.S. and abroad.

Winner: Tie

Jiobit and Fi offer comparable accuracy and unlimited range for comprehensive location tracking. Both leverage cellular plus GPS for precision and reliability.

Tracking Frequency

In addition to location accuracy, the frequency of tracking updates is critical.

You want the most real-time data possible to monitor your pup’s movement and quickly respond if they go off course.

Jiobit Tracking Frequency

One advantage of Jiobit is the high refresh rate for location checks.

Jiobit provides tracking updates every 8-10 seconds when in Live View mode, which helps it edge out competitors like Whistle and Fi for real-time monitoring.

The fast update rate gives you confidence you’ll be alerted right away the moment your dog ventures outside their boundary.

Jiobit Real Time Tracking

Fi Tracking Frequency

The Fi collar delivers slightly less frequent tracking intervals.

Fi posts location updates approximately every 2-5 minutes in normal mode.

You can activate Lost Dog Mode to increase the rate to every 60 seconds if your dog goes missing. But for general tracking, Fi’s regular updates are not as instantaneous as Jiobit’s live view.

Fi Dog Collar Lost Dog Mode

Winner: Jiobit

With constant tracking every 8-10 seconds, Jiobit provides the most real-time visibility into your dog’s location and path.

Smart Features

Beyond just location, today’s high-tech dog collars include handy smart features. Let’s see how Jiobit and Fi compare on extra functionality.

Jiobit Smart Features

The Jiobit GPS tracker helps monitor your dog’s daily habits and health with built-in activity tracking.

Jiobit automatically records your dog’s steps taken, distance traveled, rest patterns and sleep duration. This gives you insight into their exercise and energy levels.

You can also set up custom geofences and receive alert notifications whenever your dog enters or leaves a designated safe zone.

Jiobit Safe Zones

Fi Smart Features

Fi also offers activity monitoring that counts your dog’s steps and tracks sleep patterns. You can establish daily step goals tailored to your dog’s needs and get reminders when activity is lagging.

Fi Dog Collar Activity And Health Monitoring

Unique to Fi is a proprietary “Strain Score” metric that measures your dog’s activity intensity and exertion. This can reveal changes in energy or stiffness.

The Fi collar has handy LED lights in 9 color options you can activate remotely to make your dog visible at night if lost, a unique feature not found in many alternatives like AirTags.

Like Jiobit, Fi allows creating custom geofences for alerts when your dog leaves a safe zone.

Fi Collar Safe Zones

Winner: Tie

Jiobit provides robust activity metrics and geofencing. Fi adds LED remote light control and the unique Strain Score option. Both provide ample smart features beyond just tracking.

Waterproof & Durability

Active dogs need a sturdy, waterproof tracker that can withstand the elements. Here’s how Jiobit and Fi hold up.

Jiobit Durability

The Jiobit tracker has an IPX7 waterproof rating, meaning it can be submerged in 1 meter of water for 30 minutes.

It is also shockproof and chew-proof, protecting the device from drops and pet abuse.

The lightweight Jiobit securely clips onto your dog’s collar or harness so it stays put for full-time wear.

Fi Durability

Fi claims to meet the higher IP68 rating for waterproofing, able to withstand submersion up to 5 feet indefinitely.

The collar has a rugged design from aluminum and stainless steel that resists chewing and the elements.

It attaches directly as a full collar your dog wears at all times for 24/7 monitoring.

Winner: Fi

While both are waterproof, Fi’s higher IP68 rating for deeper water gives it the edge for extremely wet conditions and aquatic adventures.

Battery Life

Long battery life is crucial to avoid constantly recharging your dog’s tracker. Here’s how Jiobit and Fi compare.

Jiobit Battery Life

Jiobit promises up to 7 days of battery life on a single 2.5 hour charge.

Factors like frequent location checks, using cellular data vs WiFi, and extreme temperatures can impact battery performance.

But for most owners, Jiobit provides 5-7 days which allows you to recharge weekly. The app alerts you when the battery runs low.

Jiobit Charging Cradle

Fi Battery Life

One advantage of Fi is significantly longer battery performance.

Fi states the collar battery lasts 1-3 months between charges depending on usage. Lost Dog Mode and frequent location checks will drain it faster.

Fi Series 2 Collar Charging

This beats out the battery life of competitors like Tile and Chipolo.

Winner: Fi

Fi’s extended 1-3 month battery life beats Jiobit’s 7 days. Less frequent charging is a major perk for Fi owners.

Tracking Plans & Costs

A factor that often determines which dog GPS tracker owners choose is the monthly cost for cellular data connectivity.

Jiobit Plans

All Jiobit plans require an ongoing subscription to access live tracking:

  • No contract: $14.99 per month
  • 6 month contract: $12.99 per month
  • Annual contract: $8.99 per month (best value)

You pay a one-time $99 fee for the Jiobit hardware upfront. There is also a $25 activation fee when starting the subscription.

Total first year cost works out to approximately $215-$255 depending on the plan.

Fi Plans

Fi also requires a paid subscription for real-time GPS access:

  • 6 month plan: $102 total ($17/month)
  • 1 year plan: $192 total ($16/month)
  • 2 year plan: $336 total ($14/month)

Longer plans get you cheaper effective monthly rates.

You pay $20 for activation plus $149 for the Fi hardware, so first year costs are around $339-$369.

Winner: Jiobit

Jiobit offers lower monthly pricing, especially if you commit to an annual contract at just $8.99 per month. Fi’s longer battery life helps offset costs, but Jiobit is more affordable overall compared to plans from Tractive.

Dog Size Compatibility

To get the best performance, you need a proper fit for your pup’s body and activities. Here are the size limitations.

Jiobit Size Range

The lightweight Jiobit tracker (0.6 oz and 1.5 inches long) securely attaches to collars or harnesses for a snug fit.

Jiobit says the device fits dogs from 5 lbs and up. Small collar compatibility helps.

Jiobit Dog

Fi Size Range

Fi offers collar sizes ranging from 9.5 inch necks for tiny breeds up to over 26 inches for giant breeds.

The collar must encircle the neck, so dogs with necks smaller than 9.5 inches won’t be able to wear it safely.

Fi Collar Dog

Winner: Jiobit

Jiobit’s flexible collar and harness mounting work for more petite dogs under 10 lbs. Fi currently only fits breeds with 9.5+ inch necks.

Dog Tracking Apps

A reliable app is key for setting up your tracker and accessing your dog’s location remotely.

Jiobit App

The free Jiobit app provides real-time location data on your dog with tracking history going back up to 7 days.

You can set geofences, customize alerts, monitor activity and share access with family and friends. Multiple dogs can be tracked in one app.

Jiobit owners praise the app for its straightforward interface, ease of use and intuitive controls. It earns 4.6 out of 5 stars on the App Store.

Jiobit mobile App

Fi App

Fi also offers a free iOS/Android app for real-time tracking, activity monitoring and remote collar light control.

The Fi app enables setting custom boundaries, tracking multiple dogs, and viewing location history for the past 90 days.

Like Jiobit, the Fi app scores well with users for its responsive performance and convenience managing multiple dogs. The Fi app is rated 4.7 on the App Store.

Fi App

Winner: Tie

Both Jiobit and Fi provide intuitive, top-rated mobile apps to view locations, create geofences, track activity trends and monitor dogs remotely.

Design & Comfort

For long-term wear, the tracker needs to be lightweight and comfortable without irritating your dog’s skin.

Jiobit Design

Jiobit Smart Tag

This tiny tracker is ultra-lightweight at just 0.6 oz and 1.5 inches long.

The smooth plastic is rounded and comfortable without sharp edges that would irritate the neck when attached properly to a collar or harness.

Fi Collar Design

Fi Smart Dog Collar

The Fi Collar itself includes durable yet lightweight aluminum and steel. The edges are rounded with no abrasive surfaces.

But being a full collar, it may take some adjusting for dogs to get comfortable wearing it all day. Chafing is a potential issue.

Winner: Jiobit

Jiobit’s minimalist tag design integrated into existing gear wins for comfort and unobtrusive wear compared to Fi’s full collar.

Training Features

Advanced trackers include extras like training modes and stimuli delivery for reinforcing obedience.

Jiobit Training Features

Jiobit focuses solely on tracking and lacks any integrated training capabilities.

You’ll need a separate training collar if you want features like vibration, tones or static stimulation.

Fi Training Features

Like Jiobit, the Fi Collar does not have built-in training features.

It is strictly a location tracker, not a training collar.

Winner: Tie

Neither Jiobit nor Fi provide stimuli or corrections to train dogs. They are GPS-only with no obedience reinforcement modes.

Customer Support

Responsive customer service is crucial in case you experience any issues with the tracker.

Jiobit Support

Jiobit offers customer support by email and live chat.

According to reviews, Jiobit customer service is responsive and helpful troubleshooting connectivity problems or assisting with returns.

Fi Support

Fi also provides customer support by email and offers a knowledge base for self-service troubleshooting.

Users report mixed experiences with Fi support. While some get quick resolution, others faced long wait times for replies.

Winner: Jiobit

Jiobit wins for more consistently fast, helpful support according to customer reviews. Fi customer service experiences are mixed.

Pros & Cons Compared

To recap, here are the key advantages and limitations of each dog GPS tracker:

Jiobit Pros & Cons


  • Live location updates every 8-10 seconds
  • Reliable connectivity and accuracy
  • Unlimited nationwide range
  • Useful activity and step tracking
  • Customizable geofence alerts
  • Easy-to-use mobile app
  • Tiny, comfortable, lightweight device
  • Waterproof and chew-proof
  • Fits small dogs down to 5 lbs
  • Responsive customer support


  • Subscription required adding to cost
  • Collar attachment not as secure as Fi
  • Shorter battery life than Fi collar
  • No training features

While more budget-friendly options exist like Tile, the Fi collar’s reliability and subscription-included hardware upgrades make it a worthwhile long-term investment if keeping your dog safe is the priority.

Fi Pros & Cons


  • Powerful combination of GPS + cellular networks
  • Accurate real-time tracking within 10 feet
  • Unlimited range in US and abroad
  • Customizable safe zones with alerts
  • Activity and sleep monitoring
  • LED light control via app
  • Rugged waterproof design
  • Massive battery life up to 3 months
  • Sleek aluminum alloy collar
  • Fits giant breeds over 100 lbs


  • Lag time between location updates
  • Bulky full collar design
  • Mixed experiences with customer support
  • Minimum neck size of 9.5 inches
  • No training capabilities
  • Shorter warranty than Jiobit

Jiobit vs Fi: Which Is the Best Dog GPS Tracker?

So which comes out on top in the battle of Jiobit vs Fi?

For real-time tracking freedom and maximum flexibility, Jiobit wins as the best dog GPS tracker.

The super fast live location tracking provides next-level monitoring and peace of mind for pet owners.

More affordable monthly plans, smaller size accommodating tiny breeds, and great customer service also give Jiobit the advantage.

However, the Fi Collar beats Jiobit on battery life and waterproofing thanks to its rugged, integrated collar design.

Fi also offers unique features like remote LED lights which add functionality.

So while Jiobit edges out Fi overall, weigh your priorities in terms of battery runtime, size needs, and budget to determine the best choice.

Both provide accurate, unlimited range people-powered tracking to keep your pup safe. Focus on the features most important for your dog’s lifestyle when choosing a tracker.

And consider combining a GPS tracker with ID tags and proactive training to fully protect your beloved pet. With the right preparation, you can enjoy worry-free adventures together.

FAQs About Jiobit and Fi Dog GPS Trackers

Which is more accurate, Jiobit or Fi?

Jiobit and Fi offer comparable accuracy within several feet thanks to leveraging both GPS and cellular signals. In general, both provide reliable tracking of your dog’s location outdoors and indoors.

Do Jiobit or Fi work internationally?

Yes, both Jiobit and Fi trackers work internationally thanks to cellular network connectivity. However, you may encounter coverage gaps in rural areas abroad where cell service is spotty. But for most international trips, they provide global tracking.

Can Jiobit or Fi be used to track elderly parents?

Jiobit and Fi are designed solely for tracking pets. For tracking elderly family members, a dedicated GPS tracker like the Jiobit Care Combo optimized for their needs is recommended. The Care Combo includes fall detection alerts and two-way calling features.

Do I need a subscription for Jiobit or Fi to work?

Yes, both Jiobit and Fi require an ongoing paid cellular data plan subscription to access real-time GPS location tracking. This subscription connects the trackers to cell networks for live location monitoring anywhere.

What happens if my dog loses the Jiobit or Fi?

Both the Jiobit and Fi utilize cellular signals to track remotely. So even if your dog loses the device, you can locate it using the same GPS technology as long as it still has battery power. It’s a good idea to attach each tracker as securely as possible to your dog’s collar to prevent loss.

How long does the Jiobit battery last?

Jiobit promises up to 7 days of battery life from a single 2.5 hour charge. Real-world performance depends on usage factors, but most owners get 5-7 days between charges.

How long does the Fi Collar battery last?

One big advantage of Fi is the extended battery life, lasting 1-3 months on average between charges. For dogs who stick close to home, some users report going 6 months before needing to recharge.

How much does Jiobit cost?

Jiobit costs $129.99 upfront for the hardware device. You’ll also need to select a monthly cellular data plan:

  • No contract: $14.99/month
  • 6 month contract: $12.99/month
  • Annual contract: $8.99/month (best value)

So including the tracker and first year of service, expect costs around $215-$255.

How much does Fi cost?

The Fi Collar is priced at $149 for the device itself. You also must activate one of the following subscription plans:

  • 6 months: $102 total ($17/month)
  • 1 year: $192 total ($16/month)
  • 2 years: $336 total ($14/month)

With activation fees, first year costs are approximately $339-$369.

Does Jiobit work for small dogs and cats?

Yes, the tiny Jiobit tracker can work for kittens, small breed puppies, teacup dogs, and other pets down to around 5 pounds. The collar or harness just needs to be snug enough to prevent spinning and losing the device.

Does Fi work for small dogs?

The Fi smart collar currently only fits dog breeds with a neck larger than 9.5 inches. So it may not work safely for dogs under around 10-15 lbs. Fi does not recommend the collar for cats either.

Do I need a dog subscription for each tracker?

Jiobit and Fi both require one subscription per tracker to access live location monitoring. You cannot use one subscription to track multiple collars simultaneously. Each collar needs its own activated data plan.

What are the best Fi collar alternatives?

Top options similar to Fi include Whistle GO, Tile Pro, and the Link AKC Smart Collar. While not as full featured, they provide accurate GPS tracking at lower costs like AirTags.

What are the best Jiobit alternatives?

Leading Jiobit alternatives are the Weenect Dogs GPS tracker, the Findster Duo+ dog tracker, and the Pawscout Smart Tag. While lacking the same advanced features, they offer accurate tracking at more affordable price points.

Should I get Jiobit or Fi for my dog?

For real-time tracking freedom, Jiobit is the best choice. Fast live location updates, smaller size, and cheaper monthly rates give Jiobit the edge. However, if you need long 3+ month battery life and robust waterproofing, the Fi Collar could be worth the higher costs.

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