Why Is My AirTag Beeping and How Do I Stop It?

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Why Is My Airtag Beeping

As an Apple tech expert with over a decade of experience, I know firsthand how alarming it can be when your AirTag randomly starts beeping or chiming. While AirTags are incredibly useful for tracking lost items, unexpected noises can be disruptive and confusing.

In this comprehensive guide, I’ll explain the most common reasons your AirTag may be beeping and provide 10 simple troubleshooting tips to make it stop. By the end, you’ll know exactly how to diagnose and fix any AirTag issues causing unwanted noise. Let’s dive in!

6 Common Reasons Your AirTag Beeps

Why Is My Airtag Making Noises

There are a few key triggers that typically cause an AirTag to start beeping:

1. Low Battery

One of the most frequent reasons an AirTag beeps is when the CR2032 coin battery drops below 30% charge. The low battery alert reminds you to replace the AirTag battery.

2. Out of Bluetooth Range

AirTags beep if they lose Bluetooth connection to your iPhone for 8-24 hours. Moving within 30 feet of your AirTag should stop the beeping. Keep in mind, AirTags don’t require WiFi to function, only Bluetooth.

3. Separated From Your Belongings

If you leave an AirTag-attached item behind, like keys or a bag, the AirTag will beep after being separated from your iPhone for 8-24 hours. This separation alert helps prevent theft, especially if you hide an AirTag in your car.

4. Find My Alerts Activated

Certain Find My alert settings, like “Notify When Left Behind” and “Item Safety Alerts”, can trigger beeps when your AirTag is separated from you.

5. Accidental Activation in Find My

AirTags may beep if Find My mistakenly flags them as lost, like if you place your keys in a drawer. Open the app and confirm your AirTag isn’t actually lost. Unlike some trackers that only use radio frequencies, AirTags make audible sounds to alert you.

6. Firmware Updates

The process of installing periodic AirTag firmware updates from Apple can sometimes cause temporary beeping. Keep your AirTag near your iPhone and allow any updates to complete.

While much rarer, persistent beeping could also indicate a hardware defect or software glitch. We’ll cover how to troubleshoot those edge cases too.

How to Stop AirTag Beeping: 10 Troubleshooting Tips

How To Stop Airtag Beeping

Now that you understand why your AirTag might be beeping, try these 10 simple troubleshooting tips to resolve the issue:

1. Check Find My Settings

Open Find My and look for active alerts that could be triggering your AirTag. Turn off “Notify When Left Behind,” “Item Safety Alerts,” or Lost Mode if enabled.

Airtag Notify When Left Behind

2. Update AirTag Firmware

Keep your AirTag on the latest firmware by connecting it to your iPhone via Bluetooth and leaving it nearby overnight. This allows any pending updates to install.

Firmware Updates

3. Re-Pair AirTag to Your iPhone

To reset the connection and stop errant beeps, remove your AirTag from Find My. Then re-pair it to your iPhone by holding it close and following the setup prompts.

Airtag Remove This Item

4. Replace AirTag Battery

If Find My shows a low battery alert, replace the CR2032 coin cell. Changing the battery often makes an AirTag stop beeping immediately.

Airtag's Battery

5. Factory Reset AirTag

To fully reset your AirTag:

  1. Remove the battery
  2. Press and hold the stainless button for 30 seconds
  3. Insert battery and wait for 2 cycles of 4 beeps
  4. On the second cycle, briefly press the button when you hear 2 beeps
  5. After a final 4 beeps, your AirTag will be reset
  6. Re-pair it to your phone

6. Check for Interference

Nearby electronics or physical obstructions could disrupt the Bluetooth signals between your AirTag and iPhone. Try moving your AirTag to see if distance or location affects the beeping. Inconsistent signals can also cause your AirTag location to not update.

7. Toggle Bluetooth

Switch your iPhone’s Bluetooth connection off and back on in the Control Center. This quick reset may resolve sporadic Bluetooth glitches triggering AirTag sounds.

8. Remove Battery for 1 Minute

For stubborn beeping issues, remove your AirTag’s battery for a full minute. This complete power cycle can force a hard reset if all else fails.

9. Upgrade iOS Software

Install the latest iOS version on your iPhone. New iOS updates often include fixes and optimizations that improve AirTag performance and connectivity.

10. Contact Apple Support

If you’ve exhausted all other troubleshooting options, reach out to Apple Support. They can run remote diagnostics, suggest next steps, and process a replacement if your AirTag is defective.

In my experience, one of those 10 tips almost always stops an AirTag from beeping. But if you’re still stumped, there are a few more things to investigate.

What To Do If Your AirTag Keeps Beeping

What To Do If Your Airtag Keeps Beeping

For AirTags that continue beeping after initial troubleshooting, try these additional steps:

  • Pair your AirTag to a different iPhone to isolate if the problem is the AirTag or your device
  • Closely inspect your AirTag for physical damage like cracks or scratches that may be causing glitches
  • Contact Apple Support, detail the persistent beeping, and request a replacement if needed

Remember, Apple offers a one year limited warranty on AirTags. If you suspect a hardware defect is to blame for endless beeping, you’ll likely qualify for a free replacement.

FAQs About AirTag Beeping Issues

Over the years, I’ve heard many common questions about silencing beeping AirTags. Here are answers to some of the most frequent queries:

Can you make an AirTag silent? Apple does not provide an official way to mute an AirTag’s speaker. The sound is integral to features like Find My alerts. Some 3rd party accessories claim to muffle or disable an AirTag’s speaker, but results and compatibility vary.

Why does my AirTag beep when left at home? Your AirTag is likely beeping due to separation alerts in the Find My app. Disable “Notify When Left Behind” and “Item Safety Alerts” to prevent sounds when you expect to leave your AirTag somewhere.

How often will an AirTag beep if lost? A lost AirTag separated from its paired iPhone will beep intermittently about 3 times per second after being apart for 8-24 hours. This beeping can last 1 day up to a week depending on the distance and battery charge.

Will an AirTag beep when going through airport security? Under normal circumstances, an AirTag should not beep when passing through airport security scanners. However, if your luggage gets separated from you for long enough, the AirTag could start beeping later in transit due to separation alerts.

Can water damage cause AirTag beeping? Yes, if liquid infiltrates an AirTag’s internal components, it can short out the electronics and trigger malfunctions like random beeping. AirTags are water-resistant but not waterproof, so dry yours immediately if it gets wet. Contact Apple Support if it continues having issues.

Key Takeaways on Fixing AirTag Beeps

To recap, here are the key points to help troubleshoot an AirTag that won’t stop beeping:

  • Top reasons AirTags beep include low battery, being out of Bluetooth range, separation alerts, and firmware updates
  • Check Find My settings, replace the battery, re-pair, reset, and update your AirTag to solve most beeping
  • Move your AirTag, toggle Bluetooth, and check for interference if beeping persists
  • Contact Apple Support for replacement options if you suspect hardware damage or defects
  • There are no supported methods to completely mute an AirTag, but some accessories can muffle sounds
  • Optimize AirTag performance by keeping the battery charged, staying in Bluetooth range, and managing alerts

With proper settings and systematic troubleshooting, you can stop your AirTag from beeping and restore the proper tracking functionality.


An AirTag that constantly beeps can quickly become a noisy nuisance rather than a helpful tracking tool. Luckily, by understanding common causes and following simple troubleshooting steps, you can quickly pinpoint the issue and stop an AirTag from incessantly beeping.

Start by checking for low battery warnings, out of range alerts, and accidental Lost Mode activation in the Find My app. Re-pair your AirTag, reset it, or update the firmware to clear out any temporary glitches. And don’t hesitate to contact Apple Support if you think a hardware problem is triggering the non-stop noise.

Equipped with these tips and insights gathered from years of hands-on Apple experience, you should now have the knowledge to confidently diagnose and resolve any AirTag beeping problems that come up. Say goodbye to startling pings and chimes and hello to reliable, seamless AirTag performance!

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