Why Your Tile Tracker Isn’t Working on iPhone & How to Fix It

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Tile Tracker Not Working

Having a Tile tracker can be extremely useful for finding lost items like your keys, wallet, backpack and more. The Bluetooth enabled tracker connects to your iPhone, allowing you to ping its location when needed.

But what if you get a dreaded “Tile not working” error? This frustrating issue seems to particularly plague Tile Pro models.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the common reasons for Tile connectivity problems on iPhones. You’ll also learn effective troubleshooting steps to get your tracker working properly again.

Overview of Tile and How It Works

Before jumping into troubleshooting, let’s do a quick overview of Tile trackers.

Tile is a company offering Bluetooth tracking technology to help locate lost items. They have various models like Tile Mate, Tile Pro, Tile Slim and more.

Tile Four Distinct Tracker Models

The flagship Tile Pro model is a small square tracker with a button. It uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to connect with your iPhone.

Tile Pro 2022

Here’s a quick rundown of how Tile is supposed to work:

  • You attach the Tile to your keys, wallet, bag, etc.
  • Open the Tile app on your iPhone and pair with the Tile via Bluetooth.
  • When the item is lost, you can use the app to make the Tile ring loudly.
  • The app shows you a map with the Tile’s current or last known location.
  • If your phone is lost, you can press the Tile button to make your phone ring (even on silent).

This tracking works for reasonable Bluetooth range – typically up to 400 feet outdoors or 200 feet indoors. See how AirTag range compares for more on Bluetooth tracker distances.

So in summary, the Tile leverages Bluetooth connectivity with your iPhone to help find lost items or vice versa.

Common Tile Issues Reported on iPhones

Unfortunately, many Apple device users report problems getting their Tiles to work properly. Here are some of the most common Tile issues on iPhones:

  • Tile not found – The tracker doesn’t show up at all in the Tile app. It’s like it doesn’t exist.
  • Tile not connecting – The tracker shows up in the app but won’t connect via Bluetooth.
  • Tile not responding – The tracker connects but won’t ring or emit sound when triggered in the app.
  • False location – The Tile shows up in the wrong location, not where the item actually is.
  • Battery drained – The Tile has suddenly stopped working due to a dead battery.
  • Button not working – Pressing the button on the Tile does nothing.

These types of problems seem especially prevalent with the Tile Pro model, though other models can also be affected in some cases.

So what’s causing the Tile tracker connectivity issues and errors? Let’s explore some potential reasons and fixes.

Why Your Tile Stops Working on iPhone

There are a number of possible culprits when your Tile won’t connect or work properly with an iPhone:

  • Software bugs – Glitches in iOS or the Tile app can prevent proper Bluetooth pairing.
  • Weak Bluetooth signal – Distance, interference and obstructions can disrupt the Bluetooth connection.
  • Incorrect Tile setup – If the Tile isn’t activated properly, connectivity can fail.
  • Dead battery – Like any gadget, the battery eventually dies and must be replaced. According to this Tile tracker review, the average Tile battery lasts 1-2 years with typical use.
  • Damaged Tile – Drops, accidents or normal wear and tear can damage the device.
  • iPhone issues – Problems with the iPhone itself can also be a factor.
  • Compatibility problems – Sometimes certain iPhone models may have issues with certain Tile models.

As you can see, there are quite a few variables at play. The good news is that whatever the culprit, there are steps you can take to troubleshoot and fix your Tile.

Effective Ways to Troubleshoot and Fix Tile Tracker

If your Tile tracker is malfunctioning or not connecting properly to your iPhone, don’t panic. In most cases, you can get it working properly again with some basic troubleshooting.

Here are the best troubleshooting tips for a Tile that is not working, connecting or responding on an iPhone:

1. Reset the Tile

If your Tile starts acting buggy or unresponsive, try resetting it to factory conditions:

Reset The Tile Pro
  • Locate the circular button on the Tile tracker.
  • Press and hold the button for 10-15 seconds until you see the light flash.
  • This will reset the Tile tracker and often resolve issues.

Resetting your Tile essentially functions as a power cycle, clearing any software glitches.

2. Ensure Bluetooth is Enabled

Bluetooth connectivity is essential for your Tile tracker to interact with your iPhone.

Go to Settings > Bluetooth and make sure Bluetooth is toggled ON. Bluetooth issues are one of the most common reasons for Tile problems.

Reconnect The Bluetooth

While here, check for any updates to iOS that could improve Bluetooth stability.

3. Update the Tile App

Outdated apps are a breeding ground for bugs and glitches.

Open the App Store and check for any available updates to the Tile app. Install the latest version.

Update Tile App

App updates frequently include bug fixes and performance improvements. This can often resolve Tile connectivity problems.

4. Check Tile Battery

Like any gadget, Tile batteries eventually run out of juice. The average Tile battery lasts 1-2 years with typical use.

If your Tile stops responding or working, the battery may simply need replacing.

Check the Tile app to see if it’s indicating your battery is low. If your Tile is totally unresponsive, the battery has likely died.

You can pry open the Tile case and replace the CR2032 watch battery, or contact Tile support for a replacement.

Tile Pro 2022 Battery

5. Try Repairing iPhone

Issues with your iPhone itself can also cause Tile connectivity problems.

Go to Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone > Reset > Reset Network Settings to repair your network services and settings.

Reset Network Settings

This fixes many Bluetooth, WiFi and cellular issues without erasing your data.

6. Check for Obstructions

The Bluetooth signal between your Tile and iPhone should work at a range of about 200 feet indoors.

But the connection can be disrupted by obstacles in between. Make sure there are no thick walls, appliances, large furniture or other objects blocking the signal path.

Also check that the Tile and iPhone are relatively close together during troubleshooting. You may need to be within 10-20 feet during resetting and setup.

7. Contact Tile Support or Consider Alternatives

If you still can’t get your Tile tracker working properly after trying the troubleshooting steps, you may want to consider Tile alternatives like the Tabcat or Chipolo.

You can also contact Tile support directly:

  • In the Tile app, tap Settings and then Support to start a live chat.
  • Visit the Tile support site and search for your issue or open a support ticket.
  • Call Tile support at 1-844-757-8453.

Tile has helpful and knowledgeable support specialists that can walk you through advanced troubleshooting or determine if your tracker is defective.

Tips to Prevent Future Tile Tracker Issues

Once you get your Tile working again, you can take proactive steps to avoid further problems down the road:

  • Update the Tile app regularly.
  • Keep your iPhone OS up to date.
  • Avoid exposing your Tile to excessive heat, moisture or drops.
  • Check the battery level periodically in the Tile app.
  • Carry out periodic Tile resets and unpairings.
  • Ensure there are no Bluetooth obstructions between devices.
  • Contact support at the first sign of issues.

Following best practices for using and maintaining your Tile can help maximize connectivity and performance.

Key Takeaways to Revive Your Tile

  • Resetting your Tile can clear up many connectivity issues with iPhones.
  • Check for Bluetooth obstructions, update iOS and the Tile app, and ensure Bluetooth is enabled.
  • If your Tile is completely unresponsive, the battery likely needs replacing.
  • Contact Tile customer support for help with advanced troubleshooting.
  • Follow best practices like updating software and avoiding obstacles to maintain performance.

With some systematic troubleshooting and a little patience, you can usually get your Tile tracker functioning properly again. Just take it one step at a time until that lost item finder is back in business.

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