Hiplok AIRLOK Bike Hanger – A Detailed Review and Buying Guide

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Airlok Bike Hanger Review

Storing your bike securely at home while also keeping it looking stylish can be a challenge. The Hiplok AIRLOK aims to solve both problems with its innovative lockable bike hanger design.

In this in-depth Hiplok AIRLOK review, we’ll cover everything you need to know about this unique bike storage solution.

By the end, you’ll know if the Hiplok AIRLOK is the right choice for securely storing your bike at home or the office.

What Makes the Hiplok AIRLOK Different

Hiplok Airlok Wall Anchor

Most wall-mounted bike hangers provide minimal security. At the same time, bulky ground anchors and massive chains can be an eyesore.

The Hiplok AIRLOK aims to deliver the best of both worlds: stylish bike storage coupled with serious security like a GPS bike tracker.

Here’s what makes this lockable bike hanger unique:

  • It securely stores your bike off the ground while keeping it on display
  • The lockable hardened steel frame deters thieves
  • Sleek and attractive triangular design
  • Fits a wide range of bike styles and sizes
  • Can be mounted indoors or outdoors
  • Holds the maximum Sold Secure Diamond rating

The AIRLOK stands out with its dual-purpose approach of protecting your bike in style compared to alternatives like Tabcat and Tile trackers.

Key Features and Specs

The Hiplok AIRLOK comes loaded with features to keep your bike safe while showing it off:

  • Hardened steel frame – The main triangle is constructed from thick, hardened steel to resist cutting and leverage attacks.
  • 30mm locking bolt – A beefy locking bolt secures the frame. Made of hardened steel for drill and pick resistance.
  • Rubberized bike frame grip – Protects your bike’s finish from scratches and rubs caused by contact with the steel.
  • 3x coded keys – Includes 3 registered keys to unlock the pin. Lost keys can be replaced.
  • Secure wall mount – Steel bolts allow solid mounting to concrete, brick, or stud walls.
  • Weather resistance – Can be used outdoors thanks to UV-resistant materials.
  • 5.4 kg weight – Significant heft deters theft while remaining reasonable to install.
  • Fits 1 bike – Designed to store a single bike up to 3 inches wide safely.
  • 12 month warranty – Parts and materials protected against defects.

With its robust steel construction and dedicated lock system, the AIRLOK provides meaningful protection for your bike against bike theft.

Installation and Setup

Mounting the AIRLOK takes some mechanical ability but is straightforward:

  • Choose an area with at least 12 inches between wall studs or masonry sections.
  • Use a stud finder to locate supports.
  • Mark and pre-drill holes for the included bolts.
  • Install bolts and affix the hanger using washers and hex nuts.
  • Tighten everything down securely.
Hiplok Airlok Installation And Setup

The entire process takes around 30-45 minutes with common hand tools. No welding or specialty tools required.

Hiplok provides detailed instructions with photos to walk you through each step.

If you don’t feel up to installing it yourself, a handyman service can handle the job quickly.

The main requirement is having a space on the wall that allows the AIRLOK’s brackets to span multiple studs or masonry blocks. This distributes force and maximizes security.

Security Rating and Protection

A bike hanger isn’t much use without real protection from theft attempts.

The Hiplok AIRLOK inspires confidence with these security credentials:

  • Sold Secure Diamond – Highest rating against power tools, picking, and physical attacks.
  • ART 2 Star – Level 2/5 approval from a Dutch testing organization.
  • Hardened steel – Drill/cut resistant frame and locking bolt.
  • Hidden mounting – Concealed bracket bolts prevent disassembly.
  • Tile Ready – Can be installed directly into concrete or brick for greater security.

Diamond is the highest certification from Sold Secure, who conduct rigorous tests against all forms of bike theft. Think of it like a black belt in security.

While not impervious, the AIRLOK’s design makes stealing the bike a time consuming and conspicuous affair. The beefy steel construction provides ample resistance against common break-in methods.

Stored in a private home or office, the AIRLOK keeps your bike protected even if home security is compromised.

Design and Appearance

Unlike bulky chains and anchors, the Hiplok AIRLOK aims for subtle elegance.

The triangular hanger comes in colors like matte black, grey, white, and red. Its smooth curves and rounded edges give a modern minimalist look.

Hiplok Airlok Colors

Built from sturdy steel, the AIRLOK still appears lightweight and trim. At only 12 inches deep, it hug walls without protruding.

Owners describe the AIRLOK as beautiful, sleek, and stylish. It won’t look out of place even in high-end home and office settings.

Displaying your expensive road or mountain bike? The AIRLOK becomes an attractive accent piece to show off your prized possession.

Fit and Compatibility

With its unique shape and rubberized cradling system, the AIRLOK can secure most types of bikes, including:

  • Road – Fits drop bar frames up to 25mm wide.
  • Mountain – Wide enough for flat handlebars around 28-30mm.
  • Hybrid/commuter – Smoothly holds down sloping top tubes.
  • Small wheel – Adjustable hooks work for kids and folding bikes.
  • Electric – Accommodates heavier ebike frames.
Hiplok Airlok Fit And Compatibility

Owners successfully use the AIRLOK on all types of two-wheelers from full suspension downhill rigs to featherweight carbon racers.

The triangular design means it can grab on to sloped, curved, and round frames that might slip out of rectangular hangers.

Just take care to keep the total width under about 3 inches. The rubberized grips prevent paint scuffs and abrasion at the contact points.

For storage, the AIRLOK holds the bike level or with the rear wheel slightly elevated depending on hook position. This works for both horizontal top tube bikes and sloping designs.

Ease of Use

With a simple key operation, using the AIRLOK stays quick and easy:

  1. Unlock the rear pin with your registered key.
  2. Roll the bike into place between the triangular prongs.
  3. Secure the adjustable rubber hooks onto the top tube or frame.
  4. Slide the locking pin back through the mount hole.
  5. Turn the key to lock everything in place.
Hiplok Airlok Ease Of Use

The entire process takes under 20 seconds once you get the motions down. The bike sits centered and stable after locking.

Retrieving your bike involves the same simple steps in reverse. Everything remains convenient and fast.

The only complaint some owners note is the locking pin doesn’t always slide seamlessly into place. A bit of jiggling helps guide it through.

Just be sure not to lose your registered keys! Hiplok can replace them, but it’s a hassle.

Pros and Cons

To summarize the highlights and downsides:


  • Highly secure Sold Secure Diamond rating
  • Stylish, minimalist triangular design
  • Rubberized grips protect bike’s finish
  • Keyed alike for convenience
  • Holds road, mountain, hybrid/commuter bikes
  • Indoor and outdoor usage


  • Expensive upfront cost
  • Tricky installation without carpentry skills
  • Locking bolt can be finicky
  • Large size limits mounting locations
  • Only accommodates one bike

For the right customer seeking secure bike storage, the AIRLOK brings unique advantages. But it also comes with limitations to keep in mind.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

Overall, buyers of the Hiplok AIRLOK praise its quality and performance. Here are some key observations from owner reviews:

  • Excellent build quality with premium materials
  • Installation straightforward with proper tools
  • Hanger feels very sturdy once mounted
  • Locking system engages securely
  • Bike rests centered without moving
  • Sleek aesthetic matches modern decor
  • Shows off expensive bikes for guests/clients
  • Deters thieves from targeting the bike
  • Rubber grips prevent frame damage
  • Keys allow sharing access easily

The most common complaints focus on:

  • Difficulty drilling into wall studs
  • Locking bolt doesn’t slide cleanly every time
  • Larger bikes with fenders can’t fit
  • Significant upfront cost

On average, the AIRLOK earns a 4.6 out of 5 star rating based on 14 customer reviews. Most agree it provides unparalleled secure storage.

Pricing and Availability

The Hiplok AIRLOK carries a premium price but delivers premium performance. Current retail pricing lands around:

  • $200 to $250 at major online bike retailers
  • £130 when purchased directly from Hiplok
  • 25% off for Kickstarter early bird pledges

Used AIRLOK units sometimes appear on eBay and Craigslist at $150 or under.

Color options include:

  • Matte black
  • Grey
  • White
  • Red

You can buy the AIRLOK direct from Hiplok as well as popular online stores like Competitive Cyclist.

Supply chain issues can occasionally lead to shortages. Sign up for in-stock alerts if needed.

For the combination of protected bike storage and stylish display, the cost reflects the unique value the AIRLOK provides.


How much weight can the AIRLOK hold?

The hanger is rated to safely support bikes up to 40 pounds. This covers most modern road, mountain, commuter, and electric bikes.

Does the AIRLOK work on carbon fiber or titanium bikes?

Yes. The rubberized grips are gentle on delicate frame materials while keeping them stable.

Can the AIRLOK be installed outdoors?

With UV-resistant plastics, the hanger can be mounted outside under a covered porch or bike locker area. Avoid direct heavy rain exposure.

How do I get replacement keys?

Hiplok will send replacements if you registered your keys initially. Provide the key numbers and payment.

What happens at the end of the 12 month warranty?

You can continue using the AIRLOK worry-free. Only manufacturing defects are covered in the first year.

Is the AIRLOK really thief proof?

No lock can claim to be unbreakable. But the AIRLOK provides very high resistance against all common forms of attack. Enough to deter or slow down nearly all thieves.

Can I mount the AIRLOK horizontally or sideways?

It’s intended to be installed vertically. Horizontal mounting puts stress on the locking bolt and allows more leverage against the frame.

The Hiplok AIRLOK: A Secure and Stylish Bike Hanger

The Hiplok AIRLOK manages to blend premium bike security with sleek aesthetics. For the owner of high-value bikes, it brings peace of mind without cluttering up your home with chains and anchors like GPS pet trackers.

While the AIRLOK commands a premium price, its ingenious dual-purpose design can’t be replicated by DIY solutions.

If you need a bike hanger that deters theft while showing off your prized two-wheeled possession, the Hiplok AIRLOK deserves a spot on your wall over options like Apple AirTags.

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