Monimoto Review: GPS Tracker Keeps Your Motorcycle Safe (and Simple)

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Monimoto Review

Whether you ride a motorcycle for recreation, commuting, or your livelihood, it likely represents a significant investment. Unfortunately, motorcycles are also frequent targets for thieves looking to make a quick buck. Having your bike stolen can leave you stranded and severely impact your finances.

Installing a GPS tracker on your motorcycle provides an added layer of security and significantly increases your chances of recovery should the worst happen. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Monimoto motorcycle GPS trackers and how to choose the right one for your needs.

What is Monimoto?


Monimoto is a Lithuania-based company that specializes in motorcycle GPS trackers. Their devices connect to your smartphone via an app to provide real-time tracking and alerts if your bike is moved or stolen.

Monimoto offers both self-installed and professionally installed options. Their trackers use cellular networks to communicate and do not require wiring into the bike’s electrical system.

Key features of Monimoto motorcycle GPS trackers include:

  • Motion alerts and automated phone calls if the bike is moved
  • Real-time tracking via smartphone app
  • Works across Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and USA
  • Battery powered for simple installation
  • Water resistant construction
  • Bike recognition technology to prevent false alarms

Monimoto has an excellent reputation in the motorcycle community for reliable, affordable security. Their trackers have helped countless riders recover stolen bikes.

Choosing the Right Monimoto GPS Tracker

Monimoto offers both 7 and 8 series motorcycle GPS trackers in self-installed and professionally installed options. Let’s compare the differences:

Monimoto 7 (Self-Installed)

Monimoto 7

The Monimoto 7 is designed for self-installation by the owner. Key details:

  • Purchase Price: $199
  • Cellular Network: LTE-M and 2G
  • Battery Life: Up to 1 year
  • Water Protection: IP65
  • Subscription: $49/year after 2 free months

With DIY installation, you won’t have to pay any add-on fitting fees. However, your insurance company may not offer a discount for a self-installed unit.

This model is best for motorcyclists who are comfortable installing the device themselves and don’t require Thatcham approval for insurance.

Monimoto 8 (Professionally Installed)

The Monimoto 8 is the newest tracker model. Key details:

  • Purchase Price: $299
  • Cellular Network: LTE-M and 2G
  • Battery Life: Up to 2 years
  • Water Protection: IP67
  • Subscription: $69/year after 2 free months

This version must be installed by an approved Monimoto dealer. Benefits include a 2 year battery life, higher water protection rating, and Thatcham approval.

Insurance companies often offer premium discounts for Thatcham approved systems. However, dealer installation fees can add $150 or more to the total cost.

Self-Installed vs Professionally Installed

The choice between self-installed and professionally installed largely depends on two factors:

  • Insurance Discount – Most companies only offer premium discounts for Thatcham approved systems. The Monimoto 8 qualifies, while the 7 does not.
  • Installation Cost – Avoiding dealer fees saves $100-200+ in installation charges. But you’ll take on the installation yourself.

If maximizing your insurance discount is the priority, go with the Monimoto 8 professionally installed system.

For the most affordable option, the Monimoto 7 DIY kit provides reliable tracking without the added installation costs.

Installing Your Monimoto Motorcycle GPS Tracker

Once you’ve selected the right tracker for your needs, it’s time for installation. This involves three key steps:

1. Find a Mounting Location

Carefully consider where you will mount the tracker module. Avoid placing it:

  • Under metal components that can block the GPS signal
  • Near heat sources or flammable materials
  • Anywhere visible that thieves could easily locate and remove

The best locations are often under the seat or integrated into the bike’s bodywork. Test signal strength in potential spots before permanently installing.

Monimoto Mounting Location

2. Secure the Tracker Module

Use the included zip ties or other sturdy fasteners to securely mount the tracker. Ensure it does not jostle or move once installed.

3. Sync with Smartphone App

Activate the tracker and pair it with your smartphone via the Monimoto app. Configure settings like motion sensitivity and firmware updates.

4. Attach Key Fob

Finally, attach the key fob to your keychain. Keeping it separated from your bike keys provides an extra layer of security.

Monimoto Key Fob

That’s it – you now have an additional anti-theft layer protecting your motorcycle!

Using Your Monimoto Motorcycle GPS Tracker

Once installed, using your Monimoto device is very straightforward:

  • Keep key fob on your person when riding/moving motorcycle
  • If bike is stolen, you’ll receive automated call and tracking starts
  • View real-time location via the Monimoto app
  • Share tracking data with police to help recover it
  • Adjust motion detection sensitivity and other settings in the app
  • Check battery levels and replace when needed. As mentioned in this Tile tracker review, replaceable batteries typically last 6-12 months depending on usage.
  • Review riding activity and location history within the app. See this LandAirSea 54 GPS tracker review for details on using location history features.
Monimoto App

With your Monimoto device armed and connected, you can ride with much greater peace of mind that your bike is protected.

Monimoto Motorcycle GPS Tracker FAQ

How accurate is the GPS tracking?

Monimoto trackers provide location accuracy within a 5-10 meter range in optimal conditions. Accuracy depends on environmental factors.

What happens if the thief takes the key fob?

If the key fob is stolen with your bike, your Monimoto will not automatically activate tracking mode. However, you can manually initiate active tracking via the smartphone app if your bike is stolen with the fob.

Check out this guide on the best GPS trackers with no monthly fee for alternative options.

How is the tracker powered?

Monimoto devices use replaceable lithium or alkaline batteries rather than wiring into the bike’s system. This simplifies installation.

Where can the tracker be installed?

The module can be mounted nearly anywhere on the bike as long as it is discretely hidden and has a clear GPS signal. Under the seat is most common.

How much does a Monimoto subscription cost?

Self-installed systems have a $49 annual fee after the initial 2 free months. Professionally installed models cost $69/year.

Key Takeaways

  • Monimoto motorcycle GPS trackers provide real-time theft alerts and tracking via a smartphone app.
  • Self-installed systems like the Monimoto 7 offer reliable tracking at the lowest cost.
  • Professionally installed models allow insurance discounts but have added installation fees.
  • Carefully consider location during installation to optimize signal strength.
  • Keep the key fob separate from your bike keys for an extra layer of security.
  • Monimoto trackers do not require wiring into your bike’s electrical system.

Installing a Monimoto GPS tracker provides valuable peace of mind that you’ll be alerted if your motorcycle is moved or stolen. While no system can guarantee full protection, Monimoto devices dramatically increase your chances of recovering your stolen bike. Ride with confidence knowing your motorcycle is better secured against theft.

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