Monimoto 7 vs AirTag: Which is Better for Motorcycle Theft Prevention?

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Monimoto Vs Airtag

Apple’s AirTag was released in 2021 as a way to find lost items using Bluetooth and nearby iPhones. Some motorcyclists wondered if it could also work to recover stolen bikes. We compare the AirTag to Monimoto 7, a dedicated GPS tracker, to see which works better for motorcycle security.


  • AirTag relies on nearby iPhones to locate lost items, while Monimoto 7 uses built-in GPS/cellular connectivity
  • AirTag does not provide theft alerts by default, while Monimoto 7 calls the owner if unauthorized movement is detected
  • Monimoto 7 has much wider coverage and more consistent tracking than AirTag
  • AirTag’s anti-stalking features allow thieves to detect its presence, unlike Monimoto 7
  • For motorcycle theft prevention, a dedicated GPS tracker like Monimoto 7 is far more effective than AirTag according to reviews on sites like HotAirTag

AirTag Strengths

  • Very small and easy to conceal on a motorcycle
  • Inexpensive at $29 per AirTag
  • Decent water resistance rating (IP67)
  • Long battery life (~1 year)

AirTag Weaknesses

  • No theft alerts by default, must be manually put in “Lost Mode”
  • Dependent on nearby iPhones, no standalone GPS
  • Inconsistent tracking of moving vehicles
  • Anti-stalking features allow thieves to detect it
  • Limited to Bluetooth range of ~30 feet from iPhones
Apple Airtag

Monimoto 7 Strengths

  • Immediate silent alarm alerts owner if unauthorized motion detected
  • Built-in GPS/cellular provides wider, more consistent coverage
  • Tracking starts automatically within minutes of alarm
  • Does not disclose presence like AirTag anti-stalking features
  • Water resistance rating of IP65

Monimoto 7 Weaknesses

  • Larger than AirTag so harder to conceal
  • More expensive at $199
  • Cellular plan required for connectivity
Monimoto 7

Theft Alert Functionality

Perhaps the biggest flaw of the AirTag for theft prevention is it does not notify owners at all by default if their bike is stolen. The owner needs to realize the bike is missing first before putting the AirTag in “Lost Mode” to get tracking updates. This could mean a delay of hours or days between when the bike is stolen and when tracking starts.

Airtag Lost Mode

In contrast, the Monimoto 7 has a silent alarm feature that automatically triggers if unauthorized motion is detected. It immediately calls the owner’s phone and sends push notifications so they know right away the bike is being stolen. It also starts tracking and sending locations within minutes.

Monimoto Theft Alert Functionality

Operational Coverage

AirTag relies entirely on being in Bluetooth range (~30 feet) of nearby iPhones to get connectivity and locate itself. If no iPhones are around, such as in a remote area, it cannot provide any location data. Its network coverage is limited only to where iPhones happen to be.

Monimoto 7 has much wider operational coverage using GPS satellites for positioning and cellular networks for connectivity. It works anywhere with cellular service and GPS satellite visibility. This allows it to track stolen bikes even in remote areas unlike AirTag according to GPS tracker reviews.

Precision and Frequency of Tracking Locations

AirTag’s location accuracy depends on the nearby iPhones it connects to. Testing shows it does not provide consistent tracking of moving vehicles, needing more stable connections. Frequency of locations is also inconsistent based on available iPhones.

Monimoto 7 uses GPS for better accuracy, within 5-10 meters under ideal conditions. Tracking locations are sent every few minutes over cellular once an alarm is triggered. It provides consistent tracking even of moving vehicles.

Hideability From Thieves

The AirTag is very small and easy to conceal on a bike. However, the anti-stalking features Apple added allow thieves to detect if an unknown AirTag is present. iPhones will get notifications of an unknown AirTag following them, allowing thieves to discover the tracker.

While larger, the Monimoto 7 gives no indications to thieves that it is present. It has no audible alarms or flashing lights. Thieves would need to proactively scan for signals to detect it.

Durability and Battery Life

Both devices have decent water resistance and dust protection ratings along with 1+ year battery life. The AirTag’s IP67 rating gives it a slight edge for liquid protection over the IP65 Monimoto 7 if fully submerged.

Airtag Waterproof


For motorcycle theft prevention, the Monimoto 7 is far more effective than the AirTag. Its immediate silent alarm, wider GPS/cellular coverage, and consistent tracking beat the AirTag’s reliance on proximity to iPhones. While the AirTag is a low-cost supplement, serious security requires a dedicated GPS tracker like the Monimoto 7.


Does the AirTag notify owners if a bike is stolen?

No, the AirTag does not by default alert owners if their bike is stolen. It must be manually put into “Lost Mode” first before providing updates.

Can the AirTag track a stolen motorcycle?

The AirTag provides inconsistent tracking of moving vehicles. It depends on establishing stable Bluetooth connections to nearby iPhones, which is difficult on a moving motorcycle. Tracking works better once movement has stopped.

Where does the Monimoto 7 get cellular service?

Monimoto 7 works with hundreds of cellular networks in over 100 countries worldwide. It auto-selects available partner networks for the widest coverage.

How accurate is the Monimoto 7 location tracking?

Using GPS positioning, the Monimoto 7 can pinpoint locations within 5-10 meters under ideal conditions. Accuracy depends on satellite visibility and signal interference.

Can thieves detect if a motorcycle has an AirTag or Monimoto 7?

Thieves can use Apple’s “Tracker Detect” app for Android or iPhone to detect unknown AirTags following them. The Monimoto 7 does not disclose its presence to users’ phones.

How much does the Monimoto 7 cost?

The Monimoto 7 device itself is $199. A paid cellular plan subscription is required, which starts at $49 per year. Optional accessories like waterproof cases are also available.

In summary, the Monimoto 7’s dedicated GPS/cellular connectivity, immediate silent alarm, and consistent tracking make it far more effective than Apple’s AirTag for motorcycle theft prevention. While the AirTag has benefits like small size and low cost, it was not designed as an anti-theft device. For serious security, motorcyclists need a real GPS tracker like the Monimoto 7.

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