The Ultimate Guide to Chipolo Bluetooth Trackers in 2024

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Chipolo Review

Chipolo makes some of the most popular Bluetooth trackers on the market for finding lost items like keys, wallets, and more. This in-depth guide covers everything you need to know about Chipolo’s trackers.

Overview of Chipolo’s Tracker Lineup

Chipolo 1

Chipolo currently offers three main tracker models:

  • Chipolo ONE Spot – The flagship tracker that works with Apple’s Find My network. Similar to an AirTag but with a hole for attaching to keys.
  • Chipolo CARD Spot – A slim, credit card shaped tracker designed to fit in wallets. Also Find My enabled.
  • Chipolo ONE – The original Chipolo tracker. Lower price but does not use Find My network.

All three models work with the Chipolo mobile app to help locate misplaced items via Bluetooth when in range. The Find My enabled versions also leverage Apple’s network for out-of-range finding.

Chipolo ONE Spot Review

Chipolo One Spot 2022

The Chipolo ONE Spot builds on the success of the original Chipolo ONE by integrating with Apple’s Find My network.

Main Features:

  • Works with Find My network for out-of-range finding
  • 120dB ringtone louder than AirTag’s 60dB chime
  • IPX5 water resistant
  • Anti-stalking alerts like AirTag
  • Automated Lost Mode notifications
  • 2 year battery life with replaceable CR2032 battery
  • Hole for attaching to key rings
  • Compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa

The ONE Spot replicates almost all AirTag functionality while adding useful bonuses like a built-in hole for keys and a louder speaker. Setup takes seconds through Find My. Learn more about how AirTags work in our guide on whether AirTags need WiFi.

One advantage over the AirTag is the user replaceable battery, saving money over time. The IPX5 water resistance also helps the ONE Spot withstand splashes and rain.

Chipolo One Spot Battery

Downsides compared to AirTag include no ultra-wideband for Precision Finding and more limited Find My network due to fewer Chipolo devices. However, the loud speaker mitigates the lack of directional finding.

Overall, the Chipolo ONE Spot beats the AirTag for keys and other items needing attachment holes. The louder sound makes it easier to locate when misplaced nearby. Integration with Find My provides reliable out-of-range finding. An excellent AirTag alternative at a lower price point.

Chipolo CARD Spot Review

Chipolo Card Spot

The CARD Spot builds on the ONE Spot formula but in a slimmer wallet-friendly design.

Key Features:

  • Slim 3 credit card thickness
  • Fits in most wallets
  • Leverages Find My network
  • 105dB loud sound alerts
  • IPX5 water resistance
  • Anti-stalking protections
  • 2 year battery life
  • Special recycling program

The CARD Spot finally provides iPhone users a Find My enabled tracker that easily fits in a wallet without adding noticeable bulk. It outperforms makeshift AirTag wallet inserts.

Chipolo Card Spot Find My

The sound is louder than AirTag to compensate for lack of directional finding. Safety alerts help thwart unwanted tracking. While the battery isn’t replaceable, Chipolo offers 50% off a replacement unit after 2 years when recycling the old tracker.

For anyone wanting the confidence of Find My network tracking for their wallet, the CARD Spot delivers excellent functionality in a conveniently compact credit card form factor. It’s the best Find My wallet tracker solution available. Check out our review of the best AirTag wallets for more wallet tracker options.

Chipolo ONE Review

Chipolo One 2

While not Find My enabled, the original Chipolo ONE remains a solid cross-platform tracker with unique benefits.

Notable Features:

  • Lower $25 price point
  • Loud 120dB ringtone
  • Customize sounds in app
  • IPX5 splash proof
  • Use as camera remote
  • Supports Alexa and Google Assistant
  • 2 year battery life (replaceable CR2032)

The Chipolo ONE competes directly with the Tile Mate, undercutting it by $1. Despite no Find My integration, the ONE still stands out through its very loud ringtone and remote shutter features.

The IPX5 water resistance provides basic protection from splashes. Android and iOS users can both enjoy the versatile Chipolo ONE. Just keep expectations set on the 200ft Bluetooth range.

For those wanting a loud, affordable tracker without Apple ecosystem lock-in, the ONE gets the job done while offering unique bonuses like customizable sounds and camera control.

What To Consider When Choosing a Chipolo

When deciding between Chipolo’s trackers, keep these key differences in mind. Also read our in-depth AirTag vs Tile comparison to learn how Apple and Tile stack up.

  • Only the ONE Spot and CARD Spot support Find My network finding. The ONE relies solely on Bluetooth.
  • The ONE Spot is best for keys, backpacks, etc. due to the attachment hole.
  • The CARD Spot fits wallets, bags, and more, but has no replaceable battery.
  • The ONE is louder and cheaper but does not leverage Find My network.
  • Only iPhone and iPad users can utilize Find My enabled Chipolo trackers.

How Chipolo Compares to Top Competitors

Chipolo faces stiff competition from Apple and Tile:

  • AirTag – Offers ultra-wideband Precision Finding but no built-in keyring hole. Only works with Apple devices.
  • Tile Pro/Mate – Has wider Bluetooth range than Chipolo trackers. But sounds are not as loud. Tile’s network is smaller than Find My.
  • Samsung SmartTag – Only works optimally with Samsung Galaxy smartphones. Proprietary network finding.

Overall, Chipolo holds its own through competitive pricing, super loud ring tones, keychain-friendly designs, and now Find My network integration. The specs lag slightly behind Tile but provide a more affordable alternative.

Key Takeaways

  • Chipolo trackers integrate with Apple’s Find My network for out-of-range finding when lost.
  • The ONE Spot has the same Find My abilities as AirTag but with a built-in hole for keys.
  • The CARD Spot leverages Find My in an ultra-slim wallet friendly design.
  • Chipolo trackers have louder ring tones than competitors to help find misplaced items.
  • While slightly behind Tile spec-wise, Chipolo provides capable tracking at lower price points. See how Chipolo and Tile compare in our Tile vs Chipolo breakdown.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long do Chipolo batteries last?

A: Approximately 2 years on the One Spot, One, and Card Spot models. The Card Spot does not have a user replaceable battery though.

Q: Can Chipolo trackers work with Android phones?

A: Yes, the standard Chipolo One model works with Android and iOS. But the Find My enabled One Spot and Card Spot only work with Apple devices.

Q: What is the maximum Bluetooth range?

A: All Chipolo trackers have a 200ft (60m) Bluetooth range for sound and general tracking. Tile trackers have up to double that range.

Q: Do the trackers need a paid subscription?

A: No, Chipolo does not require any subscription for basic tracking and alert features. A Tile Premium plan does unlock additional capabilities.

Q: Can a lost Chipolo still be located if the battery dies?

A: Unfortunately no. The tracker has to maintain a charge to facilitate finding through the app and Find My network.

Q: How accurate is the out-of-range finding?

A: It depends on density of Apple devices with Find My enabled. Accuracy improves in crowded urban areas versus rural areas. Get tips for fixing AirTag issues like AirTag searching for signal.

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