Troubleshooting YIP Smart Tag Not Updating Location or Connecting

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Yip Smart Tag Not Updating Location

Having trouble getting your YIP Smart Tag to update its location or connect to your phone? As useful as this Bluetooth-enabled dog tag can be for tracking your pup, technical difficulties can arise.

This comprehensive guide will walk you through the top troubleshooting tips for when your YIP Smart Tag is experiencing connectivity issues or failing to update your dog’s location in real-time.

Follow these troubleshooting steps to get your YIP Smart Tag tracking your furry friend properly again.

Why Your YIP Smart Tag May Not Be Updating Location

Before jumping into troubleshooting, it helps to understand some of the common culprits behind YIP connectivity problems:

Weak GPS/Cellular Signals

Like other GPS trackers, the YIP Smart Tag relies on connecting to GPS and cellular signals to pinpoint and transmit location. If you and your dog wander into an area with weak reception, the tag can’t update its location. Rural areas, dense foliage, tall buildings, and basements/underground parking are prone to causing temporary loss of signal.

Out of Bluetooth Range

The YIP Smart Tag uses Bluetooth to connect with your smartphone app up to 400 feet away. Moving outside of this range will lead to lost connectivity and no location updates. Thick walls or interference from other devices can also impact Bluetooth connection, as I covered in my guide on finding a hidden AirTag in your car.

Low Battery

If your YIP Smart Tag has low battery, it may conserve power by turning off GPS and Bluetooth connections. This prevents real-time location updates. Expect the battery to last roughly 1 year before needing replacement.

Damaged Tag

Dropping or submerging the YIP Smart Tag in water can damage the internal electronics and wireless antennas needed for GPS, cellular, and Bluetooth connections. Physical damage can lead to connectivity and tracking issues, as I explained in my AirTag waterproof article.

App Problems

Issues with the YIP smartphone app itself, like crashes, background app refresh turned off, or lack of permissions granted, can prevent the tag’s location from displaying properly. Troubleshoot the app settings and configuration.

Tag Not Properly Equipped

For the YIP Smart Tag to provide real-time tracking, Location Services and Bluetooth have to be enabled on your paired smartphone. Likewise, your dog has to actually be wearing the tag properly on their collar. Check these basics.

Now let’s walk through the top troubleshooting tips to regain connectivity when your YIP Smart Tag stops updating location or connecting.

Troubleshooting Steps When YIP Smart Tag is Not Updating Location

Follow these step-by-step troubleshooting instructions if your YIP Smart Tag suddenly stops updating your dog’s real-time location.

1. Check YIP Smart Tag battery level

Start by checking the battery level on your YIP Smart Tag. Tap the tag icon in the upper left of the YIP app to see battery percentage. Low battery under 20% can cause tracking issues. Fully recharge the tag if the level is low. Expect to replace the battery roughly once per year.

Check Yip Smart Tag Battery Level

2. Ensure Bluetooth is enabled on your smartphone

The YIP Smart Tag relies on a Bluetooth connection to your phone to transmit GPS data. Open your smartphone’s Settings app and ensure Bluetooth is toggled on. Also confirm the YIP app has permission to use Bluetooth by checking app permissions.

Ensure Bluetooth Is Enabled

3. Allow YIP app location permissions

For real-time tracking, the YIP app requires access to your phone’s location data. In your smartphone Settings, make sure location permissions are enabled for the YIP app. Toggle location access on and select “Allow All the Time” for best tracking results.

4. Reset network settings

As a connectivity troubleshooting step, reset your smartphone’s network settings to wipe any problematic configurations causing conflict with YIP. On iPhone, go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. On Android, go to Settings > System > Reset Options > Reset Wi-Fi, Mobile & Bluetooth.

Reset Network Settings

5. Re-pair YIP Smart Tag with your phone

After resetting network settings, try removing the YIP Smart Tag from your app and re-pairing. Open the YIP app, go to your tag’s profile, tap Unpair Tag, then follow the instructions to add it back and re-establish connectivity.

Re Pair Yip Smart Tag With Your Phone

6. Update the YIP app and smartphone OS

Check that you’re running the latest versions of the YIP app and your phone’s operating system, as updates sometimes address bugs related to connectivity. Update the YIP app through your phone’s app store. For your smartphone OS, install any available software updates.

7. Toggle Airplane mode on/off

Toggle your phone’s Airplane mode on, wait 30 seconds, then turn it off again. This resets all wireless connections and can resolve any software glitches causing connectivity problems with the YIP tag.

Iphone Airplane Mode

8. Contact YIP Support

If you still can’t get your YIP Smart Tag to update location after trying these troubleshooting steps, reach out to YIP’s customer support. They can provide individualized troubleshooting help and determine if your tag needs to be repaired or replaced.

Resetting and Repairing Your YIP Smart Tag

If troubleshooting your YIP Smart Tag fails to restore lost connectivity and GPS tracking, you may need to reset or repair the tag:

  • Factory reset – Initiating a factory reset can clear any software glitches causing connectivity issues. It erases all data on the tag and restores default settings.
  • Firmware update – New YIP firmware updates sometimes address bugs affecting connectivity and tracking. Connect to the YIP app to install available firmware updates.
  • Battery replacement – If your YIP Smart Tag battery is depleted, replace it with a new CR2450 coin cell battery to restore power and function.
  • Service/replacement – For hardware issues like water damage, you may need professional repair or replacement through YIP’s Limited Warranty program. Contact YIP Support.

Resetting and repairing your YIP Smart Tag requires following specific steps – consult the YIP website and support center for full instructions.

Preventing Future YIP Smart Tag Connectivity Issues

While technical problems can occasionally arise with the YIP Smart Tag, there are steps you can take to minimize connectivity problems in the future:

  • Ensure your YIP Smart Tag is regularly charged and has sufficient battery.
  • Check Bluetooth, location, and cellular data are enabled on your phone.
  • Periodically remove/re-pair the tag to your smartphone.
  • Avoid areas with poor GPS/cellular signals like basements.
  • Update the YIP app and your phone’s software to latest versions.
  • Make sure your dog is wearing the collar tag when tracking.
  • Consider purchasing a spare YIP Smart Tag as a backup if one fails.
  • Getting your dog microchipped is another permanent backup option for identification if your YIP Smart Tag fails, as I’ve covered in my review of GPS trackers for cats.

Following basic troubleshooting best practices for the YIP Smart Tag and your smartphone will help maintain smooth tracking and peace of mind.

What to Do If Your YIP Smart Tag is Beyond Repair

If your YIP Smart Tag ultimately cannot be repaired or reset, all is not lost. Here are some alternative options for keeping track of your dog:

  • Purchase a new YIP Smart Tag – If your original YIP is damaged or malfunctioning beyond troubleshooting, buy a brand new replacement tag.
  • Try a different Bluetooth tracker – Consider testing out another Bluetooth tracker like Tile or Chipolo if you want an alternative to YIP.
  • Use a GPS dog collar – High-tech GPS dog collars from brands like Whistle allow real-time location tracking and activity monitoring.
  • Consider a microchip – While not real-time, getting your dog microchipped is a permanent way to identify them if they ever get lost.
  • Rely on ID tag info – At minimum, always equip your dog with a basic ID tag listing your contact information in case they get lost.
  • If your YIP Smart Tag can’t be fixed, Apple AirTags are a popular Bluetooth tracking alternative, though there are some key differences in features I covered in my YIP vs AirTag comparison.

While no device is 100% foolproof, the YIP Smart Tag provides helpful tracking capabilities when functioning properly. With the right troubleshooting steps, you can get your YIP tag connecting and updating location again.

Key Takeaways on Troubleshooting YIP Smart Tag Connectivity

  • Check battery level, Bluetooth connections, app settings when your YIP Smart Tag stops updating location.
  • Troubleshoot by resetting network settings, re-pairing the tag, updating software, toggling Airplane mode.
  • If issues persist, factory reset the YIP Smart Tag or contact YIP Support for repair options.
  • Prevent problems by keeping the tag charged, staying in Bluetooth range, updating software, and avoiding poor reception areas.
  • Consider backup tracking options like GPS collars or microchipping if your YIP Smart Tag remains dysfunctional.

With proactive troubleshooting, you can stay on top of any connectivity issues with your YIP Smart Tag and maintain a reliable way to keep tabs on your pup. Reach out for assistance if you’ve exhausted your troubleshooting options.

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