Why Is My AirTag Beeping and How Do I Stop It?

November 9, 2023

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Apple’s AirTag is a useful tracking device that can help you locate lost items like keys, wallets, luggage, and more using the Find My app on your iPhone. However, you may notice your AirTag randomly beeping or making chiming noises when you least expect it.

This sudden beeping can be alarming if you don’t know what’s causing it. Luckily, there are some simple troubleshooting tips you can try to stop an AirTag from beeping.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover:

  • Common reasons an AirTag beeps and how to fix them
  • Steps to reconnect, update, or reset your misbehaving AirTag
  • What to do if your AirTag keeps beeping after troubleshooting
  • FAQs on making an AirTag silent and more

Why Is My AirTag Making Noises?

Why Is My Airtag Making Noises

There are a few common triggers that can cause an AirTag to start beeping or chiming:

Low Battery

One of the most common reasons an AirTag beeps is when the battery runs low. The AirTag will start emitting noises when the CR2032 coin battery drops below a certain charge level – usually around 30%. Many slim wallets and passport covers are designed to hold an AirTag and make changing the battery easy.

Out of Bluetooth Range

AirTags rely on Bluetooth connectivity to communicate with your iPhone. WiFi is not required for basic AirTag functionality, unlike some other tracking tiles. If your AirTag loses its Bluetooth connection for an extended period, such as 8-24 hours, it will start to beep.

This serves as an alert that your AirTag is too far from your phone to track properly. Move back within Bluetooth range – ideally 30 feet or less – and the beeping should cease once it reconnects.

Separated From Your Belongings

If you attached an AirTag to an item like keys or a backpack and accidentally leave that item behind, your AirTag will beep after being separated for a while. This separation alert is triggered if the AirTag hasn’t moved for 8-24 hours while disconnected from your iPhone.

For example, if you lend your car with your AirTag keychain to a friend for the day, your AirTag may start beeping that evening to indicate it’s not with you. For in-car use, some conceal an AirTag discreetly behind interior trim panels or the rear bumper for theft prevention alerts.

Find My Alerts Activated

The Find My app has two alert settings that can trigger an AirTag to beep – “Notify When Left Behind” and “Item Safety Alerts.”

If Notify When Left Behind is on, your AirTag will beep when separated from your iPhone and left in one place for an extended time.

The Item Safety Alerts cause an AirTag to beep if it detects it’s being tracked by a device it’s not paired with. This notifies you if an unknown AirTag is traveling with you.

Check Find My and turn off these alerts if you want to disable the related beeping.

Accidental Activation in Find My

Sometimes an AirTag can beep if Find My incorrectly flags it as lost. For example, putting your AirTag-connected keys in a drawer might activate the “Notify When Left Behind” alert. AirTags use sound and haptics to alert you, unlike some trackers that only use RF.

Open Find My, find your AirTag, and confirm it’s not actually lost. Tap “Stop Alerting” or turn off Lost Mode to halt the false beeping.

Firmware Updates

Apple issues periodic firmware updates for AirTags to fix bugs and improve performance. The update process can sometimes cause temporary beeping.

Let the update complete with your AirTag nearby. Stay on the latest firmware version to minimize bugs causing errant beeping.

Hardware or Software Issues

In rare cases, persistent beeping may indicate an actual hardware defect or software glitch in your AirTag. For example, a problem with the speaker could cause constant beeping.

If basic troubleshooting can’t solve the beeping, an underlying issue may be to blame. Contact Apple Support for a replacement if you suspect a hardware or software fault.

Now that you know why an AirTag might suddenly start beeping, let’s look at some ways to stop the noise.

How to Stop AirTag Beeping

How To Stop Airtag Beeping

Follow these tips when your AirTag starts beeping unexpectedly:

Check Find My Settings

Open the Find My app and check for any active alerts under Items that might be triggering your AirTag. Turn off “Notify When Left Behind“, “Item Safety Alerts“, or Lost Mode if they’re on.

Airtag Notify When Left Behind

Update AirTag Firmware

Ensure your AirTag is updated to the latest firmware version. Connect it to your iPhone via Bluetooth and leave it nearby overnight. This allows any pending firmware updates to install.

Firmware Updates

Re-Pair AirTag to Your iPhone

Sometimes resetting the connection can stop erroneous beeping. Open Find My, select your AirTag, and tap “Remove This Item“. Then re-pair the AirTag by bringing it near your iPhone and following the setup prompts again.

Airtag Remove This Item

Replace AirTag Battery

If you notice the battery is low in Find My, try swapping in a new CR2032 battery. If the beeping stops, low battery charge was likely the cause.

Airtag's Battery

Factory Reset AirTag

Resetting your AirTag to factory default settings can clear up persistent beeping issues.

First remove the battery. Press and hold the stainless button for 30 seconds while battery is out. Insert battery and wait for 2 cycles of 4 beeps. On the second cycle, briefly press the button when you hear 2 beeps. After a final 4 beeps, your AirTag will be reset. Re-pair it to your phone.

Contact Apple Support

For beeping issues that persist after troubleshooting, reach out to Apple Support online or by phone. They can run diagnostics, suggest further steps, or arrange a replacement if needed.

With some basic checks and resets, you should be able to resolve most instances of an AirTag unexpectedly beeping.

What To Do If Your AirTag Keeps Beeping

What To Do If Your Airtag Keeps Beeping

An AirTag that beeps persistently can be annoying and disruptive. Try these additional steps if your AirTag keeps beeping even after initial troubleshooting:

Check for Interference

Nearby electronics or obstructions could be interfering with the Bluetooth or UWB signals between your AirTag and iPhone. Try moving the AirTag to different locations and distances from your phone to see if it stops beeping.

Toggle Bluetooth

Cycle your iPhone’s Bluetooth off and back on via the Control Center. This restarts the Bluetooth connection which could resolve any glitches causing the beeping.

Remove Battery for 1 Minute

Taking the battery out of the AirTag for 60 seconds can force a hard reset and restart if simply resetting settings doesn’t work. This may clear any stuck signals or processes causing the sound.

Upgrade iOS Software

Make sure your iPhone is updated to the latest iOS version. Apple releases fixes and optimizations in new iOS versions that can improve connectivity with AirTags.

Try a Different iPhone

To isolate whether the issue is with your phone or the AirTag itself, attempt to pair the beeping AirTag to a different iPhone. No beeping when paired to a different device indicates your original iPhone is the source of the problem.

Check for Damage

Inspect your AirTag closely for any signs of damage, such as cracks in the plastic housing or scratches on the metal. Physical damage can allow dust, debris and moisture inside the AirTag which could cause glitches.

Request Replacement

If all other troubleshooting fails, contact Apple Support to explain the persistent beeping and ask for a replacement AirTag. Provide details like when the beeping occurs and steps you’ve tried.

With persistence and systematic troubleshooting, you should be able to stop an endlessly beeping AirTag. Apple also replaces defective AirTags under the one year limited warranty if needed.

FAQs About AirTag Beeping Issues

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about managing AirTag beeping:

How do I make my AirTag silent?

There is no official way to make an AirTag silent. The speaker cannot be fully disabled since it’s required for Find My location features. Some third party AirTag accessories claim to muffle the sound, but results may vary.

Why does my AirTag beep when I leave it at home?

If your AirTag is beeping when intentionally left in a known location like your home, it’s likely due to Find My separation alerts being activated. Disable “Notify When Left Behind” and “Item Safety Alerts” to prevent alerts for expected separations.

How often does an AirTag beep when lost?

When separated from its owner, an AirTag will begin beeping 3 times per second after 8-24 hours (the exact timing varies randomly for privacy). The AirTag will beep intermittently for 1 day to a week depending on separation distance before the battery dies.

Do AirTags beep when going through airport security?

AirTags should not beep when going through normal airport security scanning. However, bags may be separated from owners long enough that separation alerts could trigger beeping later on. Turn off Find My alerts if you want to avoid any chance of in-flight beeping.

Can liquid damage make an AirTag beep?

Yes, if moisture seeps into the internal components it can trigger glitches and damage that causes beeping. Never submerge an AirTag in water. If exposed to water, dry it thoroughly with a cloth. If it continues beeping erratically, contact Apple about a replacement.

How do I update my AirTag firmware?

AirTag firmware updates automatically push to your device when new versions are released by Apple. Simply ensure your AirTag stays within Bluetooth range of your iPhone as much as possible. No manual update steps are needed.

Can putting my AirTag in airplane mode stop beeping?

Unfortunately there is no airplane mode for AirTags. The device is not designed to fully disable wireless signals, likely for Find My functionality and anti-stalking reasons.

Do modified “mute” AirTags from eBay work?

Some 3rd party sellers claim to sell modified AirTags with disabled speakers. However, these are not sanctioned by Apple. Additionally, tampering with the device can disrupt operation of features like firmware updates. Use these “mute” AirTags at your own risk.

Why does my AirTag beep after replacing the battery?

It’s normal for an AirTag to beep 2-3 times after inserting a new battery. This is a diagnostic sound to confirm it’s powered on. It should stop beeping within a few seconds once connected and paired with your iPhone.

Key Takeaways on AirTag Beeping Issues

  • Common triggers for AirTag beeping include low battery, separation from iPhone, Find My alerts enabled, false Lost Mode activation, and firmware updates.
  • Update your AirTag firmware, toggle Bluetooth, re-pair, or factory reset to resolve many beeping issues.
  • For persistent beeping, check for signal interference, device damage, or hardware defects. Contact Apple Support if troubleshooting fails.
  • There is no supported way to fully mute an AirTag’s speaker due to Find My requirements, but certain accessories may muffle the sound.
  • Keep your AirTag’s battery above 30%, stay within Bluetooth range of your iPhone, and keep Find My alerts disabled to minimize unwarranted beeping.
  • Systematically troubleshoot by isolating variables like trying a different iPhone, changing locations, removing battery, and asking Apple for a replacement if needed.

Hopefully this guide has provided some clarity on why your AirTag may be beeping and given you some effective troubleshooting tips to stop the noise. With a bit of trial and error, you should be able to resolve most unexpected AirTag beeping issues.