Can An AirTag Be Connected To Two Phones?

November 23, 2023

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AirTags have become hugely popular for tracking items like keys, wallets, purses and more. But if you have an AirTag and multiple Apple devices in your family or friend group, you may be wondering – can I connect my AirTag to two different iPhones at the same time?

The short answer is yes, you can connect a single AirTag to multiple iPhones, iPads or other Apple devices by sharing the AirTag with other users through the Find My app. With Apple’s Family Sharing feature, up to 5 people can share access to the same AirTag for tracking purposes.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explain step-by-step how AirTag sharing works across multiple devices and Apple IDs. You’ll also learn AirTag limitations, tips for resetting or unlinking AirTags, and get answers to common questions about using AirTags with two phones.

How Does An AirTag Work? A Quick Overview

Before we dive into using AirTags with multiple devices, let’s do a quick refresher on how AirTags actually work.

Apple Airtag

The Apple AirTag is a small, round Bluetooth-enabled tracking device. It connects or “pairs” to Apple devices like iPhones, iPads and Macs using Bluetooth LE wireless technology.

Once an AirTag is set up and paired with your Apple ID, the Find My app allows you to view the AirTag’s current or last known location on a map. You can also make your AirTag emit a sound to help locate a lost item.

AirTags use ultra wideband technology for Precision Finding, which guides you to an AirTag’s exact physical location, rather than just a location on a map.

Even when they are far away, AirTags leverage the vast Find My network made up of hundreds of millions of Apple devices around the world to relay their location privately and securely. The network allows AirTags to be found when they are outside Bluetooth range.

Now let’s look at how to use AirTag tracking across multiple devices.

Sharing An AirTag Between iPhones, iPads and Macs

Sharing An Airtag Between Iphones, Ipads And Macs

Apple makes sharing AirTags seamless by linking them directly to your Apple ID rather than a specific device. This allows an AirTag to be shared across any Apple devices signed into the same Apple ID account.

To share an AirTag between multiple devices:

  • The owner sets up and pairs the AirTag with their iPhone by bringing the AirTag close and tapping Connect in the Find My app. This links the AirTag to the owner’s Apple ID.
  • The owner can then share access to the AirTag with up to 5 family members through Family Sharing in the Find My app.
  • Family members will get a notification asking them to accept access to the shared AirTag. Once accepted, it will appear in their Find My app.
  • All family members can now view the location of the shared AirTag on their own devices and get notifications if the AirTag is left behind. Only the owner can manage and adjust AirTag settings.

The advantage of this system is that the AirTag stays linked specifically to the owner’s Apple ID, but can be tracked and monitored by their family members on different devices. The owner maintains control, while everyone gets the benefit of AirTag tracking.

Can You Connect an AirTag to Two iPhones with Different Apple IDs?

Since AirTags link to your Apple ID, you actually can use an AirTag across two iPhones with different Apple IDs, like your personal and work phone. However, it takes a few more steps:

  • Set up and pair the AirTag to the primary account first. This links the AirTag to that Apple ID.
  • On the second iPhone, go to Settings > [your name] > Find My and turn on Find My iPhone.
Find My Iphone
  • Open the Find My app and tap “Add New Item” > Add AirTag. Scan the AirTag to connect it to the second iPhone.
Add Airtag
  • You can now view and track the AirTag from either iPhone. To switch the primary account, you’d need to perform a factory reset on the AirTag.

While doable, using an AirTag across two completely separate Apple IDs is not as seamless as Family Sharing. But it gives you the flexibility to track from multiple accounts when needed.

Apple AirTag Limitations: How Many AirTags Can Be Linked?

How Many Airtags Can Be Linked

There are some limitations to be aware of when sharing AirTags among family and devices:

  • Each Apple ID account can be actively linked to a maximum of 16 AirTags at one time.
  • You can only share an AirTag with up to 5 other people through Family Sharing.
  • Only the AirTag owner has full control and access to adjust settings. Family has read-only access to location.
  • AirTags are region locked and only work in the region where they were initially set up and paired, so keep this in mind if planning to use AirTags internationally.

So in summary, you can connect a single AirTag to up to 5 family members’ devices, though keep the 16 AirTag per account limit in mind. Using AirTags internationally also requires some planning.

Tips For Resetting, Unlinking, and Repairing Shared AirTags

If you need to unlink an AirTag from a device, unlink it from a family member, or fix sharing issues, you may need to reset the AirTag. Here are a few quick tips for resetting and repairing:

  • Factory reset – Press and hold the top and bottom of AirTag simultaneously until it starts beeping, then release. This breaks all links and resets to factory settings.
  • Remove from Family Sharing – Only the owner can remove the AirTag sharing link with a family member in the Find My app under their device sharing settings.
  • Repair – If connectivity issues arise, you can repair the AirTag in the Find My app to refresh Bluetooth and other settings.
  • Replace battery – Check battery status in Find My. If it’s low, replace the CR2032 battery by twisting off the stainless cap. This will not erase any settings.

Taking these steps can help you troubleshoot any issues around tracking, sharing or connecting your AirTag to multiple Apple devices and users.

Common Questions about Using AirTags with Two Phones

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about linking AirTags to more than one phone or user:

Can I connect my AirTag to an iPhone and an Android phone?

Yes, you can use AirTags with both iPhone and Android devices by utilizing Apple’s Android app called Tracker Detect. This allows Android users to scan and detect AirTags that may be tracking them without consent. The app can also connect to an AirTag to monitor its location.

How do I switch the primary account linked to my AirTag?

To change the primary Apple ID account associated with an AirTag, you would need to factory reset the AirTag, then set it up on the new primary device first before sharing access through Family Sharing.

Can I link multiple AirTags to one Apple ID?

Yes, each Apple ID can have up to 16 AirTags actively linked at one time. So you can track multiple items with several AirTags on a single account.

Can Family Sharing members change AirTag settings?

No, only the owner who initially paired the AirTag can change settings like renaming or adjusting the AirTag sound. Family members have read-only access to location.

Do AirTags work without Wifi or cellular service?

Yes, the beauty of AirTags is that they connect via Bluetooth directly to nearby Apple devices. They don’t need their own cellular or data connection to function. For out of Bluetooth range finding, they rely on Apple’s Find My network, not wifi or cellular data plans.

Can thieves or bad actors share my AirTag without consent?

No, only the owner who paired the AirTag can authorize sharing. Random people can’t just add your AirTag without permission. However, Apple has added more anti-stalking alerts to deter bad uses.

We hope this guide gives you clarity and confidence in how to share and use AirTags seamlessly across multiple devices! With Family Sharing, you can take full advantage of Apple’s innovative tracking network.

Summary and Key Takeaways

  • AirTags pair to your Apple ID, not a specific device, allowing sharing across iPhones, iPads and more.
  • Use Family Sharing in Find My app to share an AirTag with up to 5 family members.
  • Each Apple ID can link up to 16 active AirTags at once.
  • Only the owner can change AirTag settings. Family has read-only access.
  • Reset your AirTag if having issues with sharing, linking or connectivity.
  • AirTags rely on Bluetooth and Apple’s Find My network, not cellular service.
  • With Apple’s Android app, AirTags can be monitored via iPhone and Android devices.
  • Take advantage of seamless AirTag sharing to keep track of valuables across your family’s devices.

We hope you found this guide helpful. You should now understand the ins and outs of using your AirTags across multiple phones, users, and sharing scenarios.

Happy AirTag tracking! Add an AirTag to your keys, bag or other valuables to take advantage of Apple’s innovative item tracking network. With the ability to share AirTags access via Family Sharing, you can ensure the whole family can keep track of important items even when apart. Just remember to periodically replace the CR2032 coin battery every 6-12 months for optimal tracking.