AirTag vs Chipolo One Spot: Which Bluetooth Tracker is Best?

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Airtag Vs. Chipolo One Spot

Losing your keys, wallet, or other valuables can be frustrating and stressful. Thankfully, Bluetooth trackers like the Apple AirTag and Chipolo One Spot make it easy to locate misplaced items.

But with similar features and price points, how do you decide which one is right for you?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll compare the AirTag and One Spot across several factors to help you pick the best Bluetooth tracker for your needs:

  • Price
  • Design
  • Performance
  • Features
  • Compatibility
  • Security

By the end, you’ll have a clear understanding of the core differences and be able to choose the tracker that aligns with your priorities.

Overview of AirTag and One Spot

The Apple AirTag and Chipolo One Spot are both small, battery-powered Bluetooth trackers. They can attach to your belongings like keys, wallets, bags, etc. Then, if you misplace an item, you use your smartphone to make the tracker play a sound.

You can also view the lost item’s last known location on a map. Both leverage Apple’s Find My network to crowdsource location updates from nearby Apple devices.

Overall, the trackers serve the same purpose – to find lost items quickly. But they differ in some design elements, features, and compatibility.

Unlike other trackers like Tile, Jiobit, or Eufy, the AirTag and One Spot fully integrate with Apple’s Find My network.

Apple AirTag

Apple Airtag

The AirTag is Apple’s entry into the Bluetooth tracker market. It has an elegant, minimalist design with polished white plastic and a silver stainless steel cap.

There’s no built-in keyring, so you need to purchase an accessory band or holder to attach it. AirTags are water-resistant with an IP67 rating.

They connect via Bluetooth and ultra-wideband (UWB) to iPhones. The setup process is straightforward within the Apple Find My app.

AirTags cost $29 for one or $99 for a 4-pack. They come with a user-replaceable CR2032 coin battery that lasts over a year.

Overall, the AirTag focuses on seamless operation for Apple users and precise tracking capabilities.

Chipolo One Spot

Chipolo One Spot 2022

The One Spot comes from Chipolo, a trackers company with cross-platform options. It has a circular plastic design similar to the AirTag but is matte black rather than glossy white.

A keyring hole is built into the top for easy attachment. The One Spot is IPX5 water resistant against splashes.

It uses Bluetooth to pair with iPhones and the Find My network. You can also use it with Android devices via the Chipolo app. The One Spot costs $28 for one tracker or around $70-80 for a 4-pack.

The battery lasts 2 years and is user-replaceable. The One Spot highlights loud sound, affordability, and wider compatibility.

Now let’s compare these two trackers across the factors that matter most.

Price Comparison

When it comes to price, the Apple AirTag and Chipolo One Spot are fairly close:

  • AirTag:
    • 1 tracker for $29
    • 4 pack for $99
  • One Spot:
    • 1 tracker for $28
    • 4 pack for $70-$80

The One Spot is marginally cheaper for an individual unit. And the price difference is more significant if you opt for a 4-pack bundle.

However, it’s worth keeping in mind that AirTags have fallen to ~$24 during periodic sales events. So the pricing advantage of the One Spot isn’t always substantial.

My advice is to purchase based on features versus trying to save a few dollars. The upfront cost difference between one tracker isn’t large. And when spread over months and years of use, it’s negligible.

Design Comparison

The AirTag and One Spot may look similar at first glance, but have some notable design differences:

Size and Shape

  • AirTag – 31.9mm x 8mm thick
  • One Spot – 42mm diameter, 7mm thick

The AirTag has a smaller, slimmer overall profile. However, the One Spot’s circular shape gives it a bit more surface area.


  • AirTag – Polished plastic body, stainless steel cap
  • One Spot – Matte plastic

The AirTag looks more stylish and premium with its metal accents. But the One Spot’s plastic may be more durable.

Attachment Method

  • AirTag – No built-in keyring or lanyard hole
  • One Spot – Integrated keyring hole

You need an accessory band or holder to attach the AirTag to keys, bags, etc. The One Spot can connect directly via its keyring hole.

Airtag Accessories
Chipolo One Spot Keyring Hole
One Spot

Water Resistance Rating

  • AirTag – IP67 (1 meter depths for 30 minutes)
  • One Spot – IPX5 (sprays and splashes)

The AirTag offers slightly better water protection in case it gets fully submerged. But both can withstand rain and splashes.


  • AirTag – Free engraving
  • One Spot – No customization options

You can add text or emojis via laser engraving to personalize each AirTag’s stainless steel cap. The One Spot lacks this ability.

Airtag Free Engraving

Overall, the AirTag offers a more stylish and compact design. But the One Spot prioritizes convenience and utility with its built-in keyring hole.

Performance Comparison

When it comes to actually finding your lost items, the AirTag and One Spot have comparable performance:

Tracking Network

  • Both leverage Apple’s Find My network and crowdsourced Bluetooth connections.
Airtag Ease Of Use
Chipolo One Spot Find My
One Spot

Tracking Range

  • Up to around 160 feet via Bluetooth. Extended range via Apple Find My network.

Alert Sounds

  • AirTag – Fixed tone at 60 decibels
  • One Spot – 120 decibel chime

The One Spot emits a louder sound to help pinpoint its location when nearby.

Location Updates

  • Updates in Find My app when another Apple device is in range
  • Typically fast updates within 30 minutes if lost in a populated area

Precision Finding (AirTag only)

  • Provides exact distance and direction once in Bluetooth range
  • Uses ultra-wideband (UWB) technology found in newer iPhones

The AirTag offers a more precise search experience for UWB-compatible iPhones. But the core tracking ability is very similar.

Battery Life

  • ~1 year battery life
  • User-replaceable CR2032 coin batteries
Airtag's Battery
Chipolo One Spot Battery
One Spot

Battery longevity is comparable between both models.

The One Spot seems to have a slight edge in locator features like louder sound. But in practice, the tracking performance is nearly identical, and both get the job done.

Features Comparison

Here are some of the extra features offered by each tracker:

AirTagOne Spot
● Precision Finding provides exact directions once in Bluetooth range
● Lost Mode notifies your other Apple devices to aid in tracking
● Option for engraved text or emoji
● Siri integration to find your AirTag
● Water-resistant design
● 130 feet Bluetooth range
● Crowdsourced location via Find My and Chipolo community
● 204 decibel built-in alarm
● Water-resistant and durable design
● 2-way finding – double press One Spot to ring your phone

The AirTag certainly has some nice perks like Precision Finding and engraving. However, the One Spot offers the more practical alarm and two-way finding feature.

The AirTag also stands apart from competitors like Dynotag, and Atuvos by offering unique capabilities through Apple’s U1 chip such as Precision Finding.

Compatibility Comparison

The AirTag and One Spot work with Apple devices. But One Spot has added Android compatibility:

AirTagOne Spot
● iPhone and iPad running iOS 14.5 or later
● Mac running macOS 11.3 or later
● iPhone and iPad running iOS 14 or later
● Mac running macOS 10.15 or later
● Android 9.0 or later

The One Spot works with both iOS and Android. So it’s a better pick for multi-OS households or workplaces.

But the AirTag is fine if you solely use Apple devices. It takes advantage of the U1 chip in newer iPhones for Precision Finding.

Security Comparison

Lost item trackers can raise some privacy concerns. Here’s how the AirTag and One Spot handle security:

The AirTag has more anti-stalking measures built-in than the Fi collar, for example.

AirTagOne Spot
● Encrypted connection and anonymous tracking
● Alerts nearby iPhone users if an unknown AirTag travels with them
● Make unknown AirTags play a sound after 8-24 hours
● Encrypted connection via Find My network
● No alerts for unknown One Spots detected

Apple has built more proactive anti-stalking measures into the AirTag. However, both trackers use encrypted connections to Find My.

While the likelihood of misuse is low, the AirTag offers more security safeguards. Opt for the One Spot if you dislike the alerts and sounds from unknown trackers.

Which Should You Choose?

With the similarities and differences covered, here are some quick recommendations on which tracker to choose:

Get the AirTag if you:

  • Own Apple devices only
  • Prefer a stylish, premium aesthetic
  • Want the most precise finding via Precision Finding
  • Value direct Siri integration and engraved personalization

Get the One Spot if you:

  • Have Android and iOS devices
  • Need a built-in keyring hole for attachment
  • Prioritize maximum volume to hear the alert
  • Want two-way finding via your smartphone
  • Appreciate wider OS compatibility and crowd finding

For most iPhone users, the core tracking experience will be nearly the same between the two options. Focus on the factors that matter most for your use cases and preferences.

Both deliver the essential capabilities of a Bluetooth item tracker successfully. Let your specific needs guide you towards the right choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about the AirTag vs One Spot comparison:

Do the AirTag or One Spot have a monthly fee?

No, neither tracker requires an ongoing subscription or fee. You simply purchase the hardware once.

How accurate is the tracking?

Via Bluetooth, accuracy is within around 30 feet once you’re in range. The Find My network can provide location updates accurate to the street address if reported by another device.

Can AirTags or One Spots be tracked without an iPhone nearby?

No, an iPhone or other Apple device is required. The trackers communicate via Bluetooth to your phone, which powers the tracking and Find My integration.

How is the battery life?

Both the AirTag and One Spot last over a year on the included CR2032 coin battery. Battery life depends on how frequently you trigger the tracker.

Can the AirTag or One Spot track moving objects?

No, they only provide the last known static location. They cannot actively track in real-time as items move. You have to wait for the next Find My update.

Do they work outside of my country?

Yes, both leverage Apple’s international Find My network. As long as people are using Apple devices in the area, it can crowdsource a location.

Can AirTags or One Spots be hacked or intercepted?

It’s highly unlikely. They use encrypted connections via Bluetooth and the Find My network. There have been no reports of AirTag or One Spot communication getting hacked.

What happens if my lost item isn’t detected?

If neither your Bluetooth connection nor the Find My network detect the tracker, you unfortunately have no way of locating it. But detection rates are very high in populated areas.

Final Thoughts

The Apple AirTag and Chipolo One Spot both provide an excellent lost item tracking experience. While the AirTag boasts Apple’s ultra-wideband technology, Precision Finding, and stylish design, the One Spot offers compatibility across iOS and Android, along with a built-in keyring and louder alert sound.

Focus on the pros and cons that matter most to your priorities. For iPhone-only households who want a seamless tracking experience, the AirTag is hard to beat. But the One Spot appeals to those needing cross-platform flexibility or direct keyring attachment.

Either way, both deliver reliable tracking powered by Apple’s robust Find My network. Keep the key differences in mind, and you can confidently choose the right Bluetooth tracker for finding your lost items in no time.

So there you have it – a comprehensive comparison guide between the AirTag and One Spot! Let me know if you would like me to modify or expand any part of it. I’m happy to refine the post until it is polished and publication-ready.

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